THIS WEEK IN: My Fashion Inspiration

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Hey all!
I’m so excited to start sharing some of the latest fashion inspirations that make me wanna say “Hellllllll YESSSSS!
Style is something created my your own sense of self, and inspirations of others, so I wanted to share a post that was dedicated to what I see myself in. I LOVE FASHION. Even though most times, you can catch me in trainers, and gym clothes, I work as a hairstylist, so I need to be on top of my game as far as the hottest looks.

If you are not on Pinterest, get into it, it is an online inspiration board that offers ideas in everything, from fashion, food, travel, and DIY projects. Most of you know that this is my shit. I love this site. So every week, I really want to start sharing with you what I’m into at the moment.
I’m all over the place so,I don’t know if you would say that I have a particular “Paula style”, but you could say that I love to mix and match, and play tomboy every once in a while.
So, that’s what I’m sharing with y’all today….

” I wore my baggy pants today” looks.
I can be girly at times, but mostly I like to functional and comfortable. I’m on my feet 9 hrs a day, so, really, you won’t be catching me in stilettos. Yeah. No.

Sexy is something that comes from within ladies. Hold your head high, and your shoulders back.
You’ll be turning heads like you wouldn’t believe;) It’s all about confidence in your body and faith in your fashion choices.

Remember…there is NO right or wrong in fashion, only insecurity.

Check out what I’m Soooooo into right now…

Quality over quantity.
Basics that will carry you through the year.
Black, white, gray.
In every shape, baggy, tight, whatever.
Pair with a trouser, knee length skirt, or a great pair of boyfriend jeans;)

This look, I LOVE! How chic is this?
I definitely see myself out to dinner in this, or even at work. Well, minus the gnarly heels, but, I am feeeeeling this.
The hammer pants are makin’ a comeback babes!

If you don’t already know, I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and this look reminds me of the girls I see walking downtown during the fall. Tis look is effortless, intellectual, and extremely feminine.
Tis look oozes confidence to me…the hat n’ all.


you can re-create this look for, I bet you, $50 bucks or less.
Simple. White button up, and an elastic band skirt, really? C’mon. I could find this at gap tomorrow.
It’s all about you owning it!
Buttoned up to the top, FAVORITE part.
How bout’ that fringe too? Damn.


Get over it. Denim will never be out.
As a matter of fact, it is longest living trend out of alllllll of these.
You got nothin’ on denim.
This is a hot look. Try using this method. Different shades, and textures of denim together, with some great shoes, and jewelry. Head turner.

Anddddd. You knew I couldn’t help myself…..;)
These a nuts. Ahhhhh I need!!!!! Click pic to odaaaaaa!


And, last but not least, for those of you wanting to start the new year off with something new….
A few days left. Get it!
Crossfit Studio City