sunday FAM funday

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My Favorite day of the week! I get going a little later on this day, and this is percisely why I love it. I sleep in, well, 6:00 a.m instead of 5:30 a.m….which feels like 2 extra hours of bliss.I think that fact that within that 30 minutes it goes from dark to light outside, makes a huge difference. Sundays usually consist of getting up and driving to the folks house from an early morning breakfast with Mom and Dad. I’ve got Mom on my clean eating plan and so far she’s lost 12 lbs. She’s been really great about the new lifestyle, although getting her on the workout bandwagon has been taking a little more time….mmmm-hhmmm. She’ll get it though;)

She’s learned about substitutions for flours and sugars. Also, taking the time to prepare bakes goods for the week in case she wants a “carb” fix. Sunday mornings, that’s all that sounds good. Coffee & pastries. (our style of course) Check out some of these low carb options!

Below: veggie egg white cups, pumpkin rounds, chocolate pecan pie muffin, and flax bread

After breakfast I had Mom capture the new ab series I’ve been working on. Abs are a pain in my ass! Click below for a great sunday morning ab series! I’ve started using my fab little gymboss tool. It’s great for workouts like this! No big deal if you don’t have one. In the series, I’ve posted how many reps you do for each excercise. Hope you enjoy<3

I stopped by late morning to my dear friend Natalie’s house (who’s in town from San Fran). Her family lives 5 minutes from mine. They had an event to go to , so I took my blow-dry equipment over to beautify Nat and her Mom. Nat’s brother, Raffi, is the mastermind behind my blog. After I did their hair, Raffi and I nerded out on our computers for a while. Love being over there, they are truly like a second family.

Before I left, I stopped in the kitchen and feasted my eyes on a huge fruit basket filled with persimmons! I DIE for them…and had no idea they had a persimmon tree in their backyard. SCORE! soooo stoked! They sent me home with bagfull of them. I got a few shots of the perfect little creatures because I just can’t get enough of em’. They are gorgeous. I like to just munch on them raw but you could also bake with them or throw chunks of them into a salad.

Here’s a shot of wilbur… Man of the house. Keeping watch of course. So serious.

Now, this is what I love…..The BBQ in this house! We pretty much BBQ every weekend. Safe to say my parents are some of my bestest friends:) & living in Southern California, we have the luxury of spending lots of time outside. My folks live off the 14 fwy. It’s Pretty much the desert, so it’s always nice here. Any reason to grill up some marinated chicken, tri-tip, sausage, and salmon. My GOD…Simple, Not tons of seasonings and paired with a lemon/olive oil tossed green salad.

Most of the BBQing goes down right here…end we eat right off the Dad’s homemade tiki-bar. lol

After our late lunch, I had lots to do… including gym sesh. I dropped off willy at home and took off to el gimnasio . My training for the Spartan Race has been really challenging, but I like that. I’ve been told this type of training is really similar to crossfit. I’ve never taken crossfit but I know people who take it are no strangers to burpees, rowing, pull-ups, and body weight squats, and this training has all of that. I’ve been focusing on High Intensity intervals. A lot of stop/GOOOOOOOOO stop/GOOOOOOOO. I’m definitely seeing a difference in muscle tone and I’m feeling lighter on my feet. I gotta admit, you kinda feel like spartacus after.

I couldn’t loose track of time because I had a last minute celebration to tend to!

Chelsea + Omar tie the knot!<3

I showed up in my gym clothes, changed in two seconds, threw my hair up and ran outside with the rest of our friends and fam to watch lil Miss Chels and Omar exchange vows in a very intimate ceremony in the backyard. Couldn’t have been more perfect. We ate, drank and danced the night away. Best of luck to these two lovebirds. Omar leaves again for marine training and we are hoping he gets to stay In San Diego! eeeeeekkkk


ok so, I have a ?…

What are your favorite post-training foods?

Do you have a loved one in the Marines? If so, what to expect fot the next four years?