Lovely day in LA.

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Good morning fit friends:)
Up at 5 and got a lot done! I work at 9:45. Hit the gym with some positive energy this A.M., because I knew I was coming home after to enjoy a yummy breakfast. This race coming up is getting me really amped to get up and train. Every morning I recieved an email from the Spartan Race trainer who sends out what the WOD will be for that particular day. I actually look foward to them now because since starting this training I am feeling much stronger and seeing some results!F YEAYYYYYYhhhh! If you tend to be the type of person that lacks self motivation, I swear, sign up for a race, challenge…anything that will set off that spark to prove to yourself that you can handle business! It really does help to set goals for yourself. Start small, and more often than not, you will astonish yourself with your drive towards these accomplishments. Tell people what you are planning to do so that it helps to keep you accountable. I don’t know about you but, I don’t like being the girl who says “oh yeah, I never ended up doing that…It was jussssst…ummm.busssssy? .” Yeah whatever with the excuses.

Todays WOD:
– Jog 1/2 Mile (4-6Min Time)
Lower Body Agility Exercise x 12
50 Sec Rest-
Jog 1/2 Mile
Alternating Split Squats w/ Jump x 15
1 Min Rest-
Jog 1/2 Mile (4-6Min Time)
2 Pushups + Burpees to Tuck Jumps x 15
50 Sec Rest
Jog 1/4 Mile
Full-Body Agility Square x 10
1 Min Rest
After this whole set…I was feelin pumped!! so…I added 3 sets of 25 crunches on stability ball.
Then home. Breakfast was served. I made ridiculous protein pancakes. Recipe to come….I promise. So worth the wait!

At home Willy was waiting for me. Freaking out knowing I would take him for his morning treck. He was so damn happy to hit the trail tis morning, he could hardly contain himself…
It’s been a bit harder lately to get outta bed, and I think it has to do with the fact that the weather has been getting rrrrreeeeaaaallllll cozy and nothing sounds better than being in bed snuggly. So, I’ve been making sure pack my lunch for work the night before so that I have extra time in the morning to get stuff done!
My luch today was nothing short of fabulous. Really clean but tasted really great! Especially knowing that everything was fresh and that you’re not just putting shit in your body.
Leftover ground turkey meatloaf
heirloom tomatoes
hard boiled egg
raw chia oil
fresh lemon
salt and pepper

That seventies show:)
Shirt: Gap (on sale) $14.99
Pants: Juicy couture/ T.J Maxx $25.00
Belt: Gap (on sale) $9.99
Purse: T.J.Maxx $49.99
So cute today I recieved this in the mail at work….A lovely thank you card from a very sweet client. AWEEEE totally made my day
Of course, like everyday of my freakin life, traffic was a nightmare, and as I inched my way through coldwater canyon, I kept getting more and more tense thinking that I wasn’t gonna make it to my dinner date with lovies and friends . Ughhh I was craving sushi like in a VERY bad way. I have the best kept secret spot around! Maybe one day I’ll share:)
Seared tuna sushi..and no… I didn’t eat the rice
A beautiful array of 3 different types of fish wrapped in cucumber loaded with veggies. no rece;)
An order of the amberjack, Yellowtail belly and sea bream. AMAZING trio!
Happy as a clam..