Lets count how many times I’ve said “Fresh Start” I’m home from Vegas…..

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Hiiiiiiiiii babes!!!!! To say the weekend was decadent would be a complete understatement. Vegas was a success;) didnt get into the whole club thing…no thanks. I’m more of a “Let’s enjoy mountains of delicious food, sweets and fancy cocktails” oh and then “Let’s go soak at the spa, and eat sweets in an amazing king size bed!” That is my idea of being “BAD” in Vegas. Lol

I flew out Saturday to meet up with a girlfriend at Aria hotel. We had an amazing Mexican dinner of octopus ceviche, fajitas, and cucumber margaritas. Then of course, naturally, we had to balance out the salt with sugar….so we had pints of ice cream in bed. Lol

I enjoyed so much…that I kept forgetting to take photos:)
Here are just a few shots of this weekend:)

The following day we spent shopping and enjoyed the spa for most of the day. Sooooooo lovely;)

We went to Comme Ca for happy hour and had a delicious array of cheeses and charcuterie….

I could eat like this for the rest of my life, and I would be happy;)

Along with fresh muddled berry cocktails:)

Gorgeous view of the Aria pool. Monday morning, woke up to a beautiful view with sunny weather. I didn’t bring a bathing suit, thinking it would be foggy all weekend, so I had to buy one… Shucks. Problems of a wanna be tan girl.

Desperate for Vitamin D, we made it out to the pool by 11:00 a.m.

Tan lines by 11:15…


I’m gonna need botox asap if I keep squinting like this in the sun. geeez.

A few pool must-haves:


Diet coke


Smart water





Vegas treated us goooood….we stayed at the pool till around two..managed to get jusssssst a touch burnt…cuz you know, it turns into a tan;) then, stopped at Trader Joes for copious amounts of snacky foods for the car ride home. You don’t wanna know. Lets just say….it was my brake up with food. Sooooo bad. It’s over between us.

Anyway…the trip was super fun, but I’m ready to start fresh this week.
Welcome Tuesday;)
It started off to a great start! Spartos was kind enough to send over their new flavor of sugar free, protein water! So stoked:) this flavor is not at whole foods yet, but soooooooon will be. Please be on the look out for STRAWBERRY COCONUT. It’s got a really fantastic taste. The best part, is that you can enjoy it as a sports drink without all the sugar and carbs. I have yet to find anything similar to spartos to even compare it to!

A little brake down of this fab product…

0 carbs

0 sugar

10 grams protein

All natural

Sweetened with stevia

Full of vitamins, anti-oxidants,prebiotics,minerals,and NO ARTIFICIAL ingredients.

Go ahead, feed your natural athlete. You can find SPARTOS at whole foods, other health food stores or online. I feel blessed to have this company be such a supporter!

Today’s foods were totally clean. Breakfast was a homemade protein muffin, and coffee.
Lunch was an unexpected delight. First time trying this egg white salad from Trader Joes, and it was a great lunch option. Protein packed, and low carb.

Over a bed of fresh kale and purple cabbage.

Topped with parsley, cilantro, lemon, salt & pepper. It was the perfect lunch after a weekend of binging. Super clean.


Roasted seaweed

A handful of nuts.

A coconut Kevita

I left work thinking I was gonna make it to my ZUMBA class, until traffic stuck its foot up my ass. I sat on Coldwater canyon for over a damn hour! So pissed. Missed my class by 30 minutes. Ugh. I think I need to switch to early shift at work, cuz that was not cute.

Got home later than ever expected, so I opted to walk Willy and cook a clean dinner.
I made a mish mosh of veggies with red lentils simmered in a bath of broth, cumin, turmeric, curry, saffron, olives, oregano, garlic, cayenne, paprika, salt & pepper, and paired it with egg whites and a dollop of fromage blanc. Sooooo good and hearty.

Even though I didn’t get my scheduled workout in…I am telling myself that ” Seriously Paula… Shut up, it’s gonna be fine crazy” I am happy to get back on it tomorrow:) less stress, less mess.