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Happy Thursday everyone!
I hope you’ve been enjoying the recipes! I’ve been eating them up like a crazy! Today feels like its been jam PACKED. I had to be at work at 9 a.m. this morning, so, no gym for me. Instead, I busted out the Lebert equalizer, and did a quick 15 min powerhouse circuit. Of course I woke up ready for some yum in the tum I had a a quick breakfast. CG bran crisp bread, with some raw hemp butter, and Nature’s Hollow sugar free preserves. Oh yeah, sprinkled with raw cacao nibs. BOMB.

If you’ve never heard of the Lebert Equalizer, you have NOW! These things are genius. Great for agility training, pull ups, push ups, dips, you name it. They are perfect if you haven’t got the space to do too much. I first heard of them through my girls at Purely Twins. I am so grateful, I immediately ordered them online.

I was dying after! Quick but effective. Strength trading using your own body weight. The only rest is between set one and two. My muscles were burning. Morning sweat sesh… A SUCCESS.

Check out other ways to use this AmAZinG product!!!

After my workout, I was in the mood for a cookie with my coffee. I’ve always been more of a “sweets for breakfast” kinda gal, so when I found this recipe, I knew it was perfect for me! It’s packed full of the perfect blend of carbs, protein, and fat. Mostly protein:) the carb comes from the banana. I will post the recipe soon!! It took all of 15 minutes! Freakin no time!

I had 2 cookies, and hoped in the shower.

Leave it to clients to F*@k up your ROLL!
Today, the salon was FULL of sugar!!
Efffffff me.

The first one I tried, I put it in my mouth, just to taste, spit it out. It was delicious. Too good. If I had one, it would be over, the batch would be mine….
Well, of course, there were three different types… By the time I tried the 3rd variety, I swallowed.
The “extremist” came out in me, and “moderation” was out of the question, so I walked away after 2.
Ok… 2 1/2;)

I wore my cute little bracelet today that I found at TJ Maxx this weekend. Let me remind you…. $14.99. RIGHT!???

Although today was quite busy, I managed to squeeze in getting my color did. Just my roots. Yes I have grey…not much, but, no thanks.
I always leave the ends out, I like them lighter. I’m doing the whole hombre thing I guess.

While I processed, I put together my packed lunchie… Queen of the perfect bite, you can imagine my everything-in-one salad!

– spinach
-1 can wild salmon with lemon, salt, and pepper
-1 tbsp raw salsa
– leftover homemade Zuchinni pasta with sundries tomatoes, pesto, walnuts,and marinated artichoke hearts on top
– a dollop of spicy hummus

Tossed all together= PERFECT BITE

Snacks during the day ( not pictured)

-a small gala apple
– 1 package Trader Joe’s raw almonds
– a small persimmon.
– tbsp almond butter ( right outta the jar)

I’m gonna SCREAM!
Not gonna lie… I had a quarter… Don’t kill me!!
I had to try the new peppermint flavor, duh.
But I mean, c’mon, that’s enough, Paula!.
Sprinkles cupcakes, are by far the best in town. There are still lines outside the damn place!
Ill be doing my second workout of the day tonight, so, not worried. ZUMBA!

After work, i heajded straight To the studio.You may have taken a local Zumba class, maybe at your gym? Well, nothing compares to this class. Taught by Sandy Campanella, a trained dancer at some of the top schools, brings something very special to the table. Great choreography (this ain’t jazzercise), amazing physical challenge,, and always full of energy. I will be doing a whole Q & A with her coming up, so be on the lookout!
Btw, I reckon I burned 500 cals.

Ok, in other news: HUGE NEWS!
My recipe for  deep dish Veggie Pizza made it to chowstalker.com
Sooooo stoked!!!

I’m gonna leave you guys today with one of my FAVOTE workouts right now. GET AFTER IT!



How do you cope with constant  sugar prezzies coming your way!???