Late day tuesday

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That was me this morning… Too warm and cozy in my bed to want to get out in the cold, while its still dark. Ew. This is the last week of training I get before the race so, I can’t slack. I just downloaded all the event info and printed all of the waivers. Ok, I thought I was nervous then, now I’m shitting myself. It’s real. lol

I finally made it to the gym. Of course I warmed up as soon as I got there, but I like to dress warm because when I leave, I’m dripping in sweat, and as my mother always said, “you better cover up or you’re gonna catch a cold” I’m guessing this is probably a myth, but it’s always stuck with me:)

hmmm…looking at this picture, I think my thighs are starting to get more muscle, they look a bit bigger. Must be all the squats, jumping lunges, burpees…ahhhhh, the life.


Yeah super killer. I struggled the most with the pull ups. My arms were becoming jello by the 8th, and I was even doing them on my equalizer. It’s just really hard. Building my upper body strength has been my ultimate challange. Ughhh.

As soon as I got home, I made myself a much needed espresso fix with almond milk and stevia, and heated up a leftover chia spinach pancake that I had made yesterday. I found this recipe from one of my favorite bloggers Stuft mama. It’s really rich in protein and a great way to sneak in some veggies! Honestly, they don’t taste like “healthy pancakes”, they are freakin ridic!!! It’s always a treat when I use my protein powder in something solid to munch on, instead of just making a shake. Like I’ve mentioned before…I get soooo hungry after a workout, a shake doesn’t faze my ass.

Super post workout food!

Poor willy this morning, I made him wait for his walk till after I ate. He wasn’t stoked:/

I ran him around, stole some tangerines from a tree hanging over someone’s backyard like a creep, put them in a doggie bag, and we ran our lil asses back home. hehe.

I mean, i’ts a free for all if the tree is hanging into the sidewalk, right? What could they possibly want with alllllllllllllll those tangerines anyway. I totally did them a favor. Doesn’t mean I wasn’t looking over my shoulder totally nervous that I was gonna get caught. LOL. Embarrasing.

He deserved a treat for that one, my accomplice.

It was getting closer to my departure for work. I really wanted to stay home and blog all day but, I had to go to my day job. (It’s actually fun at m work:)
So, I packed a lunch of mish-mosh to take with me.
Did I mention how much people in beverly hills spend on average a day for lunch? Sometimes breakfast and lunch in a day?
That’s $150 in a 5 day work week.
Absolutely stupid.
I think since starting at the salon,and It’s been 6 years, I’ve ordered lunch locally maybe a total of 8-10 times. Those times, I’m sure it was because I forgot my lunch sitting on the counter in a rush to get out of the house. I can think of a MILLION other things I would rather spend that money on.

My lunch this tuesday:

LEFTOVERS over chard leaves topped with raw salsa.

ooohhh try these pumpkin kale croquettes

Speaking of saving money…..This is what happens when you don’t constantly spend money on lunch everyday.. You can actually save money to buy toys! I have been wanting an Ipad for AGES now! I have my Macbook pro (great for home) I have my Iphone (although it’s acting up) ANd I swear, I’m not this “I only buy Apple products” type of person, but I find them to be extremely user friendly, and it may be that I’m just used to them and hate change:) Whatever the case, YEAY for my new Ipad! No more lugging around my computer to work. (BTW< we don’t even have wi-fi at work… I know, so ridiculous. I have to sit next door at the CREPE place, buy a tea, and use their wi-fi…everyday.) It makes me wanna lose my shit. So inconvenient. It’s 2012 for F@*k sake.

OK now that I got that off my chest, It should be arriving to the salon in 5-7 business days. STOKED!

Around 3:30, snack time was calling my name. May I present to you, The TRIO. By far my fave snacky plate foods.

Persimmon (ripe
Low fat organic cottage cheese 1/4 cup
1/4 cup Low carb granola

And last but not least… I’m starting my christmas list……

Hope you guy’s are enjoying being back to the routine!


Question of the day?

What’s on your Christmas list this year?

How did you recover from calorie stacking on thanksgiving?

Daily fact:

Muscle tissue and bone weigh more than fat, so some people can be heavier yet leaner.