It happens…

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I started with a choice…a choice to make better decisions as a whole. And today, I slipped up. Yup, I did. But, you know what, for once i don”t feel bad or have any regret because IT”S OK SOMETIMES TO SLIP. I’ts about allowing yourself to go through it sometimes. Since I’ve been working so hard keeping up the fitness and staying on a consistent clean diet, I didn’t feel like it was the end of the world. I used to always wake up the next morning after a late night naughty snack or after a bit of a binge feeling so shameful. What I didn’t realize is that it wasn’t so much the that I ended up consuming more calories than I would ever want to be taking in In one day (sometimes an extra 1000 in a, thinking back.. OmG . geez) It was more the fact that it would turn into a vicious cycle of this “oh well” attitude. Losing control of my consistensy. I cycle of bad food choices, skipping workouts, with regret and guilt.

After sushi, I was completely satisfied, but no….Driving home I suddenly couldn’t stop picturing a big ol’ bowl of sugary cereal. I was being sooooo good, even asking for absolutely no rice with my sushi. It all went downhill from there. LOL. As soon as I finished not one, but TWO big bowls of corn flakes with bananas, I just said to myself…”holy carb-o-load lady”. I accepted the defeat and freakin moved on! This was my demise….

and apparently eating in the dark like a creep. wow