Oh heyyyyooooo!!!! Well, well, well….look who’s back!!! Oh boy…where do I EVEN start?So, here it goes. After a longgggg (over a year:/) hiatus…I’m happy to say, From Fries To Fit has finally made a return. Lol. I’m not gonna sit here and bore you with everything that’s gone on within this past year that I haven’t been writing, but I will say…life keeps you on your toes, I mean…life has flipped upside down, and now, I’m returning to find a very happy balance. That is, in life, love, and health. 

I no longer obsess or have anxiety over being in perfect shape, counting every calorie, or bingeing. Every lil bit of progress that I’ve made this past year has made my quality of life so much better. Who cares if you fluctuate a few pounds. That’s life. So whatever. With that being said… My posts starting now, will be more focused on what I truly enjoy…and that is cooking, family, travel, healthy living, style, decor, and entertaining. Not constant posts about training and fitness. To. Be honest, that just ended up sending me into a whirlwind of constantly trying to keep up.

 So, bare with me y’all. I will VERY soon be updating the site with a new look. If you all don’t yet follow me on instagram as @fromfriestofit…do so now puleazzzeeee. 



In more recent news, lol….I now have short hair. Well…it was short. Now, I’m all…”long hair, don’t care!” I’m growing it. Woohoo. It’s finally past the awkward stage. Girls, you know what I mean by this. Color wise…still ombre. Honestly, it may be a bit 2013, but IDGAF. It’s low maintenance and I’m kinda feelin’ it. If you’re looking for a great colorist in LA, see my girl Christina at Román Salon.

Welp…there they are. My favorite peeps. Been very fortunate to be spending a lot more time hangin’ with my cute lil fam. Oh look…I’m drinking a margarita…what a surprise. Lol. Here we are enjoying a vegan night out ( brothers’ a veg.) at Gracias Madre in LA. I love this pic because we rarely go out to eat as a family. We are much more, at home BBQ type folks, but I gotta tell ya…as a non vegan, I realllly enjoyed the food! The restaurant is STUNNING, the bar is really rustic looking with a very open feel. The outdoor space is…I mean, forget it. Cozy, inviting, and a bit old Mexico style. I highly recommend it. Even just for the chips, salsa, and a jalapeño margarita with your girls;)

 My other loves….these boys. Been spending a bit of time, as of lately, traveling back n forth from the Bay Area visiting my man (we switch off every 12 days lol) and his big, bear faced rot, Sonny. Swooooon. (You all know my crazy poodle mix, Wilbur already<3) Ok, yes. It’s long distance, but not by far. Yes, it’s hard, but we make it work… And, yes, crazy and for each other.;) Anyway…love this pic. Typical Sunday at the parental unit, eating lots of Argentinian BBQ meat and chorizo. Das right.


Since I’ve seen you last on FF2F…I’ve picked up a new hobby. Yep. So into it. I mean…I haven’t yet played an actual game lmao…but working on my swing like a profeshhhh. With a coach n’ all. Say what you will now betches, soon enough…I’ll be Tiger Woods’n circles around your asses. Lol. In the sun, beer in hand, and someone else carrying my clubs. Byeeee. Wouldn’t thaaaaat be niceeeee!? I figured this sport, and yes, I consider it a sport…not just a game, would be a nice switch up from my typical crazy workouts, or more extreme sports I’ve played. It’s all about enjoying the outdoors and not being so hard on my body.


Within the past year…all my besties are now preggo, married, or engaged. Lol. Lots of showers of all sorts to plan. Can’t wait to share pics and ideas!


Probably the most influential part of this year, was this woman right here. My beautiful grandmother who was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. After 30 years of us living in the states, and her in Argentina…we were finally able to get her here to spend the rest of her life with us, her family. Only positive and happy vibes from here on out…and a mammogram ASAP. I don’t care if I’m only 31. Early detection is key babes.


As I start this new chapter of From Fries To Fit, I want to thank you all for letting me share a piece of me with you. I’m feeling really good about this, and I can’t wait to share some great recipes, entertaining & decor ideas, style and beauty inspiration…


Keep in touch and be on the lookout! Xoxox

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