I need help REVAMPING my bedroom!!

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hey guys,  I have been PIN crazy lately! Since I’ve decided to re-do the upstairs master (the only bedroom;)) I have lost my shit on PINterest ever since. Hours spent looking for ideas on layouts, furniture, lighting, etc. I don’t even know where to start. When I moved in 2 years ago, I didn’t have a vision. It was about just gettin everything in the there so I could be done with it.

Let me give you a lil history… I was living with my bestie Amy in Hollywood 3 years ago. We were both single and enjoying it. I met a guy, we ended up becoming quite serious, fast. I was pretty much spending most of my time at his house, which was effin far….Santa clarita.  Where my parents are. I would drive from his house 3-4 days a wk to Beverly Hills for work,  which ended up being 3 1/2-4 hours a day in traffic there and back. Gooood lord. I know, the things we do for love. sighhhh.

Anyway, at some point, around 6 months of dating, somehow we decided and thought it would be easier to move in together. So, the search began. It was a really exciting time. We would stay up late looking for houses. We were mostly looking in the valley because we wanted something in the middle. He worked in Woodland Hills and I in B.H. After a few weeks of checking out places that we felt no connection to, we spotted a lil GEM. On craigslist. Gorgeous 3 bedroom country style home with a pool, a white picket fence and last but not least, a red door! my god, she was a beauty. ONE PROBLEM. It was in Santa Clarita. Further than I wanted by faaaaaaarrrrrr!. I tried to put that house out of my mind and keep looking, but for some reason , it kept coming back to haunt us. One day while J was at work, I decided, Hell, why not just see what it looks like in person. Yeah. I was in love. It was on the cheaper side because it was located at the end of a dirt road, that when in rained, you didn’t know if you would be able to get the hell outta there in the morning. I didn’t care. I wanted country.

We ended up getting this great house. Beautiful. All of the bedroom furniture I had, went into the guest bedroom. It was a full size bed, what did you expect. We bought a wonderful tempurpedic mattress and bed frame , (we both had back problems) that I dream about. (He bought it, so he kept it)lol. We were only in that house 3 months before the relationship took a turn south.

2 years ago to the day, I left, and there went that fabulous bed. Obviously there went everything really. I’m not gonna get into why i left. (I don’t think he would appreciate that) but it was a very sad day…I chose to move forward full force. A few hiccups in the road of course. I found an apt in a great area, just over the canyon from my work. At the time quite a few of my friends were in the same area, so it really did help while I was figuring out my life. Single again. It was weird.

Have you guys ever been in a relationship that got so serious so fast and just ended so abruptly?? like.. BOOM, move on?

Anyway, at the time I didn’t want to get new furniture because I just didn’t have a clue what style I wanted. Plus, anytime you move, it’s an expense and I had no cash leftover. womp woooomp. Little by little, things started to come together. It wasn’t sush a mish mosh. I was calling it eclectic:) I was buying pieces one at the time.I painted all the walls white.(it really helps if you don’t have that much light coming through, to do that instead of a color that will drown out the brightness) I mounted my t.v in the living room which totally opened up the room, got a lrg FAB couch, and a great cozy area rug.  Sometimes the hardwood everywhere tends to feel a bit stark to me, and I like the cozy vibe. I must share pics of the down stairs. I’m proud:) The bedroom on the other hand,  It’s embarrassing. It’s the most awkward layout ever. It’s huge but in the long kinda way. Somewhat disproportioned.

I will post pics of the layout, In the meantime, since I’ve been PIN crazy, I’ve found lots of great ideas and options for similar spaces. YEAY, there is hope. Now I just gotta save dollllasss, to start with a new bed.  By the way, how the EFF am I supposed to do with all my old stuff. I can’t get all that furniture down the stairs?? What do people do?? HELP!

ok here it goes:) Just a few ideas out of many, but these are the faves for bed and office. I’m also gonna have my little home gym on the opposite side of the room in from of the mirrors. That’s gonna be a whole other project though. Please feel free to leave your thoughts! I love your comments and they do sincerely help!



Thanks for listening to my semi-dramatic story:)

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What are some of the ways you manage to lunge forward and not look back?