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Hey all! Today my back felt a lot better. It wasn’t so crazy at work, so I didn’t have to be on my feet all day, which was a relief. I still made sure to keep the inflammation down with Advil.

The weekend is almost here, so you know what that means!! I get to be a snow bunny in BIG BEAR!

Since I took a break Thursday to rest and heal (from Bikram on wed ) I decided that after work, I felt well enough to hit the gym for a quick workout before heading home. I always make sure to keep extra workout gear in the car for impromptu sessions;) Fridays are usually my rest from the gym days, so I wasn’t really planning on hittin hard.

I’m wondering if this happens to ya’ll….. Once you get started at the gym, your body goes into beast mode and you end up pushing harder than even expected! The hardest part is just getting there. Then, I figure, well, since I’m here already, might a well make it worth it!

Plus, for some reason, the vibe at the gym makes me feel like a gladiator. Lol
I had such a great workout, that I just had to share.

Here it goes:


I started off on the treadmill:

1/2 mile @ 5.0 mph

1 mile @ 6.4 mph

1 mile @ 7.1 mph

1 mile alternating intervals of 9.8 for 30 seconds. with 30 rest

For a total mileage of 3.5

Burned a total of 337 calorieS in 30 min.

Shimmied my way on over to the stairclimber/stepper for a BONUS round of cardio.

Speed intervals changing every minute. For 15 minutes .

Level 3-level 9

45 minutes of intense interval cardio was just was I was craving! I felt amazing after.

Before I headed to the weight area, I stopped at the ROW MACHINE for a 1000 meter row To get my upper body ready for lifting, and crunching.

At this point, I was sweatn’ like a rapist!


When I got home of course, I was sooooo HUNGRY!

So I heated up my recipe of a Low Carb Deep Dish Veggie Pizza. I was in heaven!

It is beyond healthy and super satisfying. I leave for Big Bear right after work tomorrow, so didn’t really want to cook anything, and be stuck with leftovers that would’ve gone bad. No Bueno!

This is a great dinner dish, and for those of you who live alone, cut it up in slices and take them to work for a couple days.


Easy Peazy Apple Cheesy


It’s starting to get late, so I’m gonna get some stuff ready for the weekend.

I’m beyond tired.

check out my super cute gear!

My GNU board.


My RIDE bindings

Couldn’t be more stoked to be headed to the mountain. Even just for a couple days. I need to get away.

I’ll check back in before I take off:)



Where do you go to get away for a weekend?