How to Make Food for Your Dog

You may not know there a variety of preservatives and additives found in commercial dog foods. Also, they may not provide your dog enough nutrients. Sure, you will have to take extra time to make homemade dog food. But, this way allows you to give your dog both healthy and tasty meals. There are two main ways when it comes to preparing daily meals: cooked or raw. Let’s take a look at this post to learn how to make dog food by yourself.

Understand Dog nutrition

Determine the essential nutrients your dog needs

Your digestive system is different from your dog’s digestive system. So, it’s important to tailor the balance of ingredients in homemade dog food in order to suit your dog’s special needs. There are many things you need to keep in mind when cooking for your dog. First, the dog food needs to contain protein at least half of his diet. This ensures to give him the nutrients and minerals he needs to be healthy and strong. There are some acceptable sources of protein you can feed your dog such as beef, chicken, turkey, fish, and lamb. In addition, you can also give him eggs and vegetables. Some dog foods you just should feed your dog a few times a week such as a kidney or liver. You can give your dog grains, green vegetables, and root, but make sure they are cooked.

It’s best to consult your vet about supplements you should buy. Make sure you give your dog enough calcium so that he won’t get bone injuries when growing.

Feed your dog raw or cooked meat?

Some pet owners think that raw meat is better than cooked meat for dogs. They think these meats can’t make humans sick from eating raw steak. But, some others think it will be a safer choice when you choose cooked meat. A raw meat diet can provide your dog necessary calcium as well as other nutrients. It’s essential to ask your vet once you want to get more information the type of meat you should feed your dog.

Prepare Cooked Dog Food

Cook 2.5 cups meat

To do this, you have to use ground beef, lamb, turkey, chicken, or other types of meat your pet likes. You can cook it by boiling, frying, sautéing, baking, or otherwise heat it. It will better if you add a small amount of organ meat. By this way, your dog will receive the vitamins he needs. You can use olive oil free. But, remember to keep meat from sticking to the pans or pots.

Use 2 cups of cooked starch

You can use white or brown rice, barley, oatmeal, or cooked pasta. In order to make your dog digest easily, you should cook the starch a few minutes.

Cook 1.25 cups produce

You have to use fresh or frozen fruit such as squash, green beans, spinach, broccoli, carrots, berries, bananas, or peas. After boiling them, you need to transfer them to a blender in order to smooth them. Most importantly, these vegetables need to be completely smooth before feeding your dog.

Add calcium

It’s important to add your dog a lot of calcium. They aim to build healthy bones. It’s best to add them to your dog’s daily diet. First, you need 1/2 teaspoon crushed eggshells that you can find at pet stores.


Mix the ingredients

Place the starch, meat, calcium supplement, as well as pureed vegetables in a large mixing bowl. After stirring this mixture, you need to divide it into serving-sized portions.

Prepare Raw Dog Food

Purchase raw meat

We recommend you to buy the following types of raw meat at your grocery store. They include Chicken without bones, pork meat, head, bones, and tail, as well as cow meat or calf meat, lamb meat, heads.

Prepare the extras

Your dog may need raw meat that can be able to provide him other flavorful sources of vitamins as well as minerals. So, consider feeding him heart, liver, and tripe. In addition, you can also give him whole eggs, tinned as well as whole fresh fish.

Add greens to your dog’s diet

Your dog can eat a raw food diet from everything he needs from meat. But, it will be better if you add some vegetables to his diet. This is a good way to add variety. There are many vegetables you can puree in the blender such as carrots, parsnips, collards, and spinach. In addition, your dog also likes eating pears, apples, as well as other fruits.

Serve the raw meal

It’s important to fill the dog bowl with the right amount of food according to your dog’s weight. Remember to feed him raw meat with a few extras. You should also add a dollop of vegetables or fruit. Don’t forget to store leftover meat in the refrigerator.


In addition to good dog foods, there is also a wide range of harmful dog foods as chocolate, raisins, dairy products, nuts, rhubarb leaves, potatoes, onion, onion powder, tomatoes, tea or coffee. It’s important to visit your vet for special dietary needs before you make homemade dog foods. Also, you shouldn’t feed your dog nightshades such as bell peppers and eggplants. Your dog can’t be able to digest these foods. Although you feed your dog with a small amount of these foods, they still can be dangerous for him.