Grain Free Pumpkin Waffles!

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1 Tablespoon coconut flour
1 Tablespoon almond flour
2 Tablespoon protein powder (i used vanilla)
1 Teaspoon flax meal
1/8 Teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 Teaspoon baking powder
3 Tablespoon pumpkin puree
2 egg whites
1 Tablespoon unsweetened applesauce
1 Tablespoon sugar free syrup (or use liquid sweetener of choice or honey)
1/8 Teaspoon vanilla extract
Mix all dry ingredients first in bowl
Now add wet ingredients
Mix well with whisk or fork.
Once waffle iron is hot, spray with PAM or your choice. and add 1/2 the batter in the center. Close the iron. Wait for light to turn green and DONE!
Makes 2 waffles!

Hello and happy Sunday! My favorite day of the week and you know what time it is!!! It’s BRUNCH time. Lol.
I’ve got a post for you today that is dedicated to the waffle. Before I pour myself a mimosa…here are a few recipe faves to switch up the sunday ideas.

Low Carb Pancakes
Banana Oat Protein Cookies
Vanilla Mug cake With Peanut Butter Topping
Crustless Protein Pumpkin Pie

Hanging out with the family today, and spending some much needed grandma time. We headed to the Antalope Valley Poppy Reserve after breakfast to see the beautiful fields of poppy’s that cover the hills. Welp….sadly…not one god damn poppy to be found everywhere. LMAO. All we got was 1 hr of sweet car ride tunes.We got there, and turned right back around. lol.
Back at Rancho Relaxo…Norma, my Ficus Lyrata is doing marvelously at home. Mom taught me to clean the leaves with milk and since doing so, the leaves are shiny and bright!
Cheers to prosecco and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. Hallelujahhhh The new fave!
They’re pretty, pink, and sets the tone for the freakin’ weekennnnnnd!

1 750ml bottle of Prosecco, chilled
3-3.5 cups of fresh grapefruit juice (~4 very large), chilled
Sweetener ( I used a couple drops stevia) or simple syrup (optional)

So…here they are…Its waffle time! These are a healthier, grain free, paleo option to the typical leggo my eggo. If you don’t have a waffle maker (I feel bad for you) this batter, which is one serving…can also be done on the skillet and devoured as a pancake. Das right. For me, eating healthier, doesn’t need to affect the flavor. These are so yummmmmyyyy! There may be more ingredients than you are used to, but…get into it. Don’t give me sh*t.
The recipe is above and I hope you give it a try…I topped these fabulous #eatclean waffles with some Nature’s Hollow sugar-free syrup and some chopped pecans. Absolutely divine, delicious, and The recipe made 2 big waffles and I cut them into triangles…you know…so that it looks prettier and it looks like there is more on the plate. Lol.
It’s not that I NEVER eat carbs..I mean, please betch… but when I can limit without comprising bomb-nesss, I do. Give-n-take boo’s.
Just so you know…It’s lunch hour…& I am now eating spinach tart, fresh mozzarella, quinoa chips with kale dip, and having sangria. It’s the simple things in life that keep us happy, lol. Spent the night hanging out with my besties catching up and feeling baby bumps..(not mine, lol) , and now got all the fam over for an afternoon of snacks and sangria. That’s what I call..a weekend