GOodiE Tuesday

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GOOD morning friends! I did a naughty last night, too much food and wine, and I’m paying for it now!
I was hurting at the gym today. Ugh I hate when I do that. You see, I hadn’t seen this girlfriend in quite some time, and you know how it is, you start chatting, gossiping, wine, laughing, more wine, ohhh dessert, don’t forget dessert wine. I mean, excessive. When she left I immediately passed out. It was probably around 11 p.m.
ALARM!!! 5:00 a.m wake up call from the damn iPhone. Noooooooooo. It is absolutely not a good idea to be hungover at the gym this early. The rest of this week I’m gonna be a good girl…

Ok… Moving on.

30 minutes on the elliptical.
Alternating with incline 8/ resistance 5 for 2 minutes
And incline 6/ resistance 9 for 3 minutes
For a total of approx 365 calories burned.

After cardio I did a plank series using my gymboss interval timer set on 50 secs work and 20 secs rest.

Jumping jacks
Push-ups to alternating side plank
Mountain climbers
Stationary plank on elbows
Sit-ups on stability ball
Russian twists
Jumping jacks

Phweeeeeeeeee, I was worked. After this series I went to the weight room and did some dead lifts, back rows, and pull ups.

Overall I had a really good workout, except I started to get a bit of a headache midway. That’s what I get!

Oh btw… If you like HIIT interval cardio, you will really feel great after doing this 30 min fat burner on the elliptical. I usually do these high/low intervals on the treadmill, but today I switched it up , and was glad I did.
For some reason, I sometimes think that if I’m not like, practically sprinting on the treadmill, that I’m not getting enough of a workout. Absolutely not true. I’ve noticed lately that my knees, whether on cement or treadmill, have been extra sensitive. So I’ve been trying new ways to get a full body cardio workout without running. Now the elliptical and stair master have become my new besties. Never at a steady pace though. Always switching up the level or resistance to keep your body working extra hard and to encourage more afterburn.

Anyway, yada yada yada, you get it.

Since I was away this weekend I really didn’t have anything that I was into in the fridge, so I managed a quick trip to whole foods before work to pick up some staples.

Breakfast and lunch to too boring to even post. So we’ll move on to my lovely leftover ground beef mixture over a bed of arugula that I had for dinner. It was delicious.

Of course siracha makes everything more yummy. Who’s with me on this one?
Oh and check out my cute new , well, “vintage” bowl I got at the thrift store on my way home from big bear! So cute. I love. ( I scrubed it, duh) lol

I actually got out of work quite a bit early tonight. ( silently screaming inside with happiness) I didn’t have anyone booked for the last couple of appointments, so I managed to sneak out. It was perfect because I was dying to hit up Crate and Barrel for some last minute ornaments and decor shopping. Ok… This is the worst part of working in the area that I work. All you wanna do, all the time is SHOP! The streets are gorgeously lit up and everyone is walking around with shopping bags. How really could you resist.
I saw that the ornaments were 30 % off, so I started digging. Remember a few posts back, I mentioned that my ex had all of my ornaments from last years Christmas at his house. Wahhhwahhhhh, oh well, I’ve moved on from getting them from him, cuz he lives kinda far. Soooooo…. I started a new collection with a new theme;)

When I was checking out, I realized that I had an extra 15% off coupon in my wallet that they had sent me in the mail. STOKED! Super cute right? I especially love the cloth/ woven looking ones. I thought these would go perfect on my obnoxiously fake white tree. Lol

Ok so, I know, the damn thing needs some lights or something right? Still feels bare.
Getting there. I actually think ill get a real tree next year.

I’m finally starting to get into the Christmas spirit people, yeayyyyy! It’s happening. Tomorrow is 12-12-12. Time to make wishes and listen to Christmas music!

Xoxo, P

Question of the day:

Do you prefer a real tree or a fake one?


Hit up Ross ( dress for less) when I got back to the valley to see if I could find some cheap wrist weights to use in Zumba, and I found so much more! Look at all these amazing extracts!
Flavor heaven.

I found these wrist weights for a whopping $ 4.99, holy cheapness, and these training gloves. Finally, I kept saying that I needed gloves ( I tend to loose them within 2 was of getting them) Really gonna try to put a little gym bag together so that I’m not just carrying around everything in hand while working out.