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OK, but really, how gorgeous is this place! If you are a local Angelino, you know that Christmas never really feels like Christmas around our parts. At least we have places like this to escape too just a couple hours away to get that “yesssss, it’s winter” sensation.
I am in love with Big Bear. No joke, I was even checking out some small properties/cabins that were for sale as an investment for my future mountain trips;)

I was gonna drive up Saturday after work, but it ended up getting dark earlier than expected so I postponed leaving till early the a.m. If you’ve ever driven to the mountains, then you damn well know that shit is scary at night. Lots of winding sharp turns and blind spots. Yeah. Not a great idea. I woke up at 5 a.m on Sunday morning packed up the car, grabbed Willy, made myself an espresso with almond milk and stevia and took off. I drove to my parents house to first drop off willy and pick up the directions mom left to the cabin. Mom and 3 of her best girlfriends and their daughters had gone ahead of me sat morning. I couldn’t wait to get there. I stopped and got gas (finally the prices are dropping) and was ready for the 2 1/2 hour drive. I have to admit, that I actually like going on little road trips alone, I don’t mind driving alone.. I listened to Christmas music all the way there! Haha. So annoying, I know. I had my coffee, I was relaxed and STOKED!

I arrived to the cabin finally around 8:45a.m. All the girls greeted me at the door, and the shenanigans began.

Mom cooked a mean breakfast scramble ( eggies, turkey, spinach) along with fresh blueberries, mixed nuts and cookies. Pretty safe to say, I got carried away with the naughty food at the cabin this weekend. I lost count of all the cookies I ate. Ugh

After a that breakfast of chaps, we are got in our warm clothes and took off for a walk around the lake and up through the forest. It was a gorgeous day, cold, but full of sunshine. Obviously way colder at night. Poor mom and friends slept with no heater on Saturday night. Apparently it broke. Of course it did. Story of our lives.

The neighborhoods were stunning

I saw this old tractor next to this little cabin that was for sale. I just loved this, so I had to snap a pic

We looked crazy, as we walked, we realized that we just had way too many clothes on. I started breaking a sweat. Which now in looking back, probably not a bad thing since I hadn’t worked out and had devoured practically a box of cookies. Look at us….We looked like a bunch of tourists looking for pine cones.

Of this beautiful house….. Hello, I could get into this. Look at this fantasy. Total dream cabin. Definitely not one of the properties I was looking to buy, but, hey, I can wish.

We went back to the cabin after a few hours out and started to prepare lunch. They were planning on leaving this day like 3:00, so as to miss the traffic coming back home. I was staying the night so that I could get up early Monday and snowboard.
Lunch consisted again of naughty food. And really the only reason why it was naughty was because I can’t just have a bite of it, one cookie , it had to be practically a bag of chips, cheese and salami on saltines, hot dogs etc. can we say, GUILTY? Maybe if I practiced self control, I could have a small portion and it wouldn’t make a difference. But nooooooo.

Once they packed up and left, I cracked a bottle of wine and caught up on my new Bon appetite magazine. I knew that I had to fall asleep with a movie on because I was already a bit nervous knowing that I was in a cabin alone in the middle of the woods. Whatever, I was into it. I watched Meet Joe Black, and immediately passed out.;)

I woke up super early (shocker) had a quick breakfast of cottage cheese, blueberries and a persimmon, locked up the cabin and headed to the resort to get a few hours of snowboarding in. The lifts didn’t open till 8, so I went and hung out a local coffee shop and chilled.
Bear mountain on this particular day was really dry. Only like 2 lifts were open, and the snow was almost non-existent. I only ended up riding two hours, and decided to come home.

On the way home I stopped off at the famous Charlie Brown Farms. I don’t remember the last time I was here, but this place is a hidden gem! It is located off of Pearblossom hwy.

They are most famous for their beef jerky,jams & jellies, hot sauces, pickles, nuts & fudge. You name it, they’ve got it, and homemade! I ended up buying persimmons (duh) super cheap, stocking up on loads of different raw nuts and seeds, some fresh habanero goat cheese and some bone sucking hot mustard! Happy as a clam.

Just another block up, I spotted this small, run down thrift shop on the side of the road, well, really it looked more like a junkyard or a garage sale, so in pure Paula form, I chomped at the bit. I love places like this. Someone’s trash is always someone else treasure. I found some great silver pieces and some vintage plates. Perfect for setting up a great food photo. I’m so into that right now.

Question of the day:

Do you ever shop at second hand stores?