Foooooodie PENPALS;)

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Hey friends! It’s an exciting day for us bloggers! Yes, it’s that time of the month;) it’s February Foodie Penpals reveal day! This idea was brought on my a fellow friend, and blogger, the Lean Green Bean.

This is such a fantastic way for bloggers and blog readers to keep in touch, and stay connected through our viral lifestyles:) I was stoked when I saw the UPS guy coming through the doors at work…my PENPAL package had arrived:) this month, my penpal was Denise Evans of Eat*laugh*love. I love her tag line.

“A collection of healthy eating recipes, dedicated to eating with joy, seasoning with laughter, and cooking with love.”
She uses all organic and non processed ingredients in all her cooking, and considers her passion for food like yoga in the kitchen. She’s a machine! Posting amazing healthy recipes almost daily, while keeping a full time tech job. Power to ya girl! Check out her blog for some delicious homemade ideas for yourself or your family!

She really got my box SPOT ON! I made sure to take pics of all the yummy goodies she sent, before scarfing them all down;)

#1: DUKKAH seasoning by Trader Joe’s.
I haven’t used it yet, but excited to try it.
Dukkah is a savory nut and spice blend of Middle Eastern origin.You can use as a rub or crust for chicken and fish, as a seasoning for vegetables.

#2: FLACKERS! my absolute favorite low carb cracker option. Love having these at the house. Super guilt free. Created by a doctor, these bad boys are gluten free, low carb and low glycemic. They offer loads of fiber and are really high in omegas. They are made up of flax seeds and spices. Nothing hidden or ingredients you can’t pronounce. You can find these online or at your local health food store. I’m completely obsessed with them!

#3: 10 MIN. FARRO by Trader Joe’s. I’ve never cooked farro before, so I’m curious to try it out in the recipe she sent along with the package pictured below. It’s considered a whole grain, a good source of fiber, aids in lowering cholesterol. AND, high in vitamins in minerals.
Also considered a “Smart Carb”
Farro’s complex carbs break down slowly, keeping your energy level stable. The grain also has cyanogenic glucosides, a type of carb that may boost the immune system.

#4: YOGI GINGER TEA. If there is anything I need, it’s help in the digestion department! Holy, digestive issues. It’s caffeine free, so this has been lovely to drink up at night. It helps to sooth the tummy after a meal. Also, the taste of ginger isn’t so overwhelming, which I appreciate.

#5: MARCONA ALMONDS roasted and salted with rosemary..OOOOOMMMMGGGGG. I mean, never have I EVER had something so amazing and flavorful. WOW! I highly recommend these. They are naturally a bit oily, but enjoy it as a treat.

Here is the recipe she sent with the box:) such a sweetheart. Thanks so much Denise! Can’t wait to try this! You guys should try this recipe out, and let me know how it comes out!! Also, if you are interested in joining FOODIE Penpals, Here’s some more INFO.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! Kissssessssss xoxoxoxoxox