Never Feed These Foods for Your Dogs If You Want to Save their Lives!

Your pooches are not difficult to feed. However, it does not mean you totally can give them any kind of food that you suppose that it is good for their health. In other words, some human foods they cannot eat because their digestions do not allow them to do that. Thus, you should know lots of foods that cannot feed to your dog and make a list at once. Here are some types…

Human foods that you should avoid feeding to your dogs

Milk and other dairy products

Do you think that milk and other dairy products are safe? It is correct for….humans only! This is because pooches do not have amounts of lactase which breaks down lactose ingredients in milk and other dairy products.

So, they will come to their toilet tons of times per day if you feed them. Some dogs likely have digestive upset all the time even they do not get diarrhea. Oh, I almost forgot…some of us can play this similar action if our digestion does not have this enzyme.


Avocados are one of the greatest sources of vitamin E and most of the girls love it pretty much for their beautiful skin.

However, it does not really work well for your pets (dogs, cats, etc.). The pits of avocados can get dangerous for your dogs and these include Persin in their seeds, leaves, bark, and fruits as well.

If you are planting avocados in your backyard, you will need to pay attention to your pooches when they go around the tree and they want to try leaves. Generally speaking, Persin is not injurious to human beings, but this is a toxic ingredient in several dog species.

Raw eggs, meat, and fishes

Some dog owners think that raw foods are good for pooches’ health. For example, they should evade raw meat, fishes, and eggs.

These foods often have bad bacteria such as salmonella and E.coli. The initial signs are likely fever, vomiting, and large lymph nodes. So, consult to your vet before taking raw foods for pooches. You also enable to choose good dry dog food instead. Or you should get a full cook in order to kill the parasite.


This is a great idea for giving a present to someone; especially in the Love Day. It sweets and bitter at the same time like human’s love. However, it is not a good source for your pooches as chocolate contain Theobromine.

This is not dangerous for human beings, but it is an enemy for dog’s health – a toxic ingredient for their bodies! Never feed them bake chocolate or the dark one because dogs can vomit and get diarrhea. Some dogs can get tremors, rhythms, seizures, and even death. So, do not share your bars of chocolate for them!

Fatty meat and bacons

Are you like eating fatty meat and slices of bacon? Uh huh, these foods could be your favorite ones at diets, but do not make these for your pooches! Why? This is because they possibly have pancreatitis in high-fat foods like slices of bacon and other fatty meat.

Furthermore, these types of food contain a huge amount of salt content. So, they enable to have an upset stomach, bloating, and fatal. Keep these foods on your delicious diets only!

Garlic and onions

Undoubtedly, these are perfect for making several foods with attractive smells. Nevertheless, do not put these on your dog’s meals because they probably destroy red blood cells on their bodies. Then, they will have anemia.

Fortunately, when you do not know and take them a small amount in their bowls, it is fine. However, please keep in mind that large dosages or regular doses can cause risky points for their lives.

Some bad signs they can get when eating onions and garlic pretty much such as vomiting, breathlessness, and weakness (on their breath and their immune system).

Yeast dough

Yeast dough can create gas in your dog’s digestive system. This is not comfortable feeling and painful when their stomachs have bloating, twist, and so on. This is because yeast generates ethanol and dog eats raw bread is like drinking alcohol.


In general, Xylitol is one of the most popular ingredients in some sweet products such as candies, gum, baked foods, and toothpaste as well. It may not harm for humans in a certain amount, but it could get insulin decreased in other species.

When the amount of insulin increases in their bodies, hypoglycemia occurs. This is the lowered sugar levels and sometimes they can have other worse symptoms such as lethargy, vomiting, seizure, and loss of coordination.

Please bear in mind that when humans consume Xylitol too much, they possibly have liver failure and imbalanced liver enzyme.

Grapes and raisins

Grapes and raisins can cause renal failure to your pooches. Their kidneys possibly begin to get lethargy, vomiting, and death as well. With these tiny seeds, they can prevent the esophagus work well.

What should you do when your dog eats human foods in a secret way?

Imagine that you were a pup and you see lots of foods on the table. You do not know which foods are safe for you and which ones are negative. When you see your master leave the kitchen, this is the best time to try different foods. Yup, do it in a secret way is so fantastic!

You try to consume more foods as quickly as you can. Suddenly, your masters come back to the kitchen in a couple of minutes. Oh my, you have to run as fast as possible and hide! Well, if you see your pooches eat human foods secretly, what should you do?

Well, you probably shout on their faces loud and get mad. However, you should try to calm and think of the solutions.

Most of your foods should be kept out of dog’s reach. Before, you should learn a list of human foods that they should and should not consume.

For example, they can eat meat but they should be cooked. Or sugary and salty foods are not allowed for their health.

You ought to buy foods in the pet shop, but be sure to understand all ingredients in their foods. Also, consult your vet about their healthy diets in advance.

Moreover, you should teach your pooches that they should not eat some foods of humans and they just pay attention to their bowls only.