GOodiE Tuesday

GOOD morning friends! I did a naughty last night, too much food and wine, and I’m paying for it now!
I was hurting at the gym today. Ugh I hate when I do that. You see, I hadn’t seen this girlfriend in quite some time, and you know how it is, you start chatting, gossiping, wine, laughing, more wine, ohhh dessert, don’t forget dessert wine. I mean, excessive. When she left I immediately passed out. It was probably around 11 p.m.
ALARM!!! 5:00 a.m wake up call from the damn iPhone. Noooooooooo. It is absolutely not a good idea to be hungover at the gym this early. The rest of this week I’m gonna be a good girl…

Ok… Moving on.

30 minutes on the elliptical.
Alternating with incline 8/ resistance 5 for 2 minutes
And incline 6/ resistance 9 for 3 minutes
For a total of approx 365 calories burned.

After cardio I did a plank series using my gymboss interval timer set on 50 secs work and 20 secs rest.

Jumping jacks
Push-ups to alternating side plank
Mountain climbers
Stationary plank on elbows
Sit-ups on stability ball
Russian twists
Jumping jacks

Phweeeeeeeeee, I was worked. After this series I went to the weight room and did some dead lifts, back rows, and pull ups.

Overall I had a really good workout, except I started to get a bit of a headache midway. That’s what I get!

Oh btw… If you like HIIT interval cardio, you will really feel great after doing this 30 min fat burner on the elliptical. I usually do these high/low intervals on the treadmill, but today I switched it up , and was glad I did.
For some reason, I sometimes think that if I’m not like, practically sprinting on the treadmill, that I’m not getting enough of a workout. Absolutely not true. I’ve noticed lately that my knees, whether on cement or treadmill, have been extra sensitive. So I’ve been trying new ways to get a full body cardio workout without running. Now the elliptical and stair master have become my new besties. Never at a steady pace though. Always switching up the level or resistance to keep your body working extra hard and to encourage more afterburn.

Anyway, yada yada yada, you get it.

Since I was away this weekend I really didn’t have anything that I was into in the fridge, so I managed a quick trip to whole foods before work to pick up some staples.

Breakfast and lunch to too boring to even post. So we’ll move on to my lovely leftover ground beef mixture over a bed of arugula that I had for dinner. It was delicious.

Of course siracha makes everything more yummy. Who’s with me on this one?
Oh and check out my cute new , well, “vintage” bowl I got at the thrift store on my way home from big bear! So cute. I love. ( I scrubed it, duh) lol

I actually got out of work quite a bit early tonight. ( silently screaming inside with happiness) I didn’t have anyone booked for the last couple of appointments, so I managed to sneak out. It was perfect because I was dying to hit up Crate and Barrel for some last minute ornaments and decor shopping. Ok… This is the worst part of working in the area that I work. All you wanna do, all the time is SHOP! The streets are gorgeously lit up and everyone is walking around with shopping bags. How really could you resist.
I saw that the ornaments were 30 % off, so I started digging. Remember a few posts back, I mentioned that my ex had all of my ornaments from last years Christmas at his house. Wahhhwahhhhh, oh well, I’ve moved on from getting them from him, cuz he lives kinda far. Soooooo…. I started a new collection with a new theme;)

When I was checking out, I realized that I had an extra 15% off coupon in my wallet that they had sent me in the mail. STOKED! Super cute right? I especially love the cloth/ woven looking ones. I thought these would go perfect on my obnoxiously fake white tree. Lol

Ok so, I know, the damn thing needs some lights or something right? Still feels bare.
Getting there. I actually think ill get a real tree next year.

I’m finally starting to get into the Christmas spirit people, yeayyyyy! It’s happening. Tomorrow is 12-12-12. Time to make wishes and listen to Christmas music!

Xoxo, P

Question of the day:

Do you prefer a real tree or a fake one?


Hit up Ross ( dress for less) when I got back to the valley to see if I could find some cheap wrist weights to use in Zumba, and I found so much more! Look at all these amazing extracts!
Flavor heaven.

I found these wrist weights for a whopping $ 4.99, holy cheapness, and these training gloves. Finally, I kept saying that I needed gloves ( I tend to loose them within 2 was of getting them) Really gonna try to put a little gym bag together so that I’m not just carrying around everything in hand while working out.


Hey all! Today my back felt a lot better. It wasn’t so crazy at work, so I didn’t have to be on my feet all day, which was a relief. I still made sure to keep the inflammation down with Advil.

The weekend is almost here, so you know what that means!! I get to be a snow bunny in BIG BEAR!

Since I took a break Thursday to rest and heal (from Bikram on wed ) I decided that after work, I felt well enough to hit the gym for a quick workout before heading home. I always make sure to keep extra workout gear in the car for impromptu sessions;) Fridays are usually my rest from the gym days, so I wasn’t really planning on hittin hard.

I’m wondering if this happens to ya’ll….. Once you get started at the gym, your body goes into beast mode and you end up pushing harder than even expected! The hardest part is just getting there. Then, I figure, well, since I’m here already, might a well make it worth it!

Plus, for some reason, the vibe at the gym makes me feel like a gladiator. Lol
I had such a great workout, that I just had to share.

Here it goes:


I started off on the treadmill:

1/2 mile @ 5.0 mph

1 mile @ 6.4 mph

1 mile @ 7.1 mph

1 mile alternating intervals of 9.8 for 30 seconds. with 30 rest

For a total mileage of 3.5

Burned a total of 337 calorieS in 30 min.

Shimmied my way on over to the stairclimber/stepper for a BONUS round of cardio.

Speed intervals changing every minute. For 15 minutes .

Level 3-level 9

45 minutes of intense interval cardio was just was I was craving! I felt amazing after.

Before I headed to the weight area, I stopped at the ROW MACHINE for a 1000 meter row To get my upper body ready for lifting, and crunching.

At this point, I was sweatn’ like a rapist!


When I got home of course, I was sooooo HUNGRY!

So I heated up my recipe of a Low Carb Deep Dish Veggie Pizza. I was in heaven!

It is beyond healthy and super satisfying. I leave for Big Bear right after work tomorrow, so didn’t really want to cook anything, and be stuck with leftovers that would’ve gone bad. No Bueno!

This is a great dinner dish, and for those of you who live alone, cut it up in slices and take them to work for a couple days.


Easy Peazy Apple Cheesy


It’s starting to get late, so I’m gonna get some stuff ready for the weekend.

I’m beyond tired.

check out my super cute gear!

My GNU board.


My RIDE bindings

Couldn’t be more stoked to be headed to the mountain. Even just for a couple days. I need to get away.

I’ll check back in before I take off:)



Where do you go to get away for a weekend?


YEP, It’s finally here… RACE DAY BABY!!!! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the SPARTAN SPRINT, It is a 5k with 15+ military style obstacles, In the gnarliest of conditions. Yeah, in the mud. Don’t ask why I put myself through these things!

I spent the night at Mom and Dads house last night. Mom was taking me to the race super early so we made sure to pass out early sat. night.

My alarm went off at 5:00 a.m. Mom was already up. I think she was nervous for me:) I smelled coffee as I walked down the stairs. ahhhh…OK now I feel better. Coffee always seems to make the morning a blessing. I threw on my clothes and made sure my bag , full of back-up clothes was ready by the door.

I had a breakfast of champions:

Egg whites


and a protein muffin.

oh and coffee of course.


Thank god there were signs off the canyon because for some reason, we had gotten directions that would’ve taken us about 4 miles further out. I had to be there about an hour and 1/2 early to be able to register, get my bib, and check my bag.

It was a fresh morning in Malibu. Lucky for me, there was no rain! I knew I would be in mud, but it’s different when the rain is coming down on you. It would’ve been way harder for sure.

My heat started at 8:00 a.m. There were 276 people in the elite heat. (I had no idea I had signed up for “elite” WTF)

Anyway, here I come.

To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect as far as what I should wear or If I would be freezing or too hot. I was ready to strip down, and race in a sportsbra and shorts, thinking that I wouldn’t want anything weighing me down. When I arrived I saw everyone with gloves and long sleeved rashgaurds on. Pretty covered up. I thanked the heavens above that I packed long socks, a pair of gym gloves (a last minute grab) and a long sleeved shirt. pheeewwwww. Once I registered and got my bib I went off to the side to do my outfit alterations. lol

I have no idea how long it took them to set this course up, but this place was incredible!

They put your bib number all over the place, your forehead, a stamp on your cheek (that wouldn’t come off to save my life) on the arm..I’m guessing this was for the photographers, so it would be easier to find yourself when looking up your photo.

they wrote the number on your calves, and since I was covered up…Screw it, write it on my socks:)

ummmmm..notice the mud. yeah.

They had set up a traverse wall for people to warm up and practice. I saw a few people try it, but it looked really hard. Everyone kept falling off, so I think people, including myself, decided to save our strength for the race. All I have to say is, THANK GOD I brought workout gloves.

I’m glad we got there early because I was able to walk around, get my head on straight, and stretch a bit. The thing about this race is that you have absolutely no idea what the course is like until you get there, unless you have done this race before. But even then, It’s ever changing. They give you a map of the course once you register and that’s all you get. Yes, of course you train hard at the gym with the WOD that are sent to you via email, but, nothing can prepare you for the weather conditions, mud like quicksand, and running through fire… yeah, I know, and that’s just 1/10th of it. We will see…..

At 5 to 8:00 am, we began to gather at the start line. Everyone jumping up and down to warm up. I got a quick shot with my SPARTAN man. Couldn’t miss that photo-op.


As the loudspeaker comes on, A man with a “300″ voice came on and pumped us up! We were all screaming “I AM SPARTAN”


By the third time…We fired off!!! Smoked filled the air to throw us off of where we were going.

1st obstacle: Running into a freezing lake, and swimming across, yes fully clothed, only to end up trying to hoist yourself up the other side witch was a muddy slippery mountain. You could here everyone going “f*@k its COLD!!” I just made sure to not tense up so much and just keep a steady breath. Hard when your trembling.

Look at us, a bunch of beasts! You have no idea how many people, including my freakin Dad, were like”why the HELL would you want to do that?”

Well, to me this is what it’s about. Challenging you mind, your body, and surprising yourself at accomplishments that you never thought were possible. A lot of people go through life, day by day, never feeling challenged, completely content in their everyday ritual, not me. I live for this shit. LOL It wasn’t always like that. I used to be a big ol’ wuss. Yep.

So as we trecked through rough terrain and mud that sucked the shoes off our feet, I was happy to hear everyone pushing each other with words of encouragement. Didn’t matter if you weren’t on their team. Lots of “c’mon, YOU GOT THIS” “pick it up SPARTAN” ” “Get through it”

It was really inspiring.

The course was insane. Mom was in the spectator area, which was only at a few of the obstacles, taking the pics of what she could. If at anytime, you could not complete an obstacle, you had to count out (OUT LOUD) 30 chest to the ground burpees. I ended up having to do 60 of them. I couldn’t complete two of the obstacles. So pissed, but there was no way. Midway, we stopped for electrolytes that were being handed out. As soon as I got this in my body, I was unstoppable! I turned into an animal, practically sprinting through quicksand! We had to bear crawl up the mountain with rocks and mud under our hands, Big (what seemed to be rubber bands) were giving to us to put around both ankles and HOP up to the next stop, uphill in the mud, (I thought that one in particular would never end) We hoisted ourselves over and under built high walls carrying sandbags ,

climbed up ropes, and held on to dear life through the gnarly monkey bars.

Through tiny trails carved out by tree branches, I finally started to hear people cheering. On to the next obstacle, pulling these weights all the way to the top,(without dropping) and slowly letting them come to the ground without slamming. I mean… C’mon.

Through the puddle up a slippery wooden wall.

Oh and here comes my favorite part.

Dragging your sore, tired body underneath barbed wire for what seemed to be a 1/4 mile. This is where most people started slowing down the most. I was so glad to be in pants and long socks! The poor people with shorts on, ended up with bloody knees. For me the best technique to get through this part was to roll sideways uphill. Not an easy task though.



YEP, that’s fire you have to get across. I was coming down that hill so damn fast, I leaped over that shit like superwoman!

Low and behold, I was about to get pounded.

Got up and ran to get my banana at the finish line!

My time was 1 hour and 7 minutes. Oh I have to tell you this crazy shit. The fastest women did it in 38 minutes!!! She had to have been a freakin GLADIATOR.

Anyway, I was actually quite happy with my time.

I came 74th out of 276 overall

14th out of 75 women

5th in ages 25-29


I have to admit, I was skeptical at first, and had no idea what to expect. I know that if I hadn’t trained hard like I have been the last 4 1/2 weeks I may not have been able to finish. The W.O.D. that were sent to my email every morning, were not only testing of my strength, but also my commitment to putting in the work. Thank you Spartan Race for a spectacular day in the mud!

I will definitely be signing up for other races in the future. WHO’S WITH ME?!!!!!


Late day tuesday

That was me this morning… Too warm and cozy in my bed to want to get out in the cold, while its still dark. Ew. This is the last week of training I get before the race so, I can’t slack. I just downloaded all the event info and printed all of the waivers. Ok, I thought I was nervous then, now I’m shitting myself. It’s real. lol

I finally made it to the gym. Of course I warmed up as soon as I got there, but I like to dress warm because when I leave, I’m dripping in sweat, and as my mother always said, “you better cover up or you’re gonna catch a cold” I’m guessing this is probably a myth, but it’s always stuck with me:)

hmmm…looking at this picture, I think my thighs are starting to get more muscle, they look a bit bigger. Must be all the squats, jumping lunges, burpees…ahhhhh, the life.


Yeah super killer. I struggled the most with the pull ups. My arms were becoming jello by the 8th, and I was even doing them on my equalizer. It’s just really hard. Building my upper body strength has been my ultimate challange. Ughhh.

As soon as I got home, I made myself a much needed espresso fix with almond milk and stevia, and heated up a leftover chia spinach pancake that I had made yesterday. I found this recipe from one of my favorite bloggers Stuft mama. It’s really rich in protein and a great way to sneak in some veggies! Honestly, they don’t taste like “healthy pancakes”, they are freakin ridic!!! It’s always a treat when I use my protein powder in something solid to munch on, instead of just making a shake. Like I’ve mentioned before…I get soooo hungry after a workout, a shake doesn’t faze my ass.

Super post workout food!

Poor willy this morning, I made him wait for his walk till after I ate. He wasn’t stoked:/

I ran him around, stole some tangerines from a tree hanging over someone’s backyard like a creep, put them in a doggie bag, and we ran our lil asses back home. hehe.

I mean, i’ts a free for all if the tree is hanging into the sidewalk, right? What could they possibly want with alllllllllllllll those tangerines anyway. I totally did them a favor. Doesn’t mean I wasn’t looking over my shoulder totally nervous that I was gonna get caught. LOL. Embarrasing.

He deserved a treat for that one, my accomplice.

It was getting closer to my departure for work. I really wanted to stay home and blog all day but, I had to go to my day job. (It’s actually fun at m work:)
So, I packed a lunch of mish-mosh to take with me.
Did I mention how much people in beverly hills spend on average a day for lunch? Sometimes breakfast and lunch in a day?
That’s $150 in a 5 day work week.
Absolutely stupid.
I think since starting at the salon,and It’s been 6 years, I’ve ordered lunch locally maybe a total of 8-10 times. Those times, I’m sure it was because I forgot my lunch sitting on the counter in a rush to get out of the house. I can think of a MILLION other things I would rather spend that money on.

My lunch this tuesday:

LEFTOVERS over chard leaves topped with raw salsa.

ooohhh try these pumpkin kale croquettes

Speaking of saving money…..This is what happens when you don’t constantly spend money on lunch everyday.. You can actually save money to buy toys! I have been wanting an Ipad for AGES now! I have my Macbook pro (great for home) I have my Iphone (although it’s acting up) ANd I swear, I’m not this “I only buy Apple products” type of person, but I find them to be extremely user friendly, and it may be that I’m just used to them and hate change:) Whatever the case, YEAY for my new Ipad! No more lugging around my computer to work. (BTW< we don’t even have wi-fi at work… I know, so ridiculous. I have to sit next door at the CREPE place, buy a tea, and use their wi-fi…everyday.) It makes me wanna lose my shit. So inconvenient. It’s 2012 for F@*k sake.

OK now that I got that off my chest, It should be arriving to the salon in 5-7 business days. STOKED!

Around 3:30, snack time was calling my name. May I present to you, The TRIO. By far my fave snacky plate foods.

Persimmon (ripe
Low fat organic cottage cheese 1/4 cup
1/4 cup Low carb granola

And last but not least… I’m starting my christmas list……

Hope you guy’s are enjoying being back to the routine!


Question of the day?

What’s on your Christmas list this year?

How did you recover from calorie stacking on thanksgiving?

Daily fact:

Muscle tissue and bone weigh more than fat, so some people can be heavier yet leaner.

sleep, train, eat, repeat.

OK. So this is what Im training for:


This morning started off pretty early…like 5:30 early. I purposely slept in my gym clothes so that I would have absolutely no excuse. It would’ve taken longer to take off my clothes than it woul’ve been to just get out of the house right then. Took my supplements, water bottle, munched on a few almonds, and took off. I’m lucky my gym is like 5 blocks away. Another reason why there is no excuse:)

As soon as I arrived, I snaked the nearest treadmill, stretched and began with my 10 min warm-up jog. Straight to the mat after that to begin the WOD, which today consisted of:

10 push-ups
body weight squats
10 burpees
10 crunches

repeated 3X and followed by a 2 mile HIIT. (ran 1 mile @ 6.4, then alternated the 2nd mile with 30sec @10.0 with 30 sec rest. I felt super energized after that set, so I decided to stay a bit longer to work on my upper and lower back. Since I stand on my feet all day at work, I have to keep a strong core and upper body so that I don’t end up like quasimoto! Mom’s always on my case about my posture. It will always be something that I need to stay on top of.

After an 1 hour & 15…I was done for. I pushed it today and it payed off and oh yeah, I beat my plank time!! hell yessss. Felt great all day, full of energy and could tell that I continued to burn for hours after! Got home and was starving, typical for me after a workout, or, well just typical in general. lol. Grabbed a couple of my Protein Packed Pumpkin Muffins added a little Natures Hollow sugar free strawberry jam and poured myself a cup of joe. yummmmmmm !!! Tuesdays I don’t go into work untl 11 am. My mornings are precious to me because I get soooo much done! I LOVE TUESDAYS. Although I hate that i don’t get home til 8pm. ew

Here’s the man of the house. Willy:) I’m sure he’s always thinking “what the hell is she always taking pictures of? You’re a creep MOM” hehe