Hey babes!

Sooo, WTF… OK, so you know that I took that BRIKAM class last night right? Well, have you ever in your life taken a class at 10 p.m for an hour and 1/2?? yeah, well, try sleeping after that. You would think that it would be easy peazy right? WRONG!!!! The absolute worse! I couldn’t fall asleep till 3 f*@k*ng A.M. My adrenaline was too strong to be able to pass out. Not to mention, the pain that started to develope in my neck and lower back!

You guessed it. With the combo of all those “I’m not feeling good in this posishhh” back bends, not being able to sleep and finally passing out on the couch, I woke up with a total body HANGOVER! I woke up at my normal time, 5:15, and could barely move.

Wow, this is really gonna be a good day. I decided by 8:00 a.m that it was not worth the pain being on my feet all day at work. So, I stayed home. I took 3 IB profins and passed out. woke up and began icing on and off every 20 mins.

My Mom has worked in physical therapy for many years now, and we’ve come to learn that this icing technique, along with rest, stretching,anti-inflammatories, and massage is the best way to heal. It’s the truth, and you’ll thank me later:)

Anyway, after laying on the couch for what seemed to be a lifetime (I played around with my new ipad;) I decided to get up and try to get a few things done. I leave for BIG BEAR with Mom and a few of our family girlfriends this weekend, so I thought i would just start getting ready for that.

well….that didn’t end up happening, instead, my friend Jules texted and said “if your around later, I’m roasting a whole chicken, I’m craving lots of protein”

I was there within the 1/2 hour;)

I was feeling a bit better at this point, so when I got there, we made some espressos and got to girlchattin.

Oooo-mmm-ggggg… just take a look at this amazing flower! she got them at Trader’s! Can you believe?

So cheap, but gorgeous!

She ended up sending me home with one of them (lucky girrrl)

Don’t know if I’ve told you guys, but she is an amazing baker. Her old boss still orders tons of cakes from her. Check out these perfect Vanilla Bean Rum Cakes. wooooooooozaaaaaa

She recently had a girl come to her door selling  a monthly service of organic produce delivery. Genius, right? Twice a month they drop off a box of whatever is in season. I think I might do it too. The only problem is, and we started becoming hesitant, is that we live along, and it ends up being a bit much for just one person. I hate wasting and I have a feeling some stuff would go bad within a few days. SUCKS. But like I said, “lucky Girl that I am” Jule’s sent me home with some gorgeous fruits and veggies, because, seeeeeeeeee, she knew it wouldn’t all last.

Everytime I go over there, I become fascinated with her stunning china.

Served with a little leftover roasted squash.

And, you know I’m loving the white tree action lately, so, here she is:)

So jealous



What’s your fave way to roast a chicken?