First TREE decorating party and dinner!

Happy Holidays People! We can officially start saying that! The first “CHRISTMAS’ party has arrived, and it was a blast!
Every year miss Haley hosts a great tree decorating party along with a fabulous home cooked feast. Full flavor of course, don’t bring your diet to this party!
She’s always had a knack for cooking, but is getting better and more sophisticated every year!
This chick loves a knife in her hand!
( god forbid she put it down for 2 secs to vogue) hehe.

I’m a bit late in posting this because I had to go through so many pics from this evening. I couldn’t choose which ones were my faves:)

How good does this look!
Lemony kale with olive oil, Parmesan slice, over crostini

Arugula pomegranate salad with hemp seeds, manchego cheese, shallots, with a pomegranate molasses dressing. Wow

Homemade spinach artichoke dip in a sourdough bread bowl. This was a freakin HIT. Especially with me! I don’t know anybody who isn’t a fan of this dish, I mean, c’mon . This went fast:)

Who doesn’t love champagne for a celebration?!
We were doing lots of toasting this evening.

Haley working hard in the kitchen, making green beans blanketed with asian style filet mignon .
Ridiculous. Don’t be jelly! The beef was just simply marinated in sugar and soy sauce, wrapped over the beans, and thrown in the broiler for, something like 5-10 mins. Soon easy. Great dish for a party and not messy

Gorgeous right! Not gonna lie I had like 5 of them;)

Bacon wrapped baby potatoes. Another great easy recipe to throw together for a party. She’s really great about choosing recipes that won’t keep her in the kitchen during the while party. You have to prioritize, clean as you go, and the most important thing, spending the time to enjoy your guests. I must admit, I’m bad at this. I tend to over complicate things at times,pick hard recipes,and make a MESS in the kitchen. Working on it. Promise.

Hehe, Mr. Wilbur waiting for food to drop. What’s new. God, he’s so cute.


Time to decorate…ok, can you tell I’m a ill tipsy here. Btw… I forgot to tell you guys!

I came to Haley’s 2 hours after the SPARTAN RACE, so I was exhausted. Physically and mentally, but I was NOT missing the yearly tradition. With that said…. After a couple glasses of champagne , I was done for.

We busted out the ornaments and lights and started goin nuts;)
It took us a while to get tree to stay centered. For some reason that thing kept tipping over. How many girls goes it take…..


I’m really loving creating traditions with friends. It gives us days to really look forward to, you know.

Yasuna brought dessert. An amazing cake from a local Korean market. We always tell het to bring it when we get together for parties, because it is so damn good! Really super light and fluffy. Nothing heavy about it.
I think it’s chocolate mousse,thin sheet cake with light whipped cream, strawberries, and shaved chocolate.

Aaaaaaanddddd, for some odd reason we decided to put birthday candles on top and had Haley blow them out. So weird.

Check out the almost empty table, yeah, we cleared it out! I ate tons!
Pretty soon after this shot, I was passed out on the couch with Willy sleeping on my head.
Tired and tossed in every sense of the word. Haha.

I will have you know that I slept from 5 p.m this evening till 5 a.m the next morning. Yep. On the couch. Somebody was TIRED!

What are some of your holiday party ideas?


These are my besties! Well, missing a few:) We decided since Brooke was in town from San Fransisco (in the orange top) that we would get together for a FRIENDSGIVING. We were also celebrating Kelly’s new purchase, her first home! It’s so weird how far we’ve come. I don’t wanna grow up! Everyone is moving in together, buying homes, having kids, starting businesses, It feels surreal.

We’ve all been friends, it seems like, since I moved to the U.S.A. Ok, maybe not since 7, but for sure since 12 years old. I seems like as we get older our circle of friends get smaller and smaller. People start dropping off. I am so lucky though that I got such a great core group. Like I said, we are missing a few. You know who ya are;)

I drove straight to Kel’s in Valencia after work, which is about a 45 minute drive from Beverly hills. Thank god there wasn’t traffic! Best part about the day after thanksgiving. Everyone was pretty much there already pouring some good wine, a LOW CARB cocktail (i LOVE my friends), and some yummy appetizers.

I had to take a picture of this fabulous arrangement. Mums, roses, and tuberoses, MY ACTUAL FAVE!! If you have never smelled a tuberose, you are seriously missing out.

Gorgeous chandelier they installed in the dining area

Great friends..Brooke and Chris<3 They are about to hit the altar next July in NAPA. I CAN’T wait:)

I have to get this out.

I can’t help but think…will I ever get married?

I must admit, I’m a bit lost with this whole idea. I’ve grown accustomed to my own things, my own money, my space, that I guess I’m just nervous that I feel too OK alone. I mean, listen, I’m not trying to be all grey gardens, but, these things happen. By nature. Plus I’m a hairdresser, I hear marriage drama all the time. I’ts exhausting. Sometimes I feel like I’m going through it with them. The idea seems nice….The gown, the flowers, all of it, but I can’t help but wonder…

Till death do us part?

There is something about just sitting around with a bunch of your girlfriends just laughing and of course eating and drinking. I only had a couple of glasses of wine.

This cheese I swear tasted like a blueberry cheesecake. It was gone in under 60 seconds. Whatever, I ran six miles today.

Freakin. cresent .weinies.

I was good…not one went in this mouth!

Can’t really say that about the block of cheese I devoured.

Sugar Free cocktail Made by Kelly

blueberry vodka

soda water

diet sprite

lots of muddled berries

Notice the two city kids in the background.. Can’t put down that

Oh yes….the best part. APPLE pie!

I only had a bit of it, I made sure to not go cray.