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    It’s the freakin weekenddddd!!!

    Today was a busy day in the salon, and for hairstylist’s…the weekend starts on Saturday! Woohoo;) My love surprised me and came into town so, we headed to a very HAPPY hour.

    Peazneez Saturday Steez is all about style. I definitely wouldn’t call myself a fashionista, hmmm…maybe more of a Maxinista  if you will.(T.J MAXX obsessed) 

    DRESS: Urban Outfitters 

    I Don’t wear floral prints often, but I gotta be honest…I’m really loving it lately. Urban Outfitters has a great selection of long, comfortable dresses and that give length and shape to the body.  I’m a shrimp. 5’3 to be exact, but when I throw on heels and a long, slinky dress…shiiiit. I may as well be 5’8.


    I’m a legs girl. Everyone has a body part that they flaunt, and any chance I get, the hams are out & exposed. Lol. Because of my (annoyingly) short torso…a long dress gives the illusion of a more lengthy torso. Am I crazy for thinking that that’s a real thing?

    Anyway…one thing never changes…the wrist full of bangles.

    Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

    As a hairstylist… I’m on my feet all day, and in the very moment I discovered Comfort Shoes, (mostly orthopedic)my whole world changed. Comfort shoes are all I buy now, and who says orthopedic shoes can’t be ADORABLE!? Btw, in Italy…it was all the rage. So…there! Make fun all you want. I don’t have bunions, and my tootsies are purrrrfect. lol.



    Check out the next gift to yourself! Yep..dassss right. You heard me. Comfort chic at its finest!

    Shoes: Patrizia Spring Footwear. Only $49.99!



    Hope you all enjoy a beautiful weekend! xoxo!Name.jpg



    Date Night.

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    HAPPY MONDAY!image-3

    This weekend was fantastic! Jordan Spieth won The Masters…Un-F*%@ing-Believable! We had a great time watching the tournament mostly at home (rancho relaxo) but managed to hit up our local sports bar on the last day of it to watch it with some friends. 

    Watching the tournament was getting us inspired so we went and hit balls at Weddington Golf 2 days in a row! Lol I’ve really enjoyed learning more about the game, and little by little, my swing is getting better. 

    As you know from my first post back, my BF and I go back n’ forth from LA to the BAY…so this was his weekend to come here 😉 This post is dedicated to our favorite spot near my house. Never fails. We go there EVERY time he comes to town.


    Date night is the best! For the most part, if I’m not in the salon...I’m in some sort of sports/workout wear, so dressing up for a nice dinner is a freakin treat.


    image-19GET THE LOOK


    DRESS: Rory Beca

    SHOES: Aldo

    CLUTCH: Dean.

    BELT: Vintage


    Tipple and Brine’s “Social Hour” otherwise…Happy Hour, lol starts at 4:30 and goes until 6:30. We typically get there 5:30 and enjoy $2 chef’s choice oysters, and $7 dollar Old Fashioned’s. Seriously AMAZING! The bartenders know what they’re doing. The oysters are always fresh and constantly changing. 

    The best is if you can make it there on Mondays…DOLLAR OYSTERS!!! Ummmm, hello! 

      I think the best seats in the house, are the high tables or at the bar. What I mostly LOVEEEE about the restaurant, is it’s vibe..its decor. It’s totally my style. Rustic but sexy. lol. It’s got a barn like feel and is definitely comfortable. I love having a place like this finally show up on my side of the hood. haha.

    Crispy Bacon Toast burrata / leeks / fennel pollen $10

    This was AMAZING!!! Also try the:

    Mushroom Toast goat cheese / caramelized onions / aged balsamic $10

    Their full menu hits all the faves… Oysters, Veggies, Sea, Land and Dessert. Everything fresh, and I haven’t tried anything I didn’t love.

    Always start off with a dozen oysters, and extra crispy fries;)  

    After dinner we headed upstairs to the Tunnel Bar(which opens at 7) for a dessert cocktail and a nice sunset vibe on the rooftop.   

     Andddd… the view’s not so bad either;) 

       Ended our date with heatlamps and whiskey, and an uber ride for 4 bucks. lol 

    Next Up: Semi-Homemade pizzas for a movie night in! Stay posted! XOXOX






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    Hello lovely friends! Hope everyone had a fabulous & safe Memorial Weekend! I spent the weekend in Santa Barbara & Los Olivos for a little wine tasting. It really was great to get away for a few days. Los Olivos is one of my FAVORITE weekend getaways.

    So, if ever out that way…some great wineries to stop at include:








    Anyway…just thought I’d share a few of my top! 😉 Moving into this new week, (since the past three days have been gluttonous) I’m back on track with my diet.

    TODAY will be a very LOW CARB! Lol,  this is what my extreme ass does when coming off a HIGH CARB, I don’t give a fakkkk weekend. I go the other extreme.

    *egg whites…chicken breast…lettuce. no joke.

    Todays recipe, is one that I made last week, but didn’t get the chance to share yet. I just cant get enough of pineapple lately, so I’ve been puttin’ that shit on everrrrrrythang! As you know, I often find inspiration for trying new experiments through my Instagram friends.





    While scrolling through, I noticed the homie, @fitseed , post a delicious lookin’ Pineapple Coconut Cake. I was like, “ooooommmggeeeeeee!” Yep. Making this NOW! I had all the ingredients, plus a few subs, so I got to mixin. OOHHHH, & if you’re VEGAN, click here , she posts the vegan alternative!













    You can find the recipe above. The Instructions could not be EASIER!


    1. PREHEAT OVEN TO 350 *
    2. GREASE A SMALL LOAF PAN OR ANY CUTE/SMALL PIE PAN;) (I use coconut oil spray from TJs)
    3. MIX ALL DRY INGREDIENTS IN A MEDIUM BOWL.  (Protein, coconut flour, shredded coconut, baking powder, cinnamon, pinch of salt)
    4. NOW ADD WET INGREDIENTS. (egg whites, vanilla extract, SF honey or agave)
    6. COOK FOR 12-15 MINS. (She says 30 min, but mine cooked much faster in my breville convection oven.)



    The best part of this whole thing….is eggggzactly that. This recipe is for 1 serving!!! That means…you get to eat the WHOLE thing! Ok, here’s the breakdown of the nutritional facts.


    (Carbs that come from fiber have a minimal affect on blood sugar)





      1 Serving
    Amount Per Serving
      Calories 298.0
      Total Fat 9.0 g
      Saturated Fat 3.5 g
      Polyunsaturated Fat 0.0 g
      Monounsaturated Fat 0.0 g
      Cholesterol 32.5 mg
      Sodium 125.4 mg
      Potassium 218.8 mg
      Total Carbohydrate 27.7 g
      Dietary Fiber 8.5 g
      Sugars 4.5 g
      Protein 23.2 g

    So this whole breakfast, Which will FOR SURE keep you full for a good while, is only 298 calories!!!

    I keep my meals around 300 calories each, 5 X a day.  This is on point! It doesn’t taste healthy, but IT ISSSSS BETCHES!

    These types of “protein cakes” are my favorite meal for a good strength training day. Lots of protein, healthy cabs, and fat. With only 4.5 grams of sugar…I mean…c’mon. You all need to try this. It takes NOOOO TIME!:)

    **You can top it with a little more chopped pineapple, or chopped banana, or maybe some cushed nuts. What the Hell…Just play with it. Be aware of added calories for optional toppings:/



    So moving on…Other than Kim K and Kanye getting married…I have a new GET THE LOOK!! DASSSSSS ITTTTTT!

    But seriously… I haven’t posted a “get the look” in a long ass while. Oh, and if you’re hating on my selfies…stop hatin. I’m a blogger. I’m allowed, and I like my outfit…so what!? #gurlbyeeee


    Black elbow sleeve top: 

    Urban Outfitters on sale $20


    Victoria’s Secret


    Nike Airmax



    Nixon Kensington gold & leather watch


    The Datum Line




    Welp, there you have it lovelies<3 Hope you enjoyed today’s post:) Let me know if you try the recipe, and think things might need changing. Lemme know! Have a BEAUTIFUL day. 






    CHOCOLATE PROTEIN PANCAKES! And lots to be grateful for….

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    Happppppyyy MONDAY!! This weekend has been awesome! As promised, let’s start with this ridiculous stack of CHOCOLATE PROTEIN PANCAKES! they are not only super moist, (ew..I hate that word) they are the perfect texture and taste DELICIOUS!
    I am a huge activist of pancakes on the weekends, lol. I mean, not “real” pancakes…lol….I mean, MY pancakes;)
    I promise…you can eat them WITHOUT all the bad carbs, fat, and sugar. It’s allllll about the substitutions. This recipe calls for very few ingredients. Some may look a little unfamiliar to you, such as…”psyllium husks“ or “coconut flour“ but these products should make an appearance in all of your baking pantries! These are essentials to keeping a healthy “LOW GLYCEMIC” and “LOW CARB” kitchen. Don’t get allll obsessed with the words, low carb, I just mean “BETTER CARBS” 😉



    Chocolate Protein Pancakes
    Prep time: 
    Cook time: 
    Total time: 
    Serves: 2
    • 1½-2 scoops chocolate whey protein ( I used Cellucor Molten Chocolate)
    • 2 tbsp Psyllium Husks
    • 1 tbsp Coconut Flour
    • ½ cup steamed mushy cauliflower 😉
    • 2 eggs
    • ½ cup egg whites. ( I used carton egg whites)
    1. Use a NON STICK PAN. I LOVVVE Scanpan! on MED. heat.
    2. To grease pan, I used Natural coconut oil spray. (Found at Trader Joe’s)
    3. ***Just a little spritz per pancake***
    4. First mix all dry ingredients and slowly add in all wet, including steamed soft cauliflower. Beat or mix very well.
    5. Spoon in your batter as to not make too big of pancakes.
    Nutrition Information
    Serving size: 3 pancakes Calories: 280 Fat: 7 Carbohydrates: 2 Sugar: 2 Protein: 38

    Now….this recipe or “stack” is considered 2 servings.
    For 3 pancakes..280 cals, fat 7, carbs 2, protein 38.
    You saw that right y’all!
    (NOTE: toppings extra cals and optional)

    ***0% Greek yogurt with a few drops of stevia***
    ***raw cacao nibs***
    ***strawberries ( or fave berry)***
    ***natures hollow syrup ( sugar-free)***
    ***sugar free Hershey’s chocolate syrup***

    Yuuummmmmmm NOMNOM!


    Traditional protein pancakes

    Chia spinach pancake

    Low carb coconut flour pancakes

    Vanilla pumpkin protein pancakes

    Blueberry protein pancakes

    banana coconut pancakes


    #1 reason why this weekend started off right… It was finally cold and cozy enough in LA to wear my new winter coat!!!!!! Yeayyyyyyooooo. What do you think, huh?!
    This sweet find is, I SHIT you not…… FOREVER 21!!!!!!!
    Best part…on SALE BETCHHHHH! $34.00
    As if Forever 21 couldn’t get any cheaper, that shit was on SALE! Whattttttttt!!!!

    #2 reason what this weekend was fab….I have been KILLIN it at the gimnasio¡!!
    I have been adding in more cardio intervals. Some “Fasted“, some not, but I have been really noticing a huge difference in my body. I fuckin hate cardio. But seriously. I DO. Just pick a machine and make that heart rate jump up, then come down. Best way to burn fat in short period of time. Interval training!!!! I promise…it’s worth it!

    #3 reason why I am sooooo stoked… I finally became a FITFLUENTIAL AMBASSADOR!!! Whattttttt!?!?!?? I can’t believe it! I’ve been waiting a whole year for this news!!!
    FitFluential Ambassadors are social media influencers who work a long side FitFluential’s brand partners. FitFluential’s goal is to successfully connect brands in the fitness space with influential fitness enthusiasts. All of my blogger friends are a part of this super cool online community that is Fitfluential, and I couldn’t be happier to be representing them as well. Get ready for #hashtag madnesssss! Lol

    Last but not least…..#5 reason why this weekend was fuckin awsommeeeeeeee!!! Hunnnnayyyyyy work hard and you shall receive! Hallelujahhhh! Finally got the car of my dreams! My lil. Korean KIA! She’s an OPTIMA…..Isn’t she a BEAUTY! I’ll call her…
    KIMCHI. 😉
    Please excuse me while I pound this champagne! lol. Yeayyyyyyyyyyy.
    A little Monday Motivation!

    Hope everyone has a great week;) I think my next recipe will be savory! Can’t wait to share<3

    Love u all.


    Beach bums…white nails…wrist hardware…and of course, a recipe to drool over!!

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    Hi friends! Happy HUMP day! Had such a busy day today in the salon, it was great! Only thing….around 3 pm…I started feeling super sick:( no clue why. Ugh, I hate that. All I wanted to do, was get home, have some soup + oatmeal, and blog:) not too much to report today, but a got a few shots from my Sunday Funday at the beach….some fab new bangles from MADEWELL…white nails, and a super AMAZING mugcake recipe!!! Yeeeeeooooooo

    Super beautiful day out at County line.


    Marcin & I threw together a delicious picnic, packed surfboards, threw willy in the car, and headed north on PCH. It first started out cloudy, but cleared up fairly soon. The surf was pretty small, but super fun! Well, for me at least…I like the small, cute waves;)
    Poor Willy, we tried to leave him on the beach as we paddled out, but……apparently….dogs go into full on SAVE YOUR OWNER mode, and he literally leaped into the ocean (no, he doesn’t swim) thinking we were gonna drown! It was seriously the craziest shit I have ever seen him do! Straight pounded by waves, poor baby. We even tried to tie him up while we went out, and he started screaming bloody murder. I mean, has that ever happened to any of you? Wtf! He had to wait in the car…

    I just noticed….the boo looks like Orlando Bloom in these pics. Lol. Adorbs.


    Yeay, this week, finally received my order from, in which I ordered while in Danville. Amy’s sis Lindsay had these on and I swooned over them so much, I had to copy!
    They look super cute stacked too!

    studded gold: $29.50
    Geometric gold: $24.50
    Silver: $21.50


    Tuesday came with a slowwwwww day at the salon, so you know what that means!!!! White gel nails from my favorite nail place, Pampered Hands.
    Why is it that when you’re not makin’ money, all you wanna do….I spend money.
    It’s all gravy, today’s full book made up for it;)


    Alright, ok….I saved the beys for last….. Faaaackingggg MUGCAKES! My weakness. Single handedly, my favorite dessert/ breakfast! Honestly, you can have this whenever the hell you want! Wanna know why????
    Check out. The ingredients….nothing but healthy, wholesome, guilt-free stuff!


    I gotta tell ya….I get so much inspiration for food, and recipes off all my fitfam friends in Instagram! This particular recipe shouted out to me. Adena, over at PRETTYLITTLEFEAST, posted this not too long ago, and it just had FF2F ALLLLLL over it! PUMPKIN…YESS…CHOCOLATE PREOTEIN…HELL YESSSSS! anyway…
    This seriously took me 3 minutes to make. I mixed all the ingredients, in the same bowl I cooked it in. C’mon. Super easy! No excuse!
    Try this tomorrow!!!




    Chocolate Pumpkin Mugcake
    Recipe type: Healthy
    Serves: 1

    • 2 tbsp chocolate whey protein
    • 1 tbsp coconut flour
    • ¼ tsp baking powder
    • 2 tbsp unsweetened almond milk (I love this one)
    • 2 tbsp egg whites
    • 2 tbsp canned pumpkin
    • a few drops of stevia or 1 packet (if powder)
    • (optional topping: PB2 mixed with a bit of water & strawberries)

    1. place ingredients in a greased bowl. ( I used coconut oil spray)
    2. Microwave for a MINUTE.
    3. Continue to cook in 15 SECOND intervals, to make sure you are not over cooking.
    4. Flip onto a plate & add toppings.



    You can top this with whatever you want! Greek yogurt, honey, almond butter… I love powdered peanut butter… 85% less fat. I’m all about it. Duh.
    Did you love this recipe? Want more cake? Cake.cake.cake.cake.

    Try my Vanilla Almond Mugcake or Chocolate Lava Protein mugcake!


    I hope you all enjoyed today’s post! Big hugs and love.




    Get this SUPER CUTE look NOW!

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    So, first off, let me just say it right now. Please be cautious when scrolling through these pictures, as you will find some, “I reallllllllllly shouldn’t be eating this”. Now, these pics wouldn’t typically be sooo offensive, but remember, I am now on PAHSE 3 of the Live Fit Trainer, and what you should’ve seen in these pics, was chicken breast, eggs, and brocolli….buuuuuuuut that is far from what I’ve been eating these last few days. GOOOOD LORD CARB-LOAD! In fact, thinking of things now….I think the last few posts have been, me admitting my latest binge. Geez. I’m sorry. That’s annoying. I need to stop that. I guess I’m still struggling to find that balance, huh. Welp… day at a time ladies.

    If you know me well enough…then you would know that my favorite word of all time is “COZY” Not only is it my favorite word, it is in fact, my favorite thing to do. Yep, be cozzzzzzzzy!!!! I fu*#ing love it! A fireplace near, a happy puggy pug, and a nice hot nespresso cappuccino! This is pretty much the ideal fall day for me;)

    This mini vacation was sooo lovely. I really needed a few days to just really unwind. Caught up on all my fall (oct-Nov) reads, and had yummy ass granola.

    I absolutely love seeing all of the colors changing! Minnetonka slippers & PINK sweats all day long. No….I’m serious. All day. Love it. Sooooo cozzzzzyyyyyyy.


    Alright, pay CLOSE ATTENTION!

    This is my fave morning scramble! It’s a bit Italian, and very easy.



    1 tbsp avocado oil

    1 cup of egg whites

    2 whole eggs

    3 applegate chicken apple sausage links

    Big handful spinach

    1/2 chopped shallot

    Chopped fresh rosemary

    Chopped fresh thyme

    Garlic salt


    Topped with fresh Parmesan


    Sauté shallots, then add sausage and spinach. Sauté until softened. Add eggs, herbs, and spices. Last but not least, top with some fresh Parmesan and serve. It is DA BOMB!

    Remember when I mentioned offensive food pics…. Well…here she blows. Omg. I ate like pretty much everything. So good. Tomatina was on fire today. The girls took me here since it’s one of their favorite spots in town.

    The spread…. Pumpkin purée soup, fried polenta in marinara, garlic rolls, spinach salad in a wrapped flat bread, salad(with creamy dressing) & focaccia bread with bruschetta! WTF SOOOOOO GOOD! A bit heavy for lunch, but hell with it! 😉 plus…all that shopping made these bitches hangryyyyy! Lol.

    Oh, and it didn’t end there my friends.
    Dinner was just as bit of a shit show. Let me rephrase that…… Dat shit was da BOMB, EXPLOSIVE! Yep.
    Beef chilli…garbanzo bean salad, beef tri-tip, hot-dogs, fries, etc. Did I mention, it was a buffet!!! Dun dun duuuuuunnnnn nn
    Then came time for dessert. Of course a meal is never complete without dessert, right!? Said the binger inside of me. So, of course, homegirl decided that it would be an amazing idea to have an ice cream sandwich. I mean…are you fuckin kiddin’ me! What kind of whales belly did I come from! This is the problem when I go out to eat. It’s pretty much a trigger for me to just throw it all out the window! And no, you are right, if I was having this every once in a while, then yes, I would say, “enjoy it, everyone’s gotta still live and enjoy life!” Right!? Well, not when it’s happening alllllllll the freakintime! My god.


    Since it’s all about balance, we threw some veggies in the mix;) not just any ol’ mix, this mix was soooooo delightful, and tasted amazing RAW! We were meant to grill these veggies, but ended up enjoying it so much more raw, that we just said, “eff it!”

    These veggies were so easy to whip up, and are a super healthy side dish to pair with any protein! We found great, fresh pre-packaged vegetables (zucchini, cauliflower, mixed peppers, onions, asparagus, broccoli, carrots) at the local supermarket.



    We threw them in a big bowl and tossed them with

    Words just CANNOT express how delicious this simple recipe is! I’m completely in love. Swooooonnnnn!
    Click here to learn the benefits of Avocado Oil.


    Anyway….finally home, it was time to get back to business. Back to clean eating, and workout planning. I made my favorite PUMPKIN PROTEIN BARS but, this time, made them in cute lil thanksgiving themed loaf cartons.

    This recipe make 24 small squares, (if made in a 9×13 pan) once cut up. I can have 4 squares a day! 😉 yeay! This is the best recipe I’ve found! Thanks to Jamie Eason!


    The recipe also can make 3 mini loaf pans. So, I made 1 with walnuts and 2 without. I figure these would also make for a really great home-baked gift! Super cute!


    Another one of my go-to favorite snacks, are these TURKEY MEATLOAF MUFFINS! seriously, with only 80 CALORIES per muffin, you need to get into it! Full of protein, and really filling, these are really helpful in keeping you in track of your daily macronutrients.


    Finally, time for a little FASHION!!!
    I haven’t done a ““GET THE LOOK” in quite sometime, so I thought I would share a layered look that I’m loving right now. As usual, there’s a TJ MAXX find in there;)

    During the change in seasons, especially in LA, my favorite thing to do, is layer. LAYER..LAYER..LAYER! Ok, maybe not quite that many layers but, you know…here in LA, It can go from 85 degrees out, down to 60 degrees by the time you get off work. Especially in November/December. This is always a good excuse to bust out those ankle boots or “booties”. They are the perfect shoe for this season. I love it because, I’m sorry, but I just can’t commit to a full knee night boot until winter.


    To get this look…..

    Start with a slip dress of any color. I love this one. It’s $72 and for $35… Get this one!!!! Honestly, you may even find a cheaper one TJ MAXX or Macy’s!
    NEXT…. Layer over top with a semi-sheer drape dress. I found this one at wasteland. Here are some other options.
    …..$29.99 from Urban Outfitters.
    …..$40.00 from Better Stay Together
    …..Throw on a long dangly necklace like this one.


    Pick up a pair of my favorite leopard Sam Edelman ankle boots here.

    A girl can’t polish off her outfit without the perfect bag & and her new fave piece of jewelry. Right!? Well, girls……
    I have found your new FAVORITE black (goes with everything) clutch! It’s $54.00 at American Apparel ! It’s the perfect size, (perfect for an iPad) and they sell them in very freakin’ color. It’s made of soft REAL LEATHER. BUY HERE.

    Gotta give a shout out to this chick. I have no idea who she is, but I found her site while in Danville this weekend looking for thin gold rings online with Amy. I ordered this ultra dainty 14k ring for $32 (+ shipping) I absolutely love it!!! Peggy Li Creations carries super feminine and handmade jewelry for really great prices! These rings especially are so great stacked together. Super cute & I love supporting small businesses. 😉 you go Peggy!

    14k rose gold & cz cross ring $60 at TJMAXX. Looking for rings like this one??
    Real diamonds… Click HERE!!!!!
    Real gold…. Click HERE!!!




    I’ve got a really yummy mug cake recipe coming up soon ya’ll, so stay posted:)

    What is everyone doing for thanksgiving? I need some side dish ideas…Any recommendations???





    Celebrate 4th of July in style!

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    Hello beauties!

    Ugh, sooooo sorry I’ve been MIA:( I’ve been in Vancouver, Canada, and had no time to post! My computer is acting up as well, so I promise to bring you some dope pics of my trip as soon as I can get piece of shit computer to the Apple store and fixed! An

    Anyway, I’m freakin back! Had a wonderful trip. Stayed uber healthy and on point, I’ll save all the deets for the upcoming Canada post.

    I got home Monday (Cananda day) and realized my work week is only 3 days this week! Woohoo. I’m loving life life now. My feet are feeling better. Oh I forgot to mention….. I have tendonitis on my feet, and have recently found my new heaven, orthopedic shoes. And yes, I have made that shit CUTE!
    Lol. I’ve got a cople more trips planned for this month, anddddddd… (drumroll) my FAVORITE holiday Is mañana!!!!
    The 4th of JULY is tomorrow, and I am soooo excited, I could do cartwheels. ;). Yup.


    So here’s the deal. I am originally from South America, and although always feeling very connected to my hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the U.S.A is home now, and has been for many years. When I became a citizen, it was an extremely proud moment for me, as is for many immigrants. I can’t even begin to explain to you all how grateful I am to my folks who worked their asses off to get all of us to where we are today.
    Ok, not gonna get all sappy, but you get it, yeah. I’m freakin proud;)
    So, when I say…I get REALLLLLLLY into the 4th, it’s a bit of an understatement. I swear. I turn allllllll American. Haha.
    There are always:
    Everything red, white, and blue
    You name it.
    Today’s post is dedicated to all my friends who are into it as much as I am:)


    Alright, so I’ve gone pin crazy again…all of my images, except for a few are from my Pinterest. ( do follow me) 😉 and here.
    Below are some of my super chic, trendy, but not obnoxious 4th of July outfits and accessories inspirations! Also be sure to find some severely spirited American stuff here!
    Loving all of this!


    FAVORITE PART: The DIY headband.


    Super cute. A bit more casual and tomboy. I love this look. I’m totally sporty spice. The cuff on the jeans, the jersey, and the chucks. HEARTSSSSSSS


    Get down wit your baddddd self! I don’t think I could pull this off, but I died when I saw it! PINNING! Vintage chic, and 70’s inspired. Like a modelllllllllll hunnayyyyyy!

    Obsessed with this look, but may be a bit too much for the pool party BBQ… Huh…….? Effing sooooo cute though!


    Beach amigas who are gonna be hittin a bonfire…. Stay warm with this super fem but ultra comfy sweater! I’ll wear the shit outta this al, year round to be honest… Lol.


    I could die for that bis ass turquoise necklace. Ahhhhhhh! I want! The sweater is great because it’s ultra light, and a bit sheer. It’s LA, It’s damn hot. Ain’t nobaaaady tryin’ to wear no damn hot ass sweatshirt to the pool! Get real. I could get into this though;)


    I’m sorry…you just can’t go wrong with these. American flag socks. Byeeeeee


    A bit much… I think not. Probably don’t attemp this at home…may take you hours! just take your pretty ass to the nail professionals hunnayyyy.


    Omggggggg. I want..I need these sick SUNNIES!
    Not just for the 4th, although perfect….for always!;)


    Outfit ideas from this site.


    This is what I think I’ll be sporting tomorrow! Soooo red, white, and blue;)



    the yummy part. Here are some ultimate part food and drink ideas that I fell in love with!
    Love the idea of fresh wine spritzers with blueberries and strawberries. Ultra easy, healthy, and the best part…star shaped pineapple. Although recipe is non-alcoholic….I mean……. Do what you


    There’s no such thing as a 4th of July party without n someone busting out some delicious, decadent PIE! This is textbook dessert for this American tradition. Duh!

    Adorable idea.. Cheap. Easy. Kid friendly. Love the straws too! Add some mason jars, and voila!


    Fun, creative ideas!
    Add a bit of food coloring to your white chocolate, or buy colored chocolate and start dippin those Oreos!!! Here’s the recipe!

    Yippee! Get some star shaped cut outs here! and serve these great snacks!


    Unless completely wasted….don’t run around with an American flag. Remember…it’s not allowed to touch the floor…..


    Wishing you all a safe and FUN holiday! Hope this helped get your 4th of July style on point!





    In bbq, blend retreat, fashion, fitness, get the look, giveaway!, GPP FITNESS, new faves, popular recipes, protein shakes, Uncategorized, WOD On May 28, 2013 10 Comments

    Happy Tuesday beauties!! Hope y’all had a fabulous day off celebrating Memorial Day;) I already have Mondays off, so nothing too out of the ordinary for me. Gym, as usual, a bit of bbqin’, and a LOT of laying around doing nothing but watching movie after movie. I never do hat. It was fab!
    I’ve been obsessing over how beautiful my peonies have bloomed, so I must share. They were having a sale at whole foods the other day, $8.99 for 6 stems. Egggggzactly! You best believe, I stocked up.


    Monday was a bit of a recovery day for me. Sunday was jam packed. We hosted our bestie’s bridal shower, which was SOOOO FUN, but not joking….lots of wine, champagne, sangria…..oh andddddd chips and salsa.;) oops


    My white peonies…. I’ve finally learned how to keep them fresh and lasting….


    I will be sharing the post soon of the bridal party shenanigans, but until then, here’s a sneak peak of part of the dessert options..
    sugar-free chocolate covered strawberries. YUMMMMMMMMMZIESSSS

    Super simple and much healthier than traditional choco-covered strawberries. Give it a try.

    Rinse fruit and let completely dry

    in a med bowl, mix 3 tbsp melted coconut oil
    1/3 cup 100% cacao powder ( I used raw/organic)
    1 tsp vanilla bean paste or 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
    3 drops stevia
    Pinch of salt

    Place on parchment paper and into the fridge they go to set.


    Yesterday started off with a trip to the gym. The plan of attack:
    GPP FITNESS amazing-NESS!
    Yeah, I know…WTF. First thing in the morning….yes fasted.
    Homegirl needed to burn off some of that alcohol and chips from Sunday!

    Sporting my new Strut This tank. A lil fitmixer in my blender bottle, and I’m ready to sweat.


    That’s right….you take a full deck of cards with you to the gym or you could also do this at home, find a nice space where you can jump and run around like a crazy, and do one card at a time.


    My warmup was 20 minutes on the stair master on “INTERVALS”. Got my heart rate up and my body sweatin’.
    I headed to the mats where there was also a long “runway” for my sprints.
    So, whoever the F*%k last shuffled these cards was a Mother Trucker, cuz I kept getting burpee after burpee card, like it was my J.O.B! Ughhhhhhh I was dying.

    I switched up my jokers from 400 meter run to sprints.
    Also switched aces from 10 reps to 50 jumping jacks.

    Yep, that’s right, you don’t stop until you finish the deck of cards. This workout is fantastic to try with clients for time. It’s a full body workout, and trust me, you really burn does muscles out.
    When I finished… I was sweating bullets, panting, and completely flushed. Super proud of my motivation, geez.
    I looked like I was training for the Olympics or something, lol, to the point where one of the trainers comes up to me and says, “Hi, I’m Mario, sorry to bother you but….what are you doing? Are you an athlete?
    Ummmm…” LOL, no…but I like to train like I am.
    I was so happy to share with him my new obsession with GPP fitness.

    Check out sweaty Nettie after that workout!!! This is my fat crying! 😉


    I could NOT wait to get home and devour this Vega Sport Chocolate Protein shake! I’ve been wanting to try this for a while, so I was stoked when Vega hooked it up for the swag bags at blend retreat! Yipeeee. It was like drinking melted chocolate ICE CREAM! Holy delicious! I’m sad I only had 2 packets:(


    Mid day snack…Blueprint Green juice. It’s super yummy, but I gotta say…I’m hungry again in about 3 seconds. Hmmmmm.


    So….pre-lunch (movie) appetizer…. And no, this wasn’t all for me chicks. Lol. A lil midday wine to celebrate the holiday, don’t judge. It was far past noon.;)


    I discovered a new favorite cheese y’all!!!! And……you can find it even at Ralph’s! It’s called Beecher’s Handmade (from Seattle) OOOOOMMMMMGGGGGGG
    It’s a semi-hard cows milk cheese. A little sharp, aged for 15 months. So bomb. We also enjoyed a fabulous bottle of wine. Acacia “A” Pinot noir is my latest find. For around $15 it’s a great bottle that’s soft on the palate. This particular one has nots of raspberry, black cherry, slightly sweet but a bit peppery. Oooohhhhhweeeeee, really lovely.


    Actual lunch was simple, fresh, and clean.
    Mixed baby greens tossed in orange olive oil w/ muscat champagne vinegar,along with some BBQ turkey breast fresh off the grill. Gotta balance it out right!?


    The following are a few of my favorite new items. Of course, I can’t leave the store without picking up something new.
    The Good Belly is:
    *all natural
    *20 billion live and active probiotic cultures in a serving.
    *dairy free, soy free, & vegan



    A much as I’m not such a huge fan of protein bars, except the occasional quest bar, sometimes, you really just need a grab and go, right? This isn’t a meal replacer, I cannot handle those. ( I’m a hungry girl) this is a perfect snack!
    The SIMPLY Bar is only:
    * 160 calories
    * 10 net carbs
    * 16 grams of protein
    * 4 grams of fat
    * only 3 grams sugar.

    Another one of their products I LOVE…. SIMPLY PROTEIN CHIPS holy cow, I tried these at the blend retreat, and I’ve been trying to get my hands on more ever since!

    Moving on ladies…. Time for “GET THE LOOK”

    Casual can be cute…and yes, I wore a sports bra to work, and that shit was cute;)
    Thanks to LULU;)


    BANGLES: Nomad in Ojai, CA
    ARMBAND: Olive & Tweed (Utah)

    SUNNIES: Gap
    SPORTSBRA: Lululemon

    SANDALS: Madden Girl

    DRESS: Forever 21

    Hope you all enjoyed today’s post babes;)
    Here’s a little FOOD FOR THOUGHT….;)

    Oh, and if you haven’t already entered to win 2 free entries to the COLOR ME RAD 5K… so HERE! winners will be announced on JUNE 17th. I send you the coupon code, and you’re in!





    Wednesday eats..Thursday treats.

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    Happy Thursday fit friends!! Not much to report today, but I honestly feel crazy if I don’t catch y’all up! My FF2F 50 days clean eats/no cheats is going really well! Well into it now, and I feel fantastic… Ok, I must tell you though…I have had some wine, oh and maybe a margarita….buuuuuuuut I’ve so so balanced lately, don’t I don’t consider that a cheat. Whatever, judgers. 😉

    Anyway…my typical breakfast…. Egg whites are ALWAYS up in there. This was yesterday….


    Egg white scramble with sautéed kale, red peppers, no salt organic turkey slices, green onion, and a bit of Homeboy Salsa. I always buy homeboy products because I LOVE what the company stands for, and of course, super duper tasty. This non-profit organization, Homeboy Industries, provides rehabilitation services and job training to ex-gang members and announced the launch of its first consumer products, salsa and tortilla strips, for sale through mass-distribution at over 256 Ralphs locations across Southern California. Pretty incredible. Please take a moment to watch this video to understand truly who incredible they are!

    Bottom line: HUGE FAN.


    My morning read. Women’s Health Magazine. Pretty much, the best FIT read out in my opinion. I especially HAD to have it when I read the front cover…”BEST ABS EVER!” as I stood in line at Target the other day. WTF, are you kiddind, YES PUUUULEAAAZZZEEEEEE!!!!!!Hardest part of my body to define, by far. ugh.



    I taught Zumba yesterday morning at 10:30, so I made sure to eat that bomb ass breakfast early enough that it wouldn’t come back up as I danced my ass off.

    REMINDER: If you do Zumba, PLEASE allow at least 1 hr of full digestion before coming to class……lol

    What I generally do, is bring a protein packed snack for after class. Not gonna lie, I could eat a COW after class. You would feel the same if you took my HIGH-OCTANE class. 700 calories in 1 hour. Yeah….I thought so….


    Low salt low fat Cottage cheese by Lucerne

    Organic RAW hemp seeds

    fresh fruit

    PB2 (best product changer)



    Sweaty Netty after class. Selfie in the car. I always get so embarrased taking car selfies. LOL. I wait till all cars have passed by me, and then I go to town!! Almost crashing or running red lights. See what bloggers do to get this out to you!? Geeezzzzz. 😉

    My morning class killed it!!! So proud of the girls.





    I love seeing the dedication from these women, some of them take zumba everyday! Pretty incredible, I gotta say!

    I found my new motto…



    The rest of Wednesday was mellow, did a couple private clients (haircuts, that is) and came home to make this gorgeous multi colored salad. Simple, but full of protein. I try to take in around 25 grams of protein each meal.



    2 hard boiled eggs (mostly whites)

    2 slices no salt turkey slices

    Cherry tomatoes


    Sesame seeds

    Olive oil/lemon/apple cider vinegar

    Salt & pepper. seriously.


    FINALLY made it to the dog park on Mulholland. Been wanting to take Willy there, but never could find the damn place. Anyway, as expected, Willy was not interested in playing with any dogs and was stuck to me like white on rice. No joke.
    Mr. anti social over here.
    He ran around a bit, but it was pretty forced. Lol. He got in the car and was panting and closing his eyes like he had just had this “amazing workout”…. But I mean, really. Homeboy barely ran a lap. Haha.;)


    Tonight’s ZUMBA class was on fire!!! They killed it! The verdict on the polar heart rate monitor: A whopping 664 calories! Sweat like a beast, and worth every second of it!
    After class, to participate in my friend’s 30 day squat challenge, we did 250 squats. NO LIE! I’m dying…. Although never tired enough to not pose for some dance studio SELFIES! Lol.

    I mean…so much awkward posing happening here. I can’t help but share;)


    Practicing our sickest TLC pose…. RIP Lisa “left eye”
    Whoop whoop.



    This week in #STYLE:

    Your next recommended purchase….

    These amazing sandals by: REPORT


    Wore them all damn day today at the salon, and no complaints. Got loads of compliments on them and they are SUPER cute! They match everything too for the summer! Yipeeeeee.

    had no clue……

    And now……. Go ahead.





    BEST guilt-free banana bread EVER, ff2fcleanchallenge, and some killer HIIT workouts to try NOW!

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    HAPPY TUESDAY TO ALL MY BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS! I am feeling super inspired today! I feel like a new person;) I spent the weekend in Ojai, CA with mom, and had such a great time! Although fighting a terrible cold, I made sure to take plenty of supplements and suck it up. Getting a quick, relaxing weekend away, was just what the doc ordered. I got some serious sun. I look like a dirty face, no lie, we hiked, got massages, and enjoyed yummy healthy food:) I feel a bit cleansed really. There were some things that weren’t quite sitting well with my heart, that now feel settled.
    I’m looking at things in a new light, and realized that it’s time to MAN UP. Lol. Life is too short.


    Source: (Pinterest)

    As most of you fabulous fit folks already know…. Monday marked the FIRST day of my 50 day clean eats/no cheats challenge, and so far, I am AMAZED at how many friends are participating! Sometimes, we all need a lil kick start! Right? Duh. Soooooooo, this is why I’ve started this. I am an EXTREMIST. Always have been, it’s my nature. So, when I fall off, I need someone to sit me down and say, “alright, stop fucking around, and stop being a cheater”. This is precisely why I started this. I LOVE a good challenge. I’m competitive with myself, so this will drive me to stay on track, and all my lovely friends are inspiring me to continue on the journey!

    Ok, so originally, I was set to do 100 days.. Buttttttttt, I realized my best friends wedding was just under that, so that obviously wasn’t going to work, now was it!? Lol
    50 days sounded perfect. Not too crazy. Although, most of my meals tend to be clean, I am the queen of binging on a cheat day. Not cute. So NO MORE CHEATS FOR ME! We all know “cheat meal” is a trigger word.


    I wanted to share some of the meals my instagram friends have been sharing. Make sure to follow me on instagram for constant support, recipes, and clean ideas:)



    This morning I woke up like a champ! Ready to get my sweat on! I was gonna hit the gym but instead I opened my emails and saw that I got my latest post from MYFITSTATION, a blogger I religiously follow, in which she shared some amazing workouts that I NEEDED to try. So, I got my ass in front of that mirror, got out my kettlebell, my gym-boss trainer and tried each lane of these power house workouts. AMAZING!


    I am totally loving these workouts. Try each one and see which works best for you. Switch em’ up, repeat them, whatever. The best past, is that you can do these pretty much anywhere you have a little room. 😉 In my case, in my bedroom;)
    I hope they don’t mind that I’m sharing these on my blog, but they were just too good to not post.
    I set my gym-boss ( best lil FIT tool out there) to 30 sec work + 10 sec rest. For 10 sets. Then, I would restart the boss back at set one when I started the following workout.






    One of my insta friends posted this and I thought it was genius. We all wonder how much were burning, right? I thought this was a fun cheat sheet.



    Ok, now…for the best part;)
    Time for some foodporn. All this talk of working out has got me hannnnnnnnngryyyyy!
    I am so craving this RIGHT NOW! I am a HUGE lover of banana bread, but typical banana bread is full of carbs and sugar, which is not the business for my FROM FRIES TO FIT 50 CLEAN EAT/ NO CHEAT CHALLENGE(follow my insta), sooooo, I’ve come up with my own clean ass, delicious version!


    HALLELUJAH for this recipe. I would scarf the whole thing down, but I’m trying to practice self-control. A slice for breakfast and a slice for dessert;) week. Absolute new obsession. Tis guilt-free recipe will blown you away! It’s BANANAS!


    Please do not expect some dry ass “healthy tasting” bread. This is seriously moist and perfect. You will wanna roll your eyes in utter satisfaction with every bite. I’ve finally perfected this. Ahhhhh, I’m so stoked! Even more excited to share with all of you FIT foodies;)

    Gluten Free SUPER Banana Bread
    Prep time

    Cook time

    Total time


    A delicious GUILT FREE banana bread that is low carb, gluten free, and full of healthy OMEGAS and Protein!
    • 1 cup ripe mashed bananas
    • ½ cup organic unsweetened applesauce (could also use 0% greek yogurt)
    • 2 tbsp coconut oil (melted)
    • 2 lrg eggs
    • 1 egg white
    • ¼ cup erythritol or xylitol
    • 1 cup flax meal (could also do ½ of this as oat flour to cut fats) although flax is a great fat for omegas!
    • 3 tbsp coconut flour
    • 2 tbsp almond flour
    • 1½ tsp baking soda
    • ¾ tsp salt

    1. Pre heat oven to 350 degrees.
    2. Grease a loaf pan and set aside.
    3. In one bowl, mix all your wet ingredients. Mashed bananas, eggs, egg whites, applesauce (or 0% greek yogurt), coconut oil. mash and mix thoroughly.
    4. In a separate bowl, mix dry ingredients. Flax, coconut flour, almond flour, baking soda, and salt. Mix well.
    5. Combine bowls and mix together.
    6. Add batter to the pan, and bake for 35 mins or until the toothpick comes out clean.

    Keep in mind… To calculate to proper amount of net carbs: Subtract fiber from carbs to calculate. In this case, the NET carbs are 8. (14 carbs minus 6 fiber.) Carbs that come from fiber do not affect blood sugar/insulin/glucose levels. Enjoy Fit Friends!!!!


    From sweet to savory…..thought I’d balance us out a bit. The following are some super healthy meal ideas that have become staples in my hizzle.
    These are super fun. You can stuff with any of your favorite veggies!
    The ones I made last night for my meal prep weren’t fully raw( a touch vegan) but still full of amazing nutrition.

    I stacked all my ingredients on one side and used my sushi roller to make the perfect wrap.



    In this wrap:


    alfalfa sprouts


    almond vegan cheese


    parma nutritional yeast

    braggs liquid aminos

    hot sauce

    These are fantastic for packed lunches. Another option, if you’re not a fan or nori, is soy paper or swiss chard leaves make for great wraps. Really low in calories and nothing but clean and nutritious.



    Here’s my dinner GO TO!

    Miracle noodles!

    The healthiest pasta you will EVER consume.

    Shirataki noodles are the ultimate substitute. They fill up your tummy as if you were actually stuffing your face with an actual full plate of REAL pasta:) OK, maybe not exactly like it, but hell, for 20 calories instead of 300, I’LL TAKE iT! They take on whatever flavor you add to them, and they are full of fiber.




    Once out of the bag, you may notice a strange smell. Not to worry, stick in a colander, rinse thoroughly under warm running water and we’re ready to roll. Some folks like to flash boil them, that’s cool too, but, AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME 4 DAT.

    Moving on…



    In a hot skillet, add a tbsp of EVOO, add noodles, season with garlic & salt. Maybe even a bit of basil or oregano. We are not trying to cook them here…they are already cooked, we are simply adding flavor and heating them up with the seasonings.

    In a separate small saucepan, add your tomato sauce. I love this brand.



    Transfer the noodles to a bowl, pour your marinara on top, sprinkle with fresh parmesan and VIOLA!!



    Serve HOT! HELLO HEALTHY!! Dinner is served.








    (Source: Pinterest)


    Check out my new fave pieces of jewelry from a local shop in Ojai. Aren’t they beautiful. What can I say… I like hardware!


    Hope you all are staying on track of your goals this week!

    Remember: 50 days… Clean eats/No cheats:)

    Love Ya’ll… off to practice my new Zumba warm-up, I’ve got class in the A.M. night babes!

    xo, P



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    Happy hump day everyone! Hope you had a great day! I’m gearing up to leave on Saturday after work for Vegas with the girls, so I’ve got lots to catch up on before I take off. This week I’ve been a little slacking on the workouts, so…sorry for the lack of fitness inspiration;)
    I got a great workout in Sunday, which was a Hatha yoga class, and my fave, of course, Zumba, and another Zumba class on Tuesday night. Tonight, I’m catching up on some blogging, and I’m looking forward to a bodysculpting class mañana.

    Since I won’t be matching my usual 5 day workout week, I gotta keep the eats really clean.
    Here’s a sneak into my tummy today;)

    Breakfast was sautéed onions, kale, and eggwhites.


    Topped with a dollop of fromage blanc, and sprinkled with “Parmesan” the vegan version.


    SNACKS 1:

    A super juicy grapefruit…


    SNACK 2:

    RAW sprouted trail mix from Raw Food World.
    (Stopped by this place while in Ojai this weekend)



    A kale salad with baked Dijon salmon and sprouted pumpkin seeds.
    Dressed with chia oil and lemon.



    Fresh berries and 0% Fage yogurt.
    Oh, and…a couple squares of 85% dark chocolate;)



    Salmon baked with lemon, Dijon mustard, and garlic. ( can you tell I’m on a salmon kick?)
    Kabocha squash, baked with cinnamon and nutmeg.


    Some shots from today’s look. Yes, I am wearing gold pants….



    Gold leggings: American apparel $46.00
    Blouse: Wilster


    Boots: Dolce Vita which are originally $315… I found them for $50 bucks. I know, sometimes I think my luck will run out…;)


    Hope you guys have a fabulous rest of the week! Can’t wait for the weekend!
    Exciting things to come next week y’all, so be on the lookout!
    Thank to all those who follow;)
    Xoxo, P


    Can I call this sushi?….

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    Hey babes! Today’s post consists of the following:

    #1: this is the cutest recipe everrrrr!

    #2: it was Willy’s first day at daycare! I wanted do cry.

    #3: someone call overeaters anonymous…..

    #4: at the end of the day darling…it’s all about hose fabulous shoes…


    So I hope you read my last post, cuz this goes along with some of the items I bought during my Asian market spree. Super stoked!

    That’s right, I am attempting to make my version of so called “sushi”
    No fish here. I mean, obviously you could, but I wanted a bit of a twist. I had purchased that really thinly sliced beef, remember.. ( the pic that looked like thin pig ears on a plate in my last post)so I wanted to get some yummy, fun use out of it.
    I sliced it into thin strips. That would be my protein of choice for this cut roll.

    Folks…let me introduce you to today’s recipe.


    Optional needs:
    Chop sticks
    Bamboo sushi roller


    Soy paper wraps o seaweed wraps.

    1/2 cup cauliflower rice

    A small handful of arugula or spinach

    Very thinly sliced cucumber

    Thinly sliced carrots ( bought in a bag from trader joes)

    Very thinly sliced beef or pork you could use any sushi grade fish as well. Duh.



    1 tsp tahini

    1/4 tsp brown rice miso paste

    1 tsp lemon juice

    1/8 tsp crushed garlic

    1 tsp Parma chipotle cayenne ( vegan, available at whole foods)

    Salt and pepper

    Mix well in a small bow and set aside.
    Lay down sushi roller and place your seaweed or soy paper on top. Spread your miso-tahini paste evenly over it. This will help the cauliflower rice stick to it. Oh and it’s supppper tasty too;)


    I’ve just realized, I haven’t given you the recipe for the cauliflower rice……ugh duh.s
    Sorry, I had made it yesterday, so it was ready in the fridge for me when I decided to make this…. Aright, it’s really easy, is wear. It’ll take you all of 5 minutes.

    INGREDIENTS:or a few drops of stevia.

    Salt and pepper to taste

    Mix in bowl. Cover with plastic wrap, and microwave on high for 1 minute. This you don’t need to do. I sometimes just enjoy it raw, but heating it up, sure does soften the texture of the cauliflower and does give it more of a “rice” consistency.


    Now that you’ve laid the foundation, you can start adding your fillers. Remember, you can use anything in here. I would’ve totally used fish if I had it, but, you know, sometimes I just don’t have sushi grade fish laying around the house……Lol. I wish. That shit is expensive. So, really, you could use WHATEVER. Be creative with it. You could even make sweet ones with fruit and yogurt! Ahhh genius!


    Moving on…. Once you’ve layer down the fillers, you will begin rolling, and tucking, making sure to pack it it tight. If this part gets confusing…. Do what I did, and YouTube how to sushi roll. Lol.
    I promise it’s really easy.

    Next step, you don’t have to do, but I found that it made things easier for me….
    Lay plastic wrap over the sushi roll. I saw my sushi chef do this, so I just copied. Hahaha. I think it just helps to keep things tight and together when cutting the roll.


    Grad the SHARPEST knife you’ve got. This is gonna make or brake the “prettiness” of your roll;)


    Yeay! We did it! Isn’t it freakin cute!! I mean, couldn’t be more of an American roll. Hahaha. I don’t know if we can actually call this “sushi”. Ah hell, who cares, it’s BOMB! In love with this right now. The more colors, the better!

    Poured some liquid aminos into a lil dish, grabbed my sassy chop sticks, and enjoyed the shit outta this roll;) it’s gorgeous, isn’t it?!
    I hope you guys get inspired by this, and make some yumminess to share! I would love to see your versions of “sushi” 😉

    In other news y’all…
    Today was bittersweet. Well, it was a hard day for me to say the least, so bare with me….
    This may be ridiculous to most of you, but, don’t judge, lol.
    It was Will’s first day at daycare!! Wahhhhhhhhhhhh, I was like a nervous mom dropping off her kid for his first day of school. I’ve been researching places for weeks, in hopes to find one that was open the right hours, had a “small” dog area ( a big enough area too), was a good price, and on my way to work.
    I found Four Paws.
    He’ll be attending 2-3 days a week. So I was a bit crazy today. No lie… You best believe I was watching the nanny cam like a psycho allllllll day! Hahaha.

    I called about three times. ( for sure they hate me now. Lol)

    Call 1: (30 min after dropping him off) ummmm, yeah, hi, this is Paula, Willy’s mom, I was curious as to why I can’t see him on the cam, is he hiding? Is he nervous?

    Call 2: hi, it’s Paula….yeah, Willy’s mom again. Hiiiiiiiiiiii….. So I noticed on the camera that there are a couple of bigger dogs in there. Why?

    Call 3: hi it’s Paula again… (We know ma’am) what kind of food do have available there for them? Oh and maybe it’s the angle of the camera, but I don’t see any water bowls……

    Ahhhh soooo crazy!


    Yeah, you see this….. I ate a WHOLE bag of chips…a family size one. Talk about anxiety eater…. Oh and some shepherds pie…. I was more “from FIT to FRIES today”


    Then of course, I just HAD to balance it out with sugar…..
    Ugh, who am I right now…
    I had to share this, because, yes we are human, and yes, sometimes we FALL OFF.
    Chocolate, ChOColaTe, and more CHOCOLATE!!!!


    Thank god I had a baggy shirt on today, geeeeeez! Enough with the guilty eating confession, and onto more important things….


    SHIRT: All Saints $ on SALE $30.00
    TIGHTS: Lapis TJMAXX $14.99
    SHOES: Target $29.99


    Can you believe my TARGET shoes!? I love them…. Comfortable for going out, not for work all day though. After 1:00 in the afternoon, I had to switch shoes;)


    BTW… My mattress and box frame got delivered last night….and of course….the box frame didn’t fit through my staircase… FML. What now…?


    New hair, new recipes, new workouts, & meal plans.

    In abs, Breakfast, circuit, clean food, fashion, fitness plan, get the look, lebert equalizer, polar, popular recipes, protein, protein shakes, sassoon, sweets, Uncategorized, weekly workout schedule On February 6, 2013 2 Comments

    Well, you know what day it is!! It’s WHAT I ATE WEDNESDAY.
    I hope you guys found yesterday’s get fit post helpful and informative to start your new healthy lifestyle!

    Last night’s ZUMBA class was on fire! I burned 600 calories, and of course when I got out, all I could think about, was how I had nothing left in fridge for my weekly meal plan! You know how they say, never go grocery shopping hungry…. Well, I raided Trader Joes like an animal. I didn’t really eat dinner before class, so my tummy was rummmmmbling. I even broke open a pack of walnuts as I was shopping around, cuz I just couldn’t take it anymore! Lol

    I recently decided to incorporate Casein Protein into my diet, and have been playing around with different ways to enjoy it. Actually, a lot of the ideas I’ve found, have been on Instagram. It’s amazing what kind of inspiration you can find on that thing!

    Casein provides a sustained slow release of amino acids into the blood stream, sometimes lasting for several hours. (While you sleep 7-8 hrs) This provides better nitrogen retention and use by the body.Because of its slow digesting properties, casein is widely used between meals and before bed to help bodybuilders maintain muscle in an anabolic state

    So this was my dinner/dessert;)

    1 scoop Banana smoothie Casein

    1 tbsp unflavored gelatin ( to add thickness)

    1/2-1 cup hot almond milk (depending n how thick you want it )

    1 tbsp pb2

    Blend together, and stick it in the fridge. In an hour or two, check it. It should be thick.
    This is soooo delicious, and was exactly what my body needed after my workout, before bed.


    Here’s the stocked up fridge after $100. Trader joes is my Jam! I got soooooo much clean food for just $100, that’s what’s up! The best part is, it will last me all week.


    Tulips mean SPRING is coming! Picked these up at Trader Joe’s for $4.99!
    I absolutely love fresh flowers in my house, like, at all times.


    Ok, enough with last night 😉


    This morning’s breakfast was, again, inspired by Instagram. A microwave chocolate banana protein cake. Susanna Backman ( a trainer/nutritional coach) @tastyhealth has got amazing low carb, high protein ideas for every meal. You gotta follow her, and tell her From Fries To Fit is gushing about her 😉

    This was a dream. I mean… Cake for dinner!? Yes, I think so y’all.
    Listen carefully though, this cake is super easy, but also easy to OVERCOOK.



    In chocolate bowl:

    1/2 a scoop chocolate About Time Whey
    1/4 tsp baking powder
    2 tsp coconut flour
    1/8-1/4 cup water
    1 tbsp 0% Greek yogurt
    Optional: add a couple drops of stevia if you like it a bit sweeter

    In banana bowl:

    1/2 scoop banana About Time Whey
    1/4 tsp baking powder
    2 tsp coconut flour
    1/8-1/4 cup water
    1tbsp 0% greek yogurt

    1 tbsp raw almond butter
    Drizzle Natures Hollow sugar free honey
    Cacao nibs



    Add dry ingredients first to both bowls, mix each well, then, add wet ingredients to each bowl. Once combined, add chocolate mix into banana mix, and use a knife to give a swirl effect.
    Pop in the microwave for 30 seconds. Check it at this point, as this lil puppy over cooks super fast. Add 20-30 more seconds. It should be rising at this point. Remove, plate, and top with almond butter, honey and cacao nibs.


    I didn’t have to work till ten today, so I managed to get some meal prepping done for the week.
    Honestly, I don’t wanna hear that you ” just, don’t have the time” cuzzzzzzz you do. I managed to prep 4 full meals in 20 mins! It can be done people.

    Lean turkey patties with only 8 grams of fat, 0 carbs, and 18 grams of protein

    Cooked in a 1 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil.

    Seasoned with garlic powder, 21 salute seasoning, salt & pepper.


    As those were on the skillet, I pre heated the oven to 350 degrees, tossed a bag of broccoli with a pinch of olive oil, lots of lemon, and seasonings, and threw it in there to cook for 18 minutes.

    While in the oven, I took advantage of the open burners, and hard boiled eggs in one, and sautéed collard greens with leeks, onions, garlic in the other.

    All under 20 minutes. I love clean eating… Seriously, it’s easy to eat healthy:)



    I put one patty, a side of broccoli, and sautéed greens topped with fat free feta in each Tupperware.
    2 hard boiled eggs
    1/2 cup blueberries
    A 100 calorie pack of almonds.
    A handful of cut up cucumbers with lemon and seasoning.

    Oh, and, I almost forgot…I don’t eat lunch without my live salsa. Pretty much fermented veggies. Sounds gross, but it’s the bomb! Full of enzymes and probiotics.


    Tonight’s DINNER:

    Ooooooooohhhhhhhhweeeeee! Holy protein dinner of champions. Essentially, a sweet egg crepe. I know, so happy right now. I posted this on my Instagram, and it was a hit! I had it for breakfast the other day, and I couldn’t stop thinking about the next time this heavenly treat would once again meet my lips! Sooooo, tonight it is 😉 This girl’s gone WILD over here. What’s up with me lately, I swear, it’s allllll about sweet dinners. Oh well, as long as its healthy right?


    Ok, this is so simple, and delicious.


    The wrap:

    1 egg

    5 egg whites

    A pinch of Cinnamon

    3 drops stevia


    The filling:

    1 tbsp low fat cottage cheese

    1 tbsp Raw almond butter

    1/2 a cut up banana


    Roll it up……


    Top with chopped almonds and sprinkled with unsweetened coconut flakes.


    Go ahead….eat the whole thing.. That’s right, and enjoy every second of it, cuz it’s nothin’ but good for ya! I broke up the amount of nut butter with some cottage cheese in order to reduce the fat content, and add a bit of a softer texture.
    What do u think? I think you should eat this tomorrow morning…. It’s really amazing how this is actually in your diet plan. Tastes so naughty!


    Vanilla Casein “Panna Cotta”

    Same recipe as last nights dessert, except this time with vanilla flavored casein. I couldn’t wait for it to thicken up in the fridge, so I put it In the freezer for 10 minutes, or until panna cotta consistency. This is by far, my favorite meal of the day… My ” before bed” treat. My muscles will be happy;)


    On a fitness note:

    I managed to pull out a quick core exercise with my Lebert equalizer.

    Really, it’s more of a full body workout because you are using more than just your core to hold yourself up the whole time.


    10 PUSH-UPS

    10 DIPS


    10 KNEE UPS



    ** trust me….you will hate me after this. If you don’t own these bars, it’s fine, duh. You can use 2 chairs! 😉


    So far, I’m on track with my weekly workout schedule. I’m wearing my polar watch to keep track of my calories burned, and I’m planning my meals ahead of time. How are things going with you guys? Tonight’s agenda: BODYSCULPTING. 1 hour of circuit training, with bands, weights, lunging, crunching,squatting, you name it. I burned 350 right there. Stoked!

    After class, me and J. FIT practiced planking on each other. Lol. Check her Facebook page out. It’s fantastic, and full of great info!

    20130206-222347.jpg is FULL of newness! Lol

    I got a new look y’all! What do you think? I got a fringe! Well…”bangs” as we say here in America;)
    I was just really getting tired of me look, and working at a salon, you have the advantage to just act on impulse, and say ” eff it, just cut it!”
    You see, I wanted a change without cutting off all my hair, so this was a perfect compromise;)
    I’ve decided that 70’s fringe is back!

    As you know, I just celebrated my 29th birthday. Thank u, thank u…
    And in today’s look, I’m sporting prezzies from my besties!

    SHORTS: elastic band faux leather hotpants by ZARA (thanks Jules)

    TOP: H&M $14.99


    SHOES: wedges by Mossimo for target. ( thanks Amy)


    Damn….that was a long day…. Me and my fringe are done now;) let me know if you try any of the recipes! I wanna know how it works for you! Xo





    Eat better…Feel better….

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    Hot DAMN, was I sore when I woke up!
    Hey guys! It’s Tuesday night and I’m catching up the rest of today’s post while I watch some news. I was super busy at work, so I didn’t get the chance to “blog as I go” today.
    Late night post;)
    This morning, I woke up, checked emails,took my cleansing pills, and I added my L CARNITINE to the mix as well. ( on an empty stomach)
    Had a yummy breakfast of the Flax Banana squares and some espresso. God, really, I sound like a broken record. I feel like I just keep posting the same shit. This food doesn’t feel boring to me though..I actually really enjoy it. It’s only when you eat SHIT foods, that you think CLEAN foods taste boring;)
    Anyway…I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast.
    Anddddd, guess what?? It’s officially the last day of my 7 day cleanse!
    You saw what I’ve been eating this week, not bad huh? I didn’t feel restricted at all!


    After breakfast, I put some warm clothes on, grabbed the pup, and went for a 2 mile run. It felt so great. I stayed at a moderate pace, cuz Willy’s little legs can’t keep up:) ah. He’s so cute. When I got home, I did a little circuit workout in the “at home gym” I tried to make a video of what I was doing, and when I went back to see the footage, the light had come in through the window, making it nearly impossible to even see me because of the glare! ANNOYED.COM
    I will try that again mañana.

    I was so snacky today, it was pretty impossible to take pics of all the ” just a bite” snacks I ate.
    This is just one of them that I can’t live without.
    A spoonful of real, unsalted peanut butter.

    Not pictured:

    1/4 of a cucumber
    1/2 cup of my RAW trail mix

    Cacao nibs
    Sunflower seeds
    Coffee # 2


    SNACK# 2

    Don’t get too excited… More egg whites. At least scrambled this time.

    & A handful of walnuts.

    LUNCH: was leftover chicken breast, broccoli, a few bites of a sweet potato, and handful of cilantro with some siracha



    Oh whatta ya know…. Chicken and hard boiled eggs.

    Oh, and another Flax banana square;)


    I also used this with my chicken. I am a HUGE fan of fermented vegetables. The taste is probably something that you will need to get used to. It grows on you, and now, I can’t live without it. It “regulates” me completely. If you are wondering why the hell I am eating fermented foods, here you go……
    Fermentation is the process of cultivating lactic acid as a natural preservative to prevent putrefication. Starches and sugars in vegetables and fruits are converted to lactic acid by the many species of lactic-acid producing bacteria. It has multiple health benefits as described by Sally Fallon in Nourishing Traditions:

    “The proliferation of lactobacilli in fermented vegetables enhances their digestibility and increases vitamin levels. These beneficial organisms produce numerous helpful enzymes as well as antibiotic and anticarcinogenic substances. Their main by-product, lactic acid, not only keeps vegetables and fruits in a state of perfect preservation but also promotes the growth of healthy flora throughout the intestine.”
    Source:passionate homemaking


    Today’s outfit inspiration:

    “That 70’s show tres chic”


    Get the look on a budget:

    Dress with slip: TJMaxx $ 24.99. D you see now why I am such a MAXXINISTA?! Great stuff for super cheap.


    Sandals: Aldo no sale..$39.99
    (Leather and super comfortable) Aldo now carries 1/2 sizes, which makes things a whole lot easier. I never quite fit the 7 perfect, and the eight was too big. I always asked the same ol’ question…. ” will they stretch out?” Haha

    The belt:

    A beautiful, thick, leather belt found at the local goodwill. Stoked on this find. Pretty much goes with anything high waisted. Don’t be afraid to hit up your local thrift shops, second hand shops are great places to find amazing accessories, etc. Someone’s trash may be someone else’s treasure eh!



    Today’s “WORKOUT” inspiration:

    I found this on pop sugar and thought, “I need this in my life”.You all hear me complaining all the time about there never being enough hours in the day, so this is the solution. An effective, quick workout that will have you burning calories all day!


    I saved the best for last y’all! I am soooooo excited and proud to announce that, yours truly, will be attending this years Blend Retreat! Where bloggers and friends meet for a fun, fit weekend. This years event is held in Utah! It’s gonna be fantastic, and I can’t wait to get to know my fellow bloggers! Wooohooooo!



    What are some of your plans this year that include being fit and active?


    DAY 2: Foods+Fashion+Exercise

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    Hey all!
    It’s day 2 of the Body Flush, and I’m feeling like a champ! The difference has been outrages. My digestive system is very happy with me:) it’s a rainy day today in LA., so we’ll see if I am able to go running tonight. I am definitely not missing ZUMBA though. I’m off from work a bit early today! Yipppeeeeeeee

    Today’s morning start:

    2 cleanse pills on an empty stomach.
    1 shot espresso with frothed almond milk.
    1 scoop fiber blend with 8 oz water
    8 oz green protein smoothie:

    Bee pollen
    Flax milk
    1 scoop protein
    1/2 tsp vanilla bean
    1 tbsp hemp seeds


    Life changed when I found hemp seeds!

    Here are some helpful facts that you may not have known about hemp seeds.
    I love sharing nutritional info! Lol

    * All 20 amino acids, including the 9 essential amino acids (EAAs) our bodies cannot produce.
    * A high protein percentage of the simple proteins that strengthen immunity and fend off toxins.

    * Eating hemp seeds in any form could aid, if not heal, people suffering from immune deficiency diseases. This conclusion is supported by the fact that hemp seed has been used to treat nutritional deficiencies brought on by tuberculosis, a severe nutrition blocking disease that causes the body to waste away.

    * Nature’s highest botanical source of essential fatty acid, with more essential fatty acid than flax or any other nut or seed oil.

    * A perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 Linoleic Acid and Omega-3 Linolenic Acid – for cardiovascular health and general strengthening of the immune system.

    * A superior vegetarian source of protein considered easily digestible.

    * A rich source of phytonutrients, the disease-protective element of plants with benefits protecting your immunity, bloodstream, tissues, cells, skin, organs and mitochondria.

    * The richest known source of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids.



    A I read my daily dose of morning bloglovin, I came across this little hot cake from purelytwins. I immediately grabbed a ramekin and whipped one up in 3 minutes.
    When you cleanse, you crave stuff like this. This was PERFECT this morning. I can totally have these in the a.m. during my cleanse.



    1 Tbsp chia seeds

    1 tbsp coconut flour

    2 tbsp carob powder or unsweetened cacao powder

    1/4 tsp baking powder

    2 1/2 tbsp water

    15 drops stevia

    1/2 tsp vanilla bean paste/extract

    Mix all dry ingredients in ramekin, add water, stevia, and vanilla bean. Mix very well, It’ll be quite thick. You could also dab a bit of coconut oil on top. Microwave for 60 seconds, and you’ve got your very own HEALTHY morning dose of cake without additives, sugar, or high carbs.


    Before leaving for work , I roasted some brussel sprouts with a bit of coconut oil, cayenne pepper, and sea salt. I may or may not have completely over cooked these bad boys, but whatever. I little crunch won’t hurt nobooooooody!


    Snack 1:

    A handful of cherries:)
    Agua Fresca:

    Juice of 1 lemon
    Juice of 1 small orange
    Shaved ginger


    Today’s LUNCH:

    Roasted Brussel sprouts

    Baby kale with chia seed oil and liquid aminos.

    Kabocha sqaush

    Radish kimchi

    1/2 avocado

    Adding the squash in there helped to plump up the lunch, otherwise this wouldn’t of filled me up at all. I would’ve been hungry in 2 seconds. Pretty much the ultimate snacky plate:) the flavore all went really well together. I made enough brussel sprouts to take some to work mañana as well. I am leftover queen.


    Snack 2:

    RAW trail mix.


    Flax seeds

    Cacao nibs

    Sunflower seeds.

    Best snack ever! I usually munch on a string cheese or an apple, remember….NO dairy, NO sugar for 7 days, so this really was a treat. I love cacao nibs. Super high in antioxidants and dietary fiber. They kinda remind me of espresso beans. Simiiiiiilllarrrrrrrr.


    I’ve got ZUMBA at 8 tonight, so I made a quick, easy, and delicious dinner an hour and 1/2 before.
    I was craving some protein!

    Salmon is on the plate tonight ladies.


    Super easy!
    First…. Pre heat oven to 350 degrees.

    Make boats out of aluminum

    Place a handful of spinach leaves at the bottom

    Place the salmon on top.

    Rub with crushed garlic

    Sprinkle with salt and pepper

    Juice of 1/2 a lemon

    3 thin lemon slices on top


    Close the boats, leaving room for salmon to steam inside, but make sure the seams are shut.
    Cook for 20 minutes and 350*


    I love , absolutely love cilantro, so this part is optional. Chopped cilantro makes everything better to me. Oh, and a bit of siracha is always lovely too;)
    I ended up only eating 1/2 of this, which was a actually one serving. About 5 oz. ( the size of your palm). Along with a a handful of homemade curry, turmeric pumpkin seeds. That last thing I wanted was to feel full during class. Not a good idea. Ever. My stomach is in high digestion mode. Everything is going right through me. Really, It’s a blessing and a curse, if ya know what I mean.


    Tonight’s class was booked. A solid hour of “shakin what yo mama gave ya!”
    Sooo fun tonight, we learned a new dance! Woo-hooooo. My happiness continued when I realized I had burned 580 calories. I love seeing new faces in the crowd. Makin it happen ladies.


    Oh bye…. Sandy Campy Fitness is offering new students a “CAN’T PASS UP” deal!
    For new clients, she is offering 10 zumba classes for $55 dollars, and $75 for 10 buddy sculpting.
    Even if you are already a Zumba student, you are still eligible for the new client rate to body sculpting, and vice versa.


    580 calories thinner, me and my homie J fit decided to take a 3 mile run. We were dripping sweat I class, so we tried to bundle up as much as we could.


    Feeling accomplished and whole. My insides feel fantastic!


    Welp, yep, it rained on us the whole run home. Just lovely. Thank god I was warmed up.
    We ran for Charity Miles ( Stand up to Cancer). Just under 3 miles. I started getting a cramp so when it was over, I wanted to pass the efffff out.


    Andddddd for my favorite part of the week….

    Outfit inspirations:


    Relaxed slouchy, black on black.
    Mixing textures of fabric within the same color


    Top: Laundry: by Shelli Segal

    Skirt: urban outfitters black slip skirt

    Tights: maroon fishnets by Betsy Johnson


    Cuff: by: Club Monaco

    Boots: black shiny rain boots with rubber heel. By: Aerosoles.



    What are your fitness goals for the week? Are you on the right track?

    I’ll check in mañana!
    Goodnight guys!
    Xo, P


    THE 7 DAY CLEANSE STARTS NOW! What I ate Wednesday:

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    Alright guys! I hope you liked the recap of my weekend with the girls. I really went all out though with the eating and drinking. I am not usually one to encourage cleanses, I always felt that your body did enough cleansing on its own, but…… In the case of this weekend, it was definitely needed. I really liked the idea of this particular cleanse because it didn’t involve starving for 14 days.
    I absolutely hate the idea of the “Master cleanse”.
    I mean, please. You are just drinking sugar water ladies. Get real.
    With the Total Body Rapid Cleanse you continue with a very clean diet and incorporate the 3 steps that provide your body with the natural fibers and herbal extracts to healthfully cleanse your body from the inside out. I will be doing this for 7 days. Wish me luck cuz it’s my birthday on the 31st! Leave it to me to want to cleanse during my bday week. What the hell’s wrong with me. Oh we’ll, this is totally in order right now!
    Let me give you a tid bit of info so that you can get a better idea of what exactly this cleanse provides and to see if it’s the one for you:

    Fast, effective body cleansing formula

    Soy-free, gluten-free

    Great 7-day pre-diet cleanse

    8 grams soluble daily dietary fiber

    3-part advanced colon cleanse formula

    Designed for fast body cleansing, healthy elimination and bowel health

    Natural organ detoxification support

    Total Body RAPID Cleanse™ is a 7-day, deep-acting total body & colon cleanse and metabolic jumpstart program

    The liver is the most important detoxification organ in the body, and Total Body RAPID Cleanse Part 1 supports this critical organ with 4 amino acids and 6 herbal extracts. 7 herbal extracts are included to support the rapid and deep detoxification of the lungs, lymphatic system, kidneys, skin, blood. Contains potent herbal extracts, amino acids and Vitamin C for powerful antioxidant and deep-cleansing support.

    Part 2 provides 8g of soluble fiber daily. For this 7-day, deep-cleanse, we have included 100% soluble acacia fiber. Acacia fiber dissolves completely when mixed with water and has no taste or gritty texture. Fiber is a critical component of colon cleansing, as well as organ detoxification and purification.

    Part 3 is formulated with magnesium hydroxide (a mineral that helps to hydrate the bowel) as well as cape aloe and rhubarb to promote bowel contractions. Triphala, marshmallow and slippery elm are soothing herbs included to comfort the bowel during this critical cleansing step.
    (Source:renew life)

    Purchase here.
    (On the right, under “specialty foods”

    So.. I started last night. Easy does it.

    Sautéed onions, garlic, Swiss chard, kale
    With a side of kimchi (great for probiotics)
    A few raw kale chips.
    A scoop of the acacia fiber powder mix with 8 oz water
    2 colon cleanse pills.


    This morning:
    2 morning pills on an empty stomach.
    1 tbsp Raw pecan butter
    1 scoop fiber blend with 8 oz water mixed well.
    1 shot espresso with 1/2 cup frothed organic flax milk


    This morning I also made a green juice to drink throughout the day, along with lemon/orange/ginger water.
    Lots of fluids…all day.


    Agua Fresca:
    24 oz mason jar.
    1 juicy lemon
    juice of one small orange or tangerine
    1 tsp shaved or grated fresh ginger

    Cleansing Greens:
    24 oz mason jar
    2 small kale leaves
    1 large green chard
    1 large red chard
    2 handfuls of spinach
    1 pinch bee pollen
    1 tsp vanilla bean extract or paste
    1/2 cup purified water
    1 cup unsweetened flax milk ( organic)


    While I was getting ready this morning, I tossed some cauliflower in a tiny bit of coconut oil and salt & pepper and threw it in the oven for 20 min at 350*. Easyyyyyyy.

    My lunch was leftover sautéed greens from last night. Roasted cauliflower, and a side of 1/2 an avocado.


    I love eating clean like this. Especially at work. I hate when I feel super full during my lunch break, and have to. Do clients 20 minutes later. No thanks. So I think what works best for me, is smaller, cleaner portions, 5x a day.


    Snack time around 3 o’clock.
    Fresh cut cucumbers with 2 tbsps hummus.
    With a bit of pepper of course.


    Snack # 2:

    3 Lydia’s organic Green Crackers
    With kimchi
    5 raw almonds


    After work, I was dying to get a workout in, so I ran out the door to try and make the 7 o’clock ZUMBA class, but unfortunately missed it. Womp wooooooomp. But, GREAT NEWS…. I ended up staying and taking Body Sculpting instead. Sandy also teaches this class. ( check out instructor spotlight) This class is killer. I love it because we really focus on isolation, technique, posture, and of course, strength training. The way the class is broken down, is genius. Since I do cardio 4 days a wk. it’s nice to break it up with some serious strength training. Plus, it’s way more fun than lifting weights in the gym by yourself. The class was pact, but I managed to get right up in the front and focus on my posture. Tomorrow is ZUMBA, followed by a 3 mile run. Maybe 3.5 miles..depending on how I feel.
    You see, this is why this cleanse works for me, or anyone who is really active. I can’t just, not eat, you know… Those starve yourself cleanses are a joke, I need energy and focus to get through workouts, so I have to replenish my body with clean and nutrient enriched foods. ESPECIALLY since I haven’t been on my best behavior the last few days… Tisk Tisk Paula.

    The supplements slowly remove toxins, prepare and refresh your body right back to a healthier state.

    This was dinner. Can you tell I’m on a cauliflower kick? I can’t help it sorry. You are more than welcome to switch it out for broccoli.


    1 scoop fiber blend with 8 oz water
    2 night eliminate pills
    2 hard boiled egg whites
    Cucumber slices with Sea Clear probiotics
    Roasted cauliflower

    A spoonful of raw pecan butter



    Ok, now…lets talk fashion.
    Today’s outfit inspiration….

    Necklace by: .meggie $48
    Vest by: Vintage. Thrift store find. $10
    Spiked red Shoes by: Zara on sale $20


    Blouse by: Calvin Klein. A Marshall’s find. $29
    Jeans by: Forever 21 $13.50
    A smile…. Priceless. Lol


    Today’s mantra. Words to live by, really.



    How do you cleanse after a full weekend of too much food and booze??


    This seriously great article about how SUGAR IS ADDICTIVE.


    Xo !!!


    Get the Look…& a COOKIE too hard to pass up…

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    Ahhhh, good ol’ Wednesday just flew by, didn’t it!? I’m writing this wed night, but you probably won’t see it posted till tomorrow. I gotta check my settings, cuz I think it’s only notifying every 20 hrs or so, not sure. So, sorry on the “late” status:/


    Anyway…. Yesterday was a really intense workout day, I gotta say. I know I’ve got some energy to burn, but shit. I did an hour on the elliptical in the a.m., then, ZUMBA at 8:00 p.m THEN, a 3 mile run! I know, I’m weird. I felt great, until I got a cramp in the arch of my foot! Ughhh. Before the run, I had to really stretch it out.

    I got home, and realized I had not opened my package that I had received the day before. LOOKIE HERE! My Nespresso pods for my perfect Pixie Espresso machine! I can’t survive without it. A bit dramatic, but only to those who don’t drink coffee, and we all know, they can’t be trusted😉 I couldn’t wait to fall asleep so that I could wake up and have my cup of joe!




















    Well, my adrenaline  kept me up later than I was hoping (cons to late night workouts),so I definitely was not working out this morning. I got some work done, and relaxed with willy instead. I recently got approached by About Time protein to do a review on their product, so this morning, I played around with different ways to utilize the protein. I received a few different favors, and I really think that it’s gonna be the new BIG thing! My review and recipe ideas will be up next week, so be sure to keep an eye out, especially for those looking for a protein powder that is on the leaner side!

    This was taken this morning (wed), at work. Enjoying my morning ritual green drink with About Time protein. The BOMB!
    I also enjoyed a delicious cookie this a.m made from the same protein, but different flavor. Also amazing, and can’t wait to share. ivew always been a Collagen Sport kinda gal, but, I was eager to try this new brand, cuz it screams PERFECT FIT FOR P!


    Snack was a handful of raw walnuts, and a handful of grapes, oh…and a small guava.


    Lunch was a random. Spaghetti squash I had baked in the oven last night, and some cold Asian style “miracle noodles” with cabbage, sesame, and other yumminess. (you can find these under tools/devices for the kitchen, just scroll over to specialty foods)

    For dessert, I hade a huge Asian pear, that was as sweet as a mother trucker. I’ve been having lots of fruit cravings lately….


    This evening was supposed to be a Zumba class, or body sculpt class, but I got home from work, and realized…yeah, I ain’t goin noooowhere.

    Tonight’s dinner was a fiasco of me trying out a new recipe of spaghetti squash latkes, which tuned into a this. I don’t know what kept happening, they wouldn’t crisp up, so it ended up more like a scramble. lol. Whatever, topped it with a little parsley and viola! Still super yummy. I enjoyed with a glass of Pinot, and a protein cookie for dessert;) I always have to have something a bit sweet in the mix, you know me.


    I wanted to share today’s look with y’all!
    Bargain shopper lady is at it again;)
    Check out the digs!



    Jeans by Ditto
    A great 70’s inspired high waisted jean that I found at a buy,trade, sell shop for $20 bucks. ( lucky girl, you gotta search) otherwise check their site for the latest look.

    Jacket by: Wilster apparel on sale of course.

    Shirt by: Rebel yells. Online find:)


    Purse: $ 34.99 from TJ MAXX

    Sunglasses: Ray Ban aviators. ( the online glasses that look good on me, I swear, I’ve tried others, ew)


    Belt: from Nicaragua… $10 best find ever.
    Leather, and colored stiching.

    Jewelry: a collection of silver from all over!


    Welp, there you have it friends.
    From Fries to Fit, is gettin alllll fashion on y’all. 😉
    No matter what the budge, you can make it happen!

    Let’s end this post on a sweet note, yeah?

    Check out the latest completely guilt free skinny girl cookie:)
    Get into it…CLICK HERE!




    Book all my vacations:)
    San Fransisco this month. BOOKED
    Canada in June. BOOKED
    Napa Valley in July. BOOKED
    FoR the kicker…..
    Tying to plan a trip to Montego Bay,Jamaica in April…ahhhhh, hell yesss! I have never been, any recommendations folks?


    THIS WEEK IN: My Fashion Inspiration

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    Hey all!
    I’m so excited to start sharing some of the latest fashion inspirations that make me wanna say “Hellllllll YESSSSS!
    Style is something created my your own sense of self, and inspirations of others, so I wanted to share a post that was dedicated to what I see myself in. I LOVE FASHION. Even though most times, you can catch me in trainers, and gym clothes, I work as a hairstylist, so I need to be on top of my game as far as the hottest looks.

    If you are not on Pinterest, get into it, it is an online inspiration board that offers ideas in everything, from fashion, food, travel, and DIY projects. Most of you know that this is my shit. I love this site. So every week, I really want to start sharing with you what I’m into at the moment.
    I’m all over the place so,I don’t know if you would say that I have a particular “Paula style”, but you could say that I love to mix and match, and play tomboy every once in a while.
    So, that’s what I’m sharing with y’all today….

    ” I wore my baggy pants today” looks.
    I can be girly at times, but mostly I like to functional and comfortable. I’m on my feet 9 hrs a day, so, really, you won’t be catching me in stilettos. Yeah. No.

    Sexy is something that comes from within ladies. Hold your head high, and your shoulders back.
    You’ll be turning heads like you wouldn’t believe;) It’s all about confidence in your body and faith in your fashion choices.

    Remember…there is NO right or wrong in fashion, only insecurity.

    Check out what I’m Soooooo into right now…






    A great pair of overalls, with sleek loafers, a simple top and fab accessories.



    Effortless beauty on a Sunday morning.


    Quality over quantity.
    Basics that will carry you through the year.
    Black, white, gray.
    In every shape, baggy, tight, whatever.
    Pair with a trouser, knee length skirt, or a great pair of boyfriend jeans;)


    This look, I LOVE! How chic is this?
    I definitely see myself out to dinner in this, or even at work. Well, minus the gnarly heels, but, I am feeeeeling this.
    The hammer pants are makin’ a comeback babes!


    If you don’t already know, I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and this look reminds me of the girls I see walking downtown during the fall. Tis look is effortless, intellectual, and extremely feminine.
    Tis look oozes confidence to me…the hat n’ all.



    you can re-create this look for, I bet you, $50 bucks or less.
    Simple. White button up, and an elastic band skirt, really? C’mon. I could find this at gap tomorrow.
    It’s all about you owning it!
    Buttoned up to the top, FAVORITE part.
    How bout’ that fringe too? Damn.



    Get over it. Denim will never be out.
    As a matter of fact, it is longest living trend out of alllllll of these.
    You got nothin’ on denim.
    This is a hot look. Try using this method. Different shades, and textures of denim together, with some great shoes, and jewelry. Head turner.


    Motto as you find your way though life……


    Anddddd. You knew I couldn’t help myself…..;)
    These a nuts. Ahhhhh I need!!!!! Click pic to odaaaaaa!



    And, last but not least, for those of you wanting to start the new year off with something new….
    A few days left. Get it!
    Crossfit Studio City


    Click here to STEAL THE DEAL!
    Xo, P


    Out with the old…In with the new.The NEW YEAR & The NEW YOU.

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    Ok, now that the holidays are over, can I get a HALLELUJAH to this statement! lol. I thought it was a perfect thought to take the piss.;) I’m sure we all had our fair share of naughty…but DELICIOUS foods during last weeks festivities, right?

    Well I enjoyed every second of it. Even though I indulged, as I know,as we all should know, It’s gonna be OK ladies. We are done feeling guilty, REMEMBER? So this post it dedicated to not stressing on the past, and looking forward to a bright, and active future. yeah?


    My last gluttonous meal of the holiday, started off healthy with this yummy salad, then Mom busted out her famous, homemade pizzas.


    You see….It’s all good. Why? Because I made sure to hit the gym straight from work before heading over the folk’s house (duh) AND…. It was my last dinner with my brother and Sarah before they headed back to Canada, so we celebrated with wine, pizza and dessert. Bliss.



    I’m sorry, but look at this beaut. The works.


    We had a great evening and a wonderful holiday, and since I had the three days off, my inner regimen was off.

    I’m ready to go back to my random healthy breakfasts and scheduled workouts. I’ve come to realize that I do really well when things are set to a certain schedule. I find it helps to hold myself accountable and it becomes less likely for me to “fall of the wagon” anyone else?

    This weeks meals will be mostly protein and vegetables, with the exception, of course, of a couple dinners out with friends. For sure planning to hit the farmer’s market on Sunday morning, to pick up bags full of veggies to roast, blend, and juice. Ohhhh, maybe make the “Glowing Green Goddess” a couple mornings for a delicious detox smoothie. I’ve tried making large batches of food at a time to have things ready for the whole week. You know, for packed lunch and ready to heat dinners, so that I really stay on track, but….you see, I just really LOVE to cook, so I prefer making small batches of a variety of foods for the week, and I never get bored. I grocery shop once a week, get everything I need, and play off of that. See my grocery list.

    As far as the workouts for the week:


    One of my favorite quick morning breakfasts is this! Remember a couple weeks ago I hit up RAW food world for the monthly goodie stock up? Well, I am obsessing over this RAW pumpkin seed butter. I love that fact that it’s not really sweet, but smooth, and not oily at all!

    I took this pic before I realized that my sugar fee strawberry jam had started to go bad so…..


    I used Natures Hollow apricot jam instead

    With a paleo coconut wrap and 1/2 banana. I think that if I hadn’t added the banana, I would’ve been starving in an hour. Lordy! It feels good to being back to my clean foods.

    My lunches have been looking like this as of this week. Delicious grilled salmon with just a bit of lemon, salt, and pepper. Over a simple salad. Occasionally adding roasted winter vegetables. I’m especially loving my kabocha squashes. I could eat that shiz up all day! Sometimes, I sub salmon for lean chicken breast, or lean ground beef with spices.
    Something that is absolutely **always** in my fridge, HARD BOILED EGGS:) I can snack on them all day. I boil around 6 at a time, and take them to work everyday. I don’t ever eat the yolk, cuz frankly… I feel like I’m eating an embryo. A baby chicken… Effing gross, and if I’m eating this many eggs, I really don’t need all that cholesterol.
    Also… Let’s talk about… How I began hating egg yolks when I convinced myself I was allergic to em’. It’s been 3 years. Lol. I am currently trying to build my immunity to this allergy.. 😉

    I just had to post this pic. I was cracking up when I plated this. This *beauty * is my sorry ass attempt at banana/ egg white pancakes. I had taken these great shots of the “prep” and the cooking process… Allllll excited for the big finish. Of course expecting these pretty and plump lil cakes and I got this embarrassing excuse of a thing. The taste was good but, Dare I try to to even pretend to take a halfway decent pic of this. Hell no. You’re gettin the iPhone version.


    Here’s my sunshine. Roasted kabocha for the week. I eat the skin and all. More fiber for meeeee! I need all I can get. Trrrrust me gurrrrl:/


    Annnnd, Last but not least…. A nice way to end week, hellllll the year…. to my surprise, I was honored with the “Stylist of the Year” award for Sassoon Beverly Hills salon. Yeay!!! What an awesome way to hurrraaaayyyy to 2012.
    No matter what shitty things have gone on for you this year. Just know, that you can make the next year better and happier than the last one. **YOLO!**
    Ok, so we only have a few days left to figure out what our New Years resolutions will be. I’ve been seriously contemplating this thought… Do they *actually *hold up? Are we just putting added pressure and stress to our lives? *or*, *is it healthy to set standards and expectations for ourselves to encourage a better lifestyle? *

    Listen, to each is own. For me, I need to be realistic. If I set resolutions that are too hard to accomplish, I’ll get depressed and stressed knowing that I’m struggling to reach them. I think I would prefer to set smaller, more reachable goals, so that I don’t obsess.

    2013 is all about **YOU** darlings.
    **YOU ** are enough.
    **YOU** are strong.
    **YOU** are worth it.


    Get yourself some new outfits, maybe join a new workout class.
    Stress less and smile more;)


    -When you say, “I can’t” and expect the worst, you become weak and unhappy.

    “A positive attitude brings strength, energy and initiative.”


    Cheers to new friends, to us, and our health!
    Yes.. This is where we toast.. With champagne;)
    I wish all of you a wonderful and SAFE New Year’s Eve!