Best Handheld Steamer 2019 Reviews

Best Handheld Steamer 2019 Reviews

Sometimes wrinkles can just be unavoidable. This often depends on how you get to store your outfits. The wrinkles would ruin the look of great shirts or pants and make them look shabby sometimes.

Some would opt for the traditional irons, but sometimes they do not do the trick well enough to give you the best performance that you need.

The best way to end up with straightened wrinkles would be opting for something different such as using a handheld steamer.

You have to be sure that you get to pick the right one if you are looking for the best performance. We have selected some of the best handheld steamer you can find on the market right now and reviewed them below.

Top 5 Handheld Steamer Reviews

1. PurSteam Fabric Steamer, 180ml Capacity

Anyone looking for a great steamer would then often opt for this model because it easily stands out the moment you get to check it out. The other thing that should work for you would be the superior components.

You can get other types of steamers on the market that looks like it but would have inferior components. Things change when you get to use this model. It has an aluminum heating ball that is great for heating the steamer quite easily.

The model further boasts of having better durability thanks to the material used to make it. You can have it lasting longer as compared to some models on the market.

The model comes fused with newer technology important for delivering more steam and in a powerful manner. The steam is also evenly distributed so that it can remove the wrinkles from the fabric that you might have.

It is often called the wrinkle buster for having the capability to deliver powerful steam. It would heat up easily within 90 seconds and would remove the wrinkles from different surfaces with fabric in no time. It is further made to be soft on the fabric. You can have it being used even on the delicate fabrics you might have.


  • Heats up quickly
  • Strong steam
  • Impressive construction
  • Great design
  • Gentle on the fabrics


  • It tends to spit boiling hot water that can burn you

2. URPOWER Garment Handheld Steamer

You might have seen other people complaining that their steamer was spitting hot water onto their hands because of the poor nozzle design. Things are better with this model as it comes with what you could call a perfect design.

The nozzle design makes it possible for the steamer to easily distribute the powerful steam evenly when applied to the fabric. The steam is also consistent so that it can easily remove the stubborn wrinkles from the clothes.

The compact design is what you need in a model that would be traveling with more often and also makes it easy for storage even in the right spaces.

You still get safety protection with the model. It will automatically shut off when the temperature gets too high or when the water level in the steamer is too low. This is to help with maintaining the service life of the steamer easily. You are advised not to leave the steamer on when you are not using it.

The heat up time is faster too as it will be ready to use in just 2 minutes. This means that even if you are looking to leave for work and notice a wrinkle, you can easily remove it with a garment steamer.

With a tank of 130ml to hold water, you should have enough steam for about 10 minutes of continuous steaming. You could use such a model for traveling thanks to such a feature.


  • Great capacity
  • Safety protection
  • Heats up quickly
  • Impressive nozzle design


  • Issues of short circuits from many users

3. Pax Clothes Steamer

This is one powerful model that you can get for handling your fabric today. It has a new nozzle design important for keeping the steam distribution consistent, powerful and even at all times. You should now enjoy fabric with no wrinkles in no time.

The compact size and lightweight nature of just 1.1 pounds give it a great usability capability for most people. It also has a high capacity of 140ml important for those who are looking to travel with it and help with removing wrinkles from their clothes before wearing.

On the overall, you will find that this model is easy to use and still powerful. Filling of the water tank is easy so that you can keep it working perfectly. The best part is that it only takes 60 seconds to heat up and get you working on your fabric. The capacity will last up to 10 minutes with continuous running so that it can bust the wrinkles perfectly.

Since safety is important to the user, the company integrated a system that would automatically shut off the steamer when the water gets too low. This should make the model great to use on different types of fabrics. You can find it being used on beddings, upholstery and much more.


  • Safe to use
  • Portable
  • Easily heats up
  • Consistent steam
  • It is powerful


  • It does not have the best strong construction

4. Rowenta Handheld Garment Steamer

The time it takes a steamer to be ready for use is quite important to any user. It is the reason that this model will be perfect for you when it comes to the amount of time you have to wait for it to be hot enough to generate steam. It will be ready to start producing steam in just 45 seconds.

The wrinkles will be removed in less time as compared to some other models. With a powerful steam burst of 22gram per minute, it makes the model be one of the most powerful on the market right now. As much as it is powerful, it still comes with a compact design that works for most people.

The removable water tank is important so that you can get to do the quick refills. The full tank can be used for 10 minutes continuously without having to worry about the steam coming out. You simply have to use the tap water as no need for special water when it comes to refilling.

The design makes it possible to store it anywhere when not in use. The stable base and chair hanger design should make it possible to keep it safe wherever you want.


  • Easily steam different fabrics
  • It comes with a continuous steam trigger
  • Flexible storage
  • Ready to steam in just 45 seconds


  • Expensive model

5. BIZOND Mini Clothing Steamer for Garments

If you experienced the issue of spitting water from other types of steamers before, all that stops with this model. It is designed with an electronic pump system that eliminates the issues of spitting water. The dry steam technology should deliver the best performance that you need for removing the wrinkles. It would further protect your fabric and make it last longer too.

There is the nanopolymer filter that you can use at the moment from this model. The work of the filter is to keep the tap water purified. This is important to protect the heating element of the steamer from issues such as calcification. You will now have a model that lasts for longer.

It is amazing just how it takes 25 seconds to heat up. When others are taking more time up to 2 minutes, this one is faster. The best part is that it will deliver the supper dry steam continuously for a long time to come. Such type of steam is important when it comes to removing those complex wrinkles found on the fabric.

The compact nature makes it great for use for various applications. You could even use it upside down and it will still work. The auto shut off feature is important to prevent overheating in the model.


  • It is compact and handy
  • Heats up in 25 seconds
  • No more issues of spitting
  • Powerful


  • Sometimes you can smell burnt plastic when using it

Benefits of Handheld Garment Steamers


Most of them would be lightweight so that the user can have an easy time moving around with the same. The compact design would make it possible for you to keep them in a suitcase if you need a model for traveling.


The steamers would be multipurpose as compared to the traditional iron. The steamers can be used on different types of fabrics even for the delicate types. The fabrics would end up looking great so that you get to enjoy your outfits. You could use the same for the upholstery and other types of fabrics.

When you have a steamer, there is no need for using dry cleaning to keep your clothes dry and cleaned. The steamer will also get to do all that work for you. In the end, you get to save on the budget and keep enjoying your money in the long run.

Easy to use

Anyone can easily use a steamer. It does not need a lot of skill to start using the model. You can easily add the tap water and get to convert it into steam in a few minutes. You would often find a few buttons for controlling the model easily.


The steamers often take less time when it comes to heating up and producing the steam you need. This makes the steamers effective for such operations.

How to Choose the Best Handheld Steamer

Type of steamers

Think of how the steamer would be used. You do not want to have a model with a small tank if the job would often be large. Take the time to research more about the steamers and find one that would take care of the applications with so much ease.


The amount of storage space available is also another important consideration for anyone looking to get a garment steamer. For someone who is looking to travel with it more often, then consider one with a compact size so that you can get it in your suitcase.

Heat up time

The amount of time it takes to heat up and produce steam is another important consideration. If you are in a hurry, then you need a model that can heat up faster so that you can remove the wrinkles from your fabric. Most of them would take a minute or two to be ready for use.


You have to choose a budget when it comes to choosing the best steamer. Not all models would have the same price tag. Some would be expensive while others would be quite affordable. Depending on your budget, you can expect some models with various features. You can leave the budget to be a bit flexible to get the best steamer.


Many people would be looking for a model that delivers performance and still offers value for the money. Well, you can get all that with the different models we have reviewed above. You can always be sure they will give you the much-desired performance of removing the wrinkles from the fabrics.

The Rowenta DR8082 model seems to deliver the right performance so that you can always enjoy yourself while using it. It might expensive than the other models, but time has shown that it delivers the best reliability that might have hoped for.