Best Glass Storage Containers (2019 – Reviews)

Best Glass Storage Containers (2019 – Reviews)

A rising awareness about the harmful effects of plastic on both the environment and our personal health has led many people to shun the use of plastic containers in the kitchen and move towards the use of glass and metal storage containers. The clear looks of glass make it a good design choice and selecting the best glass storage containers for your pantry, would definitely add a touch of style to it. It’s not surprising therefore that people nowadays are upgrading their kitchens with containers made out of glass to keep their kitchen organized. Glass food storage containers not only add to the looks of your kitchen but also make it easy for you to store your food items as well as any leftovers.

Selecting the best glass storage containers can be a daunting task as there are a bewildering array of brands and products available in the market each claiming to be better than the others.

Best 5 Glass Storage Containers on the Market

1. Bayco glass storage containers

Bayco offers high quality durable glass storage containers to keep your food safe and fresh for a longer period of time. The glass storage containers from Bayco come in nine different sizes along with matching airtight lids, which help to prevent any unwanted leaks and spills. The containers are ideal to carry lunch to office or for saving leftovers in the fridge. These can be one of the main contenders for the position of best glass storage containers on account of their features. The glass containers fit easily into the refrigerator without causing undue space constraints.

The set of glass food storage containers from Bayco comes in three different shapes rectangular, square and round, each in assorted sizes.

These smart looking containers are ideal for baking and roasting as they can withstand Oven temperature of up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. The containers can also be kept in freezer for a longer time without worrying about the glass being broken. These containers can be used in the Microwave as well, thus reducing your cooking time by half.  You will, however, need to make sure that when you are using the dishes in the Microwave or in the Oven, you are not placing the plastic lid. They are dishwasher safe. But the lids are not dishwasher safe.

The features we liked best about this attractive glass set are:

  • Smart snap locking lids
  • Oven and Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher and Freezer safe
  • Silicone sealing avoids food spills and leaks
  • Dishes are airtight and watertight


2. Nice bottles – 12 clear glass jars with funnel for storing spices

This set of 12 clear airtight glass jars, are extremely sturdy and durable and are a perfect choice for storing spices and condiments. The set comes with a food grade safe funnel for easy pouring and is a convenient way to keep your spices organized. Each jar has a capacity of 4 OZ and comes with an aluminum cap.

The small size bottles encourage you to store your spices in small quantities, thus preventing you from using spices that are stale or out of date. Each airtight glass jar in the set also comes with a pour tab and 8-hole shaker fitment, which makes it very convenient when you would like to directly dispense spices from the jar.

The spice set’s clear lines and simple design make it a favorite choice for people who love its minimalist design. The clear glass allows you to see when you will need to replenish your stock and is also an easy way to identify the spices when you are in a hurry.

our favorite features of this value for money glass food storage jars set are

  • Clear and see through airtight glass jars
  • Easy pour facility
  • sturdy and durable
  • perfect for organizing spices together
  • Dishwasher safe


3. Pyrex Easy Grab glass food storage containers

Made in USA, Pyrex Easy Grab storage containers are one of the best glass Tupperware available for purchase in the market.  Made from non-porous glass, this glass containers set can survive multiple drops from countertop onto the wooden flooring without breaking into pieces. The containers are also ideal to carry food because they are leak proof. The series Easy Grab is designed keeping convenience, comfort and style in mind. These containers are highly durable and can be used from generation to generation.

One of the highlights of this attractive set is that, the containers do not absorb odors and won’t even warp. Since the dishes are made from stain resistant glass, they do not stain. The blue lids are leak proof and can easily seal the dishes. The lids are BPA free and are also microwave and top rack dishwasher safe. The set is made with fabricated glass to make it withstand high temperature settings in the freezer and the oven. The dishes can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. This Pyrex glass containers set comes with 2-year warranty. These dishes are perfect buddies for simplified lunch packing and on-the-go-healthy snacking

The features we liked best about this beautiful set are

  • The dishes and the lids are Oven and Microwave safe
  • Hassle free cleaning as both the dishes and the lids are dishwasher safe
  • The glass storage containers can also be used safely in the freezer without risk of breakage


4. Fine Dine superior Meal Glass meal storage containers

If you are looking for the perfect glass container set, for your family, then this Fine Dine set is the right choice as they are made from eco-friendly, environmentally safe and completely non-toxic material.  The set of glass containers can go right from your freezer to your oven to your dining table as they, are made from Borosilicate glass making it safe for Microwave use and for use in the Oven up to 450 F. Glass dishes made from Borosilicate glass are known to be resistant to thermal shock.

These beautiful dishes are handy to carry packed lunches to work or for picnic. The lids snap shut to prevent any unwanted leakage of food while traveling. The modular stackable design makes the dishes fit perfectly in your lunch bag or in the refrigerator. The set of glass food storage containers are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe. The rubber gasket around the lids can also be removed for deeper cleaning.

The set is a must-have in any kitchen and scores high on all points including durability, versatility, food safety, eco-friendliness and ease of cleaning.  The best features of this versatile glass food storage set according to us are

  • The set is made of long-lasting durable glass
  • The set is multipurpose as it can be used in the Freezer, Refrigerator, Microwave, or oven
  • The dishes can be stacked easily, thus making it easy to store or carry

5. Razab Home glass storage containers

When buying glass food storage containers from the Razab Home Goods, you will find that they come in a pack of ten. The set contains five glass dishes with five airtight lids. The lids come with steam release valve making it easy for you to transfer the food immediately in to the container after cooking. The lids are BPA free and PVC free. The dishes are made from FDA approved, environmentally friendly, non-toxic glass. The dishes are microwave safe and can also withstand high temperatures in the Oven. The lids are not microwave and Oven safe though. The dishes look attractive and can be used to store dry ingredients, cooked food or fresh fruits and vegetables.

These dishes are perfect for mixing, blending, tossing and folding. They come in right size for every function and will quickly become one of your favorites.  The features we liked best about this versatile glass storage set are

  • Keeps food fresh for long whether cooked or raw
  • Dishes are Microwave, Oven, Freezer and dishwasher safe
  • Made with non-toxic, FDA approved and environmentally friendly glass
  • Easily stackable in refrigerator and also in the freezer
  • Food can be directly transferred into the dishes after cooking
  • Each dish comes with a silicone sealed BPA free plastic lid that fits it perfectly.

Are glass storage containers worth the money?

When it comes to storing food, glass is always a better choice than plastic. Glass food storage containers are environmentally friendly and made from non-toxic material. Unlike plastic, they don’t leach harmful chemicals into the food items that is stored in them. Another great feature about these glass food storage containers is that they remain odorless as they do not absorb the smell of foods stored in them and they also don’t get stained.

Containers made out of glass also win over containers made out of metals such as stainless steel and brass on one point that is, they are see through. You do not have to open the lid to know what is stored inside. Also, you can easily know when the stock is running down and needs to be replenished.

Glass containers require minimal care and can easily be made to last for years. All you need to do is keep them safe from falls. Modern glass containers have been made more durable and can easily withstand a few slips from your fingers. We however do not recommend testing this out too many times

if you do decide to discard your set of glass food storage containers you can rest assured that you will not be harming the environment in anyway. The containers are   one hundred percent recyclable. All factors taken into consideration, when you weigh the advantages of buying glass storage containers, you can easily understand that they are really worth the money you spend on them.


How to select the best glass storage containers that are value for money

Investing in glass food storage containers is a healthy as well as convenient way to store your food safely away from all different forms of contamination. While browsing for the best glass storage containers, you will need to keep a number of factors in mind. Here we have discussed some of the points you need to consider when purchasing a set of glass storage containers.

Size: Avoid opting for containers that are either too small or too big, just to get the better of a deal  you will save more in the long run if you choose containers that fit your requirement perfectly

Performance: Containers which are durable and can be used for many years often turn out to be the best glass storage containers as they provide value for money.

Cost: Cost of the containers depend on the quality of the glass used. The better the quality the costlier it would be. For high durability it is always advisable to invest in a set of high-quality airtight glass canisters or containers.

Airtight seal: The lids of the container must be airtight to prevent the leakage of food. The sealed lids also keep the moisture and pests out of the container, thus prevent the food from being contaminated.

Type of glass: When buying glass storage containers always look for dishes that are made from tempered glass. Tempered glass dishes are strong and can withstand many falls from countertops. They won’t break into pieces in case of any mishandling.

Stackable: The dishes you buy should be stackable so that you can save space in your cabinets.

Brand: It is best to opt for sets from a reliable manufacturer who makes containers of high quality keeping the environmental issues in mind.



Of all the 5 glass containers sets discussed here, the Pyrex Easy Grab food storage container emerged as the best. Made from porous glass this glass set can withstand accidents without breaking. The lids are also easier and faster to seal. They are also leakproof and watertight. The set is also very easy to stack in Oven, Microwave, freezer or in the fridge.