Best Essential Oils for Cold and Flu

Best Essential Oils for Cold and Flu

If you are prone to sickness, it’s best to try the best essential oils for cold and flu. Though these essentials can’t replace medical treatment, they can help you recover quickly.

Sure, these oils can help you feel better. In fact, there are several types of essential oils to try. It’s based on your symptoms. Even, you can combine then at once for maximum results.

Now, let’s take a look at this article to get reviews of some best essential oils for cold and flu.

How Essential Oils Can Help Your Cold and Flu?

In fact, these oils are made from plants, roots, and herbs. They feature antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral compounds. All of them can help to protect you from the cold and flu.

They can relieve symptoms of cold and flu such as bodily aches, headaches, pains, congestion, fatigue, and stuffed up airways. Also, you can use them to kill germs on surfaces. It also helps to remove germs in the air around you. Then, make it fresher.

According to studies, essential oils can help to fight some of the dangerous viruses such as H5N1 virus without any side effects that you may get from using many prescription medications.

When it comes to using essential oils for cold and flu, we have several ways. Some of them include aromatherapy, diffusers, bath blends, hot and cold compresses, massage blends, and steam inhalation.

Difference between Colds and Flus

Both of these conditions are the results of respiratory viruses. These health issues may be recognized through similar symptoms. So, it’s difficult to tell exactly what you are suffering from within the first few days.

The flu comes in similar symptoms compared to the common cold such as a coughing or a runny nose. It may be shown as nausea, body aches, chills, weakness, fever, or fatigue. This condition can cause more serious complications such as encephalitis and sepsis if your immune system can’t fight it off.

The Best Essential Oils for Cold and Flu

Here is a list of the best essential oils for cold and flu. Hopefully, you can look for the best one for your needs.

NOW Foods Essential Oils Peppermint

This brand offers a large bottle of essential oils at a reasonable price. They are sourced from the leaves of the mint plant. Moreover, they are high-quality. Also, these oils ensure purity. If you have a headache, you will want to relieve the pain right after. Then, these oils can help. They are able to help reduce fever as well as congestion in your chest.

Rocky Mountain Oils

Actually, this oil is made from 100% pure lemon. As you know, lemon oil can be able to kill bacteria as well as viruses. Also, this oil offers a great decongestant. Sure, your mood can be improved thanks to the scent of this essential oil.

If you want to refresh the air in your home, you can consider diffusing it. Another way you can do is to put some drops of essential oils in your tea. This way can help to soothe your sore throat quickly.

This brand ensures that their ingredients come from a free of GMO organic sources. Also, this product was tested by gas chromatography, refractive index, and mass spectrometry. Therefore, you can believe in its purity.

US Organic 100% Pure Chamomile Essential Oil

This essential oil comes with different aromas and colors when compared to Roman chamomile. This oil looks blue. And, it smells like hay. When you are suffering from the flu, we advise you to diffuse this essential oil. Another way you can do is to massage it with a carrier oil. Or even, you can also add a few drops of German chamomile to your warm bath. Sure, you will feel better.

DoTERRA’s Oregano Essential Oil

Normally, you know this essential oil as a great ingredient for cooking. However, it also can help to boost our immune system. Moreover, it can help us with not only digestion but also decongestion.

This essential oil is high in phenol. You can use a couple of drops. Then, diffuse them at a time. However, be careful when diluting it with some other oils such as almond, jojoba, or coconut oil.

Rocky Mountain Oils 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is known as one of the most indispensable essential oils. This oil can help to relax. Also, it comes in anti-inflammatory as well as antiseptic properties. Using this oil, you can breathe better. Furthermore, the essential oil can soothe tense muscles.

As mentioned above, Rocky Mountain Oils are known for extensive testing to meet the rigid standard for quality as well as purity.

ArtNaturals 100% Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil

This essential oil has a strong scent. It’s also a natural expectorant. If you want to breathe with ease when you are sick, you can diffuse it. Actually, this essential oil is a common ingredient in commercial vapor rubs.

When buying this essential oil, you can get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This option is safe to diffuse. Even, you can also rub this oil on your skin if you mix it with a carrier oil.

Plant Therapy Top 6 USDA-Certified Organic Essential Oils

If you want to save money, you can buy this essential oil in place of buying individual oils. This product is available in six favorites in 10ml bottles. They include eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon, peppermint, sweet orange, and lavender. All of them are made from USDA-Certified Organic sources.

Breathe Essential Oil Blend 10ml by Prime Natural

If you are looking for a product of essential oil in place of mixing your own blend, you can consider this unit from Prime Natural. This oil may be used to relieve congestion and stuffiness.

This essential oil is sourced from peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus, bay, lavender, and cardamom oils. This combination is a spicy fragrance. It’s made of no toxins. It can help to reduce inflammation.

In order to use it, you can diffuse it into the air and breathe. Also, you can rub it directly on your throat or chest.

This formula is made in an FDA-registered facility. Plus, it has a dark amber glass bottle.

Plant Therapy Sniffle Stopper Essential Oil

If you are looking for the best essential oils for children from 2-10 years of age, try the Sniffle Stopper Essential Oil. It’s made to relieve congestion from some health issues such as allergies, illness, or asthma.

This formula is made from cypress, spearmint, spruce-hemlock, cedarwood, Rosalina, and fir needle.

Plant Therapy Respir Aid Synergy Essential Oil

This essential oil is designed to help improve respiratory function. Using this essential oil allows you to breathe more easily even when you are sick from cold, flu, or allergies. The formula is formulated with pine, peppermint, spruce, eucalyptus, cypress, lavender, and marjoram oils.

This oil may be added with a carrier oil. Then, you can use this mixture to massage on your chest. Another method is to diffuse it.

Dr. Schulze’s I Air Detox

This formula from Dr. Schulze contains lemon, lime, eucalyptus, grapefruit, and orange essential oils. It comes with a bright and cheerful aroma. Therefore, it is able to protect you from viruses as well as airborne bacteria.

Using this formula can help you to improve your mood quickly. And, it can lessen stuffiness as well.

Rocky Mountain Oils 100% Pure Immune Strength Essential Oil

This formula is a great combination of many different ingredients, including eucalyptus, nutmeg, ginger, oregano, rosemary, thyme, orange, lemon, mandarin, clove, and cinnamon. It features a spicy smell. It can help to clean the air around.

It’s best to use 5-10 drops of the oil per 100 ml of water. It also can be applied directly to your skin. Remember to add 1-3 drops of carrier oil to dilute this essential oil.

Rocky Mountain Oils- Flu Time

The final version essential oil from Rocky Mountain is Flu Time. It is made from lavender, frankincense, lime, peppermint, cinnamon, spearmint, and ginger. Because this formula is pre-diluted, it allows you to apply directly to the skin.

Due to the aroma, it can help to reduce stress. Also, it helps to increase your physical energy. When you are sick, you can use a few drops of this essential oil to massage your chest and neck. Of course, you will feel better later.

DoTERRA Frankincense Essential Oil

This formula has been popular for its ability to treat illness for centuries. It comes with a calming fragrance. This essential oil can protect you from getting bacteria and viruses. Also, it can help to relieve inflammation.

There are two ways you can do to use this essential oil. You can diffuse or rub it directly into your skin. This essential oil is also used to shorten a cold.

NOW Cinnamon Cassia Oil

If you combine this essential oil with orange and clove, it can help to fight off viruses. Actually, it can soothe as well as warm-up circulation. Then, you can feel better more quickly when you have a cold or flu. Remember this formula is cinnamon cassia oil. It’s not Ceylon oil.

Some Other Home Remedies for the Cold and Flu

Besides using essential oils, you can also consider a few ways to prevent a cold or flu. Here are some of them:

Get Your Vitamin C

The fact is that you can boost the immune system by getting vitamin C. This factor also can help to combat viruses. If you don’t get enough vitamin C, you will have to fight off not only viruses but also other pathogens.

That’s why we recommend you to eat plenty of foods with high vitamin C content. For example, you can eat citrus or berries in the cold weather.

Take Immune-Boosting Herbs

Some medicinal herbs can help to stimulate the immune system when you get a cold or flu. You can take Echinacea and elderberry for this. According to studies, elderberry can be able to reduce the duration of the flu fast.

Reduce Stress

If you are stressed, it will be more prone to catching a cold or flu. This can include both physical stressors and excessive working out. In order to reduce stress, you need to take up activities like yoga.

Precautions to Take when Using Essential Oils

If you don’t know how to use essential oils for cold and flu properly, you need to visit your doctor to get advice.

For pregnant people, it’s important to avoid using essential oils with rosemary and clove bud. They may be harmful. It’s best to ask a doctor for suggestions.

Although essential oils have rare reactions, you still need to do a test before using new essential oils. This is to make sure you are not allergic to any ingredient of essential oils you use.


Now, you have had an overview of the best essential oils you can use for cold and flu. Hopefully, you can find something to help you feel better quickly. All of them are great for you. They can help to boost your immune system. Furthermore, they are ideal to ease your breathing.

If our guide is useful for you, please share them with others so that they can know how essential oils can help them to relieve colds and flu.