Best Embroidery Machine For Home Business

Best Embroidery Machine For Home Business

To get the best design easily achieved, then you would have to consider also getting the best machine to handle the process. The number of designs and the editing options you get for handling the embroidery process is some of the important things you will have to consider when looking to buy the best machine.

We have come up with an ultimate guide that will give you all the necessary information needed to buy the best embroidery machine.

Top 5 Brother Embroidery Machine For Home Business

1. Brother Pe770 5×7 Inch Embroidery Machine with Built-in Memory

The expansive 5 x 7-inch working area is something that you get you interested in picking the model. The ample space you get should be enough for the larger designs and lettering. You should have fewer worries about handling the different complex designs too.

You still get the large LCD backlit display screen so that you can view and choose your designs easily. The screen gives you some editing options to cover before you can get it working as you would want.

You get 136 built-in embroidery designs important for handling the different design options that you might have to cover. Some of the designs include Florals, beautiful scrollwork, quilt patterns, 10 frame shapes, and 12 border styles. If you were always having a problem with the designs when you would be spoilt for choice here.

This model gives you virtually unlimited design options and inbuilt memory. You can now easily import the designs from the USB stick as the model comes with a USB port. This means that you can also work with the different designs that you like.


  • Large working space
  • The impressive backlit LCD display
  • Unlimited design options
  • Impressive editing options available


  • Awful to get the loom on
  • The tension does not hold well after a while

2. Brother Embroidery Machine with Prewound Bobbins

The model is easy to use as compared to the different models you might have tried to use before. With this one, you still get a lot more space for handling the big designs easily.

Each time you get to use it, you would feel it was money well spent. The presence of the backlit LCD touchscreen display helps with easily editing the designs before you can start the stitching process.

The built-in USB port, it gives you the chance to store thousands of the embroidery designs on a USB drive and load them into the machine. This means that even those complex designs can be done easily and later you get to work on them once loaded in the machine.

The model features impressive speeds of 650 stitches per minute. If you have a huge volume of work, then you can always enjoy working with such a model as it will help you complete the stitching on time. The model further comes with multiple accessories, which should be great for you to keep on using for handling more work.


  • Great instructional manual
  • It is easy to use
  • Large workspace
  • Easy to edit the designs


  • It is an expensive model for most users

3. Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4×4 Embroidery Machine

This machine from Brother is still among the best embroidery machines you can get today. One thing is that it comes from a top brand and it is also made to deliver on multiple features people love.

The model can also be used for sewing and quilting. The 4 x4 inch embroidery capabilities should offer you enough space for handling the different designs you might have for embroidery.

The model comes with easy to view backlit touch screen LCD display. This should get to you easily manipulating the designs to fit what you need to be covered. You get 70 built-in embroidery designs with the model, so you should not have a problem in getting the right design to use.

With computer connectivity made an option, you can now load the model with more embroidery designs so that you have a wide range of options when it comes to handling the embroidery needs. You still get the 25-year limited warranty, which is a sure way of telling you that the model would last for a long time to come.


  • A reliable machine
  • Computer connectivity available
  • One-touch automatic thread cutter
  • Affordable model


  • It has a less number of built-in embroidery designs

4. Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine

This is one machine that should offer you better versatility, more features, durability and a lot more so that you can have the best embroidery fun all the time.

With the design options available, you should see yourself making the best and high-quality embroidery designs for your clients. The model still allows for importation of new designs so that you have some different designs than what the manufacturer provided.

Forget about using the tweezers as this model comes with a one-touch automatic needle threader you could use. You still get the auto thread trimmer, which is something that works great for cutting the lower and upper threads easily for you. This also happens with the touch of a button.

To make it easy for people to use the machine, the manufacturer made the model come with a brightly lit workspace. The super bright lights should still help you with working on the projects even in poorly lit rooms.

To make it even better, you still get a quick set top drop-in bobbin system. With this system, the bobbin stays in place and will always lead to having even stitch quality.


  • Easy to learn using the model
  • Computer connectivity
  • The workspace is illuminated


  • The speed could be improved

5. Brother LB-6800PRW Project Runway Sewing Embroidery Machine with Grand Slam Packages

Even from the name, you would know that this is one of the best models on the market right now. The machine has seen many people who are into embroidery opting for the model more often as they know it would deliver on their needs.

One thing that should easily stand out would be the automatic needle threader. No more straining your eyes or worrying about to get the threading done. With just a button, you should get this part easily done.

This model will fuel your creativity to the next level. It would always help with creating the best designs that you might have thought at one time they could not be done. You will always have to end up with the best wardrobe tastes all the time that people would love.

With the USB port, you can connect the machine directly to a computer and start working on it easily. Most people who are looking to come up with their designs, they will always find the feature quite useful.


  • Presence of an automatic needle threader
  • Computer connectivity
  • Great designs built-in
  • A highly reliable machine


  • Expensive model
  • Complex

Benefits Embroidery Machine for home use

Improve personal appearance

You would want your family members to have some great clothes thanks to having the embroidery machine. With the machine, you can come up with various designs that could help improve the personal appearance of the different family members. Depending on the designs you want to achieve, then you should have a great time handling it.

Work with different materials

Sometimes you get to the store, but you end up finding a model that does not work well for you. It is at this point that you resolve to pick your own fabric and start working on a design in the comfort of your house. When working on your design, you can have an easy time choosing your different materials that would work such as raw fabric, khaki, cotton, and linen.

Multifunction tool

Depending on the type of embroidery machine you choose, then you can always end up with the best model at all times. You might want to pick a model that offers multiple functions. For some models, you can use them for sewing just like the normal sewing machine and still get to use the same for embroidery options.

They are often affordable

Embroidery sewing machines come within different price ranges. You would be required to check out the several models before deciding which model would work great for you. Compare different machines before you can decide which ones are the best for home use and would be affordable for you to acquire.

How to choose an Embroidery Machine for home business

The brand

The type of brand of the embroidery machine plays an important role in choosing the best model. You always want to end up with the best brand model all the time.

Some of the top brands include Brother, Singer, Janome and many others. It would be great if you get to research more on the brand reputation before including it on your list of the best brands.

What is the purpose of getting it

How you think of using the machine is something that is going to affect the model that you choose. Some models would be great for home use, while others would be the best for business. It would be important that you pick a model that works great and delivers the best features based on what is to be handled.

The number of inbuilt design

Depending on the model, you would get some with more designs than the others have. The difference would be the capability of the model. This means that the more the number of designs in the model, then it would be best for different applications.

Computer connectivity

Most embroidery machines now with the ability to connect them to a computer with the use of a USB port. With such connectivity available, then you would end up having an easier time handling any new designs straight from your computer. With the model connected to the computer, all you have to do is load the new designs and it would use them too.

The size of the workspace

The amount of workspace is important as it will determine the size of fabric you can use at any time. Check out the several options available making sure that you always have the right type of machine for your embroidery needs all the time.

Multi-Needle Embroidery Machines vs Single Needle

The single needle model would look like the traditional sewing machine you are used to with a flat bet bottom. It also comes with a removable embroidery unit whenever you have to.

This type of machine would be great for general sewing, decorative stitching, and utility stitching too. The idea of the single needle is because the needle would stay stationary when the embroidery arm moves around to do the design.

The multi-needle model is something you need when looking to take your embroidery skills to the next levels. With the model, you can end up handling more designs that would have been possible with the single needle model.

The multi-needle model would come with 4 to 10 needles on average. The idea is to have each needle holding its own thread color. You would now have various color combinations at your disposable to make the best design.


When looking to buy the best type of embroidery machine, then you have to consider looking for a model that works well too. There is no point of having a model that would not deliver on performance when you have spent so much on it.

You should now have an easy time making up your mind about the best machine to pick from the list above. Most people who had issues before can now end up with a model that would take their embroidery skills to the next level.