5 Best Digital Candy Thermometer Reviews

5 Best Digital Candy Thermometer Reviews

Candy is every child’s favorite treat. Candy making is an art and to make a perfect candy you need a candy thermometer. Candy thermometers are usually inexpensive, and they can prevent scorching, burning and undercooking of candy.

What is more, most of the candy thermometers on the market can also double as an excellent thermometer for checking the temperature of meat as well. We have used our best research to pull together some of the best digital candy thermometers in the market for you.

Every digital candy thermometer from different brands is unique.  Every model comes with its own price tag and unique features. However, we judged the thermometers on their primary function to measure the temperature of the candies and meat accurately, which would help you to churn out perfectly made candies batch after batch or make that perfect cut of meat to your desired level of doneness.

Top 5 Best digital candy thermometer 2019

1. Habor Meat Thermometer

When you are cooking and need to measure the temperature accurately then Habor meat thermometer is the perfect fit. It gives an instant reading of the food temperature and prevents it from overcooking. This thermometer can give you a reading of not only meat, but you can also get the temperature of fish on the grill or chicken out of oven. This inexpensive meat and candy thermometer are easy to maintain. The 4.7-inch probe makes it easy for you to check the temperature of even the hardest to reach spots of the meat. The thermometer comes with an expansive temperature range. You have an option to switch the reading from Fahrenheit to Celsius as per your preference. The candy thermometer cannot be washed in the dishwasher, but the metal part can be wiped clean or sanitized. With proper care this thermometer can last for a long time.


  1. Inexpensive
  2. Lifetime warranty
  3. Large display for temperature readings


  1. The temperature reading is not consistent
  2. The swivel on top does not stay in place and keeps falling off

2. UVistara Digital Meat thermometer

The Uvistare digital meat thermometer comes pre-calibrated for giving accurate readings. You can get an accurate reading within 4 seconds and the temperature range varies from -58 degrees to 572 degrees F. The 4.3 inches long foldable probe used to measure temperature is made from stainless steel. When you flip open the probe the thermometer turns On and when you close the probe, it switches Off.

This thermometer also comes with a HOLD button to record the temperature of the food. You never have to worry about misplacing it as you can keep it sticked on the fridge or on the cooker hood as it comes with a built-in magnet. Another interesting feature of this thermometer is, it is waterproof. So even if you drop this thermometer into the food accidentally, you can be assured that it will not be water damaged. You can also wash it under the running water to keep it clean.


  1. The thermometer gives a fast and accurate reading
  2. Comes equipped with Auto On/Off Setting
  3. No need to worry about water spills on surface as its fully water proof


  1. The backlight doesn’t stay on long enough for an accurate reading

3. Perkisboby Digital Food Thermometer

If you are a busy multi tasker and need to handle different things at the same time while cooking, then this wireless digital thermometer from Perkisboby is the best digital candy thermometer for you. It comes with a receiver and a transmitter that allows you to monitor your cooking even from 100 feet away. With this thermometer you can never overcook or undercook your meat. This thermometer can record accurate temperature in 8 types of meat like veal, fish, chicken, lamb, beef, pork, hamburger and turkey. You can choose settings between 5 levels of taste which range from:

  1. well done
  2. medium well
  3. medium
  4. medium rare
  5. rare


The 2 probes in the thermometer can be of great help if you want to monitor cooking temperature of two dishes at the same time. Once the set temperature is reached, the alert tone goes off. The probes can detect temperatures between 32 to 482 degrees F. You can switch between F and C readings as per your desire.


  1. The digital candy thermometer is wireless, you can carry it around easily
  2. Comes with distinct and easy to hear timer and alert tones
  3. Dual probes to monitor two dishes at the same time
  4. Comes with a built-in magnet


  1. Doesn’t last long
  2. Both the probes fail to work together in some instances.


4. Mieres digital thermometer

If you are looking for a pocket sized and pocket-friendly thermometer that can accurately check the temperature of your food, then Mieres digital thermometer is your choice. You can get the reading of your food temperature instantly in 5 seconds. The temperatures range between -58 degrees to 572 degrees F. This oil and candy thermometer is covered in antimicrobial thermoplastic shell that completely protects it from warping, bacterial growth and cracking. You can lock the temperature reading by pressing the HOLD button before withdrawing the probe from the food. This thermometer can be used to measure temperature of wide range of food like milk, oil, candy, soup, tea, beer, water and meat. To clean the thermometer, you can wash the steel probe with soapy water and wipe the rest of the unit with wet hands. You need to make sure that the whole unit is not immersed in the water.


  1. Auto -off function switches off the unit in 10 minutes when not in use.
  2. Perfect for testing wire range of food
  3. Large and clear LCD screen for temperature display
  4. Easy to use


  1. The reading comes in Centigrade by default every time you switch it ON.


5. Accevo Digital Cooking Thermometers

This meat and candy thermometer from Accevo, comes with all the features that you need to make a perfect batch of candies, or cook your meat to your preferred level of doneness. Temperature is displayed on the LCD display within 10 seconds, with a range of 58-degree F to 572 degrees F. It can stand up to high temperatures and is handy for hot oil, grilling, homemade candy, deep fry food and also desserts. However, you need to make sure you are not using this thermometer in a closed oven.

The readings can be taken both in Fahrenheit and Celsius and with its long probe and precision sensor, you are sure to get perfectly cooked food every single time. This digital thermometer is not waterproof so you cannot clean it with water. You will need to just clean the probe with a damp cloth.


  1. This thermometer is inexpensive when compared to the others
  2. Easy to use
  3. Provides a wide range of temperatures


  1. Doesn’t last long
  2. Not waterproof



Things to consider before buying a digital thermometer

Candy making is not an easy job. It needs patience and concentration. As a candy maker to make a perfect batch of candies, toffee or chocolates you need to have specialized thermometers to ensure that the temperature is ideal. You cannot afford to have just any thermometer if you are planning to cook your batch of candies to perfection, therefore before going out and buying your personal best digital candy thermometer, you will need to consider a handful of things



Your efforts will go futile if you cannot measure the temperature accurately. And thermometers need calibration to get accurate readings. Without calibration, the reading can be off by several degrees.

Analog or Digital

Candy thermometers can be either analog or digital. Analog thermometers have been in use for years and they are commonly found in most of the kitchen. Mercury or Spirit is used in the analog thermometers to measure the temperature and a hand in the round dial goes up and down to display the reading. It takes time for analog thermometers to settle and display the reading. On the other hand, digital thermometers use electronic sensors to measure the temperature, and display the reading on a LED or an LCD screen in digits. The digital thermometers have the capability to measure the temperature within seconds.


The price of the digital candy thermometer will play an important role in the selection of the best thermometer. However, keeping other things, the same, it is better to go for a more expensive item that is likely to be more accurate and durable than a cheaper version. If you opt for a cheaper lower quality thermometer, you may end up with a lot of frustration and loss of money in the long run

Temperature range

The range of temperatures provided by the digital candy thermometer you choose will depend to a large extent on the type of cooking you intend to do. If you are looking for cooking with a wide range of temperatures then you should go for a thermometer that can read a range of temperatures, if you are planning to cook only upto certain temperatures, then you can choose to compromise on the temperature range for a tradeoff in the price

Probe size

The size of the probe is important, when choosing a digital candy and meat thermometer, especially when you need to check the temperature of hard to reach portions of meat.

Automatic or Manual Calibration

Depending on your preference, you can choose a digital candy thermometer that provides automatic or manual calibration. Manual calibration will allow you greater flexibility, while automatic calibration provides greater ease of use.


Based on our research, we found the Accevo digital thermometer to be the best digital candy thermometer in terms of value for money. The thermometer provides temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius for a wide range of temperatures and can be used for cooking a variety of candies and meats. Another plus point in its favor was its fast and accurate reading of the temperatures, when compared to the other contenders. The only drawback we found was that its not water-proof, but that can be easily overlooked as the thermometer can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

The Perkisboby Digital Food Thermometer came in a close second, based on its wonderful features, and would have come in first in our reckoning, if both its probes would work together consistently