Best Beverage Refrigerator Reviews

Best Beverage Refrigerator Reviews

Ah the summer months! It is perfect time for a picnic with your family or a barbecue outside with friends and family accompanied by cool drinks straight out of the chiller. Many a time we love to stock our fridges with cans of soda and beer during the summer months, but with all the other stuff we normally put in the refrigerators, the space gets really crammed. In such a scenario, a separate refrigerator exclusively for keeping your beverages chilled can feel like a God send

The wide variety of options available in the market, each with different features and facilities ensures that each person can find the perfect fit for the best beverage refrigerator for their home. The beverage refrigerator reviews of some of the best coolers in the market follows:

Top 6 Best Beverage Refrigerator on the Market

1. Homelabs Beverage Refrigerator (203)

The homelabs beverage refrigerator is your perfect choice for a handy place to store your cans of soda or chilled beer. The drink dispensing machine is compact in size and can easily fit into any space. But don’t let its small size fool you. Inside it packs quite a punch and can store 120 standard sized cans of beverages or up to 60 bottles of wine. This mini beverage cooler comes with adjustable shelves, a see-through glass door, and a blue LED light on the inside. The refrigerator also comes with a compressor that functions very silently, allowing you to focus on the sounds of your barbecue or party without the distraction of a loud and heavy motor.


  • This mini fridge for beer comes with a digital display which makes it easy to set the cooler temperature
  • The Led light allows you to easily pick a can of beer in the dark
  • The see-through glass doors allow you to easily view what’s inside
  • The adjustable shelves allow you to fit most sizes of cans


  • The refrigerator tends to get a little noisy as the cooling temperature is set lower than 40 F
  • The space on the top shelf is not optimized properly

2. Uber mini beverage cooler

This Uber appliance lives up to its name and provides a host of features which puts it in the league of the best beverage refrigerator in the market. To start with, the appliance stands out from other mini beverage coolers, with its dual functionality that allows you to either cool or warm your beverages as per your needs.

Do you need chilled beer for an evening party? That can be done. Do you need warm milk for your little baby? That can be done too.

The fridge comes with a retro design that adds to the aesthetics of any home. This portable mini cooler comes with two power cords, one to get connected to the cigarette lighter plug in the car and another to connect to a home outlet.


  • Works as a mini warmer and mini cooler
  • Self-locking recessed door handle
  • can be used on the go in a car or in the RV


  • Makes loud humming noise after few months into use

3. Avallon ABR241SGRH 152 Can 24″ Built-in Beverage Cooler

This built in Avallon beverage cooler comes with modern features like temperature display on LED screen and control panel which is soft to touch. This expansive unit is an effective beverage cooler that perfectly serves your needs.

The temperature in the unit can be maintained up to 34 degrees F to keep your drinks really chilled. The double pane glass door with hinged steel handle gives a neat look to the appliance and lets it perfectly blend with all types on interiors.

For added security, this beverage cooler comes with a true lock that keeps your drinks safe and chilled.

This mini glass door refrigerators come with a capacity of storing 152 standard size soda cans. The drink cans can be adjusted in three glass sanded shelves making the sorting very easy for the user.


  • True key lock to safeguard the drinks from the younger children in the house
  • Choice to switch between white or soft blue colored LED lights
  • Lowest temperature setting of 34 degrees F to keep beverages chilled without freezing


  • The unit cycles on and off constantly

4. Phiestina PH-CBR100 106-Can Beverage Cooler Refrigerator

The Phiestina Beverage cooler Refrigerator is built for style. This freestanding refrigerator is streamlined to perfectly blend with your kitchen ambiance. Its sleek and slim design with adjustable legs makes it easy for you to move it to any location of your choice. This portable drink cooler can hold up to 106 soda or beer cans.

This refrigerator comes with advanced compressor cooling which is an advanced control program that will not the compressor keep running for hours to maintain the temperature. This feature makes this beverage cooler more energy efficient than the other refrigerators. Along with this feature, the built-in air circulation system allows the cool air to run within the refrigerator to bring down the temperature in the unit.


  • Very quiet and not noisy at all
  • Very spacious with the adjustable shelves


  • Needs good ventilation else, the unit gets too hot

5. NewAir AWB-400DB Dual Zone Beverage Cooler Built-In Stainless Steel Refrigerator

The NewAir dual zone beverage cooler comes with a beautiful stainless steel body and modular shelf design that perfectly adds charm to your room decor.  This wine and beverage cooler not only works as beverage fridge but can also store wine. The top zone can be filled with 70 soda cans and beer bottles while the bottom zone can accommodate 20 wine bottles. The triple paned glass shelves can be adjusted to fit taller cans.

The refrigerator comes with precision temperature control system to maintain a temperature of 36 to 50 degrees F for the upper one and for the bottom zone the temperature settings can be between 50 to 66 degrees.

The lock and key system will definitely keep your drinks safe. If you have tiny tots or curious teenagers in the family, you can use the locking system to keep their hands away from the drinks.


  • Dual storage zones; you can store energy drinks, beer as well as wine bottles
  • split shelves to maximize storage capacity
  • Can be used as a standalone or slide in depending on the requirement


  • The upper zone doesn’t get enough cooling

6. EdgeStar CBR1501SLD 5.49 Cu. Ft 142 Can Built-in Stainless Steel Beverage Cooler

Edgestar Beverage cooler is an efficient small size refrigerator with the capacity to store 142 12 oz. cans of standard size. It’s sleek and modern design make it a perfect addition to your decor.  You can place it at any place of your choice like game rooms or kitchen to serve yourself and your friends the chilled drinks. Because of its 24” width dimension, it fits perfectly under any mid-sized countertops.

Covered in stainless steel, this portable drink cooler is equipped with a fan that circulates air in the unit keeping the temperature in the unit even unlike the cool plate that creates a cold spot in the refrigerator. The drinks placed in the front will be as much cooler as the drinks placed it the back.

The stainless steel door also keeps the cooler insulated and you can always get your drinks chilled.


  • Can hold 142 cans
  • Can be easily moved
  • Evenly distributed cooling


  • The beverage coolers tends to be a bit noisier


Things you need to consider before buying beverage coolers

Beverage coolers are small in size and can be placed in the bedrooms, office or in the game rooms to keep the drinks and water bottles chilled. However, picking up the best mini fridge for your beverages can be overwhelming because of the several options, features and the capabilities available for the consumers out there in the market. Then how do you choose a reliable refrigerator for your beverages? It’s simple if you know what you exactly want, then choosing the beverage cooler that fits your needs becomes easy. Here are the points you need to consider before heading to the market.

  • Storage: Before buying any beverage cooler, the first thing you need to consider is the storage capacity. You need to calculate how much cubic meter capacity storage is needed for you household requirement.
  • Locking system: If you have young children at home and you do not want them to have access to alcohol, then go for the coolers that have locking system
  • Size: Beverage coolers come in different sizes. For an average home or office a small capacity one works. For a small group, you can buy mid capacity cooler. And finally if you want to entertain large group of people, then go for a large capacity one.
  • Storing Requirement: You need to pick your beverage cooler as per your requirements. If your primary requirement is just to store soda cans, then you can go for a beverage cooler. But if you want to store wine bottles aw well, then you dual zone beverage coolers.
  • Reversible door: This option lets the beverage cooler to have the capability to open the in a convenient manner according to the space available.
  • Temperature control: Digital temperature settings lets you store the drinks at the optimal settings
  • Energy saving: Go for the appliances that are Energy star rated. These appliances are made as per the regulations to conserve energy and resources.
  • Aesthetics:  The LED lighting in the coolers lets you view the stock inside without having to open the doors.
  • Warranty: The warranty of 1-2 years protects the beverage from maintenance issues and delivery problems.


Different options available

While you are browsing for your beverage cooler, you get to choose from different options available like;

  • Built in vs. freestanding: Built in beverage coolers fit smoothly into the cabinetry. You can see only the front door of the appliance. Under counter beverage centres do not overheat. But the freestanding cooler can be placed anywhere ad comes with exterior panelling fully finished. These coolers need 3” of clearance on all sides for ventilation to avoid overheating of the appliance.
  • Indoor vs. outdoor: Beverage coolers are by default designed to be placed indoors. However, some coolers are also designed with durable panelling or glass doors to withstand harsh weather when placed outside for outside entertaining.
  • Racks vs. adjustable shelving: A good beverage cooler will come with adequate racks to store your drink conveniently. Some Coolers come with the adjustable shelves wherein you can move the shelves to accommodate bottles of irregular sizes.


The Beverage coolers come in huge varieties and options. Whether you are looking beverage cooler just to chill your sodas, water or fruit juices for your kids or you are looking for a coolers to cool your wines as well, we found The NewAir dual zone beverage cooler to be the best choice. The best part of this refrigerator is you can control temperatures between the soda cans zone and wine storage zone. You can always have your wine or soda chilled to your desired temperatures to serve your family and friends.