Best 4 Slice Toaster Review & Buying Guide

Best 4 Slice Toaster Review & Buying Guide

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but sadly, in the rush of getting ready for school and work on time, many people skip breakfast altogether, which leaves them not just short of energy to get through their day, but also places them at higher risk for chronic lifestyle diseases in the long run.

Gadgets such as four slice toasters, that can help us cut down on prep time can definitely be a boon in the kitchen. Like our 2 slice toaster article  this time we take a look at a few of the best rated toasters currently available in the market, to find out which is the best 4 slice toaster for your needs.


5 Best 4 slice toaster on the market

1. KRUPS Stainless Steel Toaster – KRUPS KH734D50

The Krups stainless steel toaster from the German manufacturer of small kitchen appliances is a front -runner for the title of best rated toaster for both its functionality as well as its design,

The toaster which is cased in Chrome stainless steel, can be an attractive focal point of your kitchen countertop and can toast up to four slices of bread with customized perfection. You can select upto six different shades of browning to get the perfectly golden slice of toast for  your fussy kids and the slots of the toaster are wide enough to accommodate most types of bread -country, French, Sandwich as well as toaster tarts, pancakes and

The Krups stainless toaster also comes equipped with a plethora of functions which allow you to defrost frozen pancakes, waffles etc perfectly toast a bagel on one side, while warming the other and reheating previously toasted bread apart from toasting slices of bread


Things We Liked

  • The toaster offers deep slots that allow even browning for most types of breads
  • The extra high lift ensures that you can lift out even small slices without the risk of burning your fingers
  • The toaster features two separate control panels that work independently, thus allowing you more customized options such as toasting bread on one side, while reheating waffles on the other.

Things We didn’t Like

  • The Krups Stainless steel toaster can be a little bulky in size when compared to other four slice toasters
  • The toaster takes too long to toast the bread, and often the toasting is uneven
  • The sides of the toaster can get very hot during toasting, which can pose as a hazard to young children


2. Cuisinart CPT-440 four slice toaster

The Cuisinart CPT-440 four slice toaster features four extra wide slots that can accomodate most varieties of breads and other breakfast items. The toaster has a sleek industrial design with backlit LCD displays, and a countdown timer that lets you know the time left for your breakfast to be ready.

Apart from the run of the mill functionality such as bagel toasting, defrosting, reheating and shade selection option, the toaster also comes with an audible alarm that alerts you once your toast is ready.  This Cuisinart stainless steel toaster comes equipped with a dual independent control which allow for greater customization of your breakfast and features extra wide slots that can fit most varieties of breakfast items ranging from crepes to country bread.

Things We Liked

  • The toaster comes with a leverless technology that allows you to lift out toasted slices at the touch of a button
  • The Cuisinart four slice toaster, comes with cord wrap facility that keeps unsightly cords out of sight
  • The backlit Led display allows for easy reading apart from adding to the looks of the toaster
  • The toaster features two easily removable crumb trays that make clean up much easier.
  • The Cuisinart CPT 440 stainless steel toaster comes equipped with an easy cord wrap facility that keeps ugly cords out of sight on your countertop

Things We didn’t Like

  • The toaster does not work perfectly for multi-grain and other speciality bread and tends to leave them dry and brittle
  • The toasting function is not consistent every time


3. Chitomax Stainless Steel toaster

The Chitomax stainless steel toaster is one of the top contenders for the title of best 4 slice toaster and is the perfect solution for your family’s daily breakfast needs. This small toaster

comes with 7 different levels of shade settings, that allows you to select the exact degree of browning you prefer. The toaster also features multiple modes which include options to toast, thaw, or reheat different types of breakfast fare.

the toaster also features dual independent controls which means that you can toast bread on one side, while defrosting frozen pancakes on the other, or alternatively, you could use the dual functionality to toast bread slices to different shades of brown at the same time. The possibilities are endless. The Chitomax four slice toaster comes with a brush stainless steel exterior and is featured in cheery red or blue colors that add to the looks of your countertop.

Things We Liked

  • The toaster comes with seven different levels of shade settings, which can ensure that you get your toast your way
  • This small toaster is compact in size and can easily fit on any countertop
  • The toaster comes with extra wide slots that can accommodate most varieties of breakfast items from thick bagels to crepes
  • The chitomax stainless steel toaster comes with LED indicators that are easy to read
  • The high lift lever allows you to reach small slices of toast without the risk of burning fingers
  • The featured cord wrap storage keeps ugly cords out of sight and allows you to better manage your countertop space.

Things We didn’t Like

  • The toaster does not come with a bagel function, which can be a bane if bagels, dinner rolls and other similar items are a regular feature in your breakfast menu
  • The toaster can tend to be a bit heavy when compared to the other toasters


4. Hamilton Beach Extra-Wide 4-Slice Slot Toaster

This attractive 4 slice toaster from Hamilton Beach brushed in stainless steel accents comes with classic design and ultimate illuminated controls. This toaster is very useful for large families where every morning you need to toast several pieces of bread. The toaster comes with extra wide slots that are perfect for toasting artisan slices of bread, bagels a well as English Muffins. The multiple settings included in this 4 slice toaster can be used to thaw frozen pancakes or waffles, warm bagels and toast bread to the desired shade as per individual taste. You also have the option to cancel the currently running function at any point of time. Apart from the these features, it also includes the auto shut off option which automatically shuts off the unit when not in use.

Things we like

  • The slots are wide enough to toast thick pieces of bread like Texas toast
  • High lift toast booster for easy retrieval of toast without hurting your fingers
  • Adjustable shade selector allows you to toast bread to your desired level of shade
  • Removable crumb tray to collect the pieces of bread from falling on the countertop
  • Being sleek and small doesn’t take up much of your counter space.

Things we did not like

  • Doesn’t toast the bagel even at highest setting. Requires at least two cycles to toast.
  • The toasting consistency differs from cycle to cycle


5. Cuisinart Metal Classic Toaster

Cuisinart Metal Classic Toaster is a perfect combination of classic design and modern fittings. This attractive four slice toaster performs brilliantly and offers precise control over the toasting process with its browning dials and extra buttons. Whether you want to toast your bagel or defrost your bread, you just need to press the desired button. You can toast your bread to your desired level of color ranging  from light to dark by adjusting the browning control.

With 1-1/2 inches wide slots this Cuisinart toaster can handle all varieties of bread from bagels, crumpets to muffins, french toast as well as frozen pancakes and toaster pastries. At higher settings you can also toast uneven breads like English Muffin or bagels. The intelligent controls of the toaster offer six setting browning dials, dual reheat option, button to defrost and a bagel button with LED indicators for easy reading. The dual independent controls offers the flexibility to toast two seperate set of breads at the same time.

Caring for this toaster is very simple. To keep it clean and shiny all you need is a piece of damp cloth. No abrasive cleaners necessary. This toaster doesn’t leave a mess because you can remove the debris by cleaning the easy-to-remove crumb tray. When the toaster is not in use, you can wrap the cord and keep it in the slot provided underneath the device.


Things We Liked

  • The toaster comes with wider slots can easily fit uneven slices of bread for toasting
  • The toaster features a high lift lever, which is of great help while toasting small breads like English muffin
  • It comes with dual toasting controls, which are very useful for a variety of combinations such as thawing frozen pancakes on one side while toasting bread on the other or toasting bread slices at two different browning levels at the same time
  • The crumb catcher is very efficient and makes sure the crumbs don’t fall all over your countertop

Things We didn’t Like

  • The cord provided with the toaster doesn’t stay put in the provided slot
  • The toaster is a little overpriced when compared to other 4 slice toasters on the market


 Are 4 slice toasters value for money

4 slice toasters are totally worth the money invested, as they allow you to make breakfast in a jiffy. You can thaw, reheat or toast up to four different items at the same time. You can toast bagels on one side, while warming toaster pastries on the other  or toast two different sets of bread to different shades of brown. Indeed, with almost all the toasters reviewed here featuring dual independent controls, the combinations are endless.  if you have a large family, then the 4 slice toaster is definitely a must have gadget.

Benefits of buying a 4 slice toaster

  • Toast two sets of bread: Most 4 slice toasters provide the flexibility of dual controls, which allows you toast two different sets of bread consistently at two different settings.
  • Energy efficient: Most 4 slice toasters come equipped with an auto shut off option that automatically shuts the appliance off when not in use to avoid any accidents due to overheating and also to save energy
  • Multiple options: The toasters come with multiple handy options that can be used for thawing frozen bread, reheating cold pastries and canceling the toasting function.

What to look for when selecting the best 4 slice toaster?

  • Size : The size of the toaster depends on the size of your family. If you have a large family then you need a large toaster with 4 slots.
  • Power consumption: You need to consider the BEE rating of the toaster before making a purchase to save the electricity bill.
  • Browning control: Browning control helps you to customize the toast as per individual taste
  • Safety: Safety of the toaster is another very important criteria that you must consider before making a purchase

To sum up

The Hamilton beach stainless steel toaster, turned out to be the best 4 slice toaster in our reviews as it provides the greatest value for money. It offers the same functionality and efficiency as the other contenders, but is priced much lower, and is the lightest among all the toasters that have been reviewed.

The Chitomax toaster could be the best option for families who are looking for extra customization in their toast, as it features an extra degree of shade selection when compared to the other toasters. Moreover it is the most compact in size and is a great choice for people who have less space on their counter top.  You can opt for this toaster If bagels are not part of the regular fare in your house.