Best 1200W LED Grow Light [2019]

Best 1200W LED Grow Light [2019]

For many people, it’s not easy to grow marijuana. This task actually requires time-consuming and meticulous.

However, this is also a favorite task for some people. If you are ready to set up your marijuana growing task, it’s time to upgrade your grow lights.

Today, we are here to help you. Now, check out this article to learn about the list of best 1200w LED grow light available on the market these days. Let get started with some tips on choosing ones.

Why Do You Need LED Grow Lights?

Actually, LED grow light offers more certain advantages compared to the older grow lights. First, they can be able to run much cooler than another. When you use the old styles of grow light, your plants need more level of warmth to thrive. It’s a waste!

With LED grow lights, you needn’t concern about it. It also means that you will have to pay less money for these systems.

Most of LED grow lights offer maximum amounts of light that allow you to tune them to your plants’ needs.

How to Choose 1200w Led Grow Light?

When shopping for the best 1200w led grow light, it’s really important to look at the value. Depending on the community around, growers can determine misleading advertisements as well as faulty systems. Here are some essential things you need to consider:

Full Spectrum

It’s not hard to see the fact that nearly every light manufacturer said that they offer full spectrum products. In fact, not all full spectrum lights come with infrared and ultraviolet light that may be also useful to your plants.

All things you want to find in a full spectrum light include Infrared (IR), Ultraviolet (UV), 700nm, 650nm, 600nm, 500nm, 450nm, and 400nm. They play an important role in your plant’s photosynthesis process. That’s why you need to choose the right full spectrum lights for your plants so they can reach their full potential.


The power is also an important feature to consider when choosing the best LED to grow lights. Actually, it’s measured in watts. In general, if the grow light has more power, it can cover a large area.


This factor mentions the beneficial wavelengths of light to your plants. These wavelengths are for photosynthesis.

You know, your plants need blue and red light for their photosynthesis process. In fact, you can determine the light emitted delivers based on the PAR rating. If it has a high PAR rating, it will deliver high amounts of these specific wavelengths.


If you choose a grow light with a good PPFD rating, it can help to deliver more of the necessary wavelengths of light your plants need for their foliage.

Different Modes

Actually, your plants grow through different well-defined phases. These phases include germination, seedling, vegetative, and then blooming or fruiting. That’s why you need to give them different light for each phase.

In order to deal with this problem, you will have two ways to grow lights. First, you can choose LED to grow lights with full spectrum all the time. These lighting systems can offer all wavelengths at all times. Therefore, they are great for all types of plants during their life cycle.

On the other hand, you can choose other lights. They let you switch between modes. And then, it’s able to choose blue, white, and red based on their specific phase. This way is actually more efficient. It allows your plants to develop faster.

Safety Features

The cooling system is considered as the most important things when it comes to safety features on a grow light. In fact, LED units can be able to run cooler compared to old-style grow lights. However, we still have to make them cooled. Otherwise, it can lead to overheating.

There are one or more fans and a heat sink found in the cooling system. Also, there are also other features that help to aid ventilation.

Additionally, there are also other safety features when it comes to growing lights. Some lighting systems are designed with the LEDs operated separately. Therefore, the system can be able to burn out the whole unit once there is anything going wrong with one.

This feature is really great because you will have to say goodbye to one LED if there is something breaking down.


This feature is also known as brightness. This feature actually mentions the number of photons the lighting system is giving your plants. Also, it shows how deep the light can penetrate into the canopy.

This factor uses the measure of wattage. However, there are many different methods of measurement when it comes to different manufacturers. Some of them want to mention the amount of wattage while others mention the lights used to replace a 300w HID system.

For cannabis plants, you will have to give them a lot of light as well as a lot of light exposure. It’s best to give them the intensity as high as possible. However, don’t give them overly intense lights if you only want to grow a few plants. For a small batch of plants, it’s best to choose a lower intensity.


It’s not difficult to choose one LED grow light for all throughout the growing cycle since most of the full spectrum lights are ideal for this. However, it may be not easy to alternate between light spectrums. Also, it’s difficult to prevent overexposure to certain lights.

We recommend you to look for a system designed with a veg and bloom switch. They help to control the white, blue, as well as UV light when needed.

Top 1200w LED Grow Light

1. Bloomspect 1200W LED Grow Light

If you are looking for a lighting system that can emulate the sun without consuming too much energy, you can consider choosing the Bloomspect 1200w LED grow light. It’s designed with 10w double chip LEDs. So, you will get more energy efficient than traditional 5w LED.

Moreover, this unit is designed with red, blue, white, as well as deep red lights. Therefore, they can help your plant grow healthier.

It offers the full spectrum that can generate high PAR values. At the same time, it can also maintain a superior balance at different heights.

This lighting system doesn’t include UV and IR lights. Sometimes, the bloom function doesn’t work optimally.

2. Miya 1200W LED Grow Light

When it comes to the best 1200w LED Grow Light, the Miya is known as a long service grow light. That’s why it’s listed here today. Actually, this system is a remarkable product on the market now.

It comes with 120 high-efficiency dual chip LEDs. It ensures to offer full wavelength illumination. Therefore, your plants can also grow healthy.

Moreover, these lighting systems are also energy-conscious around 220 to 240 watts. The system allows you to easily use veg/bloom double switch modes.

This is a great option for every growing stage of your plants. Sure, it will provide your plants with higher nutritional value as well as THC.

Plus, you can easily mount and operate the system. Furthermore, it will also offer long performance as well as service life.

3. BESTVA 1200W LED Grow Light

Not like others mentioned above, they come with double chip technology. However, this lighting system is equipped with a combination of double chip LEDs and high lumens. Therefore, your plants can get intense light.

It is designed with glass covers that can retain heat. So, it’s not essential to worry it will get to your plants. Although the lighting system can become hot, you needn’t worry because it allows you to switch between the high and low heat.

This option is ideal for those who are caring for 3-5 plants. However, it seems to be more expensive than others for some customers.

4. Meizhi Reflector Series 1200w LED Grow Light

This product is designed with some of the most up to date technology available. It comes with mirrors behind the LEDs, so you can give your plants more light than traditional lighting systems do.

This system is powerful. Therefore, it ensures to care for numerous plants at once. It is equipped with 8 infrared LEDs. So, it’s ideal for the cannabis bloom stage. It ensures to give you a larger yield as well as bigger buds because it offers a stimulus for photosynthesis.

If you are looking for a high-quality product, we recommend you to choose the Meizhi. Plus, it also gives you a 3-year warranty.

Also, you will get a 30-day return period if you aren’t satisfied with the product. The lighting system allows you to take care of 5-6 plants.

5. King Plus 1200W Double Chips Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

This product is designed with some of the newest technology available. It promises to give your plants, vegetables, flowers, and fruits the best lights. Also, it aims to give your cannabis the photosynthesis for the vegetative state.

The lighting system gives a very intense light. However, it seems to be more expensive compared to others on our list. The reason is that it offers nearly unmatched brightness. There are 3 holes found in the cover of this grow light. Therefore, they can help to dissipate heat.

It can be able to last for about 50,000 hours. Maybe this is not the best lifespan, but it’s ideal for an avid grower. Moreover, it’s also very energy efficient. Plus, it offers a lot of intensity.

6. Viparspectra 1200W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Although this option is expensive, it’s worth it. Actually, the grow light is effective as well as efficient. Coming to this product, you will get a full band spectrum of light. Therefore, you can choose it for all growth stages of your plants.

Additionally, it also comes with a fantastic cooling system. There are 6 fans found in the system tray. Especially, they are within the lighting system, so it’s not essential to account for extra space.

Thanks to the cooling system, it can keep alive longer. The Viparspectra is also famous for dying out slowly. In fact, it can be able to work for years on end. For this lighting system, you will receive a 3-year warranty.


All LEDs grow light we’ve mentioned above are great choices on the market today. However, the Viparspectra 1200w full spectrum LED grow light may be considered as the best option because of so many reasons.

As a grower, you need to give your plants a different spectrum for their different stages of growth. The Viparspectra is designed to make veg and bloom switches changed. In fact, they can affect your plant’s growth.

There are many different features found in the Viparspectra. Moreover, it can last for years. Furthermore, it can be able to cover a large surface area. If you want, you can choose any other. It’s up to you.