Back to the grind & MAKIN MEALS MONDAY!

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 I’M SORE!!!!

The day after a big race, my body definitely aches.I woke up with lots of bruises on my legs from all the freakin crawling under barbed wire! yeah, I know, but somehow, I felt stronger than ever! That accomplishment felt amazing! I REALLY recommend doing something like that at least one time in your life!


On to another note…. My friend posted this on my facebood today, and I died laughing! It made my day! I used o be like, OBSESSED with Selena!


I was up early excited to start my day with a morning stretch an a nice stroll around the neighborhood with Willy. December seriously started out with a bang, and I want to stay on that roll. So even though I was sore as hell, I geared up and headed to my Monday morning ZUMBA class. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before how much I love Zumba, but If you are new to my blog… Let me tell you, it was probably my favorite workout EVER! I burn approx. 500-600 cals in an hour. I go FULL out. My instructor Sandy Campanella rocks the house and inspires you to give it your all. I will be interviewing her soon so be on the lookout. For those of you looking for a fun and effective workout in the San fernando Valley, CHECK HER OUT!  It really does make a huge difference in a workout, when you totally LOVE the teacher. In my eyes, makes or breaks it. Especially in Zumba where not just the moves have to be upbeat and contemporary, but the instructor has to show the kind of enthusiasm that you see in movies.

I could easily take Zumba at my local gym for free, but, there is no comparison. Absolutely none. This is a shot of my sweaty ass below:) I hour of pure cardio!

I wanted to share with you guys today’s meals, If that’s ok with you?;)

Breakfast consisted of my Green Goddess Morning Smoothie

Along with my ritual coffee and almond milk. Mom had made some fresh low-carb cran-orange muffins,so she sent me home with a couple to try. They were sooo good. No one would ever guess they were low-carb. I’m stealing the recipe and I promise to make them ASAP to share with all of you babes!

Of course after Zumba I was starved, so I munched on some organic low-fat cottage cheese topped with my Low-Carb Granola, and some fresh blueberries. Not gonna lie…I ate more granola than pictured….

Then I headed out to the local TJ’s for my weekly shopping extravaganza. Sometimes i trip out at how well priced this place is. I swear I fill up the cart to the rim everytime, and it pretty much never exceeds $100 bucks. Now, on the other hand if I go to Whole Foods for some specialty items, (u must admit, that place, although not cheap, is quality) I end up spending the same amount on 15 things. Cray cray. It’s all about prioritizing. I save by always making and preparing my own meals, pretty much every meal instead of ordering in.


The usual suspects in the basket….Check out my recommendations for a healthy shopping list.


Your gonna love this bomb ass salad!

Gorgeous right?

A frisee salad topped with left over roasted kabocha squash, egg whites, Lemon-tahini dressing, and siracha:)

It was so good. I may have actually put a bit too much siracha, if that’s actually possible:)


Check out this great, easy dinner idea.

Miso Glazed Salmon

Served with a side of baby asparagus, dripping from the miso, and green onions.


I also tried a new wine tonight. A cab from Argentina:) It was so lovely. A smooth finish to the evening.

Well, the evening was over until my sweet tooth took a turn on me.

I busted out this big ol’ chunk of carob chips that had frozen together. ( i keep them in the freezer, they stay fresh for when I’m ready to bake them). YUMMMMMMM

Goodnight guys:) I hope you enjoyed the meals for today…


What are your December fitness goals?