About me

Welcome to From Fries to Fit!

Let me start off by saying : My name is Paula Bedo and i am a confessed carb-a-holic!

OK…it’s off my chest, now we can move on the rest.

I’ve always, like most women, struggled with body issues, control freak issues,lack of motivation or dicipline to workout, and not being able to shed those last stupid lbs. I was making bad decisions, drinking to much wine (ugh..but i looooveeeee), smoking (OnLY) when I drank (btw, umm that means YOU ARE a smoker. I had this random stint with bulimia which only lasted about a year but, I mean, GROSS, what was I thinking.

Well… This is the absolute power of the mind. I literally just said ummmmm…. GIRL!!, are you kidding me??? GET IT TOGETHER. What’s the point of trying to look good on the outside when your insides are a mess.


I created this blog to help keep me on track. Keep me from binge eating, motivate myself to train hard and push for progress not perfection, and create balance in all aspects of life. In turn, becoming less stress and anxious.  I work full time as a stylist at Román Salon in West Hollywood, CA. I LOVE my job, I believe it to be so empowering!

I get to help people look and feel their best with a new look everyday. When I’m not being scissor hands, you can usually catch me having fun and bbqin with my FAB fam and friends, in my cute kitchen making something fabulous and healthy. (hard cookin and bakin for one…but I share:)) brunching, hitting balls at the driving range ,at tjmaxx bying stuff that I probably don’t need, running my crazy dog wilbur (insert pic), or at the gym doing my own concoction of high intensity interval/circuit training (which, if you haven’t yet caught onto the the whole interval cardio thing, I’TS LA BOMBA! & best way to shed the LBS)


I’m not a certified trainer, although I try to train like I AM ONE.

(secretly wish I could be one. lol)

I’m not a certified nutritionist, although everyday I try to learn as much as I can about health, supplements, and food in oder to make better choices. But listen, I’m a foodie…so I’ll take the few extra quality of life pounds and burn em’ off later. Life is about enjoying!!!!

Knowledge is power people, and you know what…I finally realized that I am the only one holding myself back from being the best I can be.


Motivate yourself, be your own trainer. I swear it only gets better, easier, and super fun to see changes for the better! I hope that all of you enjoy my “made with love” recipes,my train-like-a-trainer workouts to keep us both on track, and my everyday craziness! No more saying…”oh well, I’ll start tomorrow” Or “oh well, I already F*#&ed up, I might as well eat the WHOLE PIE” OK, I’m done now. I feel better already and if you relate, CAN I GET AN AMMMMMEN!?

I’m really excited & I love that I get to share all of this with all of you beautiful people and thnx for reading:)