A few things…. French food..POT LUCK oh & a PASSION for PASTA!!

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Can you tell it’s the holidays!? It’s all about food this week. I took off yesterday and today from the gym, and I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been indulging in EVERY way possible! I know I’ll be paying for it later, but, let me just have my “WHATEVER” moment, ok. I’m not the only one who falls off during this time of year.

The shenanigans started last night when I met up with me friend Cale, who I feel like I haven’t seen in ages. I went by his place after work yesterday, and we caught up over a great bottle of wine. Cale is a an amazing hairstylist. I’ve known him since we were, I don’t know, something like 14-15 years old.We both studied at the Vidal Sassoon Academy. After I finished school, I actually ended up staying there and becoming an instructor, and he was my student. He gets mad when I tell people that I was his teacher;) He is now is a successful stylist, working at John Frieda and also working freelance. PROUD.

We walked over to a local favorite spot, Comme Ca. French food is my ultimate demise. I just can’t resist. A total fave! We both are complete foodies, so this is where the indulging really began….

We started with a delicious French red, and shared a delicious array of cheeses and charcuterie. I swear if I could eat just that for the rest of my life, I would die happy! And YES, I ATE LOTS OF BREAD. Bread lady for dayyyyys!

For my entree, I ordered SEARED DIVER SEA SCALLOPS with
potato gnocchi, wild mushroom, swiss chard. I mean…..how could I resist. Cooked to perfection.

Caile ordered theTARTE FLAMBÉE with fromage blanc, caramelized onions, and lardons.
Absolute heaven. Of course I just had to try his:)

Dessert was an APPLE TART TATIN with vanilla bean ice cream. DIE.
I was the perfect end to a great meal. Wow. Stuffed.

Oh no, the battle of the binge didn’t end there…..
The next day was our annual Sassoon Holiday Pot Luck. I get scared when these pot lucks come around. I completely lose my shit. It is like slow torture. I couldn’t seem to get away from it! Cakes, cookies, dips, just all gnarlyness!!!
I was beyond, BEYOND bad today

We’ve got a Moroccan in the house, so she brought her famous lamb tagine, which was completely authentic, took hours to complete, and tasted divine.

Maybe the one single healthy thing on the table…… Fruit platter.

BOMB-ass spinach, artichoke dip! A staple at every pot luck. It must be. It’s amazing, and everybody loves it.

It’s almost embarrassing that this just keeps going, cuz yes, I did participate in eating all that you see here. And lots. Boss made Chinese chicken salad, that was gone in 15 minutes.

The famous peanut butter cookies that Matthew’s mom makes. We all swoon over them, because they are irresistible. I took some home to share with the farm tomorrow:) my brother obsesses over peanut butter, so I’m sure he’ll appreciate:) I won’t a tell you how many I had. I was From fit to Fries today.

Haley’s famous 7 layer dip, with a lil corner that didn’t have cheese;) Foe Jee, she f*%#ing HATES cheese. Awe, thoughtful friends.  Check it out!
Not pictured:
Homemade gumbo
Creamed spinach
Chocolate orange torte
Vodka lemon cake
Egg nog rum cake
Salvadorian pupusas Annnnnnnndddddd. FINALLY, to top it off, a ridiculous cake from Sweet Lady Jane.

Very year at the end of our pot luck, it’s tradition, we exchange secret Santa gifts:) I got egggggzactly want I wanted.Gift cards to coffee bean and while foods! she wrapped the gift cards like 20 times, with different wrapping paper! makin e work!So excited! Thank u Yasuna<3

Wow, I’m exhausted writing about all this food! Sooooooo…. I’m gonna now leave you with food! Something super healthy to counter all this naughtiness happening!