Yup… That’s my car…and yesterday had started off on the right foot. Damn!
This day just went from bad to worse, just read on…

On my way to do a client, I got on the freeway, as as I turned my head to switch lanes, BOOM!!!,
They all suddenly pressed their brakes right in front of me, no way I couldn’t hit them. Ughhhhh

Gotta get this fixed right away… Hey, that’s why we get insurance, right?

It get better.
I get home, and thought, “you know what would make me feel better?”
Ahhh, an Epsom salt bath. I was feeling stressed and tight from being tense during the accident, and was seeing signs of a premature headache, so it was just was I was needing.
Well…while I’m in there, I keep wondering why the water level is going down…. So naturally, I just adding hot water. Logical, right?

As soon as I get out, POUNDING at the front door, that sounded like either cops, or a raging jealous boyfriend. ( you know, that kind of pounding). I freaked, put on my robe, and hesitantly opened the door.
It was my poor neighbor panicking.
He took one look at me, ” Were you taking a bath?”
Me: ummmm yeah why.
Neighbor: cuz my ceiling collapsed and is flooding my house.
Me: oh no, I’m sorry.. But I don’t think it’s me, I don’t think I have any water anywhere. Hmmmm
Neighbor: you may wanna check your kitchen….
Me: ok………..HOLY SHIT, F*%#!

Yeah…water covering the kitchen floor, coming through the ceiling. Jussssssst perfect.

To top it off, this is the best part as the night was coming to end…. Oh and… I will spare your eyes by not sharing the sick pic, but, Willy had a a bone mid-day that I had forgotten to take away from him, and a few bourse later…freakin threw up all over the place!
I mean….. I just don’t even know what to say. Why do they pick the coziest places to throw up, huh? My area rug, even went upstairs to , so graciously leave me a present on my bedspread. Why can’t you be sick on the DAMN HARDWOOD!!!
I just really loved finding that on my bed.

Nice, full bag of soaked towels I gotta wash.


Ok, I’m done with the pity party. Since the horrible disasters, I turned my frown upside down. 🙂


#1: I took my 2nd spin class ever today! Super positive experience, although, it was sooooo hard!
I had met up with a girlfriend at crunch gym, so that I could try it out, and we had a blast. Sweaty ladies!

#2: I found the best almond milk!

30 calories per cup and no carbs.
Get into it.


#3: Egg whites, and low salt turkey breast


#4: Pre-cooked rotisserie chickens at whole foods.


#5: Tuberoses. My favorite smelling flower. I wish I could have them all over the house.


#7: Ibuprofin. Lol

Be grateful everyday.

I’ll be sweating out the crazy weekend at a double class tonight with Sandy Campy Fit.
Zumba at 7
Body sculpting at 8

Question of the day:

How do you push away negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones?