Good day babes! Today I felt back on track with my training. I put on my CEP ankle compression brace, I grabbed my gymboss and hit the gym really early.

I started off on the treadmill:
4 minute warmup
walk mile 1 at 6.4
Mile 2 at 7.1
Moved over to the eliptical for:
3 miles with Intervals of :
incline 5/ resistance 6
to 10 incline/ 10 resistance
It alternated every two minutes.
That HIIT workout got my heart rate up that’s for sure!
I moved into the aerobic room and was ready to start my rounds.
I put my gymboss on 50 sec work/ 20 sec rest
  •  jumping jacks
  • push-ups to plank
  •  Sit ups on stability ball
  •  alternating lunges with bicep curl using 12 lb weights
  •  plank on elbows
  •  Mountain climbers
  •  bicycle crunches
  •  vertical leg lifts
  •  Jumping jacks
I recently bought this awesome PUMA
top. The sleeves snap on and off, which is great for this on and off weather we’ve been having. It’s really comfortable and light, so I didn’t feel suffocated. Love it!
Super cool look too! I kinda felt like a ninja. lol

When I got home I went straight to the kitchen to make a yummy protein smoothie. This one was made up of:
  • my favorite 30 gram per scoop vanilla protein
  • 1/2 a banana
  •  1/2 cup unsweetened flax milk
  •  1/2 cup of water
  •  2 tbsp low fat cottage cheese
  •  1 tbsp PB2
  •  vanilla bean paste ( or extract)
  •  1 tbsp sugar-free vanilla syrup

Feeling good after that, I took some time to work on the blog, hang out with Willy and take my time getting ready. I love my mornings. I wake up early to get the most out of my day. Some people think I’m nuts. Sometimes going to bed early and in my gym clothes (yes, it’s true), but whatever, I get stuff done and it feels great.


With the holidays around the corner, I’ve been receiving all kinds of little coupons, which doesn’t seem like much, but you know what, it’s money, and every bit counts. Especially during a time when you are spending quite a bit of money pretty much the whole month. It’s nice to know we can actually save some money during that process. I sometimes take these for granted, but hey, they’re offering, so I’m taking!

I just realized a had a collection of em’ in my wallet:)

For snack and lunch I packed:

RAW crusts with organic ghee+ sugar free jam

A persimmon

A low fat string cheese

1/2 cup of blueberries

Leftover salmon over a salad

I’ve had kind of a late start with the decorations this year for some reason, but I finally busted most of them out to get my spirit goin. Problem with Christmas decor is that it can easily make a small space feel and look cluttered and that is a little annoying to me. Ew, I just sounded bitchy.

You know what I mean though. Right?

I must mention that these flowers have somehow survived 2 1/2 weeks! I swear, so weird, but I’m stoked! All I did was change out the water every 3-4 days.

My front door:) A little cheesy but I find it cute like in a grandma kinda way:) Mom sent me home with it a few years ago, so i felt like it had to go up. I think it’s grown on me. I  really want to start a better collection that I can really connect to, you know, like how your parents have ornaments and decorations that go back to when you were in kindergarden. Never made a difference if they were the most hideous looking object, they still make it onto the mantle. So funny

I can’t live without candles in my house. I especially love them when they create a holiday vibe in the air. I light them first thing in the morning (well, when I get back from the gym) while I get emails and posts ready, and every night while I’m cooking and enjoying a glass of red.

If you haven’t yet hit up Bath & Body Works this month, Check out their HOLIDAY CANDLE SELECTION! As soon as you check out, they give you all sorts of holiday discounts like $10 of your next $30 purchase. It’s awesome. The one I have lit right now, is Marshmallow Fireside. It smells like camping/christmas cookies!  I had also bought these great Mexican Pumpkin candles from World Market, that were buy one get one free.  Can’t beat that!

Cheesy bow, But I had it, so I figured, to hell with it, let’s put it ALL up! lol

I have a little obsession with white X-mas trees at the moment. Don’t ask.

My ” I LIKE NUTS” nutcracker I got last year. Love my lil guy.

My Tobi Tobin candle that I think is too pretty to even open.

And of course, you cant have the holiday without at least one poinsettia. They last forever and are easy to take care of. I actually think they’re really pretty. Well, except for the gross colored foil they wrap it in. EW. I picked this one up when I ran into Trader Joe’s yesterday. $5.99 are ya outta ur minddddd!

Tonight, I’m gonna leave you with a little thing I call:

Tomorrow Morning’s Challenge


What is your favorite passed down holiday tradition??