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        Ok…So, it’s been a while. I took off. Byeee. Sianara!(Is that now you spell it?)But, I’ve missed you, & If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you already know I’ve connected with my Italian roots and went on an unforgettable 2 week solo trip to Italy! I know. Ridic. An experience of a lifetime that I will never forget, nor regret:) Some would call me crazy, and some…perhaps brave. All in all, despite a couple of bumps on the road…I made it out alive. hallelujah!So, how about a recap???

** First night in Rome…Campo Di Fiori** 11150695_847648821970323_5895275080777029745_n

Italy is IMPOSSIBLE to not fall in love with. Honestly, I highly encourage getting lost every chance you get. Every street lined with stunning, rustic buildings. Some almost falling apart…but non the less fit perfectly amongst its settings. Little family run boutiques…pizza joints everywhere…leather EVERYWHERE…the list is endless. For me, not enough hours in the day.

**My street, from my apt**


 First things first…Tan these thighs on the spanish steps.


Probably the healthiest thing I ate the whole of two weeks. Don’t judge me. Happy pounds!;)


Made it to the Colosseum and the Forum. Stupid amazing!!! Although. A piece of advice…If it’s your first time in Rome, do yourself a favor and get a Roma Pass. It will save you hours and money on all the sights. I think I spent an hour and 1/2 in line trying’ to get in dis bitch! ugh. Anyways. You must seeeee!


 The absolute highlight of Rome… The Pope’s blessing at the Vatican. With Grandma’s rosary in hand, I sat amongst thousands to see the pope. Wednesdays and Sundays, the pope is at St. Peter’s Basilica doing a blessing or holding mass for the public. A moment I will treasure forever. <3


St. Peter’s Basilica


 LUNCH TIME!!!!! Ugh. It’s just insane.


 Typical meal….Surprised I didn’t turn into a freakin pizza, with all the dough I ate. Oh…and BTW……I HATE it when people say, “You probably walked so much, you worked it all off right?!” Are you FAAAACkin kidding me!!? There’s not enough cardio in the world to that could work off the amount of food I consumed! LMAO With that being said…I gained 8 quality of life pounds. So. There.

**La MonteCarlo. Rome.**


Climbed to the highest and most beautiful vista point in Rome to represent my peeps! Quilmes all the way.


Hello view…


I must admit…I ate gelato twice a day for two weeks straight. When in Rome.


 The morning market at Campo Di Fiori:)


Sistine Chapel comin’ at ya. I can’t even. 3 hour tour of the Vatican…St. Peters…& Sistine Chapel. Highly recommended and absolutely breathtaking.


Trastevere for a few hours. The Brooklyn of Rome. Hell…why not. Lets stop for a drink shall we?


Borghese Gardens.


Borghese Gallery.


Beautiful & fresh flowers at the morning market in Campo Di Fiori.


 Cured meats for dayzzzz….


New obsession with pecorino.


Big Daddy meat.


Trastevere has a charm like no other. 

The local hustlers “charmed” me into buying 7 of these handmade pieces. oops.



 Crossing over the bridge. Love this….


Dinner time…The streets are crowded, the restaurants filled with foodies…even if it’s 11 o’clock at night.  10997694_848629091872296_7886469290371656145_n

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara. Just stopppppp it!!!!


Armando Al Pantheon…You delivered.


I’ve always been obsessed with tile work. These beautiful, original tiles can be found throughout Vatican City.


Next adventure…Florence. (check out the wino purp lip) lmao!


Sunset views…mini Chianti…perfect weather…glorious food.


Night out. Classic in black and white.


A private wine tasting of super tuscans near Ponte Vecchio.


Boboli Gardens:)


Typical day… 8 hours of sightseeing. Stop every hour and 1/2 for drinks and food. Pretty much INCREDIBLE. Stoked on my 8 happy pounds I put on.


Best Panini in Florence. Antico Noe.



So, let’s talk about how amazing the shopping is in Italy…Now, let’s talk about how I only traveled with a carry on and couldn’t buy anything,(including these EFFING PERFECT shoes) because I couldn’t fit one more thing in my bag. UGHHHHH FML.


Couldn’t get enough of these beautiful statues everywhere I turned.


Now do you see why it is impossible to resist these perfectly handled and nurtured carbohydrates?!?! Homemade by someone’s italian mama, I would never say no. lol.


Not too sure that Americans are so into this… but tripe, is a staple in italian kitchens and for butchers. Love it in stews especially. YUMMMM


Every freakin morning. Italians aren’t sit down for breakfast type people. No eggs, bacon, or huge breakfast burritos. They’re too busy trying to catch the train, catch the bus, or… hmmm. Who the hell knows. All I know is that I’ll stand at the espresso bar, shoot one down and scarf a croissant in 2 minutes ANY DAMN DAY. Cuz betch, we bussssyyyy. 


Gold district of Ponte Vecchio, Florence.


Ponte Vecchio view.


Tourist selfie. More importantly…how cute is my lil apartment?!


Not gonna front. Purchased several. 


Spent lots of time visiting so many cathedrals. Don’t take this the wrong way here, as stunning and emotionally moving these holy places were, after the 10th one…they all started looking a weeee bit similar. (no offense to anyone. #catholicandproud) I shot a couple of them that I believed to be some of the most breathtaking. 


The religious art, the structures, the stained glass, everything. One more beautiful than the next.


Cocktails and rooftops… Enjoying a negroni at the Westin Excelsior, Florence.


The “David” at the Uffizi. Isn’t he gorgeous?!


Check out that meat…mineeeee. Trattoria Mario, Florence


On this sunny day…I traveled from Firenze to Chianti by bus. If only I had an extra week in Tuscany. Sighhhhh.



I stumbled across the incredible Air bnb, and I wish I had more time there. Le Cetinelle is a tuscan farmhouse surrounded by hills and woodland. I think it was the absolute perfect location to really get the Tuscan, romantic experience. 


Fell in love with the wisteria. 


The whole property is breathtaking. I mean…


My fabulous host Simonetta. Thank you for a great stay and amazing breakfast! God…I love italian women. Such a sweetheart.


The wine just keeps flowing. Hired a driver, and visited several vineyards. Oh…and I need this machine. Thanks.



Stopped at Il Molino Di Grace for a private tasting.



I could live here.


This was my favorite vineyard I visited. Azienda Agricola Altiero, a rustic, quaint, family run vineyard, where everything coming from there is totally organic. The wonderful hosts served me a wide variety of cured meats, cheeses, homemade jams, and best of all..THE WINE! Delectable super tuscans, chianti classics, and great rose.



Bought a couple of those yummy bottles of rose to take with me to the Amalfi:)


That view tho….



Strolling through old town.





Hello Siena… Spent one day and night here. The terra cotta city is a perfect day trip from Florence. First things first…EAT. Check out my dinner view…


Took a break from all that dough (Now you’ll see me in baggier clothes & puffier cheeks) and ordered an array of grilled seafood.


Pizzeria Malborghetto is a local, hot eatery in the heart of Siena. Casual dining at it’s best, with incredibly authentic & fresh food. So bomb!


My typical snack…Aperol spritz, peanuts, and chips. So healthy.


Sweet daisies. Probably weeds…but in Italy, everything is beautiful.


View from my apartment. This sunny day clearly called for a delicious sparkling rose.



City view for days. The terra cotta city.


One more plate added to the collection:)


These little markets are everywhere. As a foodie…you can’t help but enter every single one of them.


Last leg of my Italian adventure… Amalfi Coast. Headed straight to Positano. Here’s a few pics of my Praiano day trip. Beautiful.







The crystal waters of my perfect Positano.


Apperently dinner alone as a women is a bit weird. I felt sexy, and independent..clearly the servers felt sorry for me and brought out food shaped like hearts. I.E. this pizza. Lmao.


Afternoon vino on the beach.


Remember that bottle I bought in tuscany?… Oh, and yes…That IS truffle cheese.


Loved my Positano hotel! Flavio Gioia is the perfect location. Affordable, and beautiful!!! And that tile!!!!! Wish I could’ve taken them home!


View from Fornillo Beach:) Just a short walk from the main beach in Positano.


Yeah…that’s a real thing. Helllllloooooo…


If you’re planning a trip to the Amalfi coast, Positano is a great location, especially as a jump off for day trips. Hopped on a ferry and was in Capri in 25 minutes. 

Capri island view.


Oh hi hunnnayyyy!


Street art, Capri.


If only I could own this property. Just saying’ Dream garden.


Always wanted to do this! Finally got my ass into that famous Blue Grotto! Woohoooo. so coooool!


The Ferries drop you off at this tiny station where you pay 13 euro, and hop onto these tiny row boats. (otherwise can’t fit in the cave. lol) You are greeted by an italian man (the rower of the tiny boat) and told to duck your head as you enter this mysterious cave. Once inside…it’s like magic. He begins singing old italian folk songs as you admire incredible highlighter blue waters. Wow. Stoked to have that checked that off my bucket list!:)



It’s been real Capri.


Back in Positano…my selfie game was on point.


Couldn’t get enough of these awesome, vintage tiles all over town which were clearly hand painted. 


Here we go again with the Faaaackin heart shaped food. Dying laughing at this point. What the hell. “Yes Senore, party of one!” Geeezuz.


Apparently this is “Italian island style” Hmmm. I guess I’m still deciding if it’s more…Hobbit, or Land of the Lost attire. 


Simple, elegant, fresh…my perfect meal. Heirloom tomatoes with homemade mozzarella, oregano & olive oil. Dayyyummmm.


Now, this is my kind of “island style”


Bronzin’ at Spiaggia Grande, Positano.


Fornillo Beach. A quieter, more local beach. A few steps from Spiggia Grande.


That was the second bottle I bought of Rose. Different day…different set up. Lol. Don’t judge me.


Posted up for 4 days.


The beauty of this place simply just cannot be captured by photo. These hills and homes change colors with the hours of light in the day & the illumination of lights at night. There are no words.


My favorite dinner view. Ristorante Caffe Positano.




  For the last 2 days left of my adventure…I headed back to Rome to meet my best friend of a million years for a reunion:) Friends don’t let friends eat carbs alone. Grazia & Graziella in Trastevere for lunch.


Met up with a super fun group of friends visiting rome, and started the night out with a beautiful 5 course meal.


The night was amazing. Filled with laughs, dancing, drinking way too much and decadent food. My kinda night.


Last day in Rome was spent with bestie<3 Time to catch my plane.


What felt like 45 HOURS  later…I was back at LAX. Strangely, It felt funny not hearing the Italian language. Lol. 

This trip was an unforgettable experience! I got my eat, pray, love trip that I had always dreamed of. I gotta say though…as amazing as it was, I probably wouldn’t travel alone again. There were so many moments where I wished I had someone special to share them with.(bf was back home) I definitely learned soooo much during this trip. It was pretty life changing, to be honest. Absolutely empowering! I encourage every women to do this once in your life. Step back for a bit, re-focus, find what drives you. Be spontaneous because you never know when you’ll ever get that chance again. Not trying to preach here, but, GET IT GURRRL!!!



New Years celebration!

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How are we feeling after this weekend’s celebrations friends? Did y’all enjoy the last day of 2012?? Yeeeeeehooooooo. I did! Maybe a little too much;) Monday was a super fun day! I got a lot done, stoked on my new toy (vitamix), managed to get in my last workout of the year, Zumba, of course, and made some bomb ass scalloped potatoes for the New Years festivities. Sooo excited!
I wanted to share the fun with all of you babes! It was a blast! Full of great champagne, wine, friends, delicious food, and pretty little sweets.
Here’s the bestie Amy. Her and her boyfriend Matt hosted a great party, always do.

As we sipped our wine, we enjoyed a variety of cheeses, nuts, veggies, and dips



These lovely ladies…..gorge…

We literally stood in this position for like 15 minutes as Lance (a the photo genius) was playing with all the settings on my camera, trying out different shots. Lol. In the end, we decided it was the lighting above us that we didn’t like.
Btw…I have cute friends;)

The beautiful couple.

Apparently we REALLY like this pose. Byeeeeeee

CHEERS babes! Not gonna lie, I was just a wheeeeeeee bit tipsy. Here we go 2013!

Best part! You guys, seriously, no joke, dinner was A-MAZE-BALLZ! Just keep lookin on…
I mean….this picture says it all. Meat lovers paradise.


Amy’s homemade creamed cheesy spinach. LABOMBA.

Gorgeous caramelized root veggies, garlic,onions, that cooked with the juices of the meat.



This is when the drunkies came out.. Lol. Shouldn’t be allowed to hold a big ass knife in those conditions.

Ummm, do you see what’s happening here…..

PERFECTLY COOKED! Check out that pink. Wow. Never have I evaaaaaaa!

The potatoes au gratin were a hit. I ended up doing a healthier version. You know how heavy that dish can be. Originally made with lots of cream, cheese, butter, etc. I made it with ghee (clean butter), little bit of flour, nonfat Greek yogurt , skim cheeses, and unsweetened flax milk. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see how nicely it thickened up while on the stovetop. Also lots of garlic and thyme. That always makes thing taste delicious!

Ok, so annoyed. Apparently sometime during the evening, I got a big ol’ smudge on my lense. Effing pissed, cuz now you can’t really see my plate in all it’s glory!
Anyway, I forgot to mention, the CRAB LEGS. No bigz.
Dinner was amazing. I really enjoyed it all. Everything paired beautifully.



Another friend had made some delicious sweet treats
Angel food cupcakes and cookies shaped like champagne bottles. Adorbs.


I think things got a little blurry from this moment on. Literally.

The sweetest, raddest couple. Lance & Vaness. Loved seeing them!

Another year gone, and boy was it a crazy one! I hope that all of you enjoyed your evening as much as we did! We a truly blessed in this life. Don’t forget that. So let’s throw our hats up!




Ending the year with some NEW TOYS! Vitamix,Polar ft60,DDf

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Homegurrrrrrrrl just got herself a lil PREZZIE!!!!!!


Do you understand what’s happening right now…my life’s about to change. I finally decided to make the plunge kids. I have wanted this bad boy for SO long, and I woke up this morning on a damn mission. I was at Bed Bath & Beyond as soon as their doors opened. You know me… If I want something…Get ready, that shit is happening.YESSSSSSSSS!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh

Ok, enough with the annoying “!!!!!!”

Originally $500

I payed $400….oh yes. Wondering how?

The freakin 20% off coupon that we all get in the mail, but never use! Hell no, not passing that up.


I was so embarrassing this morning at the store, alllllll taking pictures of the box, so I could immediately post on instagram. Goooood Lord. This thing is incredible. You could literally put a whole avocado pit in your smoothie, and you wouldn’t even be able to tell it was in there. it’s that powerful. Also, not to worry, it comes with a 7 YEAR WARRANTY. Pretty great.


I’ve been geeking out over here. So far this morning, I’ve watched the hour DVD it came with, read the whole recipe book, and researched online. Listen, I’m not gonna buy a $500 blender and not utilize or take advantage of EVERY single feature. I went to the grocery store today, so you best believe, first thing tomorrow morning I will be making my goddess green smoothie 🙂 No chunks in this one! (my last blender was a joke).


I’ve had this under my favorite tools for the kitchen for a bit now, just waiting for the moment I actually could buy it, and I have a feeling I most definitely Won’t be regretting it. If you don’t already own one,are curious, or are contemplating the purchase, please take a moment to check out the features:

  • Create smoothies, hot soups, and frozen desserts with one machine
  • The ability to chop, cream, blend, heat, grind, churn, and more, with a single machine
  • Quick and easy self-cleaning with a drop of dish soap and warm water; just run on High for 30 seconds
  • break-resistant, BPA-free copolyester pitchers, stainless steel blades and durably-built base
  • break up cell walls, which unlock the nutrition in fruit, vegetables and greens better than any other lower-powered blenders can.

Mi amor, there she is, in all her glory, in her new favorite spot.


Around 1:00 I got the hell outta the house. I wanted to sport my Christmas gift from Mama. My new polar watch. It was time to set up the fit test, and give this puppy a try. First things first…

Fitness test. Before setting up your new training info and schedule, you must strap this heart monitor/transmitter snug right under your tatas. Follow the steps on the watch,lie down and relax until the watch beeps, your heart rate will now sync. After i did this step, I was ready. Except, I didn’t realize I had to wear the freakin thing every time I worked out to get the accurate heart rate bpm. Yes, ONLY bummer. I went for a quick run with willy to try it out without the transmitter on, and was wondering if I had received a faulty watch. LOL Dummy. The thing is actually not even noticeable. it’s pretty discrete.

Me and the transmitter n’ all headed to LA fitness for my first training sesh.

Today’s workout consisted of:

  • 30 min elliptical intervals high/low resistance
  • 20 min on treadmill. 1 mile @ 6.4 mph. 1/2 mile @ 7.1 & 1/2 mile alternating intervals of 30 seconds 10.0 mph-30 seconds rest
  • Ab series
  • Lower back raises
  • Superman
  • dead lift with 60 lb bar
  • push ups
  • stretching

I was like a kid in a candy store. I swear, this thing inspires you to work harder. The whole time I was working out, I could see exactly what I needed to do to get into a fat burning zone, when I was in rest mode, and when I was in the mid-range zone. I can use this watch to set fitness goals — lose weight, improve fitness, or maximize fitness.


This watch and transmitter also has an EnergyPointer, which calculates the point where training turns from fat burning to fitness improvement, and in weekly summary you read on the watch

it will also alarm you if your heart rate exceeds or dips below your target sounding an alarm. It tells you how well you have done in each target heart rate zone. Between the tracking and motivational elements, a trainer without the trainer 😉 639 calories burned today. STOKED!


This image shows precisely how much time I spent in each target heart rate zone during my workout. 3 being the highest intensity. Not just that, the watch saves your training, so that you have the ability to see your improvement.Amazeballz. This little gadget will push you to want to do better and burn more calories. When I would work out before the watch, I was just relying on what the machine would say. I always thought the calorie count was fishy…..it always seemed really high. I put it to the test today, annnnnnd I was right!! The difference was astonishing. It was almost a 175 calorie difference. The Polar ft60 really has the the right accuracy, and even though I realized I wasn’t burning as many cals as I had thought without it, it forced me to work that much harder to get the results I expected. Don’t trust that lying little elliptical;)


I left the gym feeling fit and accomplished. That transmitter is actually really comfy, I forgot I had it on, and ran my errands for the next 2 hours with the damn thing on. Loser.
I stopped in at the local supplement store near the gym to pick up some staples that I was out of.

COLLAGEN SPORT Protein in vanilla

Once I got home, willy just about had a heart attack. I just don’t even know what to do anymore! He has the absolute WORST case of separation anxiety. It stresses me out to the max. He had scratched to bottom of the door sooo bad, ripped up the rug in front of the door, AND, manage to get ahold of his leash ( which was hanging by the door) and ate though the leather. Literally now in half, I had to go straight to petco to pick up a new one. Pissed. Wahhhhhhhh…I’m whining. I just was ready to relax.

Finally ready to cook up something yummy and light my new candle by archipelago. Smells like winter! I’m a sucker for setting a mood with a great smelling candle. Sometimes I feel like a little bit of a candle hoarder. I can’t help it. Every time I see them on GILT.COM, I buy like 4 at a time, and store them. LOVE.


Check out this gorgeous ceramic wine cork. A gift from a friend for christmas 🙂 I poured myself a glass of bordeaux, and began making dinner. I don’t know about you, but I love me some wine during cooking sessions. Oh and of course, with Edith Piaf in the background.













































After my delicious dinner of stewed shredded chicken tenders in broth, spices, and slowly cooked, I took a nice hot shower, and gave myself a sulfur mask.

I’m a fan of home facials:) this DDF sulfur mask is particularly for acne prone skin. I don’t usually have big breakouts, but I always have issues with in larger pores, so I try to nip it in the bud early. Can’t hurt to do one once every 2-3 wks. Once a week if your skin is quite oily and likely to break out.

Check their website now and receive 20% off your entire order. Love this stuff. Products for all skin types.


Loving the fact that I AGAIN get to enjoy 3 days off! Looking forward to making my famous scalloped potatoes for the New Years celebration dinner with friends!

What are the plans for New Years guys?
Btw… Pleaseeeeee be safe out there, people are crazy!


What are your favorite low carb New Years cocktails? I need ideas;)






Back to the grind & MAKIN MEALS MONDAY!

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 I’M SORE!!!!

The day after a big race, my body definitely aches.I woke up with lots of bruises on my legs from all the freakin crawling under barbed wire! yeah, I know, but somehow, I felt stronger than ever! That accomplishment felt amazing! I REALLY recommend doing something like that at least one time in your life!


On to another note…. My friend posted this on my facebood today, and I died laughing! It made my day! I used o be like, OBSESSED with Selena!

I was up early excited to start my day with a morning stretch an a nice stroll around the neighborhood with Willy. December seriously started out with a bang, and I want to stay on that roll. So even though I was sore as hell, I geared up and headed to my Monday morning ZUMBA class. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before how much I love Zumba, but If you are new to my blog… Let me tell you, it was probably my favorite workout EVER! I burn approx. 500-600 cals in an hour. I go FULL out. My instructor Sandy Campanella rocks the house and inspires you to give it your all. I will be interviewing her soon so be on the lookout. For those of you looking for a fun and effective workout in the San fernando Valley, CHECK HER OUT!  It really does make a huge difference in a workout, when you totally LOVE the teacher. In my eyes, makes or breaks it. Especially in Zumba where not just the moves have to be upbeat and contemporary, but the instructor has to show the kind of enthusiasm that you see in movies.

 I could easily take Zumba at my local gym for free, but, there is no comparison. Absolutely none. This is a shot of my sweaty ass below:) I hour of pure cardio!

I wanted to share with you guys today’s meals, If that’s ok with you?;)

Breakfast consisted of my Green Goddess Morning Smoothie

 Along with my ritual coffee and almond milk. Mom had made some fresh low-carb cran-orange muffins,so she sent me home with a couple to try. They were sooo good. No one would ever guess they were low-carb. I’m stealing the recipe and I promise to make them ASAP to share with all of you babes!


Of course after Zumba I was starved, so I munched on some organic low-fat cottage cheese topped with my Low-Carb Granola, and some fresh blueberries. Not gonna lie…I ate more granola than pictured….

Then I headed out to the local TJ’s for my weekly shopping extravaganza. Sometimes i trip out at how well priced this place is. I swear I fill up the cart to the rim everytime, and it pretty much never exceeds $100 bucks. Now, on the other hand if I go to Whole Foods for some specialty items, (u must admit, that place, although not cheap, is quality) I end up spending the same amount on 15 things. Cray cray. It’s all about prioritizing. I save by always making and preparing my own meals, pretty much every meal instead of ordering in.

The usual suspects in the basket….Check out my recommendations for a healthy shopping list HERE.


Your gonna love this bomb ass salad!

Gorgeous right?

A frisee salad topped with left over roasted kabocha squash, egg whites, Lemon-tahini dressing, and siracha:)

It was so good. I may have actually put a bit too much siracha, if that’s actually possible:)


Check out this great, easy dinner idea.

Miso Glazed Salmon

Served with a side of baby asparagus, dripping from the miso, and green onions.

I also tried a new wine tonight. A cab from Argentina:) It was so lovely. A smooth finish to the evening.

Well, the evening was over until my sweet tooth took a turn on me.

I busted out this big ol’ chunk of carob chips that had frozen together. ( i keep them in the freezer, they stay fresh for when I’m ready to bake them). YUMMMMMMM


 Goodnight guys:) I hope you enjoyed the meals for today…


What are your December fitness goals?


WeDneSdaY B-day Shoutout

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Happy wednesday folks!

Officially 4 days till the Spartan Race. I’m not in the salon till 10.00 a.m. so, I woke up at 6, drove straight to gym.I recieved this email from from my online Spartan trainer, and  this workout is gonna kick my ass! I won’t be doing my WOD on thurs (tomorrow) because I’ve got Zumba class. I just honestly don’t want to risk being any kind of sore or tight anywhere on my body before sunday.So no heavy lifting. Last time a trained for a race, I ran 6 miles the day before and somehow strained my achilles. So pissed. Dumb status. Not doing that this time. I really think it’s important to give your body a rest and allow your muscles time to recover. So this morning will be the last of the WOD. 🙂 What an EXPERIENCE!

I swear after sunday I’m only doing zumba and yoga for a whole week. That’ll be nice. Then back to adding in the strength training.

So….Ideally, for a hardcore session, 5 circuit sets should be done with the exercises back-to -back and minimal rest. If you like structure, a breakdown on a good use of rest is supplied at the end of the workout. Each set should be at least 12 reps of continuous motion. Rest in between exercises rather than between reps.

Ok, Lets go….

Before going for this circuit, make sure you have a bench press and some room close by with dumbbells ready. On average three to five revolutions should take no more than forty minutes, but internally strive for the best time possible. This workout is an obstacle course for the body itself. Watch your form people!

I was at the gym a total of 1 hour & 15 min. Notice all of the bending down I was doing…well…GUESS WHAT HAPPENED.

I wanted to die!!! Felt absolutely no drift! Apparently before throwing them in the hamper last week, I left them sweaty on the floor for a couple hours, and I don’t know if any of you girls out there who have dogs, have ever experienced this, BUT….yeah…Willy completely ate an EFFING hole in the crotch!!! ahhhhhhhhI never noticed, washed them, picked them up this morning out of the drawer, no clue, and did my whole workout with the freakin hole. It wasn’t till I was stretching, with my ass facing the mirror that I noticed. I ran out of there so damn fast. The guy at the front desk was like “Bye, thank you” I just kept my headphones in and RAN! I posted this on my instagram as soon as I got in the car.

I needed CARBS! (good carbs of course)


These were just what I needed! This recipe is so easy, It took like 20 min all together. They were a treat. They are under the  breakfast recipes!I enjoyed one of these along with my coffee w/ almond milk, got ready for work and headed out.

I wanted to take today’s post as a chance to wish my amazing brother a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Doesn’t he look like Clark Kent? (superman)

This was taken at my parents house the last time he came to visit.

I have no idea what we are doing in this pic but I thought it was cute.

Having a ball at Mango’s in Miami. We went there on a family trip a couple years ago, and I actually got him up to dance.

Btw…Holy TAN browndoggie face.

Happy special day LIL bro! xx

After work, I headed to Hollywood to meet up with a couple of girlfriends. We had planned for me to come and cut their hair, have a laugh, and enjoy a glass of wine. Laura (Gina Starr) a genius Dj, is always open for a super cool look. Her hair is like a violet, silver kind of color, which a co-worker of mine did. Looks amazing.I’ll post picks soon! Love cutting her hair. She always give me complete freedom to try new things. Gen, my other friend,client, and an amazing jewelry designer, also got a new super cool look. We cut her hair into a cute little A-line layered bob. She loved it. After we finished cutting, we finished our wine and I was ready to head home for some dinner. It was a long day. She surprised me with a little gift from her collection. Aren’t they fabulous? Her Etsy shop will be up soon, so be on the lookout! I’ll be supporting on my blog for sure. Her stuff is unique and feminine. Always with a bit of lace. A little vintage inspired too.

As soon as I got home, I took willy out, and headed inside for some yummy leftovers of almond crusted tilapia, spanish green beans, some roasted kabocha squash, and some sauteed spinach and zuchinni in garlic. It looks like my usual snacky plate. Lots of different flavors to get a perfect bite.

After dinner, I felt relaxed, put my PJ’son, and poured myself a glass of this wine. It was really good. Although I fell asleep working on the blog. On the couch of course, so I didn’t end up finishing it. Oh well, didn’t need the extra cals anyway…



Are you one of those people who has to eat everything on their plate separately? Where nothing can touch each other? Fascinating.

xo babes


It’s freakin Chritmas in 3 1/2 weeks!

You know what that means…..