OK. So this is what Im training for:



This morning started off pretty early…like 5:30 early. I purposely slept in my gym clothes so that I would have absolutely no excuse. It would’ve taken longer to take off my clothes than it woul’ve been to just get out of the house right then. Took my supplements, water bottle,  munched on a few almonds, and took off. I’m lucky my gym is like 5 blocks away. Another reason why there is no excuse:)

As soon as I arrived, I snaked the nearest treadmill, stretched and began with my 10 min warm-up jog. Straight to the mat after that to begin the WOD, which today consisted of:

  1. 10 push-ups
  2. body weight squats
  3. 10 burpees
  4. 10 crunches

repeated 3X and followed by a 2 mile HIIT. (ran 1 mile @ 6.4, then alternated the 2nd mile with 30sec @10.0 with 30 sec rest.  I felt super energized after that set, so I decided to stay a bit longer to work on my upper and lower back. Since I stand on my feet all day at work, I have to keep a strong core and upper body so that I don’t end up like quasimoto! Mom’s always on my case about my posture. It will always be something that I need to stay on top of.

After an 1 hour & 15…I was done for. I pushed it today and it payed off and oh yeah, I beat my plank time!! hell yessss. Felt great all day, full of energy and could tell that I continued to burn for hours after! Got home and was starving, typical for me after a workout, or, well just typical in general. lol. Grabbed a couple of my Protein Packed Pumpkin Muffins added a little Natures Hollow sugar free strawberry jam and poured myself a cup of joe. yummmmmmm !!! Tuesdays I don’t go into work untl 11 am. My mornings are precious to me because I get soooo much done! I LOVE TUESDAYS. Although I hate that i don’t get home til 8pm. ew

Here’s the man of the house. Willy:) I’m sure he’s always thinking “what the hell is she always taking pictures of? You’re a creep MOM” hehe










Here is my freakin cute ass perfect lunch box by goodbyn . Lunch was some leftover turkey meatloaf I had made last night, egg whites, edamame, and some raw zuchinni hummus. Yes It’s time to go grocery shopping:) My co-worker Lucy had just gotten back and brought us some Garrett popcorn (apperently famous) but… I resisted. Thank god. I gotta be honest it looked AMAZE-BALLZ. But I was happy with my lunch and completely satified:)



 Outfit  inspiration today: Chola chic;)

Shirt: Forever 21..Shorts: Zara…Shoes: Steve Madden (found them at T.J.Maxx)…Ring: Marshalls…Necklace: It’s my friend Dianne’s. lol (she’ll be asking for that back) lol

Find great prices out there and be a Maxxinista.

Get this look for under $100


After work I was craving some BOMB sushi…so we stopped at Sushi Don and picked up a sashimi salad that seriously hit the spot! As soon as I finished…I was in a heaven food coma. Protein before so I can wake up and do it all over again:) I love it. Oh & BTW…share with me some of your favorite HIIT workouts! I need some new ones<3

Night boos