Hey guys! Today, this post is dedicated to my RE-inspiration of getting my feet back to the pavement. As you know, this past year, I ran my first ever 10k, and was completely hooked. I surprised myself with how well I did actually. I had always been active, and worked out, but had never built the endurance of a runner, so I had to start at zero. I created a training schedule to keep me on track, and to get my body used to running more than one meeeeezzly mile. (the most I could do then. Yes.. believe it.) In 2 months, I was comfortable running 6 miles without stopping to walk.

Since then, (october) I’ve consumed my workouts with with other fun activities. You know I get bored;), but I think it’s time to get back into it. I miss the feeling of accomplishing a race. To me, Ms. Competitive Lady, the best motivator is a bit of fun competition! I’m sure you can relate, right?

There are a lot of things that you sure take into account before deciding to hit the streets. Mostly because it can get boring, painful, and difficult, so a lot of people give up because they just end up hating it.

Listen, I’m not saying everyone is built to run 26 freakin miles, but the point being, that running can be a great asset to an everyday FIT life. Remember… 1 mile is more than none.

I’m back to training now a couple days a week, and wanted to share some great tips with you guys to maybe give you that last little push that you may need;)


Why having a running partner works:

1. You’ve heard it before, but it’s so true: There’s nothing like good conversation to make a run fly by.

2. A partner can help troubleshoot your running form. Have him or her look at your stride and point out what you’re doing wrong.

3. Partner running is safer. Particularly for women and during nighttime running, you’re much less likely to encounter trouble if you have company.

4. Partners are good pacesetters. If you have a hard day planned, call Speedy. He or she will keep you honest. Likewise, if you want to be sure to run easy, set a running date with Slowpoke.

5. A partner is the perfect pick-me-up when you’re bored with your running. Or with life, for that matter. If nothing else, you’ll have someone to blab to about your problems.

6. If you’re apt to miss running days for no good reason, a running partner will help. You won’t want to disappoint a friend by being a no-show.

7. If you’re tired of the same old running routes, a partner is sure to know some different ones.

8. Partners make great alarm clocks. If you’ve always wanted to do more morning runs, find a morning person to run with. Added benefit: You’ll be better acclimated to those a.m. races once you’ve done some a.m. training.




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Reasons to sign up for a race now:

  1. To test the waters: You don’t have to convince yourself to sign up for a marathon; there are many smaller races that will give you the sense of accomplishment and help you decide if running is for you. 5K races, for example, are great for new and experienced runners alike; even if you’ve clocked longer races under your belt, 5Ks are a great way to test your speed and improve on your time. If you’re new to running, five kilometers (or 3.1 miles) is the perfect distance to tackle as a beginner. If you’re new to 5Ks, here’s a5K training plan for beginners.
  2. To stick to your goals: If you’re like most of us, your New Year’s resolutions include a new (or better) fitness regimen. Signing up for a race now will help you not become a member of the broken resolutions club. After you sign up for a race, look for a running club to join; training for a race with newfound friends will further ensure that you stay motivated and on track.
  3. No last-minute diet plans: Sign up for a late-spring marathon now and you’ll have ample time to start a four-month marathon-training plan. Committing now will help you finish your race like you want to, but will also help you stay ahead of the game when it’s bikini weather; you won’t have to resort to last-minute diets and crazy fitness regimens when Summer rolls around.


Below, I’ve listed some of the upcoming races in the area. Isn’t it crazy how many there are?! Now, just choosing one….

Sport Date Name Location
Running 01.19.13 Don Bosco Tech Music – A 5K Run/Walk for the Sound of Music South El MonteCA
Cycling 01.19.13 12 Hours Of Temecula #1 TemeculaCA
Running 01.19.13 Temecula Valley Half Marathon + 5K TemeculaCA
Running 01.19.13 Tule Fog 5K/10K Run VisaliaCA
Running 01.20.13 LASAA 2012-2013 Mug Run #6 – HOM CommerceCA
Cycling 01.20.13 SoCal Enduro temeculaCA
Running 01.26.13 Kids Marathon Mile at LEGOLAND CarlsbadCA
Other 01.26.13 3rd Annual Newport Beach 1st Battalion 1st Marines Beach Challenge Newport BeachCA
Running 01.26.13 PDCMS Foundation 5K Palm DesertCA
Running 01.26.13 Coastal Challenge 5K/10K Playa Del ReyCA
Other 01.26.13 Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge San DiegoCA
Running 01.26.13 Stephen Strasburg 5K with Tony Gwynn benefiting Aztec Baseball San DiegoCA
Running 01.26.13 OLA 5K VenturaCA
Running 01.27.13 2013 Tri-City Medical Center Carlsbad Marathon + Half Marathon CarlsbadCA
Training 01.27.13 Tri-City Medical Center Carlsbad Marathon & Half Marathon Training CarlsbadCA
Running 01.27.13 Wild Horse Trail Half Marathon Chula VistaCA
Running 01.27.13 Highland Family YMCA 30th Annual 1/2 Marathon, 10K and 5K Run HighlandCA
Running 01.27.13 Rose Bowl Half Marathon PasadenaCA
Running 01.27.13 Run For Music San Luis ObispoCA
Running 01.27.13 The Biggest Loser RunWalk Off-Road Challenge Temecula TemeculaCA
Sport Date Name Location
Running 02.02.13 Anthony’s Seeing is Believing 5K + 10K Run/Walk BakersfieldCA
Running 02.02.13 Run with Dogs Dana PointCA
Running 02.02.13 The Electric Run – San Diego Del MarCA
Running 02.02.13 The Color Run Los Angeles Los AngelesCA
Running 02.02.13 Moorpark Groundhog Day 5K MoorparkCA
Running 02.02.13 Run Or Dye Orange County Orange CountyCA
Running 02.02.13 YMCA Super Fun Run 10K + 5K + Kids’ Run Paso RoblesCA
Running 02.02.13 Super Run 10K and 5K Run/Walk San DiegoCA
Running 02.03.13 LASAA 2012-2013 Mug Run #7 – PKB CerritosCA
Running 02.03.13 Super Bowl 4-Miler GoletaCA
Running 02.03.13 Surf City USA Marathon/Half Marathon Huntington BeachCA
Running 02.03.13 Super Kids Sunday 5K and Fun Run Long BeachCA
Running 02.03.13 Redondo Beach Super Bowl Sunday 10K/5K Run/Walk Redondo BeachCA
Training 02.04.13 HITS Triathlon Series Palm Springs Week-long Tri-Camp La QuintaCA
Training 02.05.13 Death Valley Camp Death ValleyCA
Training 02.08.13 Triathlon Coaching as a Business Santa MonicaCA
Running 02.09.13 OC Chili Winter Trail Run Series (#1) Trabuco CanyonCA
Running 02.09.13 CSUB PEAK Club Valentine’s Run BakersfieldCA
Cycling 02.09.13 15th Annual Tour de Palm Springs Palm SpringsCA
Running 02.09.13 Rosemead 5K RosemeadCA
Sport Date Name Location
Running 02.09.13 Run or Dye San Diego San DiegoCA
Running 02.09.13 Westlake Village Pancreatic Cancer Research Run Westlake VillageCA
Running 02.10.13 GIRLS ON THE GO for Women & Girls SacramentoCA
Running 02.10.13 Live Ultimate Los Angeles 5K/10K Run/Walk, Ultimate Team Challenge and Kids Dash Santa MonicaCA
Running 02.10.13 Puppy Love 5K Del MarCA
Running 02.10.13 15th Annual Palm Springs 1/2 Marathon, 1/2 Marathon Relay and 5K Run/Walk Palm SpringsCA
Running 02.10.13 San Dieguito Half Marathon/5K Run/Walk Rancho Santa FeCA
Running 02.16.13 Paws FUR Pink 5K Run/Walk OrangeCA
Running 02.16.13 Bishop Alemany 5K Mission HillsCA
Running 02.16.13 BUZZ Marathon #13 San MiguelCA
Running 02.16.13 President’s Day Weekend 5K WalnutCA
Running 02.17.13 7th Annual 5K Winter Warm Up CarpinteriaCA
Running 02.17.13 Rock ‘n’ Roll Pasadena Half Marathon PasadenaCA
Running 02.17.13 Bandit Ultra Trail Run 50K, 30K, 15K + 6K Simi ValleyCA
Running 02.17.13 LASAA 2012-2013 Mug Run #8 – WAL WalnutCA
Running 02.23.13 Snowshoe the Bear Big Bear LakeCA
Running 02.23.13 Love Your Community 5K Run CamarilloCA
Running 02.23.13 Southland Credit Union Los Alamitos Race on the Base Los AlamitosCA
Cycling 02.23.13 5th Annual Los Angeles Chinatown Firecracker Bike Ride Los AngelesCA
Running 02.24.13 Frozen Food Foundation 5K and Walk AnaheimCA
Sport Date Name Location
Running 02.24.13 Brea 8K Classic 2013 BreaCA
Running 02.24.13 35th Annual Los Angeles Chinatown Firecracker 5/10K Run Los AngelesCA
Running 02.24.13 WiSH Education Foundation Run For Gold NewhallCA
Triathlon 02.24.13 13th annual Redlands Triathlon, Duathlon + 5K Run/Walk RedlandsCA
Running 02.24.13 Roses en La Playa Santa BarbaraCA
Running 03.02.13 11th Annual Diamond Valley Lake Marathon HemetCA
Running 03.02.13 DairyAire 5K ChinoCA
Triathlon 03.02.13 14th Annual Desert International, Sprint Triathlon and Duathlon La QuintaCA
Walking 03.02.13 Walk to End Alzheimer’s – Coachella Valley Palm DesertCA
Running 03.02.13 Running Wild for Hidden Valley riversideCA
Running 03.02.13 Finish Chelsea’s Run 5K Run/Walk San DiegoCA
Running 03.03.13 Laguna Niguel Triathlon 5K/10K + 1K Kids Run Laguna NiguelCA
Running 03.03.13 Home Run For Kids 5K/10K Los AngelesCA
Running 03.03.13 City Challenge Urban Race Pasadena 5K + Half Marathon PasadenaCA
Running 03.03.13 St. Patrick’s Day 5K Run/Community Walk & Leprechaun Dash for the Gold Redondo BeachCA
Running 03.03.13 LASAA 2012-2013 Mug Run #9 – TEM Temple CityCA
Triathlon 03.08.13 Bayshore 70.4 Triathlon Long BeachCA
Running 03.09.13 Every Child Matters 5K Run/Walk Los AngelesCA
Running 03.09.13 Festival of Whales Grunion Run Dana PointCA
Running 03.09.13 Run Or Dye – Los Angeles Los AngelesCA

Why strength training matters:

Runners often overlook strength training for the upper body, yet this conditioning can yield major gains in respiratory efficiency, core stability, and running economy. The mechanism here is muscle strength, which improves performance and prevents injury.

The area of a muscle correlates to the amount of force it can produce; bigger muscles produce greater force. Resistance training can increase the size of the muscle–but it can also enhance the nervous system’s ability to coordinate the contraction of muscle fibers, which also contributes to greater force. In runners, the goal is greater force without increased muscle size, or developing a big engine in a light chassis. Training duration, volume, and intensity are all variables that determine whether this desired outcome is achieved.












Finding the shoe that fits:

There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable while running. When the shoe is wrong for you, you tend to change the  way you run and land, which can sometimes cause injury. Avoid this, by stopping into a running store and getting properly fitted for your style. The best thing about doing this, is that they will have you run in front of them to get an idea of your habits, style , and movements. Below, are some of my faves that I’ve tried before, and had lots of luck with. Find your favorite!





Apps & playlists:

I know people who run with nothing but their own breath, and that’s fine, I’m just not one of them….

I need to stay pumped up, you know?

You can do this by creating a playlist through pandora, spotify, or from your Itunes library!

Not only do I need some serious tunes, but I need to stay motivated by hearing my improvement during my workout. The apps below are the best ones to keep you on point.



Nike+ Running

Zombies, Run!



Before Those First Steps!

There are very few people who should not exercise because of cardiovascular, structural, muscular, or other problems. It is very important to ensure that you are not in this risk category.

  • Before beginning any exercise, diet or other improvement program, be sure to have yourself and the program evaluated by specialists in the areas you are pursuing.
  • Specific structures and problems of individuals may require program modifications.
  • In each area, find specialists who are also knowledgeable about the positive and other effects of exercise and running.
  • Ask several respected leaders in the fitness community for recommendations of specialists.
  • Always back off any exercise or program when you feel any risk of injury or health.
  • The benefits come from regular exercise and steady adherence to a long-term program.
  • Never radically increase the amount of exercise or drastically change diet and other health elements.
  • Joining a group helps motivation!
  • Have fun and you’ll want to continue.

Are you getting stoked?!

well, one last thing.

In addition, check out this link to learn how to properly breath while running.