Ok, now that the holidays are over, can I get a HALLELUJAH to this statement! lol. I thought it was a perfect thought to take the piss.;) I’m sure we all had our fair share of naughty…but DELICIOUS foods during last weeks festivities, right?

Well I enjoyed every second of it. Even though I indulged, as I know,as we all should know, It’s gonna be OK ladies. We are done feeling guilty, REMEMBER? So this post it dedicated to not stressing on the past, and looking forward to a bright, and active future. yeah?


My last gluttonous meal of the holiday, started off healthy with this yummy salad, then Mom busted out her famous, homemade pizzas.


You see….It’s all good. Why? Because I made sure to hit the gym straight from work before heading over the folk’s house (duh) AND…. It was my last dinner with my brother and Sarah before they headed back to Canada, so we celebrated with wine, pizza and dessert. Bliss.



I’m sorry, but look at this beaut. The works.


We had a great evening and a wonderful holiday, and since I had the three days off, my inner regimen was off.

I’m ready to go back to my random healthy breakfasts and scheduled workouts. I’ve come to realize that I do really well when things are set to a certain schedule. I find it helps to hold myself accountable and it becomes less likely for me to “fall of the wagon” anyone else?

This weeks meals will be mostly protein and vegetables, with the exception, of course, of a couple dinners out with friends. For sure planning to hit the farmer’s market on Sunday morning, to pick up bags full of veggies to roast, blend, and juice. Ohhhh, maybe make the “Glowing Green Goddess” a couple mornings for a delicious detox smoothie. I’ve tried making large batches of food at a time to have things ready for the whole week. You know, for packed lunch and ready to heat dinners, so that I really stay on track, but….you see, I just really LOVE to cook, so I prefer making small batches of a variety of foods for the week, and I never get bored. I grocery shop once a week, get everything I need, and play off of that. See my grocery list.

As far as the workouts for the week:


One of my favorite quick morning breakfasts is this! Remember a couple weeks ago I hit up RAW food world for the monthly goodie stock up? Well, I am obsessing over this RAW pumpkin seed butter. I love that fact that it’s not really sweet, but smooth, and not oily at all!

I took this pic before I realized that my sugar fee strawberry jam had started to go bad so…..


I used Natures Hollow apricot jam instead

With a paleo coconut wrap and 1/2 banana. I think that if I hadn’t added the banana, I would’ve been starving in an hour. Lordy! It feels good to being back to my clean foods.

My lunches have been looking like this as of this week. Delicious grilled salmon with just a bit of lemon, salt, and pepper. Over a simple salad. Occasionally adding roasted winter vegetables. I’m especially loving my kabocha squashes. I could eat that shiz up all day! Sometimes, I sub salmon for lean chicken breast, or lean ground beef with spices.
Something that is absolutely **always** in my fridge, HARD BOILED EGGS:) I can snack on them all day. I boil around 6 at a time, and take them to work everyday. I don’t ever eat the yolk, cuz frankly… I feel like I’m eating an embryo. A baby chicken… Effing gross, and if I’m eating this many eggs, I really don’t need all that cholesterol.
Also… Let’s talk about… How I began hating egg yolks when I convinced myself I was allergic to em’. It’s been 3 years. Lol. I am currently trying to build my immunity to this allergy.. 😉

I just had to post this pic. I was cracking up when I plated this. This *beauty * is my sorry ass attempt at banana/ egg white pancakes. I had taken these great shots of the “prep” and the cooking process… Allllll excited for the big finish. Of course expecting these pretty and plump lil cakes and I got this embarrassing excuse of a thing. The taste was good but, Dare I try to to even pretend to take a halfway decent pic of this. Hell no. You’re gettin the iPhone version.


Here’s my sunshine. Roasted kabocha for the week. I eat the skin and all. More fiber for meeeee! I need all I can get. Trrrrust me gurrrrl:/


Annnnd, Last but not least…. A nice way to end week, hellllll the year…. to my surprise, I was honored with the “Stylist of the Year” award for Sassoon Beverly Hills salon. Yeay!!! What an awesome way to hurrraaaayyyy to 2012.
No matter what shitty things have gone on for you this year. Just know, that you can make the next year better and happier than the last one. **YOLO!**
Ok, so we only have a few days left to figure out what our New Years resolutions will be. I’ve been seriously contemplating this thought… Do they *actually *hold up? Are we just putting added pressure and stress to our lives? *or*, *is it healthy to set standards and expectations for ourselves to encourage a better lifestyle? *

Listen, to each is own. For me, I need to be realistic. If I set resolutions that are too hard to accomplish, I’ll get depressed and stressed knowing that I’m struggling to reach them. I think I would prefer to set smaller, more reachable goals, so that I don’t obsess.

2013 is all about **YOU** darlings.
**YOU ** are enough.
**YOU** are strong.
**YOU** are worth it.


Get yourself some new outfits, maybe join a new workout class.
Stress less and smile more;)


-When you say, “I can’t” and expect the worst, you become weak and unhappy.

“A positive attitude brings strength, energy and initiative.”


Cheers to new friends, to us, and our health!
Yes.. This is where we toast.. With champagne;)
I wish all of you a wonderful and SAFE New Year’s Eve!