Holy post Valentines Day morning! Last night was sooo fun! We were CRAZY!
As I reminisce on last night’s single girls Valentine, I’m scarfing down some pretty protein pancakes before work.

1 heaping scoop of vanilla protein powder

1 egg

2 egg whites

Best breakfast ever.


So let me break down our “festivities” from last night…

Haley and I ran away from work as fast as we could to make it to our 7:50 movie…. Our main concern was making it to Casa Vega for our Mexican grub before heading out 😉 I run in to the restaurant, pay for the food, and they hand me this….. Tell me, how the F*%k am I to fit this in my bag to sneak in!!? whatever, we were so stoked on our food, that we ransacked the chips and salsa on our drive.


Yes, that’s right….. We were total tourists. We went to Universal Studios Citywalk! Hahaha… I mean…really?


I don’t think I’ve been to Citywalk since I was like 17. Awe, those were the days. When all I cared about were, boys, clothes, and making out.


We stopped some random dude to take a picture of us in front of the sign. So funny, I think he expected us to speak a different language..he couldn’t quite understand why us local chicks wanted a pic in front of the parking lot sign… Lol

Anyway…just please notice our huge bags. Full of food, champagne and blankets;)


It was actually not as crazy packed as I would of expected it to be on V-Day. This place is sooo silly, freakin lights and tourists everywhere. I kinda loved it;)


Pajamas n’ all….ready to watch our boyfriend Channing Tatum in Side Effects. ( which by the way, I really liked)


We were in total BIG GURRRRRLLLL mode. We sat all the way in the back and started pouring our celebratory first glass of champagne…of course we brought plastic champagne flutes, and yes, we even brought berries to throw in there too:) such girls. Of course, Haley ended up knocking over her first glass, we had no napkins or silverware, and now the floor was sticky. Genius.


Couldn’t be more stoked on how perfect the flute fit in the cupholder…you would think it was designed for it:) THANK GOD we got there early, cuz it literally took 20 minutes to set up our foodie fiasco.
On this fine evening….. Our menu consisted of:

chilli con queso dip with fried flour tortillas

Fresh guacamole with chips and salsa

And a HUGE ASS carnitas burrito that we split in 1/2.


Stuffed my face silly. Here’s to me and my funny valentine. See, single isn’t so bad;)


Hope you all had a great day! Xo
P.s. don’t judge me…I will eat clean tomorrow;) lol