Hello Beauties:)

Hope everyone is having a GREAT week! As I get prepped and ready for my italian vacation (I knowwwwwww!), I wanted to make sure that I paid homage to all the incredible MOMS out there! Since I won’t be able to celebrate on the actual day, I am making sure to celebrate my wonderful mom and grandmother this Sunday!

 I consider myself VERY lucky to be able to call my Mom one of my best friends. She listens…(even when I’m irrational), she doesn’t judge…(even when I royaly F*%k up), She assures me that I’m perfect just the way I am…(even after I’ve devoured a whole pizza and look like a cow), and she gives me my space when I need to think.

This year, I feel blessed to have my Grandma finally here from Argentina,( after 20 years of trying to get her here!) and can’t wait to have a girls day of Love, Family, food, and celebrating! 

I know everyone is different, but after doing some research in looking for the best, unique gifts for Mom..I think I’ve come up with a handful of affordable, beautiful gifts that Mom would freak over:)


Ok. This is STUNNING!!! If it wasn’t Mother’s Day, I’d be buying this beauty for myself gurrrl! This personalized ” love birch cuff”, is a made-to order gift by: Nancy Nelson for Uncommongoods.com


 Love this:

Each one is custom engraved with two sets of initials, evoking the romantic tradition of carving lovers’ names into bark. Jewelry artist Nancy Nelson hand casts the brass band from real birch bark that she collected along the southern shore of Lake Superior in Wisconsin. The detailed texture of the bark evokes the rich, spontaneous stroke of an artist’s brush. The understated heart cutout pairs beautifully with the birch tree’s traditional symbolism of protection and resilience. Handmade in West Virginia. 


Cork watch by: SPROUT.  An eco friendly watch company. I’m sorry…but you don’t have to be a total wino to appreciate the sasssss in this timepiece! It’s different, super cute and wearable, and oh yeah… only…


Love this:

Its slender band is made from all-natural cork, derived from the sustainably harvested bark of the Cork Oak. Cork is durable, flexible, and naturally water resistant. It’s paired with a casing made from biodegradable corn resin, and a mercury-free battery. 


Mom’s would do anything for their children. In fact…they’re so obsessed with us, that they would want nothing more than to wear our initials around their neck. Yep. FLAUNTING! This is a fabulous gift idea babes! Its a beautiful 14 karat filled (won’t tarnish. WAYYYY better than gold plated)personalized necklace by ACharmedImpression at Etsy for ONLY:




This reversible tote handbag by TARGET is modern, stylish & the best part…OVERSIZED! Perfect to throw allll mom shit in! LOL. Work stuff, gym stuff, kid stuff, beach stuff. It’s legitimately the bombbbb. Only:


Love this:

It’s vegan…and reversable!


I don’t care where you live…the sun shines everywhere! Well, at least at some point throughout the year. Lol. Here in LA…Hats are not only an accessory, but a necessity ya’ll. This gem I scored on the H&M website and don’t hesitate to browse at all the other styles available too! Only:


Love this:

Straw hat and actually comes in sizes!!! NOT one size fits all bullshit! woohooo


Last but not least…Thissss! While browsing through my Pinterest, I saw this and thought…WOW. This would be a perfect centerpiece for a dining table! I don’t know bout’ your fams, but we like to eat…we like to throw parties, BBQ’S, and gather around a table to celebrate life… If you don’t know me by now…I’m OBSESSED with flowers…fresh, that is. C’mon, what girl isn’t mmmkayyy! This caterpillar bud vase allows you to pick fresh from the garden, put one flower, or even just a branch. Whatever mix match you want.It’s the perfect way to set the tome for you entertaining. MOM’S FREAK OVER THIS:) ONLY:


Love this:

If a single bud in a vase punctuates your decor with color and life, then this unique piece is more like an entire poem. The row of glass bubbles each holds a small blossom or two, allowing you to create a delicate floral centerpiece. Celebrate the changing palette of wildflowers throughout the year, or capture garden blooms, juxtaposing their shapes and colors into the perfect visual haiku. 

Put a little extra though into it this year, and plan something special:)These are the moments that make memories that really matter. I know you don’t have to wait for a holiday..but to be honest….I don’t think we celebrate life enough. Especially celebrating those who brought life to us. I hope that one day… my kids love me, and respect me as much as I do the women in my life.

To all you Mamasitas out there..