Can we not train our legs please?”

Do you ever catch yourself moaning this to your trainer?

Or do you completely Ignore working out your lower body for fear of “getting to bulky” ?

Or, maybe you think that since you’re doing cardio anyway, then there’s no need for it?


Listen, I’m totally guilty of it too. I totally had this mindset. In doing research regarding this matter I’ve come across some very important info, that has made me change the way I train. The lower body is the most neglected body part for a large majority of people . If you are somebody that is thinking about beginning a more serious training schedule or style, or even just want to make sure you are building proportionate muscles and body frame….you must read on:

If we do not train our lower body, nothing will happen initially. But as time goes by, I’ve seen countless examples of people developing an unproportionate body frame with a heavy upper body and a pair of skinny or what is often dubbed ‘chicken’ legs. Besides being extremely unsightly, this is also very bad for the body as our legs need to be developed so as to be able to support our entire body frame. More importantly, our legs provide the much needed base upon which the rest of the exercises are dependent upon.

By choosing to train our lower body, we are in fact doing ourselves a great favor as our legs contain the largest muscles in the body. A developed lower body accentuates growth in the other muscle groups too. The best example is the squat. Not only does it work the quads, hamstrings and glute, but it also targets the upper back, lower back, abs and shoulders. In fact, the squat works the entire body.
As a result, you stimulate a greater release of growth hormone which are anabolic in nature. The greatest benefit of it all is that you grow!

When you start a lower body workout routine, you perspire so much more as compared to an upper body routine. This increases your metabolism rate and helps you burn fat faster.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Nothing is too difficult or tough in this world. It is only because of how we perceive it to be. With a consistent weekly or twice weeklylower body workout programme, you will not only start looking forward to the next gym session but also blow away the competition with a pair of well toned killer legs.
For the ladies, this means kissing goodbye to lower body cellulite in the gluteus and fatty deposits in the hamstrings. Mini-skirts, once a dream, will never look anymore flattering than now.


I’ve put together some killer lower body circuits that I hope you will love. Challenge yourself, and see changes fast!