My world<;3

Mom, Dad, Bro.

You’ll be getting to know this fun bunch very well soon! They are everything to me. Originally from Argentina, my parents came to the US with 500 bucks, their kids (me and my bro) and a couple of suitcases. Now all of us proud citizens, I’ve gotta say, they’ve done pretty well for themselves.


The man, the rock, a master with his BBQ, and the BEST DIY project person ever!

Pretty much a genious:) Living in B. C.Canada, soon to recieve his doctorate in neouroscience. I can’t wait to visit him next summer and check out the sights! Miss him so much.


Definitely consider her my sister and bestie and they don’t say “I get it from my mama!” for no reason…lol

works in the physical therapy and couldn’t be more of a help with useful advice for my active, crazy life.

Last but not least,


My rescue…I hate to compare having a dog to having a child, but im gonna. he’s MY BABY!

He’s anxious, full of energy, and crazy. Hmmm…sounds like he gets it from his mama;)