MERRY MERRY MERRY Christmas y’all! It’s soooo nice to have 3 days off in a row you have no idea! Last year, we only had Christmas Day off, and I can’t even begin to describe what a bummer that was. New Years we will ask have a 3 day weekend because it lands on a tues! YEAYYYYYY! This weekend couldn’t come sooner. I was ready to see my brother, be with my family, cook, shop, all of it. I absolutely love Christmas! We had a lil scare this morning when my bro called from Canada, saying his flight had been cancelled, and he wouldn’t be arriving till Sunday night instead of morning. Ugh. Whatever, positive thoughts, and he got here safe and sound, and we enjoyed a few hours of wine, and dinner.

The fireplace is lit, the Christmas music is flowing, the presents are wrapped,and I’m enjoying a mimosa as I write this;)


You see, I can have a mimosa, since I worked my ass of at the gym this morning! I got there as soon as they opened, so I could get it outta the way before everyone woke up to start making breakfast.
I did extra cardio because I had lots I’d dessert last night:)
1 hour on the elliptical :
Alternating 3 min @ resistance 10/ incline 5
2 min @ resistance 5/ incline 9
I burned 6 hundred something calories. Stoked.
Then did, 3 sets of 10 pull ups with 80 lb assistance
3 sets 10 dips
3 sets 10 push-ups
25 mountain climbers
1 min plank
20 vertical leg lifts
25 crunches


I was sooooo ready to jump in the shower.
Mom made a great breakfast of eggs, chicken sausage, and pastries from the Argentinian market.

The croissants, I just can’t resist, so yes I had one;)



Brother bear and his girlfriend Sarah:) love them. Sooooo happy that we are all together. Breakfast was delicious. And a special thanks to mom, for workin’ it OUT in the kitchen the last few days! This pic was taken when they arrived… Obviously not having red wine for breakfast…..we’re not that cray.


After breakfast, mom and I stopped at the store to grab wine, champagne, OJ , and cheeses, cured meats, nuts, and figs for our cheese platter. We had breakfast pretty late, so the cheese platter in the late afternoon will be my lunch.


Wilbur hanging out with his slightly buzzed mommy. Lol. I don’t generally drink champagne, but I was feelin them after a couple. 😉 he looks a bit annoyed.

My twin, mama, and best friend.

I wish I had pics of our amazing dinner, but I got so into just enjoying it, and completely forgot to snap some shots. My bro and his GF follow a strict vegetarian diet so we made homemade canelone, stuffed with ricotta and cheese, red a sauce, and homemade non dairy Alfredo. We also made a recipe of stuffed yams that Sarah had found on We baked the yams in the oven for about 40 mins. Made a stuffing of white beans and kale. Topped with shaved Parmesan and red pepper flakes. WOW. For the meat eaters, mom made a side of bolognese sauce, that was divine.
Oh of course I managed to snap a shot of the desserts. After dinner, we love to enjoy a tea or coffee with an array of pastries and chocolates. YES PLEASE.

So, in the Bedo house, our tradition is to stay up till mid it and open presents after dessert, hence, the coffee to stay awake.
We sit in a semi circle, and watch each other open 1 gift at a time. Of course, the annoying camera lady taking pics of every reaction and gift that is opened. Lol, and no joke, this process takes at least 1hour &1/2. SOOOO MUCH FUN. I seriously got everything I wanted. Santa (ma & pa) must of felt I was a good girl this year;)

A few of my awesome gifts. I was dying to get this watch. The polar USA ft60, the BOMB performance and training watch out there! My no slip yoga gloves,

And, my new book, that I’m seriously obsessed with! Thank you Nick and Sarah:)
Sill learning and really enjoying it.

What a fun night! By 2 a.m. I was practically cross eyed. Sooo tired. I actually passed out on the couch. Yes with all my clothes on. I didn’t care one bit, all I knew was that I had no work in the morning and could yet again sleep in like a lazy lady. I decided Christmas Day I would have a “day off” from the gym. Well, it was closed anyway;) Christmas morning started off slow and relaxed. We all woke up pretty late. It was a beautiful sunny but crisp day out. Mom was making a big breakfast of eggs, potatoes, sausage, and Belgian waffles. Umm, yes, ridiculous. I made my yummy protein muffins, ( trying to be healthy this a.m) but I made them more of pancake form this time. I really just didn’t want anything to heavy because we had been eating till late last night. The curse of being Latin;) Lots of late night eating. Ugh.


The mimosas came out as soon as my friend Natalie came over. She joined us for breakfast and hung out for a few hours.

Nat lives in San Fran, so I barely ever get to see her, couldn’t have been more stoked when she came by.

We all hung out in the backyard with a yummy fire going and mimosas flowing. Catching up, laughing, and shit talkin. Nothing more than just being in the moment.

Annnnndd…..then, we began our fireside photoshoot. I thought it may have bee too much to show off allllllll of them, so just posting a few;)

Ahhhhhhh, I love vacation.. My uncle stopped by with the fam, and brought his FAMOUS homemade Argentinian alfahores de maizena. My god, they are stupid good.


Christmas night was a fabulous dinner and party filled with fun, laughter, wine, and friends. The year definitely ended with a bang! I’ve gotta say though, I couldn’t be more ready for 2013. Things are looking good and I am so happy and proud of the successes of this year. As January comes around the corner… I’ve made sure to get my vacation plans written out, the workouts on point, and continue to strive for a better and healthier life. Although , I know, nobody is perfect, and I will struggle like most at times, but the intention is there. So this coming year…lets help each other reach our goals and encourage each other to stay active, yeah!?

What are your New Years resolutions?