Hi friends!!!! It’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it?! Well, I’ve got a lot to catch you all up on. Including….my awesome weekend away in Danville, CA with my bestie, Amy…food preps…and a new “get the look

So, first off, let me just say it right now. Please be cautious when scrolling through these pictures, as you will find some, “I reallllllllllly shouldn’t be eating this”. Now, these pics wouldn’t typically be sooo offensive, but remember, I am now on PAHSE 3 of the Live Fit Trainer, and what you should’ve seen in these pics, was chicken breast, eggs, and brocolli….buuuuuuuut that is far from what I’ve been eating these last few days. GOOOOD LORD CARB-LOAD! In fact, thinking of things now….I think the last few posts have been, me admitting my latest binge. Geez. I’m sorry. That’s annoying. I need to stop that. I guess I’m still struggling to find that balance, huh. Welp…..one day at a time ladies.

Anyway, on to more fun times!
I just spent 3 fantastic days in Danville, Ca enjoying beautiful, fall, and cozy weather, drinking fab wine, enjoying wood burning fires morning & night, eating tons of delicious food, and getting DOWN on some Veteran’s Day sale shopping!


If you know me well enough…then you would know that my favorite word of all time is “COZY” Not only is it my favorite word, it is in fact, my favorite thing to do. Yep, be cozzzzzzzzy!!!! I fu*#ing love it! A fireplace near, a happy puggy pug, and a nice hot nespresso cappuccino! This is pretty much the ideal fall day for me;)

This mini vacation was sooo lovely. I really needed a few days to just really unwind. Caught up on all my fall (oct-Nov) reads, and had yummy ass granola.

I absolutely love seeing all of the colors changing! Minnetonka slippers & PINK sweats all day long. No….I’m serious. All day. Love it. Sooooo cozzzzzyyyyyyy.


This is Olive. AKA: bug, goog, pug, puggy. She is petite & perfect, just like a lil lady;)
My niece, you could say…..

Welcome…”THE LADIES WHO LUNCH” oh… And drink a lot of wine;) on our way to enjoy some of our favorite Chardonnay at WENTE vineyards in Livermore, CA. If ever there….gotta try the Riva Ranch Chardonnay, or just order at BEVMO! It’s a must try! Super smooth and buttery. Only $13.99 a bottle!!! It’s a winner, and I promise all your white lover friends will obsess.


We didn’t have time to stop at too many wineries but we managed to get one more in. Charles R vineyards. All the way at the very end of the road, was this little gem. This is where I found 3 bottle that I just couldn’t leave without.

The area surrounding the tasting room was so pretty, so the girls and I got creepy and started staging mini photoshoots. Lol. This is Lindsay…Amy’s real sis. ( I’m her fake/wanna be sis) We may have very well been related Ina past life. Just sayin’

Love this pic of us:) oh and if you’re wondering, not to toot my own horn or anything, but……how cute is my jacket!!???? Just guess.

TARGET!!!!!!! it’s super cute, and I swear, goes with everything! best part…$34.99!


Ok…So I had to take a pic of this, cuz it was pretty genius. So the guy pouring the wine at Wente, says to us, ” Watch this. If I’ve truly free poured exactly 1 ounce of wine into this glass, then I will be able to tip this over, and nothing will spill out of the glass. It will just sit right at the edge”. Hmmmmm. Ok

Well…. There it is folks. WHAT THE F%*k! Pretty cool. Thought I’d share;)

The rest of the night was super fun! We BBQ’d for dinner and enjoyed our Chardonnay of course. Not gonna lie, got a bit tipsy. Lol. So fun!
The next morning, hungover n’ all, I managed to jump out of bed and head out of the house for a 4 mile run around her neighborhood, Blackhawk. When I say, BEAUTIFUL, It is a complete understatement. Fancy, yes. But, beyond that….it’s practically perfect. Everyone driving around in golf carts, beautiful landscaping, I’m takin’ not one hair outta place!

I can reallllly get into this scenery. Beautiful views like this all around. SUPER SUBURBIA! ;)

The next morning, Amy hooked it up with the breakie! Omg!!!!! Y’all need to make this!!! It was delicious!! You might have noticed the cabinets without doors, and no, it’s not supposed to be like that fools! They’re in the midst of remodeling;)



This is her famous morning scramble! It’s a bit Italian, and very easy.



1 tbsp avocado oil

1 cup of egg whites

2 whole eggs

3 applegate chicken apple sausage links

Big handful spinach

1/2 chopped shallot

Chopped fresh rosemary

Chopped fresh thyme

Garlic salt


Topped with fresh Parmesan


Sauté shallots, then add sausage and spinach. Sauté until softened. Add eggs, herbs, and spices. Last but not least, top with some fresh Parmesan and serve. It is DA BOMB!

Remember when I mentioned offensive food pics…. Well…here she blows. Omg. I ate like pretty much everything. So good. Tomatina was on fire today. The girls took me here since it’s one of their favorite spots in town.

The spread…. Pumpkin purée soup, fried polenta in marinara, garlic rolls, spinach salad in a wrapped flat bread, salad(with creamy dressing) & focaccia bread with bruschetta! WTF SOOOOOO GOOD! A bit heavy for lunch, but hell with it! ;) plu…all that shopping made these bitches hangryyyyy! Lol.

Oh, and it didn’t end there my friends.
Dinner was just as bit of a shit show. Let me rephrase that…… Dat shit was da BOMB, EXPLOSIVE! Yep.
Beef chilli…garbanzo bean salad, beef tri-tip, hot-dogs, fries, etc. Did I mention, it was a buffet!!! Dun dun duuuuuunnnnn nn
Then came time for dessert. Of course a meal is never complete without dessert, right!? Said the binger inside of me. So, of course, homegirl decided that it would be an amazing idea to have an ice cream sandwich. I mean…are you fuckin kiddin’ me! What kind of whales belly did I come from! This is the problem when I go out to eat. It’s pretty much a trigger for me to just throw it all out the window! And no, you are right, if I was having this every once in a while, then yes, I would say, “enjoy it, everyone’s gotta still live and enjoy life!” Right!? Well, not when it’s happening alllllllll the freakintime! My god.


Since it’s all about balance, we threw some veggies in the mix;) not just any ol’ mix, this mix was soooooo delightful, and tasted amazing RAW! We were meant to grill these veggies, but ended up enjoying it so much more raw, that we just said, “eff it!”

These veggies were so easy to whip up, and are a super healthy side dish to pair with any protein! We found great, fresh pre-packaged vegetables (zucchini, cauliflower, mixed peppers, onions, asparagus, broccoli, carrots) at the local supermarket.



We threw them in a big bowl and tossed them with

Words just CANNOT express how delicious this simple recipe is! I’m completely in love. Swooooonnnnn!
Click here to learn the benefits of Avocado Oil.


What an awesome mini vacation! I flew back home Tuesday night, Marcin (Mcdreamy) picked me up and we had a delicious sushi dinner at House of Taka. Are you guys into sake? If you are, what, in your opinion is the best kind(brand)? I tried cold sake, and really thought it was lovely. Paired really great with the fish. Yummmm. Now, I’m craving sashimi.

Anyway….finally home, it was time to get back to business. Back to clean eating, and workout planning. I made my favorite PUMPKIN PROTEIN BARS but, this time, made them in cute lil thanksgiving themed loaf cartons.

This recipe make 24 small squares, (if made in a 9×13 pan) once cut up. I can have 4 squares a day! ;) yeay! This is the best recipe I’ve found! Thanks to Jamie Eason!


The recipe also can make 3 mini loaf pans. So, I made 1 with walnuts and 2 without. I figure these would also make for a really great home-baked gift! Super cute!


Another one of my go-to favorite snacks, are these TURKEY MEATLOAF MUFFINS! seriously, with only 80 CALORIES per muffin, you need to get into it! Full of protein, and really filling, these are really helpful in keeping you in track of your daily macronutrients.


Finally, time for a little FASHION!!!
I haven’t done a ““GET THE LOOK” in quite sometime, so I thought I would share a layered look that I’m loving right now. As usual, there’s a TJ MAXX find in there;)

During the change in seasons, especially in LA, my favorite thing to do, is layer. LAYER..LAYER..LAYER! Ok, maybe not quite that many layers but, you know…here in LA, It can go from 85 degrees out, down to 60 degrees by the time you get off work. Especially in November/December. This is always a good excuse to bust out those ankle boots or “booties”. They are the perfect shoe for this season. I love it because, I’m sorry, but I just can’t commit to a full knee night boot until winter.


To get this look…..

Start with a slip dress of any color. I love this one. It’s $72 and for $35… Get this one!!!! Honestly, you may even find a cheaper one TJ MAXX or Macy’s!
NEXT…. Layer over top with a semi-sheer drape dress. I found this one at wasteland. Here are some other options.
…..$29.99 from Urban Outfitters.
…..$40.00 from Better Stay Together
…..Throw on a long dangly necklace like this one.


Pick up a pair of my favorite leopard Sam Edelman ankle boots here.

A girl can’t polish off her outfit without the perfect bag & and her new fave piece of jewelry. Right!? Well, girls……
I have found your new FAVORITE black (goes with everything) clutch! It’s $54.00 at American Apparel ! It’s the perfect size, (perfect for an iPad) and they sell them in very freakin’ color. It’s made of soft REAL LEATHER. BUY HERE.

Gotta give a shout out to this chick. I have no idea who she is, but I found her site while in Danville this weekend looking for thin gold rings online with Amy. I ordered this ultra dainty 14k ring for $32 (+ shipping) I absolutely love it!!! Peggy Li Creations carries super feminine and handmade jewelry for really great prices! These rings especially are so great stacked together. Super cute & I love supporting small businesses. ;) you go Peggy!

14k rose gold & cz cross ring $60 at TJMAXX. Looking for rings like this one??
Real diamonds… Click HERE!!!!!
Real gold…. Click HERE!!!




I’ve got a really yummy mug cake recipe coming up soon ya’ll, so stay posted:)

What is everyone doing for thanksgiving? I need some side dish ideas…Any recommendations???