Veggies in your pancakes? duh. If you are trying to sneak in veggies into your kids breakfasts or if your just a fan of greens, and like to put them in everything,  this is the perfect recipe for you! I have always LOVED /OBSESSED over pancakes. I used to eat regular pancakes all the time. Yeah, those bisquick  days are gone, along with my “Young, I can eat anything, fast metabolism”

Bye Bye, cuz I’ve found something better. Still delicious but 20 times healthier! It wasn’t till I became aware of new ways to create low carb pancakes, That I started realizing what I was feeding my body all those sunday mornings growing up.

There are many variations to low-carb pancakes. Here’s one of them.

Enjoy your breakfast fit girls!

x, P


1/2 ripe banana

1/2 cup egg substitute

handful of spinach

2 tablespoons oats

1 tbsp coconut flour

1 tbsp chia

1/4 tsp vanilla

cinnamon to taste

1 packet stevia



Finely chop/mince spinach

Add all ingredients together in a bowl, mix well

Grease your griddle or pan ( I like to use an organic coconut oil spray)

Use a spoon to drop in batter as to not make too big.

(last time I made a mess trying to flip a pancake that was too big)