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How to gain 7 lbs in SAN FRAN & lose it with a juice cleanse. Check out my awesome weekend away full of DELICIOUS NON-DIET FOOD.

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You guys!!!!! Hiiiiii!!!!<3
Goood lordy I’ve been a bit MIA, I do apologize! Although I don’t have a recipe to share with y’all today, I DO have a fun post for you!;)
If you don’t already know, a couple of my best girlfriends live in the heart of beautiful San Francisco, and I was in dyer need of a mini vacation;)
So I arrived Friday early morning, by the way….SOOOO proud of myself for navigating my “awful sense of direction self ” though the BART system. phweeeeee! lol. Such a nervous dork….”um, excuse me sir…this way? Oh um, can you help me figure the ticket machine??” Bahahahaha wtf.

Anyway…. I made it alive and managed to walk…with my luggage…all the way from my stop, to my girlfriends house. That was my workout for the whole 4 days. Woops. 😉

Unfortunately this pic does not do this view justice. It looks gloomy out, but in reality it was sunny and high 60’s low 70’s the whole time. I am one lucky betch!


Walking through the streets, yes…with my luggage (total tourist) a dropped everything to snap a pic of some gorgeous fresh flowers. Flowers are a weakness. Obsessed. So much variety, full of color, absolutely STUNNING!


Omggggggg…now THAT’S a view babes! Over looking the bay on Telegraph Hill. My friends are blessed to wake up to this every morning. WOW.

Cheers-ing to a fab day with a beautiful and crisp Rose by Donkey & Goat. Even if you think you are not a “rose” person, please give this a try. I soooooo enjoyed it!
Oh, and btw…since I became a total WINO, I joined delectable which is a super fun app for wine lovers. The fun part is, that you get to share and post reviews on all the wines you enjoy with friends! Look into it, it’s really cool!


O, so this pic right here…prrrrrety much sums up all my faves at once. Well, I lied actually…that German Riesling (trader Joe’s ) not my fave…but otherwise, the view, the triple cream cheese, prosciutto, figs, and nuts…HOT DAMN! I swear I could eat that everyday. Every SINGLE FUCKIN DAY. oh…wait. I’m missing some dark chocolate. Lol

OHHH yessss….and the drinking continues. (No shame)
On this particular night, we decided to cook at home. Very gourmet daaaaaalinggggg.
The cheese plate was our first course…. (In France..the cheese plate would actually be more for dessert paired perhaps with dessert wine) but here in the states….gimme that shit firrrrst! 😉

These delicious crostinis were course #2.
This is such a great idea for a dinner party.. Super easy and everyone loves a great way to add variety and make some vegetarian, vegan, are carnivore! Helllllllllo.

We’ve got here:




Paired with a bottle of Sorelle Bronca Prosecco. Super crisp and clean finish, with a very slight sweetness. Yummmmmmm

Course #3:
Pear/ Gorgonzola salad with chopped pecans and a lemon vinaigrette.
Paired with: Manincor Réserve Della Contessa 2012. ( a delicious white blend of Pinot Bianco- Chardonnay- Sauvignon)

Oh hunnnnY!!! Get ready for it……
Here’s comes the carb-o-load!
Mixed seafood linguini pasta with a cream sauce. I mean…….
I honestly can’t remember the last time I had real pasta ( non miracle noodles. Lol) Maybe like…fuckin yearssss ago.
So worth it! Devoured 2 plates full.
And yes, we made it. Byeeeeeeee




A serious must while visiting San Francisco… Famous Irish coffees from The Buena Vista! it’s actually VERY hard to have just 1…. Just sayin.


Shit! This is all merging together here… I don’t even remember where the hell we were in this pic….lol

Oh yes…some Chinese bar with pool tables and happy hour. My kinda spot. I think this was also before I fell asleep at the other bar.. Yep. I remember now.


Up and at em’ early Sunday morning with a great walk along the water. Seriously… Look at this beautiful day!!

Acting alllllll kinds of touristy through the Fisherman’s Warf.

Oh look! What a surprise….. CARBS! this spot is the booooommmmbbbbb for DA NOOOOODLE HUNNNNNAYYYY!!! Chubby noodle in North beach is pretty much the shit.


So I stuffed by biscuit ass into a mini black dress, and Nat & I hit the town! Woot woot!

Had some great tapas at El Techo…oh…and that’s also a pitcher of grapefruit margarita… That May or may not have been the best idea.


And this is when shit got weird….. Lol


Headed to Nat’s favorite local bar and met up with some friends;) by last call…we almost got into a fight with the lady who wouldn’t let us use the pool table (cuz she kept winning, bitch) lol.
Caught an Uber , and stumbled are way up the stairs to her building.


Pretty safe to say…the next morning, was a bit rough. Lol. We had planned to go to a boot camp class at 9:30 am at the local StudioMix, but we decided that walking to breakfast would be a much better workout. Hangovers justify laziness.
But hey, at least we have our workout clothes on…..


After breakfast, we walked, & WaLkEd..& WALKED! Up and down loadz of hills, of course feeling better after some food. Nat took me allllll over the city. No joke. We were feelin grrrrreat! So, it’s 5 o’clock somewhererreeee! Maybe it was time to try out some local brewskis! Lol


Don’t judge us!
We stopped at Magnolia to try a super delicious Kalifornia Kölsch hand crafted and local beer. Not quite a shot glass, but not quite a pint. Just right.


Oh yes, and the San Francisco FOOD TOUR continues…..
We HADto hit up TARTINE of course. This was our lunch spot. TARTINE is one of SF’s most well known restaurants. Mostly famous for this ridiculous bread pudding. Omgggggg. Gimme gimme moreeeee.
Here’s the problem…you walk up…you order…they hand you the dessert first, since it’s already prepared. Then, you go sit down with your number and wait for your actual lunch.
Well… the next shot you will see what we ordered. But in the meantime, let’s talk about HOW THE FUCK YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME STARE AT MY DESSERT WHILE STARVING WITH NO LUNCH IN FRONT OF ME!!!

SO……we ate dessert before lunch. Bahahahahahaha.
We of course ordered the bread pudding, and I just HAD to try the lemon bar. I LOVE anything lemon. I had to.
So we both sat…moaned and ga-ga’d..(call it an orgasm) and devoured that shit. Wowowowowowow. It was so worth it, and people were staring. Then you see it…now you don’t.


Lunch is served…. Holy grail of GRILLED CHEESE! The “cheese tasting” sandwich. 3 different melted cheeses inside a perfectly pressed and crusty panini. Served with a delicious pickled carrot, and a green salad. This is where I gained pound 5.


We continued to walk and attempt to digest. This is what I appreciate most about this city. People are out..people walk everywhere..the art. Omg the STREET ART is just…OUT OF THIS WORLD. everywhere you look, vibrant splashes of color on the walls. Like real artists…not just all that gross tagging with sharpie shit you see all over LA.

where’s Waldo…?


The day, unfortunately, was coming to an end. I had to be at the airport by six. Of course, our thoughts immediately went to, ” well, I mean…..we have to have a last meal!”

Jesus. Here it comes.

DELFINA. There are no words.
Appetizer….bomb mussels.

Main course…. Broccoli Raab pizza.

Dessert…. Almond brittle gelato & blood orange sorbet.
Seriously…just stop.

Well. That was my idea of a fuckin vacation! I ate and drank through the damn city like a champ. Thank you to my beautiful friends who showed me such a wonderful time! Love u.
This is me….7 lbs heavier…happy as a clam…and ready to head home. Time to CLEANSE!!!! 😉

Alright y’all. I’ve been home now 4 days, and wanted to wait to post this so that I could review this 3 day cleanse by Juice Crafters. First…I chose juice crafters cuz they were close to my house, but a lot of the cold pressed juice pleases have a cleanse of their own in which I’m sure, serve the same purpose and give similar results.
So here’s the deal. I was soooo ready for this. I’ve never been sooo excited to NOT eat, in my life. I needed to shrink that tummy back up. I’ve never been a “juice cleanse” type person, but I was ready to try something new.

I chose the #1 Master Cleanse

It’s a 3-day detox (no food) in which you receive 8 juices a day for three days. That’s right, clear your freakin fridge and make room. Each day you will consume the following:

Greenest #3 (the greenest of the day)
Cleaner #10 (lots of pineapple, apple, mint..bomb)
Rootier #6 ( beets, ginger, lemon,apple, & more)
Alkaline Tonic #13(cayenne, apple, lemon,ginger..zesty)
Cleaner #10(same)
Cleanse Guru #12 (cucumber, coconut,mint)
Almond Nut Milk #15 (heaven in your mouth)
Aloe Vera H2O ( Complimentary)


It felt like a breeze! I felt amazing and light as a feather! I really thought I would be a shaky crabby bitch on this but frankly, I was never really hungry. Lol. Consuming 8 of these is actually very filling and a bit of a task to get them down every 2 hrs. They were DELICIOUS, but I mean…I wasn’t like, pounding them, you know?! So by the time I would finish one, it was time for another;) perf!

In fact, it went so well, that I added a 4th day! I know!
The only thing about this. Type of cleansing….I was always cold!! Lol
Oh, and I couldn’t do any strength training at the gym. Just did light cardio and walked a lot. Fine with me, I felt like a skinny bitch!

Today is my first day eating actual food.
I’m taking it slow and incorporating fresh fruits, veggies, avocado, a sweet potato, and 1 juice for today.
I’m really thinking about trying to become more PLANTPOWER lady. Lol. Time to cut out a lot of animal products. Maybe a figure out FINALLY what makes me so bloated. Perhaps dairy? Hmmm. This is gonna be an experiment.


I’ve missed you! I hope you enjoyed my little vacation with me;) love uuuuuuuu,


Get this SUPER CUTE look NOW!

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So, first off, let me just say it right now. Please be cautious when scrolling through these pictures, as you will find some, “I reallllllllllly shouldn’t be eating this”. Now, these pics wouldn’t typically be sooo offensive, but remember, I am now on PAHSE 3 of the Live Fit Trainer, and what you should’ve seen in these pics, was chicken breast, eggs, and brocolli….buuuuuuuut that is far from what I’ve been eating these last few days. GOOOOD LORD CARB-LOAD! In fact, thinking of things now….I think the last few posts have been, me admitting my latest binge. Geez. I’m sorry. That’s annoying. I need to stop that. I guess I’m still struggling to find that balance, huh. Welp… day at a time ladies.

If you know me well enough…then you would know that my favorite word of all time is “COZY” Not only is it my favorite word, it is in fact, my favorite thing to do. Yep, be cozzzzzzzzy!!!! I fu*#ing love it! A fireplace near, a happy puggy pug, and a nice hot nespresso cappuccino! This is pretty much the ideal fall day for me;)

This mini vacation was sooo lovely. I really needed a few days to just really unwind. Caught up on all my fall (oct-Nov) reads, and had yummy ass granola.

I absolutely love seeing all of the colors changing! Minnetonka slippers & PINK sweats all day long. No….I’m serious. All day. Love it. Sooooo cozzzzzyyyyyyy.



This is my fave morning scramble! It’s a bit Italian, and very easy.



1 tbsp avocado oil

1 cup of egg whites

2 whole eggs

3 applegate chicken apple sausage links

Big handful spinach

1/2 chopped shallot

Chopped fresh rosemary

Chopped fresh thyme

Garlic salt


Topped with fresh Parmesan


Sauté shallots, then add sausage and spinach. Sauté until softened. Add eggs, herbs, and spices. Last but not least, top with some fresh Parmesan and serve. It is DA BOMB!

Remember when I mentioned offensive food pics…. Well…here she blows. Omg. I ate like pretty much everything. So good. Tomatina was on fire today. The girls took me here since it’s one of their favorite spots in town.

The spread…. Pumpkin purée soup, fried polenta in marinara, garlic rolls, spinach salad in a wrapped flat bread, salad(with creamy dressing) & focaccia bread with bruschetta! WTF SOOOOOO GOOD! A bit heavy for lunch, but hell with it! 😉 plus…all that shopping made these bitches hangryyyyy! Lol.

Oh, and it didn’t end there my friends.
Dinner was just as bit of a shit show. Let me rephrase that…… Dat shit was da BOMB, EXPLOSIVE! Yep.
Beef chilli…garbanzo bean salad, beef tri-tip, hot-dogs, fries, etc. Did I mention, it was a buffet!!! Dun dun duuuuuunnnnn nn
Then came time for dessert. Of course a meal is never complete without dessert, right!? Said the binger inside of me. So, of course, homegirl decided that it would be an amazing idea to have an ice cream sandwich. I mean…are you fuckin kiddin’ me! What kind of whales belly did I come from! This is the problem when I go out to eat. It’s pretty much a trigger for me to just throw it all out the window! And no, you are right, if I was having this every once in a while, then yes, I would say, “enjoy it, everyone’s gotta still live and enjoy life!” Right!? Well, not when it’s happening alllllllll the freakintime! My god.


Since it’s all about balance, we threw some veggies in the mix;) not just any ol’ mix, this mix was soooooo delightful, and tasted amazing RAW! We were meant to grill these veggies, but ended up enjoying it so much more raw, that we just said, “eff it!”

These veggies were so easy to whip up, and are a super healthy side dish to pair with any protein! We found great, fresh pre-packaged vegetables (zucchini, cauliflower, mixed peppers, onions, asparagus, broccoli, carrots) at the local supermarket.



We threw them in a big bowl and tossed them with

Words just CANNOT express how delicious this simple recipe is! I’m completely in love. Swooooonnnnn!
Click here to learn the benefits of Avocado Oil.


Anyway….finally home, it was time to get back to business. Back to clean eating, and workout planning. I made my favorite PUMPKIN PROTEIN BARS but, this time, made them in cute lil thanksgiving themed loaf cartons.

This recipe make 24 small squares, (if made in a 9×13 pan) once cut up. I can have 4 squares a day! 😉 yeay! This is the best recipe I’ve found! Thanks to Jamie Eason!


The recipe also can make 3 mini loaf pans. So, I made 1 with walnuts and 2 without. I figure these would also make for a really great home-baked gift! Super cute!


Another one of my go-to favorite snacks, are these TURKEY MEATLOAF MUFFINS! seriously, with only 80 CALORIES per muffin, you need to get into it! Full of protein, and really filling, these are really helpful in keeping you in track of your daily macronutrients.


Finally, time for a little FASHION!!!
I haven’t done a ““GET THE LOOK” in quite sometime, so I thought I would share a layered look that I’m loving right now. As usual, there’s a TJ MAXX find in there;)

During the change in seasons, especially in LA, my favorite thing to do, is layer. LAYER..LAYER..LAYER! Ok, maybe not quite that many layers but, you know…here in LA, It can go from 85 degrees out, down to 60 degrees by the time you get off work. Especially in November/December. This is always a good excuse to bust out those ankle boots or “booties”. They are the perfect shoe for this season. I love it because, I’m sorry, but I just can’t commit to a full knee night boot until winter.


To get this look…..

Start with a slip dress of any color. I love this one. It’s $72 and for $35… Get this one!!!! Honestly, you may even find a cheaper one TJ MAXX or Macy’s!
NEXT…. Layer over top with a semi-sheer drape dress. I found this one at wasteland. Here are some other options.
…..$29.99 from Urban Outfitters.
…..$40.00 from Better Stay Together
…..Throw on a long dangly necklace like this one.


Pick up a pair of my favorite leopard Sam Edelman ankle boots here.

A girl can’t polish off her outfit without the perfect bag & and her new fave piece of jewelry. Right!? Well, girls……
I have found your new FAVORITE black (goes with everything) clutch! It’s $54.00 at American Apparel ! It’s the perfect size, (perfect for an iPad) and they sell them in very freakin’ color. It’s made of soft REAL LEATHER. BUY HERE.

Gotta give a shout out to this chick. I have no idea who she is, but I found her site while in Danville this weekend looking for thin gold rings online with Amy. I ordered this ultra dainty 14k ring for $32 (+ shipping) I absolutely love it!!! Peggy Li Creations carries super feminine and handmade jewelry for really great prices! These rings especially are so great stacked together. Super cute & I love supporting small businesses. 😉 you go Peggy!

14k rose gold & cz cross ring $60 at TJMAXX. Looking for rings like this one??
Real diamonds… Click HERE!!!!!
Real gold…. Click HERE!!!




I’ve got a really yummy mug cake recipe coming up soon ya’ll, so stay posted:)

What is everyone doing for thanksgiving? I need some side dish ideas…Any recommendations???




August…it’s been real. HELLO SEPTEMBER!

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Well, well, well…. If it isn’t already September….


Hi babes! Hope everyone had a fantastic & safe Labor Day weekend;) I just can’t believe that August has already flown by! There is still absolutely NO sign of the weather cooling down. Nope. In the valleys, it’s still triple digits! I need a pool! For the holiday weekend, me and some friends decided to get outta the smoldering, desert heat, and head to the beaches of Ventura, CA.


Pierpont Beach….. Amazing weather…amazing friends…and a whole lot of partying;)
Willy came along for the ride;)


We got there around 11:30, and set up our spot. I got the BEST lil table that folds up from crate and barrel, that I’m completely obsessed with, and take everywhere…so we payed out all our snacks and drinks:) we started with mimosas of course, but used light Minute Maid 50% less sugar OJ instead of regular. Some more friends met up, and we moved to light beer. There’s just something so refreshing about an ice cold beer at the beach. Michelob Ultra to be exact. It’s super light, and low carb! Cheers to fun & tan lines;)


Around 4:30 we headed up for a killer (&low carb) BBQ! It was amazing! Lean Jennie-O Italian sausages, marinaded chicken breast, carne asana, bell peppers, spinach salad… OHHH myyyyyyyy!
Chips & salsa…(not so low carb, but still indulged) oooooooo, and some homemade rum, vanilla liquor cake that my friend Jules had brought. A bit of a food coma set in, but, hey…it’s a holiday:) lol.


Willy loosing his shit….as usual. He LOVES his beach time.

After din we all headed back down to enjoy the gorgeous sunset. Spectacular. Absolutely stunning.
That night, (sunday) we all went out in downtown Ventura, and had a ball. Super fun..lots of cocktails, and bar hopping. You know what that means…. Monday breakfast would be a cheat… Lol. I was dying for a rich, and delicious Blueberry Cornbread Muffin from Café Nouveau. Hands down fave breakfast joint.


Well, luckily..we made it home without traffic:)
Tuesday came far tooooooo fast.
Somehow, my pretty yellow roses lived though my un-air conditioned apartment for 2 days. WTF. So happy.


I woke up this morning feeling pretty defeated. I gotta tell ya, I cannot hang like I used to. My body was yelling at me for sure. I felt bloated, heavy, and lethargic. At that moment….I made some decisions.
Chill the Fu*% out…

Chill on the drinking!

I quit sugar. (Again)

Stick to low carb… ( with the exception of these healthy carbs: sweet potato (limited) squash. Tomatoes (limited) most fruits. Gluten free oats (sometimes)

Limit snacking.

(Holiday..or not!)
Listen, all of these things I’ve got to keep reminding myself, and even write down because THIS IS WHAT WORKS FOR ME.
Shake it off ladies. Jump back on the fit train! Today is Tuesday….the day after the holiday…lets do werrrrrk!!!!
I threw on shorts and a sports bra and looked up today’s GPP Fitness WOD.
This was a really great one. Kicked my ass.
Not too busy at work today, so I also plan to take a Corepower class around 4:30 today… Really starting to feel like myself again, after a few days of whatever the fu%*.

Breakfast this morning was DA BOMMMBBBB! Doesn’t look very exciting, but it was exactly what my body was screaming for. Protein..protein..and omegas. Lol.
Work didn’t start till 11:00 am, so I had time to bake a fresh wild caught salmon:)
I made a delicious runny egg and yes, I did eat the yolk. Yummmmmm. I’m a new person.
Lately I’ve stopped using oil sprays, even the organic ones. I’m just over them. I’ve now switched to a teeny bit of coconut oil or Ghee.


Oh you know…just a little selfie this fine Tuesday…. Loving my new Ray Bans btw. September is mos def lookin up;) feeling really strong and looking forward to keeping up with the decisions I’ve made.(above)



A large handful of spinach leaves.

Low sodium organic turkey slices. (3)

1 small avocado

2 hard boiled eggs. (Only 1 yolk)

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar.

4:30 Heated Power Yoga Sculpt (w/ weights) at Corepower, Sherman Oaks.

A total body workout, CorePower Yoga Sculpt classes are set to energizing music and designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group. This class complements your regular yoga practice while boosting your metabolism and pushing your strength and flexibility to new heights. Free weights are added to the CorePower Yoga 2 (C2) sequence, creating resistance and intensifying each pose. Strength-training exercises such as squats, lunges, bicep and tricep curls are incorporated to build lean muscle mass. You will see visible results in your body. It is recommended that you take at least one CorePower level 1 or 2 (C1 or C2) class before a Yoga Sculpt class.

(Haven’t eaten yet, but will be….)

1 filet Alaskan Cod baked with Dijon and lemon.

Sautéed spinach and garlic in 1 tsp coconut oil.


Low carb vanilla mug cake.

side note: I just got back from Corepower Yoga.. Holy mother of god!! That yoga sculpt class kicked my ass soooo hard!

Not trying to re-live the past or anything, but……
I can’t help bu t share some really great moments from last month.


Received the beautiful photos from my bestie Brooke’s wine country wedding. Loved seeing theses.

Absolutely love this quote! Sooooo my friends.

This picture says it all! My best friends… We’re crazy, we like to dance, we say gross things, we don’t judge each other, and we’re there for one another no matter what. Tru dat.
Holla at a bitch.


August also came with a big surprise. A new business opportunity, and I took it. I made the leap to a new salon. Come see me at Román Salon for the best haircuts and Brazilian Blowouts you will ever get;)
Check out for info (hair inspirations and looks to come)


Ummmm…there are just no words.
These cupcakes are the most adorable lil thangs I have ever seen!!!!


Leaving you with something to remember…. Get it. You skinny lil bitch;)
Love you all!



Blend Retreat 2013 in Salt Lake City with some AMAZING beauties!

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Hello my lovelies! Ok, so it’s not quite the morning after my return, but yesterday I got caught up reorganizing my life and settling back in!
What an AMAZING weekend that was! Most if you who follow my life/blog know that I’ve been planning to take part in this fun, fitness blogger retreat in Salt Lake City, Utah, but didn’t know quite what to expect. Well, I wasn’t the only one who was a bit nervous, let me tell you;) I guess, if you really think about it…”I’m about to spend 3 days with people I’ve never met, in fact share a bed with a chick I’ve never met..” Hmmmmmm, the thought was a little funny, but hell, you only live once! Lol.


I flew out of Long Beach ridiculous early on Friday morning, and while standing in line to check in, I ran into my blendee! She tapped me on the back and said, “Gina?” I turned around and said ” um no but,….Blend retreat???” Yay! My first meet with Bobbi McCormick from .She is a total sweetheart. Right away we hit it off! Thank goodness I found her, cuz I tend to never know what the hell is going on, ever. She had arranged to go straight to the GPP fitness gym with a few other girls to start the weekend with a killer workout. So, I hopped on the opportunity to hitch a ride with them, and try out this gym that I had heard so many great things about.




The gym was quite big, spacious, and super clean. It looked like a “crossfit” gym and typically, I get a little intimidated walking into these types of gyms. After my workout, I learned, GPP is a beast of its own. In a REALLY good way. This was our first workout of the weekend.


Please take a moment to check out their website here. If you are ready to change the way you see and manage your fitness level. please, PLEASE… watch and learn. Knowledge is power.


I have never done anything like this. I cant even describe it, that’s why I posted this video. I wanted you all to see, and experience what I did. I had a feeling that my idea of “Sore”, was gonna have a new meaning. What’s soooo great about this company, is that they realize that they are not everywhere, so they offer their workouts FREE online every single day! I know, I CANNOT WAIT to start incorporating this into my day to day life. With that said. In 35-40 minutes….my body was like jello.

This is what I LOVE about their philosophy:

GPP is about getting you healthy. Period.

We believe the only worthy reason to exercise and eat right is so that we can lead richer, fuller lives. Lives not limited by capacity and/or self-induced disease.

At GPP we realize that health isn’t about who the fittest person in the world is. It isn’t about who can lift the most weight, run the fastest, or obtain the highest work capacity imaginable. These things are silly, wasteful pursuits. They have no meaning. They serve no purpose.

Instead, get your workout in and go home. Go be a human. Do things that interest/edify you. Contribute to your family, your community and/or society.

Staying at the gym and pounding out more workouts, so that tomorrow you’ll have more capacity to perform even more working out, so that then, you will be able to do yet ANOTHER even more difficult workout, only serves the workout. It can also become a black hole of intention, focus and purpose. This black hole is filled with everything which is opposite of health.

At GPP we do NOT serve our workouts (read, “the Demotion of Exercise). For we realize it is our workout’s job to serve us. We would much rather put energy into activities which are less based on self and more focused on what is truly important.

(source: GPP)



We couldn’t check in until 3, so all the girlies decided it was time to get down on some grub. It was now 1 o’clock, and we all know how hungry we get after a killer workout. Hello STARVING! We were referred to a local favorite called Plates & Palates.



Everything was soooo fresh, and made right in front of you. Simple eating. Salads, Sandwiches, soups, fresh juices, and gluten free desserts. Amazing! I ordered the Greek chicken caeser w/o dressing. Didn’t need it. Soooo tasty! There were 8 of us blendees at lunch, so it was nice to get to know each other a bit before being bombarded with 50 new names and faces to memorize;) lol.



Finally, we arrived at our beautiful destination! It was time to check in to the Hyatt Escala Lodge, in Park city Utah. Not only is the resort absolutely stunning, and service impeccable… also are greeted every morning, day, and night by a ken doll look-a-like who couldn’t be a bigger sweetheart! Scott, was his name, but we re-named him “dreamboat”. He doesn’t know that yet, but I’m sure he knows he’s very good at his job. Lol.
A bit cloudy and drizzly out but who give a F*@k, do you see this place!? It was actually a nice change for me. If you’re from LA, in “almost summer”,then you appreciate nothing more than fresh, clean air. oh, and a cloud here n there is like a gift sent from above! Absolutely beautiful. Get used to that word, cuz that is exactly what I think of Utah, and I’ll be saying that a lot:)

When we checked in, we were greeted by the ladies who were responsible for this fantastic retreat. Lindsay W, Janetha, and Katie, also fellow fit bloggers. Super sweet Amigas! We were handed a badge with out full name, and blog name, since most everyone would know me as “fromfriestofit” anyway…. Along with a ridiculous Ogio bag filled with SWAG from all the sponsors! Who doesn’t love free shit!? It just keeps on gettin’ better.

Finally found my roomies!!! Meg from runfitkin, Lindsey from runstretchrepeat, and Steph from wholesomebydesign.
I couldn’t have asked for sweeter roomies! We had such a great time together!

Justin’s Nut butter, attune foods, and Green Mountain Coffee sponsored a lovely snack hour while all us blendees mingled and laughed about how we would forget each others names 2 seconds after meeting, but promised to remember by the end of the retreat.

After a couple hours, we all headed back to our rooms to shower up, unpack, and get ready for the opening ceremony dinner.

But not before an AWESOME cocktail hour hosted by Silk! (Also happens to be my favorite milk alternative;)
Hors d’oeuvres were…fresh veggies with loads of different dips, black bean & chipotle cakes, and gorgeous veggie spring rolls. Yummmmmm.




Had a crazy connection with these chickies! Love them, and can’t wait to visit them in Nebraska!


My roll dawg, Maren.

It was nice for all of us to finally get out of our workout clothes, and get a little dressy:)

Since Silk sponsored the cocktail hour, naturally the drinks being offered were all made with a certain Silk product.
My favorite drink was the strawberry mint slushy! My god, it was the bomb! I gotta be careful around those types of drinks, they go down wayyyyy to smooth. Uh oh. I made sure to take a pic of the recipe, I knew y’all would love it. It’s a perfect summer refresher drink! Make sure to follow them on instagram and twitter @lovemysilk for blogger inspired recipes and info!

Ok sooooo, I can’t lie. When I saw my favorite twins at the airport, I was like ahhhhhhhhhh. Oooommmmmggggggg. Purely Twins are my celeb fit blogger crush. If you don’t already follow the, get real, you’re missing out. They are super sweet girls who, not only once owned there own raw food bakery, they now have a wonderful e book, come up with killer workouts, and create recipes that are genius! They were an absolute pleasure:)


Dinner was delicious and clean of course. White fish, chicken, quinoa cakes, loads of salad, roasted root veggie soup… Eat it alllll up. Duh.


Dessert was oh so heavenly… Of course I had to try a bite of each one….you really can’t expect me not to do that… Plus everyone did it:)
That little panna cotta was actually made with chobani Greek yogurt! Healthy!!!!
I skipped out on the crust of the tart…homegirl was freakin full at this point, oh and I was 3 glasses of red wine in….time for bed. GPP bootcamp at 7:00am. Nice.


Woke up Saturday morning feeling and looking like a CHAMP. NOT. Here we go. 7:00 am wake up call for the second workout of the weekend. When I say this was GNARLY…..pleeeeeaseee don’t underestimate me. This was insane!
BURPEES, PUSH UPS, SQUATS OH MYYYYYYYYY. Even if I felt like I was gonna die, I pushed through and felt amazing afterward. All I knew was, when I finished, I would run straight to the breakfast buffet. Like a cow.

Ahhhhhh finally!
Straight to that shit I went! First stop….Muesli Fusion. All natural, organic and a-mazing. my favorite is the athlete fuel, sweetened with nothing but fruit, and packed with protein!


Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1/3c (41g)
Servings Per Bag 10
Amount Per Serving
Calories 163
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 6g
Saturated Fat .5g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0g
Sodium 0mg
Total Carbohydrate 25g
Dietary Fiber 3g
Sugars 3g
Protein 7g
Omega-3 Fatty Acids 610mg
Omega-6 Fatty Acids 1330mg
Vitamin B1 15%
Vitamin B6 15%
Vitamin E 9%
Zinc 10%
Selenium 40%
Magnesium 22%
Phosphorus 20%


Totally balanced breakfast. I threw in a chobani flavor that I hadn’t tried yet. Delish, but didn’t end up finishing it, too full. Story of my life. Lol.

The Laughing Cow also provided us with some ridiculous 1/3 fat cream cheese. I’m totally obsessed with these new flavors. Instead of spreading it on a bagel, I opted instead for eating it on my fruit. Freakin genius! Thank you, thank you for being a generous sponsor!


After breakfast, we all met back in the lobby to see if the group hike was still on. It had been a bit rainy, so we thought it would be way to muddy. But it stopped raining, and we said effffff it, we’re going. Pro Bar sponsored this hike and offered a few of their products for us to take in our packs.

We grabbed one of each. A probar BOLT, and a probar FUEL. Dressed warm, and ready to rock.
And…..we were off. Chilly, yes. Unbearable, no. This place is absolutely stunning. Everywhere you look…stunning!!!!! More than half of us went on the hike, the others opted for a ZUMBA class. Obviously, since I teach ZUMBA, and do it 2x a week….I wanted the outdoors experience.

Ok, this is we’re things got a bit rough….and when some Amigas decided to turned around. Perhaps smart. Muddy enough…..ughhhhh. Not gonna lie, most girls had to throw away their shoes after it was over. Packing them to take back in their luggage would’ve been painful. My dumb ass of course wore my really nice trail racing Salomons, so I was like “bitch pleeeease, I’m about to sit in the bathroom and wash these bad boys out in the sink” I was so not about to throw them out. They did warn us to bring old piece of shit shoes, but oooops, I forgot:(
A 4 mile loop though this gorgeous terrain, made the fact that my shoes felt like they were gonna come off with each stop, completely worth it:) it was peaceful, and the air was clean & crisp.



On the way up, I snuck a bite of my fuel PROBAR. Yum. It was fruity and nutty. It kinda reminded me of a larabar. Quite similar actually. Really tasty. Gluten free, and all natural sugars.


Got to our midway point, and ate the rest of my bar. I just don’t get why I’m so hungry all the damn time. It’s crazy! It was time for a photo op. the more I ate it, the more I liked it:)
Group pic! Love these ladies.
Time to get our fit asses back to the resort!


This retreat was so organized. I love it. We arrived back to snack hour put on by ONNIT. The lovely Orlando, and Whitney, Miss United States blessed us with a delicious protein shake made with their hemp force protein powder. We also tried some of their nut butters and protein bars. He’ll yessss! I was actually really impressed with their products, and overall information of the Company.They also were giving out samples of their supplements, in which, after researching, have been a huge hit in the fitness industry. Shroom Tech, and Alpha Brain. ONNIT stands for brain and body health, total human optimization. Pretty amazing company with a vast line up of athletes, and medical professionals. Check them out please and do you’re research. Especially if looking for a new outlook on fitness, foods, and supplements.

Once showered up and relaxed, it was time to meet up with the chickies and head into town for dinner. We met in the lobby lookin alllll sorts of’ cute, flirted with “Dreamboat” aka “ken doll”, and headed to sushi in Park City;)
Cutest little downtown evaaaaa! Really….you aren’t surprised that we were once again looking for food.? Lol

We went to a local hot spot for some raw fishies at Yuki Arashi Sushi.

Really nice folks, and SCORE, sushi was 1/2 off. Whatttttttt.


Nope, didn’t eat the rice from the sushi. I was that annoying girl. But whatever, Maren was scraping the tempura off her “tempura” roll. F*%king hilarious. We were in the corner, so, luckily our waiter didn’t spot us being fussy and high maintenance. Ha.

Stuffed and feeling like a beached whale, naturally, I decided it was a good time to shop for clothes. Meg and I stopped in to this super cute boutique called Olive & Tweed.
Not only did they have super cute clothes, they also showcased some beautiful and unique jewelry from local designers. I picked up a silky tank, a bronzed arm band (I’m convinced they’re making a comeback) and some gorge rose gold drop earrings.
Happy with my purchases, it was time to head back.


Home….pshhhhhh. Home meant party at the suite! Janetha’s sweet mom (Momma B) was makin’ her famous “Utah Scones” more like DONUTS! lord give me strength. This suite was huge, so most of the blendees were there. It was so nice. It was like a night out with everyone. It was packed with peeps, wine, and ” scones”. My kind of fun;)

I called it kind of an early night, seeing that the night before I had 1/2 a bottle of wine (who’s counting) so sat night, I wanted to make sure I got enough sleep for the 7:00 am wake up with GPP workout!
Before heading in, I picked up a tank from one of my fave fit chicks, Miranda from Living Proof Gear. Super sweet girl. She hooked it up with a tank for every single one of our swag bags. This chick is the real deal! Thanks boo. Pick yours up here.
Our workout again was, no exaggeration, hard, crazy, painful, but INCREDIBLE. as I finish of this post actually, I am about to go soak in Epsom salt. Yeah, that’s right, 2 days later. Say much?
Before heading to breakfast, which, duh, I was dying for….I had a chance to take some pics with 2 of the trainers from the GPP fitness team. These girls inspired me to keep going and push myself.
We love group pics;) this was so fun!
My homie Debra from super sweet girl with a great blog. If your a runner, check her out.

With my two favorite FIT twins, Lori & Michelle. Their bodies are RIDICULOUS! Check em’ out!
I was stoked when I saw that Drink Chia was hooking it up with samples, cuz I loveeeee them! Thanks y’all!


Living Proof dream team! Can you tell we love our gear? God, girls are so cheesy, I love it.
Sunday morning….we just finished our workout…I think it’s time for breakfast. Today’s breakfast brought to you by some really great peeps. One being Chobani. You would be surprised how many ways in which to utilize Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is a great source of probiotics and protein. Here are my Chobani Amigas!


I am absolutely loving these these new products. The mini bites and the flips. Yummmmmmm! I generally stick to 0% Greek yogurt, but hell, live a little;) if you follow them on Instagram or twitter, make sure to tag #tastereal whenever you enjoy chobani and share your photos!
Yes please…. Make your own oats in a jar. I’ll take it. Oh, and I’m keeping the I snuck a pic of the recipe for y’all. I know, I’m sweet;) try this one out.
One thing I made sure to stock up on during breakfast was Blueprint juices.
They were gracious enough to constantly hydrate us with these delicious green drinks.
Blueprints juices are 100% raw, organic and cold pressed.
They also offer some really unique cleanses.They provide the first nutritional cleanse offering different levels of intensity. Enjoy six fresh fruit and vegetable juices daily in place of meals for as long as you choose, delivered straight to your door anywhere in the U.S.
Pretty cool.
Lucky duck. I enjoyed quite a few of these;)

Did I say hungry?….. I meant, HANGRY! after waiting in line at the damn omelet bar, I was beginning to shake. I needed food, stat. Check out my sumo plate. I may or may not have had seconds… ( not pictured)

The omelet bar… Ok, worth the wait.

I also couldn’t help myself in trying the Chobani based shakes. It’s was a bit dangerous I must say…I couldn’t get enough of the peanut butter shakes. Candy in my mouth, no joke.

So sad this weekend was coming to an end:( after breakfast we all headed upstairs to pack up our suitecases. Wahhhhhhhhh. More exciting though, was the raffle they had set up for us before heading out on the road. Apparently, everybody wins! Yippeeeeee. Did I mention, I’m lucky;)?

Blue diamond was generous in donating boxes of their new almond floors, which are so BOMB BTW. They are promoting thir new favors out now, which are…blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, and toasted coconut. Haven’t tried all the favors yet but, knowing me…my fave will be strawberry;)
I was right! Everyone won something! I love this. It was so fun. I wanted soooo bad to win that nuttzo, I practically peed my pants when they announced my name!
Well, since everyone won something the first round…. They threw the names back in for the few raffle products they had left. Hallelujah….I won again! What did I tell you!? This time…. A case of Chobani yogurt delivered to me! Oooommmgggggg. I was in foodie heaven. Sorry, not sorry.

After the raffle, sadly, everyone had to start making their way to the airport:( Bobbi and I’s flight didn’t leave till 7:00 pm, so wwe had some time to do something before heading out. Lucky for me, Bobbi invited me to head up to sundae with she and a friend of hers who lived nearly. Ummm, yeahhhh. Cynthia (sweet as pie) picked us up for a beautiful trip trough salt lake into Sundance.
Destination: the Robert Redford Sundance Resort. It’s beauty: remarkable.
The views were more than impressive. During this time, it’s packed with mountain bikers using the lifts to take their bikes all the way to the top and ride their crazy asses down. A creek running through the front of the restaurant. I couldn’t help but stop and marvel. Listen, I never see this in LA, leave me alone;)
Rustic, and lookin’ straight out of a movie…
Constantly amazed by the richness in colors and green all around me. Made me wish we had more rain in LA.

We enjoyed a late lunch at The Owl Bar. It was quaint, and charming, with an old country western vibe.

When we realized it was the last hours of our vacation, first thought was…yup, time for a cocktail.

We ordered shrimp ceviche, rep pepper hummus, lettuce wraps and fish tostadas. Hungry a girls;)
Sadly, after lunch…it was time to leave beautiful Utah, and head back o reality. Back to LA, back to work, back to life. Oh I forgot to mention. Only cuz I gotta hold myself accountable…. I had pink berry at the airport. There, I said it. It’s done now;)

Overall, I’d say it was a prrrrrettty sweet weekend, don’t cha think?? Kind of a long post, but I wanted to recreate what an awesome time I had with all of you. I hope you enjoyed it, and I want to send some special thanks:
Blendees…..SEE YOU NEXT YEAR! Xoxox

Lets count how many times I’ve said “Fresh Start” I’m home from Vegas…..

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Hiiiiiiiiii babes!!!!! To say the weekend was decadent would be a complete understatement. Vegas was a success;) didnt get into the whole club thing…no thanks. I’m more of a “Let’s enjoy mountains of delicious food, sweets and fancy cocktails” oh and then “Let’s go soak at the spa, and eat sweets in an amazing king size bed!” That is my idea of being “BAD” in Vegas. Lol

I flew out Saturday to meet up with a girlfriend at Aria hotel. We had an amazing Mexican dinner of octopus ceviche, fajitas, and cucumber margaritas. Then of course, naturally, we had to balance out the salt with sugar….so we had pints of ice cream in bed. Lol


I enjoyed so much…that I kept forgetting to take photos:)
Here are just a few shots of this weekend:)

The following day we spent shopping and enjoyed the spa for most of the day. Sooooooo lovely;)

We went to Comme Ca for happy hour and had a delicious array of cheeses and charcuterie….



I could eat like this for the rest of my life, and I would be happy;)


Along with fresh muddled berry cocktails:)


Gorgeous view of the Aria pool. Monday morning, woke up to a beautiful view with sunny weather. I didn’t bring a bathing suit, thinking it would be foggy all weekend, so I had to buy one… Shucks. Problems of a wanna be tan girl.



Desperate for Vitamin D, we made it out to the pool by 11:00 a.m.

Tan lines by 11:15…



I’m gonna need botox asap if I keep squinting like this in the sun. geeez.



A few pool must-haves:


Diet coke


Smart water






Vegas treated us goooood….we stayed at the pool till around two..managed to get jusssssst a touch burnt…cuz you know, it turns into a tan;) then, stopped at Trader Joes for copious amounts of snacky foods for the car ride home. You don’t wanna know. Lets just say….it was my brake up with food. Sooooo bad. It’s over between us.

Anyway…the trip was super fun, but I’m ready to start fresh this week.
Welcome Tuesday;)
It started off to a great start! Spartos was kind enough to send over their new flavor of sugar free, protein water! So stoked:) this flavor is not at whole foods yet, but soooooooon will be. Please be on the look out for STRAWBERRY COCONUT. It’s got a really fantastic taste. The best part, is that you can enjoy it as a sports drink without all the sugar and carbs. I have yet to find anything similar to spartos to even compare it to!

A little brake down of this fab product…

0 carbs

0 sugar

10 grams protein

All natural

Sweetened with stevia

Full of vitamins, anti-oxidants,prebiotics,minerals,and NO ARTIFICIAL ingredients.


Go ahead, feed your natural athlete. You can find SPARTOS at whole foods, other health food stores or online. I feel blessed to have this company be such a supporter!


Today’s foods were totally clean. Breakfast was a homemade protein muffin, and coffee.
Lunch was an unexpected delight. First time trying this egg white salad from Trader Joes, and it was a great lunch option. Protein packed, and low carb.


Over a bed of fresh kale and purple cabbage.

Topped with parsley, cilantro, lemon, salt & pepper. It was the perfect lunch after a weekend of binging. Super clean.


Roasted seaweed

A handful of nuts.

A coconut Kevita



I left work thinking I was gonna make it to my ZUMBA class, until traffic stuck its foot up my ass. I sat on Coldwater canyon for over a damn hour! So pissed. Missed my class by 30 minutes. Ugh. I think I need to switch to early shift at work, cuz that was not cute.

Got home later than ever expected, so I opted to walk Willy and cook a clean dinner.
I made a mish mosh of veggies with red lentils simmered in a bath of broth, cumin, turmeric, curry, saffron, olives, oregano, garlic, cayenne, paprika, salt & pepper, and paired it with egg whites and a dollop of fromage blanc. Sooooo good and hearty.


Even though I didn’t get my scheduled workout in…I am telling myself that ” Seriously Paula… Shut up, it’s gonna be fine crazy” I am happy to get back on it tomorrow:) less stress, less mess.

Here’s a thought….


Xoxo, P

NEW Muffin recipe! Oh…and I’m bye bye for the weekend;)

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TGIF! That means….one more day before the weekend, which means, one more day till I’m in VEGAS! Ok, I must be tell you….I’ve never been such a Vegas fan. It’s always reminded me of a dirty place where people go and do naughty things, and get away with it with a simple, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…” But, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to appreciate the space, the lights, the food, the architecture, and the beauty behind the trashiness;) needless to say..I need a mini vacation!

I didn’t sleep very well last night due to the sound of pouring rain, the new mattress, and the lack of blankets, in which I realize now, are too small for my new big bed, but im hoping to have a relaxing, fun, spa weekend to revamp, and go into next week feeling amazing!

Anyway… Before I take off, I wanted to share this fabulous little recipe with you guys as I promised on my instagram last week. This recipe was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, ProteinPow.
This chick is amazing! She’s got a killer e-book that I highly recommend. To get your copy, click here! Hurry though, they’ll sell out fast;)

Ok, so, before you get all cookin’ cray cray, I wanted to share with y’all some must have baking staples that are always at an arms reach in my low carb kitchen. Click the “pin” button below to share this grocery baking list, and share the wealth;)


You cannot go wrong with these guilt free ingredients. Go ahead, go nuts.
Alright, here you are.

Mini Blueberry Protein Muffins

I had 3 this morning. Lol. Delish.



1/2 cup of liquid egg whites

1/4 cup of rolled oats

1/4 cup of vanilla whey protein isolate

1 tbsp of coconut flour

1 tsp of xylitol or erythritol (optional for a sweeter muffin)

1/2 tsp of baking powder

1 tbsp 0% Greek yogurt, fromage blanc or low fat cottage cheese

1 tbsp mashed banana.( you could even use mashed sweet potato too;)

Fresh or frozen blueberries ( a handful)


A couple of things:
Before getting into the assembly of this recipe, I gotta tell ya, if you don’t have vanilla whey, it’s ok. You can use unflavored and just add a dash of vanilla extract, and add the optional sweetener.

Also, add your blueberries last, otherwise, you’ll end up with blue muffins;)



Pre-heat oven to 320 degrees
Grease a mini muffin pan. My recipe ended up making 7 minis. I guess it depends on the pan how many you end up with.
Mix dry ingredients in a bowl, then add your wet ingredients.
I used my vitamix to quickly blend ingredients, but you could also use a hand mixer or any blender.
Do not fill to the top, leave room to rise.
Cook at 320 degrees for 15-20 mins. Check at 15, may need more time. Every oven is different.

nutrition facts:
Cals per muffin (1 out of seven) 45 cals
Carbs per muffin: 3.5 grams
Protein per muffin: 5.5 grams
Fat per muffin: 1 gram
Fiber: 2.5 grams



seasoned sprouted lentils


Dry roasted edamame;) with dried poms and berries:)


Hope you enjoy that recipe! Try it this weekend, and remember to pin that baking must have list!

Well babes, I’m packed and Willy is chillin at my folks’ house. ( my babysitters club)
Before checking out for the weekend, I wanted to share this beautiful image, which is the new face of SASSOON. Isn’t it fantastic. Love walking in the doors to this.


Some final words….appropriate for this moment;)

A short, but sweet post…

Hope everyone has a safe and healthy weekend!
Xoxoxo, P


San Fran GIRLS weekend Re-cap!

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My loves!! Hiiiiiiiii Mama’s back! Lol.
Well, San Fran was a total success! So much fun. We were crazy. You know what it’s like when you get together with your closest friends, all hell breaks loose. No, but really. Lol
Let me start off by saying the following:
I apologize for not posting all the meals during this trip, because they were absolutely ridiculous, in a very ” I can’t believe I just pounded that” kinda way.
We got a lot done though!
Lots to catch up on guys.
The three of us flew up together on a Friday night flight, and arrived in San Francisco around 9:30 p.m. Brooke picked us up and we drove to her place in Telegraph Hill. Aka, the cutest apartment EVAaaaaa! We ended up staying up till 1:30 am, drinking red wine and catching up. We passed out in the living room after too much wine. And don’t judge, but, This is how the rest of the nights looked as well. Cheese, wine…cheese, wine…goooooood lord.

I woke up to this beautiful view though. Can’t beat that. Usually when I visit Brooke, I like to wake up super duper early, and go for a run through the city, but there was none of that happening during this trip. Well, I mean, I would of, if it wasn’t for the fact that there had been a crazy rape that happened in the building right across from hers just a week ago. Even though they had caught the guy, I wasn’t comfortable running by myself early. So, to be completely honest, no exercise for me, except for the hours of walking around shopping for bridesmaid dresses.

Check out this heavenly view though…. Ahhhhhh.. You just can’t beat it.

Over looking the bridge. Clear skies for dayzzzzzzz!
A little taste of Brooke and Chris’s place.
Fresh flowers…always.
Great books.


The gorgeous couple. To marry July 27 2013 in St. Helena.
















Fresh tulips, and the cute birdcage where Chris placed the ring for the proposal. I know…. Freakin tooooooo cute.




























For sleeping on a couch, I’d say I slept pretty damn well. The copious amounts of wine perhaps helped, but hell, I slept in till 8:30. Absolutely unheard of in my books. I woke up the girls and Brooke got to brewing some of San Francisco’s famous Blue Bottle coffee. ( Next time you are in S.F…please try this coffee. It’s STUPID good!) we had a long day of dress shopping ahead of us, some of us got ready, and others helped make breakfast.



















The first day and a half, I actually kept it pretty healthy, it was after that, that the pizza, croissants, and Thai food came along….
But, let’s start with this particular morning’s brekkie:


A delicious scramble made up of: Eggs, ( more whites than yolks) chicken sausages from Trader Joes, green onions, and zucchini. Clean breakfast, amazing coffee, overlooking the bay bridge, with your besties. Priceless.













Oh wait….hold up.
Can’t have wedding dress shopping without champagne! Since it wasn’t my turn yet to jump in the shower yet, I figured I’d get the party started with a lil champagne toast. I believe it was almost 11 a.m. So, no, I don’t feel bad. Lol
























B-money: No make up, pretty as ever. Love her






































We luckily got some really beautiful weather. It was so lovely out, I really only needed a light jacket. Lots of walking around today, so I wanted to be comfy. Boyfriend jeans, the best invention ever.


So off we went! First stop: Glamour Closet. This place wasn’t with appointments.

It was a bit more like, first come, first serve.
Let me just say what I’m thinking for a sec…. Why the F*#% would you put a bunch of crazy brides in one room, ( not to mention, their crazy friends and mothers) without appointments. That’s nuts. We walked in, and it was a total shit show. You could tell, these girls had been waiting in line before the shop even opened. “Um, excuse me, but, how long is the wait to try on dresses?”
” About two hours ma’am.”
We decided to put our names down, and come back later.
We have appts. Lady.
This place was funny…. They were known for really great dresses, at cheaper prices. It was all good, until the creepy lady with the mustache came out and made everyone uncomfortable with all her touching.
Brooke would try on a dress, and the lady kept grabbing her as if she was gonna fall off the damn pedestal. Sooo weird. Every time we would come up to touch the dress, she would look at us like ” Can you please, NOT”

Then I got in trouble for taking pictures. Apparently, not allowed. Whoops.















The next location we went to, I can’t really share with y’all… Lets just say… That’s where the magic happened. The girls working there were fantastic, and helpful. She tried on some amazing gowns, and we narrowed it down to two. Eeeeeeeek. This is happening! So happy. After all the excitement, we were starved. We stopped at the nearest restaurant and enjoyed this little beauty. A wedge salad, with diced hard boiled eggs, bacon, and pickles. Not pictured: a side of Parmesan baby broccoli. As you can see, we were still low carbin at this point;)

It had been a long day. We were ready to head home. We picked up our girlfriend Natalie, and headed to Trader Joes for some snacks. We had made dinner reservations at 8, but by the time we realized, ” oh, shit, we need to start getting ready!” It was 7:30 and we had consumed 3 blocks of cheese. Talk about a snack ATTACK!
I just realized at that point, that wine is a trigger for me. Wine = snacking= no self control.















So we flaked on dinner, and decided to go out on the town for a bit.
















This is Natalie. Finally , the crew was in full.

These girls…. Nothing I wouldn’t do for them, nothing they wouldn’t do for me. My birthday’s coming up next week, and Alicia’s was last week, so this was a celebration weekend. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had all my friends in one place to celebrate my birthday

In our younger days, going to the bars was something we loved to do. Lol. Now, we tend to not be sooo into it. We walked into a mellow little bar in town, had a beer or two, had some laughs ( no cute boys). It wasn’t that it was boring, but I think we’ve become more homebodies as we’ve grown up.


Natalie wanted to check out some other spots, but as we walked out, we realized all we wanted to do, was go eat and go home like old ladies. Lol it was now like 12:30 so our only option was Thai food , really. Trust me, I wasn’t complaining. Love me some Thai.
The next mornin, we were up ready to go! We had lots of bridesmaids shopping to do. We decided to go have brunch at cafe Divine.

It was such a pretty day out, we opted for outdoor seating. Not the cutest outfit today. It was all about comfort. Again, lots of walking around, so I threw on my running shoes with leggings and a gap gym zip up. This place served a delicious breakfast. Our poor server was so annoyed with us though…

We are the absolute worst when we get together, I swear. We become so high maintenance. Lol
If its not one thing, it’s another. ” um, excuse me… Do you have almond milk?” ” can you froth it please, oh and extra hot please”
” Can I sub the potatoes for a salad… We’re on low carb:)”
” but can you bring the biscuit it comes with… You know, just in case I’d like a bite to try”
” can you take a picture of us please” ” another one…”
I mean… This is real. Lol we weren’t trying to be high maintenance, it just happens. 😉 either way, our breakfast was DIVINE! Omelets, fruit, biscuits, mimosas…the BOMB!

Of we went, we walked through the Chinatown during their rush hour Sunday market, through the tunnel, and into downtown.

They get so over it when I’m constantly taking pictures. 😉

Ahhhhh, downtown San Francisco. I gotta admit, when I first started coming here, I wasn’t the biggest fan, but now, as I explore more of the city, I’ve completely fallen in love with it and everything it had to offer. I mean, look at this little eatery right in the middle of an alley. It’s gorgeous. It reminds me of home. ( Buenos Aires, AR) I could totally live here.

We were looking for a specific color pallet for the bridesmaids… Blush, nude, champagne. The look of the wedding is very, sort of country, so we weren’t looking for something too fancy. They didn’t have to match, as long as we stayed in the pallet. Easy enough. I ended up finding my dress at urban outfitters, of all places. To my surprise, when the girl rang me up, the dress ended up being on like, DOUBLE sale. It was originally $90.00. I payed $28.00!!!! STOKED
Hello bargain! We found Alicia’s dress at Macy’s. it fit her perfect. And although it was more expensive, she used a Macy’s gift card that she had which dropped it down a hundred bucks!
Kelly found her dress at Forever 21. I swear it doesn’t look cheap at all. It’s sooooo pretty!
This is where we had a little problem. We almost got kicked out of Forever 21. Lol. It wasn’t our fault. Obviously as a bride, you want to see how the dresses look on your bridesmaids, duh. Apparently your not allowed to do that there.
Employee: ” ma’am, you can’t stand here”
Brooke: “Huh? ok well then, I’ll try something on”
Employee: ” no you can’t do that, because I saw you just grab whatever. You’re not really trying that on for yourself”
Brooke: ” WTF. R you kidding me? I want to talk to your manager!”
Well, the manager was WORSE. She completely freaked out on Brooke, because she said, we were making her staff feel “uncomfortable” . She had no idea how to handle nor diffuse the situation. We were in the middle of trying on dresses, so we just told her, that if she wanted us out, she could just go ahead and call security. Hello!! I was still freakin naked in the fitting room, crazy lady!
Anyway, she never did, but how embarrassing if we were to have been kicked out of there! Haha
Actually, on my way out, I ended finding my bridesmaid shoes by the register.
I picked them up…perfect color…perfect size… Oh and best part…..get ready!
5 freakin dollars!
I danced my way outta there. BOOOO-YAAAA-ka-SHAAAAA.
That’s how it’s done. 😉

Before heading back to the apt, we went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch on the top level of Macy’s. how bout that view!

Skinny red sangrias all around! The menu said they came with fresh fruit…. So again.. Here it comes….45 minutes back n forth with the waiter about the freakin fruit that didn’t come with it, that should’ve. We just kept laughing at ourselves. We bring out the crazy in each other.

I ordered grilled chicken with grilled asparagus, bruschetta, and arugula. Sounds healthy enough. Problem is, and they ALWAYS do this here, they fill the bottom of the plate with oil! WTF. It was saturated. So weird. I still ate it. Lol, along with their famous brown bread. no one fought the waiter when he put down that basket. Lol. I was not hating on the bread this weekend!

Our last night together was so fun! We, of course shared some amazing wine, ordered a huge pizza and cracked ourselves up all night!

The bride to be’s BLING!


The next morning would be our last day in San Francisco. Originally we had planned to drive to the venue, check it out, have lunch there, and drive back, but we had to be at the airport by like 4:30. We figured it would be cutting it close, since it would’ve taken us 1 hour & 1/2 to get there.

We were hoping to get a call from Novella ( the bridal boutique where she found her two faves) to see if we could stop back in to try them on one more time before heading to the airport.

Do you see this right now!? This is how we pack for three days…as if we were going to another country for 2 wks.


A slow wake up on our last day….
We were sooo stoked when we heard from the bridal shop! They told us to come in at 3:00. And since we had already found everything else we needed, today was gonna be chill. We went for a walk around town looking for a nice breakfast spot. For some reason most places in North Beach don’t open till 11. So strange. We found a great lil Italian joint open, and walked in at the perfect time. 10 minutes later it was PACKED!

Ok, last food pic of the trip. Check out that croissant! Naughty girl. Done n done.


After a lazy walk back home from breakfast, we packed up our suitcases. Ugh, this trip was perfect. It was exactly what the doctor ordered. We took a bottle of crisp Italian wine up to the rooftop, enjoyed the view, and shared crazy stories for a couple hours before going back to Novella. Once there, we decided to just grab a couple more dresses to try on. You know, just to make sure. All of a sudden the two that we thought were “it”, now were just a memory. She decided against both of them. Low and behold came a JEM! A gorgeous dress that we came across last minute. We all knew…. This is “IT!”



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OK, but really, how gorgeous is this place! If you are a local Angelino, you know that Christmas never really feels like Christmas around our parts. At least we have places like this to escape too just a couple hours away to get that “yesssss, it’s winter” sensation.
I am in love with Big Bear. No joke, I was even checking out some small properties/cabins that were for sale as an investment for my future mountain trips;)


I was gonna drive up Saturday after work, but it ended up getting dark earlier than expected so I postponed leaving till early the a.m. If you’ve ever driven to the mountains, then you damn well know that shit is scary at night. Lots of winding sharp turns and blind spots. Yeah. Not a great idea. I woke up at 5 a.m on Sunday morning packed up the car, grabbed Willy, made myself an espresso with almond milk and stevia and took off. I drove to my parents house to first drop off willy and pick up the directions mom left to the cabin. Mom and 3 of her best girlfriends and their daughters had gone ahead of me sat morning. I couldn’t wait to get there. I stopped and got gas (finally the prices are dropping) and was ready for the 2 1/2 hour drive. I have to admit, that I actually like going on little road trips alone, I don’t mind driving alone.. I listened to Christmas music all the way there! Haha. So annoying, I know. I had my coffee, I was relaxed and STOKED!

I arrived to the cabin finally around 8:45a.m. All the girls greeted me at the door, and the shenanigans began.

The ladies:



Mom cooked a mean breakfast scramble ( eggies, turkey, spinach) along with fresh blueberries, mixed nuts and cookies. Pretty safe to say, I got carried away with the naughty food at the cabin this weekend. I lost count of all the cookies I ate. Ugh


After a that breakfast of chaps, we are got in our warm clothes and took off for a walk around the lake and up through the forest. It was a gorgeous day, cold, but full of sunshine. Obviously way colder at night. Poor mom and friends slept with no heater on Saturday night. Apparently it broke. Of course it did. Story of our lives.


The neighborhoods were stunning


I saw this old tractor next to this little cabin that was for sale. I just loved this, so I had to snap a pic


We looked crazy, as we walked, we realized that we just had way too many clothes on. I started breaking a sweat. Which now in looking back, probably not a bad thing since I hadn’t worked out and had devoured practically a box of cookies. Look at us….We looked like a bunch of tourists looking for pine cones.


Loved this American flag painted on the fence…


Of this beautiful house….. Hello, I could get into this. Look at this fantasy. Total dream cabin. Definitely not one of the properties I was looking to buy, but, hey, I can wish.



We went back to the cabin after a few hours out and started to prepare lunch. They were planning on leaving this day like 3:00, so as to miss the traffic coming back home. I was staying the night so that I could get up early Monday and snowboard.
Lunch consisted again of naughty food. And really the only reason why it was naughty was because I can’t just have a bite of it, one cookie , it had to be practically a bag of chips, cheese and salami on saltines, hot dogs etc. can we say, GUILTY? Maybe if I practiced self control, I could have a small portion and it wouldn’t make a difference. But nooooooo.

Once they packed up and left, I cracked a bottle of wine and caught up on my new Bon appetite magazine. I knew that I had to fall asleep with a movie on because I was already a bit nervous knowing that I was in a cabin alone in the middle of the woods. Whatever, I was into it. I watched Meet Joe Black, and immediately passed out.;)

I woke up super early (shocker) had a quick breakfast of cottage cheese, blueberries and a persimmon, locked up the cabin and headed to the resort to get a few hours of snowboarding in. The lifts didn’t open till 8, so I went and hung out a local coffee shop and chilled.
Bear mountain on this particular day was really dry. Only like 2 lifts were open, and the snow was almost non-existent. I only ended up riding two hours, and decided to come home.

On the way home I stopped off at the famous Charlie Brown Farms. I don’t remember the last time I was here, but this place is a hidden gem! It is located off of Pearblossom hwy.


They are most famous for their beef jerky,jams & jellies, hot sauces, pickles, nuts & fudge. You name it, they’ve got it, and homemade!




I ended up buying persimmons (duh) super cheap, stocking up on loads of different raw nuts and seeds, some fresh habanero goat cheese and some bone sucking hot mustard! Happy as a clam.


Just another block up, I spotted this small, run down thrift shop on the side of the road, well, really it looked more like a junkyard or a garage sale, so in pure Paula form, I chomped at the bit. I love places like this. Someone’s trash is always someone else treasure. I found some great silver pieces and some vintage plates. Perfect for setting up a great food photo. I’m so into that right now.


Question of the day:

Do you ever shop at second hand stores?