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Make these LOW CARB pancakes and GREEN juice your morning ritual!

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Happy Tuesday lovelies! It’s been a FABULOUS day today, I must say….I’m absolutely loving my new job at Román Salon!
This morning I didn’t have a client till 11 am, so I took full advantage;) I woke up to my 5:45 A.M. iPhone alarm, thinking I would catch the 6:00 A.M. Hotyoga class at corepower, but instead, I decided to leave that for the evening and take a morning hike:)
Of course I woke up with a rumbling hungry tummy (as I always do) so, I quickly whipped up some super clean ( & low carb) coconut flour/banana pancakes. Here’s the recipe.


8 tbsp coconut flour

1/2 packet of stevia

7 egg whites

2 large eggs

1/2 mashed banana

Dash of cinnamon (optional)

NOTE: they cook pretty fast on a greased skillet, soooo, watch em’
I topped them with a little sugar free honey & figs:)

I always make sure I’ve got these key items within arms reach. Here’s a fitchick’s pantry:

** PB2

These are usually my go-to baking products. All of these are available at your local health food market, so stock up your pantry, and get to playing and testing in that kitchen of yours! Staying on track of your healthy habits has never been so easy or delicious! Honestly, my substitutions for naughty breakfasts has kept me very satisfied, and I never feel as though I’m “missing out”. Get me?

Before heading out on my morning hike to Fryman Canyon, I made my morning green juice which consisted of the the following:

* 1 big Swiss chard leaf

* 4 Dino kale leaves

* 3 big romaine leaves

* a handful of parsley

* 2 stalks celery

* 1 small Persian cucumber

* fresh ginger

* fresh turmeric

* 1/2 green apple

* 1 lemon
I also have been adding some new faves to the mix:

**whole aloe juice

I have really been feeling the difference when having one of these in the morning.


It’s been such a hectic couple of weeks, that my folks offered to babysit Willy for this week, and I couldn’t be more greatful. I’m sorry, but having a pup with severe separation anxiety can be really stressful. I always feel so bad when I can’t be with him all the time. It stresses me out thinking about it frankly. So, luckily…he LOVES going to his grandparents house. Ugh…does it make me a bad mommy that I need a break????:(
Mom, sent me a pic of willy this morning. Look at him!!! Sooo happy! She took him to the park, and he ran wild!

(Awe…now I miss him)


Although pretty foggy still out, the hike was awesome! I would say, the loop ties about an hour all together. It’s a nice balance of uphill/downhill. If your into hiking, or even trail running/racing….you have GOT to get these trainers! They are so lightweight and fit like a dream. Oh, and no laces;) the Saloman Speedcross 3’s are THE ONLY SHOE TO BUY!!

I like seeing shoes worn and dirty. Gives them life.


By now, 8:30 am, I’ve still got an hour to kill before hopping in the shower. God I love this schedule!
Anyway, as you know….the weakest part of my body is my core. I remembered that last night, I had received my Spartan Race WOD email, and I was alllllllllll AB intense, so I threw my tired ass on the floor and started crunching, twisting, lifting, you name it…I was doin’ it. Lol.
Ok….now I’m DONE!

Y’all should try this one out. Get your Spartan WOD emails now!


Had a really great day at work. Was fully booked from 11-4, then came home:) a little weird coming home to an empty house. I’m used to Willy crying and jumping up like a crazy for 45 minutes after I walk through the door. Lol.

I almost didn’t know what to do with myself being off so early. I’m used to not getting home till 7 on Tuesdays.
I had a quick snack and headed to CorePower for a 6:00P.M. Hot Power Fusion class. Although a bit tired, I felt really strong in today’s class.


I literally walk out of there dripping. As if I just got out of the shower. It’s so crazy. I tried to take a pic of how sweaty I was, but it really doesn’t suffice. In fact, this is a pretty dumb picture. Lol

I was starved after class, so I reheated some leftover baked salmon, and through it over a big salad. Omg, I just can’t get enough salmon these days. For dessert, I ate another one of those delicious pancakes from this morning. I couldn’t help it. Totally obsessed.
I’m actually in a bit of a food coma right now as I write this, so please excuse my grammatical errors and bad language, I swear, it’s my body telling me to shut the f*%k up and go to bed;)

Before I pass the EFF out, I am super excited about what I recently got in the mail!! Eeeeeeeeeeweeaaaaa, I love my friends at APS. (Allproscience) They have sent me some super sweet samples of recovery to try out. I’m super active, and just as important as fueling your body before a workout is, so is RE-fueling your body after. These are 100% natural, and have no artificial sweeteners. I am so feeling that. I seriously hate gimmicks. These peeps give to ya straight. I’ve had some great success with there GRASS FED WHEY PROTEIN in the past, so I’m excited for their new stuff. Check out my recipes using ALL PRO SCI grass fed whey.


Please be on the lookout for new Recovery Popsicle recipes coming up soon!!!!




Breakfast date tomorrow morning with Haley at Le Pain Quotidien before Zumba! Yummmmm



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Happy weekend loves!!!

Have you worked out today? I feel amazing after squeezing in a 6:30 am CorePower hot fusion class. In fact…Im running a little late this morning cuz of it, but totally worth it. Remember… I work saturdays, eeeekkkkk! Anywho…I am loving this shit!!! I’ve soooo become that chick. The “yogi”. I gotta say…I’m happy to be home from my wannabe jet setting vacations, and it’s time to do a little natural cleansing. I just finally bought a new Omega juicer from Bed Bath & Beyond (with my 20% off discount) and have been loving incorporating green juices into my diet.


What I love about the Omega, is that, it extracts the the juice at a slower rpm, so it doesn’t create all that foam that my old Breville juicer used to spit out. GOOD NEWS: more juice…less foam!


I also recently found a couple of amazing products. I found them at Raw Food World, but I’m sure Whole foods carries these brands.

Lydia’s Organics – Green Power

Alfalfa, wheatgrass, barley, chlorella, spirulina, nettle, rosehips, licorice, fennel, dandelion, kelp, beet, ginger, burdock, stevia & peppermint powder.

Superfood to the MAX!

#2: Camu Camu berry powder

Camu camu is a bush, native to the South American rainforest, that grows in the black water rivers of the Amazon. Its small, purplish red fruits are a rich source of antioxidants and powerful phytochemicals that support and enhance health.

Camu camu fruits contain more vitamin C than any other plant in the world from 30 to 60 times more than an orange. They also contain amino acids including serine, valine, and leucine; and significant levels of beta carotene, calcium, iron, niacin, phosphorus, riboflavin, and thiamin.

The phytochemicals in camu camu are highly effective in curbing the effects of the herpes virus; in fact, on a list of plants with anti-herpetic compounds, camu camu takes the highest honors as most potent. It is effective against depression, and has even been used to wean users off dangerous antidepressive medications (under medical supervision, of course.) Alternative medical practitioners have also been using it to combat attention deficit disorder.

Camu camu also:

Provides immune system support
Helps maintain good eyesight
Reduces inflammation
Supports collagen, tendons, and ligaments
Helps fend off viral infection
Improves respiratory health
Helps maintain clarity of mind during stress
Our wildcrafted camu camu berries come in the form of a pure, unadulterated powder with a light tan color. It takes 15 pounds of berries to make one pound of the powder, which has 13-16% vitamin C by weight. Thus only a little is needed to provide you with a powerful antioxidant boost.

(source: live superfoods)


And… Since I’ve been juicing so much lately, I just can’t bring myself to throw away all that amazing pulp! So, I decided to utilize those extra nutrients. That fiber is full of fiber ya know! I busted out my big ass, totally obnoxious, almost commercial sized dehydrator… and made some enzyme rich “RAW” pulp crackers!
I know what your thinking…GROSS!
Well, think again. #sorrynotsorry babes… Sooo not gross!
So here’s the deal….I made mine savory, but, only because I was juicing mostly greens, beets and carrots. If you’re more of a sweet person, like…maybe you prefer juicing oranges, tangerines, carrots, melons, berries, etc, you could also do a sweeter cracker.
I’d have to play around with that sweet idea…hmmm.

Either way…we are recycling. Nothing goes to waste in this household. If you don’t have a dehydrator to make them “raw”… It’s ok. You can also bake them. No bigs;)
Check out some affordable, small dehydrators here.


Anyway… I searched around for recipe ideas, switched a few things around, and found that this one was the easiest.
Mind you…play around with the flavors and spices you want to taste. Make a few different batches if you’ve got a few trays. Just sayin’

RAW Juice pulp crackers

  • 2 cups pulp
  • ½ cup flax seed meal (ground flax)
  • 3 tbsp nutritional yeast
  • ½ tsp italian seasoning
  • ¼ tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • ½-3/4 cup water

  1. using a food processor or vitamix, mix all ingredients to remove chunks of pulp.
  2. You can also mix with fork or hand if you don’t mind chunks.
  3. roll or pat down onto a dehydrator sheet. Roll or pat quite thin, or it will take a long time to create the crispyness of the cracker With a butter knife, line the shape of your cracker squares. It will be easier than trying to do it while they are crispy.
  4. Dehydrate at 115 degrees for 12 hours or until desired crisp.
  5. NOTE: you may also bake them at 350 for 20-30 minutes, but be aware that you will be loosing out on those raw enzymes and nutrients.

I didn’t even put mine through the food processor and they turned out just fine, but I do recommend it;)
I’ve been juicing daily…so I’ve got a lot of extra pulp. Wish I could send you all some;)

I found a great article on the on different ways to use pulp, so I’ve been playing around with those ideas as well.

I figured while we are talking raw, I’d bring up an “oldie but goodie” 😉

One of my all time favorite recipes! I seriously put it on everything, and dip everything in it! Lol. It’s fu**ing amazzzzeebalzzzz! I made a batch and it pairs beautifully with these little delish raw pulp crackers.

Looking for more raw ideas:
Mango salsa

Ribbon zucchini salad with snap peas and avocado

Raw zucchini fries


Super ripe slightly frozen watermelon.

Like just stick them in there for 15-20 minutes. OMGGGGGG! The most refreshing thing you will ever have!
Also would be delicious if you did that, then juiced it or blended it and made watermelon agua fresca!

8 cups seedless watermelon cubes

2 small packets of stevia

1/3cup fresh lime juice plus 1 sliced lime

A few sprigs mint or basil


1 1/2 cups Water

Puree watermelon in blender, or juice put it through your juicer. if you blend it, strain into bowl through fine-mesh sieve to remove most of the pulp. Stir in stevia and lime juice. Transfer to pitcher stir in 1-1/2 cups water, add some lime slices and mint ( or basil) Let it chill in the fridge & serve over ice.


Let’s be honest….this next pic preeeeetttyyyy much summarizes my summer so far, lol. Lots of fresh fruit…agua fresca, iced tea… Wine spritzers, or sometimes an ice cold beer by the pool;)
Some would say, ” does this bitch ever work!?” I just smile and say
” if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life!”

In other From Fries To Fit news….

Because I love you all so much and sooooo appreciate your support of my crazy blog, I always try to find ways to give back to y’all!
Today’s giveaway is very special to me.


Last year, I trained and participated in the OOO SOOO KILLER SPARTAN RACE!
Check it out pics here.
My little SPARTAN video😉


I did the spartan sprint, which consists of 3+ miles and 15 obstacles.
It’s tough…it’s dirty…it’s painful..BUT THE BIGGEST RUSH EVER!!!


Please do check out their website for all other info. You DO NOTwanna miss this giveaway! It’s a great way to challenge your mind and body! Another great option…. Create a team and fight to the finish together!!!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Make sure you enter to win above  OR click HERE for a 15% discount off entry! The sweet folks at Spartan Sprint Races want to make sure my readers are getting hooked up, and I couldn’t be more thankful!
This giveaway is over on the 15th of August! There will be 2 LUCKY WINNERS!The winner will receive an email with the redemption code attached to it. Apply code at checkout:)
Once you are signed up, it’s time to train. That’s right…you must prepare your body for this challenge. Sign up here for daily Spartan WOD emails that have exactly what you should be doing everyday to better your fitness level.



The winner of Renew Life 2 month supply of probiotics!!!!
They are on their way babe!!!



Hope you all enjoy your sunday!!!!




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YEP, It’s finally here… RACE DAY BABY!!!! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the SPARTAN SPRINT, It is a 5k with 15+ military style obstacles, In the gnarliest of conditions. Yeah, in the mud. Don’t ask why I put myself through these things!

I spent the night at Mom and Dads house last night. Mom was taking me to the race super early so we made sure to pass out early sat. night.

My alarm went off at 5:00 a.m. Mom was already up. I think she was nervous for me:) I smelled coffee as I walked down the stairs. ahhhh…OK now I feel better. Coffee always seems to make the morning a blessing. I threw on my clothes and made sure my bag , full of back-up clothes was ready by the door.

I had a breakfast of champions:

Egg whites


and a protein muffin.

oh and coffee of course.

Thank god there were signs off the canyon because for some reason, we had gotten directions that would’ve taken us about 4 miles further out. I had to be there about an hour and 1/2 early to be able to register, get my bib, and check my bag.

It was a fresh morning in Malibu. Lucky for me, there was no rain! I knew I would be in mud, but it’s different when the rain is coming down on you. It would’ve been way harder for sure.

My heat started at 8:00 a.m. There were 276 people in the elite heat. (I had no idea I had signed up for “elite” WTF)

Anyway, here I come.

To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect as far as what I should wear or If I would be freezing or too hot. I was ready to strip down, and race in a sportsbra and shorts, thinking that I wouldn’t want anything weighing me down. When I arrived I saw everyone with gloves and long sleeved rashgaurds on. Pretty covered up. I thanked the heavens above that I packed long socks, a pair of gym gloves (a last minute grab) and a long sleeved shirt. pheeewwwww. Once I registered and got my bib I went off to the side to do my outfit alterations. lol

I have no idea how long it took them to set this course up, but this place was incredible!

They put your bib number all over the place, your forehead, a stamp on your cheek (that wouldn’t come off to save my life) on the arm..I’m guessing this was for the photographers, so it would be easier to find yourself when looking up your photo.

they wrote the number on your calves, and since I was covered up…Screw it, write it on my socks:)

ummmmm..notice the mud. yeah.

They had set up a traverse wall for people to warm up and practice. I saw a few people try it, but it looked really hard. Everyone kept falling off, so I think people, including myself, decided to save our strength for the race. All I have to say is, THANK GOD I brought workout gloves.

I’m glad we got there early because I was able to walk around, get my head on straight, and stretch a bit. The thing about this race is that you have absolutely no idea what the course is like until you get there, unless you have done this race before. But even then, It’s ever changing. They give you a map of the course once you register and that’s all you get. Yes, of course you train hard at the gym with the WOD that are sent to you via email, but, nothing can prepare you for the weather conditions, mud like quicksand, and running through fire… yeah, I know, and that’s just 1/10th of it. We will see…..

At 5 to 8:00 am, we began to gather at the start line. Everyone jumping up and down to warm up. I got a quick shot with my SPARTAN man. Couldn’t miss that photo-op.

As the loudspeaker comes on, A man with a “300” voice came on and pumped us up! We were all screaming “I AM SPARTAN”


By the third time…We fired off!!! Smoked filled the air to throw us off of where we were going.

1st obstacle: Running into a freezing lake, and swimming across, yes fully clothed, only to end up trying to hoist yourself up the other side witch was a muddy slippery mountain. You could here everyone going “f*@k its COLD!!” I just made sure to not tense up so much and just keep a steady breath. Hard when your trembling.

Look at us, a bunch of beasts! You have no idea how many people, including my freakin Dad, were like”why the HELL would you want to do that?”

Well, to me this is what it’s about. Challenging you mind, your body, and surprising yourself at accomplishments that you never thought were possible. A lot of people go through life, day by day, never feeling challenged, completely content in their everyday ritual, not me. I live for this shit. LOL It wasn’t always like that. I used to be a big ol’ wuss. Yep.

So as we trecked through rough terrain and mud that sucked the shoes off our feet, I was happy to hear everyone pushing each other with words of encouragement. Didn’t matter if you weren’t on their team. Lots of “c’mon, YOU GOT THIS” “pick it up SPARTAN” ” “Get through it”

It was really inspiring.

The course was insane. Mom was in the spectator area, which was only at a few of the obstacles, taking the pics of what she could. If at anytime, you could not complete an obstacle, you had to count out (OUT LOUD) 30 chest to the ground burpees. I ended up having to do 60 of them. I couldn’t complete two of the obstacles. So pissed, but there was no way. Midway, we stopped for electrolytes that were being handed out. As soon as I got this in my body, I was unstoppable! I turned into an animal, practically sprinting through quicksand! We had to bear crawl up the mountain with rocks and mud under our hands, Big (what seemed to be rubber bands) were giving to us to put around both ankles and HOP up to the next stop, uphill in the mud, (I thought that one in particular would never end) We hoisted ourselves over and under built high walls carrying sandbags ,

climbed up ropes, and held on to dear life through the gnarly monkey bars.

Through tiny trails carved out by tree branches, I finally started to hear people cheering. On to the next obstacle, pulling these weights all the way to the top,(without dropping) and slowly letting them come to the ground without slamming. I mean… C’mon.

Through the puddle up a slippery wooden wall.

Oh and here comes my favorite part.

Dragging your sore, tired body underneath barbed wire for what seemed to be a 1/4 mile. This is where most people started slowing down the most. I was so glad to be in pants and long socks! The poor people with shorts on, ended up with bloody knees. For me the best technique to get through this part was to roll sideways uphill. Not an easy task though.


YEP, that’s fire you have to get across. I was coming down that hill so damn fast, I leaped over that shit like superwoman!

Low and behold, I was about to get pounded.

Knocked down at the last minute!

Got up and ran to get my banana at the finish line!

My time was 1 hour and 7 minutes. Oh I have to tell you this crazy shit. The fastest women did it in 38 minutes!!! She had to have been a freakin GLADIATOR.

Anyway, I was actually quite happy with my time.

I came 74th out of 276 overall

14th out of 75 women

5th in ages 25-29


I have to admit, I was skeptical at first, and had no idea what to expect. I know that if I hadn’t trained hard like I have been the last 4 1/2 weeks I may not have been able to finish. The W.O.D. that were sent to my email every morning, were not only testing of my strength, but also my commitment to putting in the work. Thank you Spartan Race for a spectacular day in the mud!

I will definitely be signing up for other races in the future. WHO’S WITH ME?!!!!!