Hey guys! I was at my parents house last weekend and since they have such a cute backyard I decided to do a little AB series photoshoot. This workout is killer! It actually is a FULL body workout.

When doing this, please be aware of your form. Technique is key. Always keep that TUMMY TIGHT!

Making sure to keep breathing. Nothing good comes from holding your breath. Long, controlled exhales during the work. The exhale will help you to lift and crunch. Each time you exhale, imagine that you are tightening a corset around your waist.

I recommend doing this workout three days a week. If you are working out your abs everyday, you are wasting your time. This is the biggest misconception. Let those abs rest. You need to give muscles time to grow and heal. The best way to ensure a great lookin belly is a combination of ab exercises 3x a week along with a healthy Low-glycemic diet. Remember: DIET IS 70% of it.

Please try this workout with me. If you are struggling at any point of this series, Go into a child’s pose and breath. Then, get back into it. You will see, that the more you do this, the easier it becomes, and the stronger you will feel, not only in your core but your arms, back, and shoulders.

 3lb weighted push-up to alternating side plank.10x (5 each side)

Drop weights. lift top leg in side plank 20 sec each side.

30 Mountain climbers (keep tummy tight)

30 second bridge pose

30 second superman pose. (tight core, breath, keep head aligned with spine)

30 second alternating opposite arm and leg

On hands and knees Balance and lift arm and opposite leg, and crunch in while exhaling

10 each side

30 second up/down plank (from hands , down to elbows, and back up) DO NOT LET YOURSELF SINK.

15 second REST

Feet on medicine ball roll forward to a push-up position (shoulders directly above hands)

Tummy tight, exhale and bring in the ball to your chest.

2 sets of 10

Prayer pose on knees, with elbows on ball. Roll the ball out on forearms, and use that tummy to bring it back to prayer pose

2 sets of 10

15 vertical leg lits

25 crunches in tabletop

30 bicycle crunches alternating

Sit slightly  leaned back with knees up and feet on the ground. Arms straight in front of you holding the weights over the knees.

Alternate one arm out to side, gazing at the arm and back to center.

1 set of 10



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Was it too hard? Too easy?