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Feeling freeeee friday!

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Blend all ingredients in a blender and serve chilled. Enjoy your morning PROTEIN surge! This is a power breakfast!

GOOD MORNING ALL!!! 2 days till race! No gnarly workout today and I’m feeling GREAT!

This was my WOD..I did it first thing this morning after my cup of joe:)’

Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.
-Bo Jackson

15 crunches
30 bicycles
30 back-scratchers
30 rotating crunches15 leg-lowers
30 scissor-kick
30 side-crunches
30 bicycles
15 crunches30 back scratchers
15 leg lowers30 side-crunches

Exercises for the AB 300

Lay in the supine position with the knees bent at 90 degrees and the feet f

lat on the floor. The hands are interlaced behind the neck and the elbows are out. Slowly curl the torso upwards, until the shoulder blades are about an inch or two off of the floor. Slowly return to the start position. Don’t pull on the neck while doing this exercise; keep the elbows back and the head and neck in a neutral position.

Lay in the supine position with the legs extended and the hands inter


laced behind the neck. Crunch up slightly and hold. While holding the crunch position, flex the right hip and knee and rotate the torso so that the left elbow moves towards the right knee. Repeat with the opposite leg and continue until the desired repetitions have been reached.

Back Scratchers:
Lay in the supine position with the knees bent at 90 degrees and the feet flat on the floor. The arms are straight by the side. Curl up so that the shoulder blades are just off of the floor and tuck the chin in to take stress off of the neck. Laterally flex the spine from side to side touching one heel and then the other.

Rotating Crunch:
Lay in the supine position with the knees bent at 90 degrees and the

feet flat on the floor. Flex the right hip and place the right foot on the left knee. The right knee should be pointing outward. The right arm i

s straight by the side. Place the left hand behind the head with the left elbow pointing out to the side. Curl up and rotate towards the right knee. Keep the elbow out, think about bringing the left shoulder towards the right knee. Perform the desired number of repetitions and then switch to the other side.

Leg Lowers:Lay in the supine position with the legs extended, and the arms straight by the side. Begin by flexing the knees and hips moving the knees towards the chest. Once the hips are fully flexed, extend the knees a

nd slowly lower the straightened legs to the floor. When the feet are about six inches from the floor repeat the sequence. The key during this exercise is to maintain a neutral lower spine throughout the movement. Brace the stomach muscles as if someone was going to punch you in the gut. Keep the back from arching.

Scissor kicks:
Lay in the supine position with the legs extended, and the arms straightene

d by the side. Raise the legs so that the feet are about 12 inches off of the floor. Open and close the legs for one repetition. The key during this exercise is to maintain a neutral lower spine th

roughout the movement. Brace the stomach muscles as if someone was going to punch you in the gut. Keep the back from arching,

Side crunch:
Lay in the supine position with the knees bent at 90 degrees and the feet flat on the f

loor. Roll the hips to one side, but keep both shoulders flat on the floor. Crunch up by lifting the shoulders off of the floor. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions and then repeat on the other side.

Vertical toe touches:
Start with the legs straight but flexed at the hip so they form a 90 degree angle. The feet should be pointed towards the ceiling. Crunch up and try and reach the toes. The shoulder blades should come off the floor by about 6 inches. Perform the repetitions under control. Tuck the chin to prevent straining of the neck.


I’m feeling pretty ready. Tonight, I was supposed to meet with my friend jules, but we decided to reincheck till next week. I need to relax. I’m enjoying a glass of wine as we speak. Tomorrow, I need to be on it. I need to make sure I get the proper nutrition. i.e. not eat to much…just for fuel. I read in the Spartan race printout that there will only be ONE aid spot, meaning they want you to race with a freakin camel pack!

WTF. !: why don’t they provide enough water?

What kind of shit is that, race with a backpack??? yeah right.

So tomorrow’s goal is to stay really hydrated, maybe it’ll help me Sunday.

My go to super hydrate!! The grape flavor is fantastic! I’ll be drinking this on sunday!



After the this little ab BURNER, I wanted something yummy! I still had a bunch of kale and chard from last weeks farmer’s market . So I made a super healthy PROTEIN SMOOTHIE! Check out above for the recipe!

I love recycled kombucha bottles eggggggzacly for this purpose. I take my smoothies and juices to go! This one is coming to work with me:)

It was a rainy morning so I made sure to stick Willy in his little bomber jacket before we headed out for the morning stroll.

It was a short one today cuz it started coming down hard. No thanks.

I swear every morning I look so ridiculous when we go for a walk. I’m always in some hideous PJ/mumu/costume.I’m sure people get a right LAUGH. Today it’s my duck rainboots with my bright ass yellow sweatpants tucked in.(not pictured: blue bomber vest and colorful beanie.  Gooooooood Lord.

I usually get all of my packages delivered to work, and today was a lovely surprise of CHIA drinks from Fitfluential!

This company is awesome. These drinks are what athletes need! Not some sugary gatorade or redbull, yuck, supply your body with the right nutrients and without any junk or gnarly amounts of sugar. Drink these up for hydration, endurance, heart health and brain power! Literally shake and take!

They are only 40 calories people! compare to 180-320 calories in other drinks.

1.5 grams of fat

2 grams of fiber

4 grams sugar

1 gram protein

Took one to work today and compared it with my girlfriends’ Trader Joe’s brand strawberry chia smoothie. I was shocked! Hers had 24 sugar grams for just half the bottle. I think sometimes, with drinks, we forget to look at the back (nutrition info) because we really don’t expect it to be that bad.  You guys, the CALORIES we DRINK count too!!

With these drinks, you don’t have to worry about breaking your calorie bank:)

Oh and not to mention, they are soooo tasty!

And continuing with the CHIA kick, I have a new obsession at work! Random ingredient salads with chia oil and and organic tamari (glen-free). Best combo salad dressing ever! You guys should try. If you can’t find chia oil (I found mine at RAW food world) you could also use hemp or flax oil. All really high in the omegas department.

This salad today I brought from home of course:

Some leftover roasted kabocha squash

Roasted red onions

Baby broccoli

Spinach leaves

Frisee lettuce


salt and pepper=


Mid day I was having my usual sweet craving. I didn’t have anything today in my packed lunch that sounded tasty so my co-worker busted out with a bag of RAW sprouted trailmix from whole foods.

It was a delicious mix of cashews, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, and all kinds of dried amazon berries. HOLY, IM ABOUT TO FLIP THE EFF OUT. I snagged one handful, then another….ok then I stopped but, my craving was cured.

 After work, I was supposed to meet up with my girlfriend Jules to have a rainy day stay in dinner but we had to rein check because of a last minute work call. womp woommmmp.

Oh well, I went home, had the most random snacky plate dinner ever.

egg whites


cut up chicken breast

low carb granola.

Oh and a glass of wine:)

Night babes!

xo, P

Question of the day:

What are some of your FAVORITE low cal salad dressings?

I need help REVAMPING my bedroom!!

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hey guys,  I have been PIN crazy lately! Since I’ve decided to re-do the upstairs master (the only bedroom;)) I have lost my shit on PINterest ever since. Hours spent looking for ideas on layouts, furniture, lighting, etc. I don’t even know where to start. When I moved in 2 years ago, I didn’t have a vision. It was about just gettin everything in the there so I could be done with it.

Let me give you a lil history… I was living with my bestie Amy in Hollywood 3 years ago. We were both single and enjoying it. I met a guy, we ended up becoming quite serious, fast. I was pretty much spending most of my time at his house, which was effin far….Santa clarita.  Where my parents are. I would drive from his house 3-4 days a wk to Beverly Hills for work,  which ended up being 3 1/2-4 hours a day in traffic there and back. Gooood lord. I know, the things we do for love. sighhhh.

Anyway, at some point, around 6 months of dating, somehow we decided and thought it would be easier to move in together. So, the search began. It was a really exciting time. We would stay up late looking for houses. We were mostly looking in the valley because we wanted something in the middle. He worked in Woodland Hills and I in B.H. After a few weeks of checking out places that we felt no connection to, we spotted a lil GEM. On craigslist. Gorgeous 3 bedroom country style home with a pool, a white picket fence and last but not least, a red door! my god, she was a beauty. ONE PROBLEM. It was in Santa Clarita. Further than I wanted by faaaaaaarrrrrr!. I tried to put that house out of my mind and keep looking, but for some reason , it kept coming back to haunt us. One day while J was at work, I decided, Hell, why not just see what it looks like in person. Yeah. I was in love. It was on the cheaper side because it was located at the end of a dirt road, that when in rained, you didn’t know if you would be able to get the hell outta there in the morning. I didn’t care. I wanted country.

We ended up getting this great house. Beautiful. All of the bedroom furniture I had, went into the guest bedroom. It was a full size bed, what did you expect. We bought a wonderful tempurpedic mattress and bed frame , (we both had back problems) that I dream about. (He bought it, so he kept it)lol. We were only in that house 3 months before the relationship took a turn south.

2 years ago to the day, I left, and there went that fabulous bed. Obviously there went everything really. I’m not gonna get into why i left. (I don’t think he would appreciate that) but it was a very sad day…I chose to move forward full force. A few hiccups in the road of course. I found an apt in a great area, just over the canyon from my work. At the time quite a few of my friends were in the same area, so it really did help while I was figuring out my life. Single again. It was weird.

Have you guys ever been in a relationship that got so serious so fast and just ended so abruptly?? like.. BOOM, move on?


Anyway, at the time I didn’t want to get new furniture because I just didn’t have a clue what style I wanted. Plus, anytime you move, it’s an expense and I had no cash leftover. womp woooomp. Little by little, things started to come together. It wasn’t sush a mish mosh. I was calling it eclectic:) I was buying pieces one at the time.I painted all the walls white.(it really helps if you don’t have that much light coming through, to do that instead of a color that will drown out the brightness) I mounted my t.v in the living room which totally opened up the room, got a lrg FAB couch, and a great cozy area rug.  Sometimes the hardwood everywhere tends to feel a bit stark to me, and I like the cozy vibe. I must share pics of the down stairs. I’m proud:) The bedroom on the other hand,  It’s embarrassing. It’s the most awkward layout ever. It’s huge but in the long kinda way. Somewhat disproportioned.

I will post pics of the layout, In the meantime, since I’ve been PIN crazy, I’ve found lots of great ideas and options for similar spaces. YEAY, there is hope. Now I just gotta save dollllasss, to start with a new bed.  By the way, how the EFF am I supposed to do with all my old stuff. I can’t get all that furniture down the stairs?? What do people do?? HELP!

ok here it goes:) Just a few ideas out of many, but these are the faves for bed and office. I’m also gonna have my little home gym on the opposite side of the room in from of the mirrors. That’s gonna be a whole other project though. Please feel free to leave your thoughts! I love your comments and they do sincerely help!








Thanks for listening to my semi-dramatic story:)

Question of the day:

What are some of the ways you manage to lunge forward and not look back?

WeDneSdaY B-day Shoutout

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Happy wednesday folks!

Officially 4 days till the Spartan Race. I’m not in the salon till 10.00 a.m. so, I woke up at 6, drove straight to gym.I recieved this email from from my online Spartan trainer, and  this workout is gonna kick my ass! I won’t be doing my WOD on thurs (tomorrow) because I’ve got Zumba class. I just honestly don’t want to risk being any kind of sore or tight anywhere on my body before sunday.So no heavy lifting. Last time a trained for a race, I ran 6 miles the day before and somehow strained my achilles. So pissed. Dumb status. Not doing that this time. I really think it’s important to give your body a rest and allow your muscles time to recover. So this morning will be the last of the WOD. 🙂 What an EXPERIENCE!

I swear after sunday I’m only doing zumba and yoga for a whole week. That’ll be nice. Then back to adding in the strength training.

So….Ideally, for a hardcore session, 5 circuit sets should be done with the exercises back-to -back and minimal rest. If you like structure, a breakdown on a good use of rest is supplied at the end of the workout. Each set should be at least 12 reps of continuous motion. Rest in between exercises rather than between reps.

Ok, Lets go….

Before going for this circuit, make sure you have a bench press and some room close by with dumbbells ready. On average three to five revolutions should take no more than forty minutes, but internally strive for the best time possible. This workout is an obstacle course for the body itself. Watch your form people!

I was at the gym a total of 1 hour & 15 min. Notice all of the bending down I was doing…well…GUESS WHAT HAPPENED.

I wanted to die!!! Felt absolutely no drift! Apparently before throwing them in the hamper last week, I left them sweaty on the floor for a couple hours, and I don’t know if any of you girls out there who have dogs, have ever experienced this, BUT….yeah…Willy completely ate an EFFING hole in the crotch!!! ahhhhhhhhI never noticed, washed them, picked them up this morning out of the drawer, no clue, and did my whole workout with the freakin hole. It wasn’t till I was stretching, with my ass facing the mirror that I noticed. I ran out of there so damn fast. The guy at the front desk was like “Bye, thank you” I just kept my headphones in and RAN! I posted this on my instagram as soon as I got in the car.

I needed CARBS! (good carbs of course)


These were just what I needed! This recipe is so easy, It took like 20 min all together. They were a treat. They are under the  breakfast recipes!I enjoyed one of these along with my coffee w/ almond milk, got ready for work and headed out.

I wanted to take today’s post as a chance to wish my amazing brother a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Doesn’t he look like Clark Kent? (superman)

This was taken at my parents house the last time he came to visit.

I have no idea what we are doing in this pic but I thought it was cute.

Having a ball at Mango’s in Miami. We went there on a family trip a couple years ago, and I actually got him up to dance.

Btw…Holy TAN browndoggie face.

Happy special day LIL bro! xx

After work, I headed to Hollywood to meet up with a couple of girlfriends. We had planned for me to come and cut their hair, have a laugh, and enjoy a glass of wine. Laura (Gina Starr) a genius Dj, is always open for a super cool look. Her hair is like a violet, silver kind of color, which a co-worker of mine did. Looks amazing.I’ll post picks soon! Love cutting her hair. She always give me complete freedom to try new things. Gen, my other friend,client, and an amazing jewelry designer, also got a new super cool look. We cut her hair into a cute little A-line layered bob. She loved it. After we finished cutting, we finished our wine and I was ready to head home for some dinner. It was a long day. She surprised me with a little gift from her collection. Aren’t they fabulous? Her Etsy shop will be up soon, so be on the lookout! I’ll be supporting on my blog for sure. Her stuff is unique and feminine. Always with a bit of lace. A little vintage inspired too.

As soon as I got home, I took willy out, and headed inside for some yummy leftovers of almond crusted tilapia, spanish green beans, some roasted kabocha squash, and some sauteed spinach and zuchinni in garlic. It looks like my usual snacky plate. Lots of different flavors to get a perfect bite.

After dinner, I felt relaxed, put my PJ’son, and poured myself a glass of this wine. It was really good. Although I fell asleep working on the blog. On the couch of course, so I didn’t end up finishing it. Oh well, didn’t need the extra cals anyway…



Are you one of those people who has to eat everything on their plate separately? Where nothing can touch each other? Fascinating.

xo babes


It’s freakin Chritmas in 3 1/2 weeks!

You know what that means…..


Almond crusted tilapia

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This meal is a great weekday idea. It’s really easy, requires just a few ingredients and tastes fantastic. One serving is one fillet. Each fillet is approx.  200 calories (with almond crust) And for even less calories, you could even sub the full egg for egg whites.

With around 23 grams of protein, this to me, is considered WINNING.


Pre-heat oven 350 degrees

Thaw 4 tilapia fillets. Place on a plate.

In a bowl whisk egg with garlic,parsley, and salt and pepper.

In a separate bowl, Pour the almond meal.

Sprinkle a little more salt and peeper on the fish, dip the fish into the egg mixture, evenly coated. Let remainder drip back in egg bowl.

Then into the almond meal making sure to cover both sides.

brush with egg wash once finished to get it more golden.

Line a roasting pan with foil and spray foil with coconut oil (so as to not stick)

Once cooked, squeeze a bit of lemon over the fish.

Serve fresh out of the oven.

Great paired with Spanish style Green beans, roasted squash, quinoa, or a any other veggie or salad.

enjoy fit friends!


Low Carb granola

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Ok, this stuff is addicting, so be mindful to not load up and eat the whole batch. I’m not just telling all of you this.. I’m also reminding myself. It is so good. It’s great alone, or on top of some nonfat greek yogurt. Sometimes we just get that ” ALL I WANT TODAY IS SOME SUGARY FREAKEN CEREAL” well, this will calm you down. A great idea, would be to set away 1/2 cup servings to pack for lunch everyday as your mid-day snack in a zip-lock.I grabbed this recipe from a fellow blogger and had been craving to make this in my kitchen:) I hope you enjoy as much as I did. My batch is all gone now. Duh.

1. Preheat your oven to 300 degrees.  Chop up all your nuts by hand or in a food processor.  If using a machine, do the nuts one at the time so you don’t overprocess them.  Dump ‘em into a big ol bowl.  Add the dried fruit, ground flax and hemp hearts. 2.  Add the water and mix by hand.  This is to moisten them so they’re not all dry and dusty when they come out of the oven. 3.  slightly melted coconut oil or ghee in a bowl and mix in the syrup or honey. 4.  Mix the wet into the dry ingredients and stir until evenly coated. 5.  Sprinkle on the salt and erythritol and mix again 6.  On a lined cookie sheet with either parchment or silicone, spread the mixture evenly.  Bake for 30-40 minutes, stirring twice occasionally.  Pat down after last stir and continue baking until the edges are brownish.

Adapted from: theubanpocketknife.

Late day tuesday

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That was me this morning… Too warm and cozy in my bed to want to get out in the cold, while its still dark. Ew. This is the last week of training I get before the race so, I can’t slack. I just downloaded all the event info and printed all of the waivers. Ok, I thought I was nervous then, now I’m shitting myself. It’s real. lol

I finally made it to the gym.  Of course I warmed up as soon as I got there, but I like to  dress warm because when I leave, I’m dripping in sweat, and as my mother always said, “you better cover up or you’re gonna catch a cold” I’m guessing this is probably a myth, but it’s always stuck with me:)

hmmm…looking at this picture, I think my thighs are starting to get more muscle, they look a bit bigger. Must be all the squats, jumping lunges, burpees…ahhhhh, the life.


Yeah super killer. I struggled the most with the pull ups. My arms were becoming jello by the 8th, and I was even doing them on my equalizer. It’s just really hard. Building my upper body strength has been my ultimate challange. Ughhh.

My 2nd home:)

As soon as I got home, I made myself a much needed espresso fix with almond milk and stevia, and heated up a leftover chia spinach pancake that I had made yesterday. I found this recipe from one of my favorite bloggers Stuft mama. It’s really rich in protein and a great way to sneak in some veggies! Honestly, they don’t taste like “healthy pancakes”, they are freakin ridic!!! It’s always a treat when I use my protein powder in something solid to munch on, instead of just making a shake. Like I’ve mentioned before…I get soooo hungry after a workout, a shake doesn’t faze my ass.

Super post workout food!

Poor willy this morning, I made him wait for his walk till after I ate. He wasn’t stoked:/

I ran him around, stole some tangerines from a tree hanging over someone’s backyard like a creep, put them in a doggie bag, and we ran our lil asses back home. hehe.

I mean, i’ts a free for all if the tree is hanging into the sidewalk, right? What could they possibly want with alllllllllllllll those tangerines anyway. I totally did them a favor. Doesn’t mean I wasn’t looking over my shoulder totally nervous that I was gonna get caught. LOL. Embarrasing.

He deserved a treat for that one, my accomplice.

It was getting closer to my departure for work. I really wanted to stay home and blog all day but, I had to go to my day job. (It’s actually fun at m work:)
So, I packed a lunch of mish-mosh to take with me.
Did I mention how much people in beverly hills spend on average a day for lunch? Sometimes breakfast and lunch in a day?
That’s $150 in a 5 day work week.
Absolutely stupid.
I think since starting at the salon,and It’s been 6 years,  I’ve ordered lunch locally maybe a total of 8-10 times. Those times, I’m sure it was because I forgot my lunch sitting on the counter in a rush to get out of the house. I can think of a MILLION other things I would rather spend that money on.

My lunch this tuesday:

LEFTOVERS over chard leaves topped with raw salsa.

ooohhh try these pumpkin kale croquettes

Speaking of saving money…..This is what happens when you don’t constantly spend money on lunch everyday.. You can actually save money to buy toys! I have been wanting an Ipad for AGES now! I have my Macbook pro (great for home) I have my Iphone (although it’s acting up) ANd I swear, I’m not this “I only buy Apple products” type of person, but I find them to be extremely user friendly, and it may be that I’m just used to them and hate change:) Whatever the case, YEAY for my new Ipad! No more lugging around my computer to work. (BTW< we don’t even have wi-fi at work… I know, so ridiculous. I have to sit next door at the CREPE place, buy a tea, and use their wi-fi…everyday.) It makes me wanna lose my shit. So inconvenient. It’s 2012 for F@*k sake.


OK now that I got that off my chest, It should be arriving to the salon in 5-7 business days. STOKED!


Around 3:30, snack time was calling my name. May I present to you, The TRIO. By far my fave snacky plate foods.

  • Persimmon (ripe
  • Low fat organic cottage cheese 1/4 cup
  • 1/4 cup Low carb granola

And last but not least… I’m starting my christmas list……

Seriously want this watch….

Hope you guy’s are enjoying being back to the routine!


 Question of the day?

What’s on your Christmas list this year?

How did you recover from calorie stacking on thanksgiving?

Daily fact:

                                                     Muscle tissue and bone weigh more than fat, so some people can be heavier yet leaner.

Easy like Sunday mornin<3

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Good morning! I finally feel like I’m getting back to my normal routine. This morning’s workout seems like a small list but by the time I finished the 3rd round of sets, I had had enough. The Spartan Race is getting sooo close! Next Sunday! Did I mention how nervous I am??? Pretty much freaking out.


     Run 30 minutes 5k
10 push ups
10 body weight squats
10 burpees
25 crunches

(Repeat 1-3 times)

 I’ve been training with my old Asics. They are so beat up, holes n all. These are the ones Ill be using for the race, so I figured I’d train in them. I’ll definitely be throwing them out after sunday. Oh, that reminds me…What are the best running shoes out?? I’m in the market for something new! I’ve tried the Nike frees, and also have a pair of trail racing shoes. Any suggestions??
what about these?



I made a delicious protein shake after my workout.. It blew my mind!

1 scoop of collagen sport vanilla protein

1/2 cup frozen mixed berries

1/2 cup filtered water

1/2 cup flax milk (unsweetened) or almond milk

1 tbsp PB2

1 tsp raw acai powder

1/4 cup 0% greek yogurt

1 tsp. Vanilla bean paste

2-3 drops stevia

3 ice cubes

  • The anthocyanins found in acai are believed to lower the occurrence of diabetic retinopathy and the formation of fibrous breast tissue.
  • The high concentration of linoleic acid in acai can lower bad cholesterol while raising the good levels.
  • Acai has more anthocyanins than red wine or blueberries.

I’m usually still hungry even after a shake , but with this one, I swear it definitely fills me up. Does anyone else feel like me? AlAWAYS hungry when you train hard? The more I work out, the more my stomach feels like a bottomless pit.

It was a beautiful day in sunny Cali! I took advantage and ran Willy for a little bit. He is such an anxious dog and has to constantly be exercised. Well, it could be worse… I could have a lazy ass dog, then I would become a couch potato;) …not really.


After our run, I looked in the fridge, and realized that I needed to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies for the week, so I grabbed a couple of recyclable bags and took off to the farmers market just a few blocks from my house. I try to buy as organic as possible when I can. Sometimes if I know that I’ll be peeling it, I’ll opt for non-organic. Is that naughty?





Shopping at local farmer’s markets not only  save you money and provide the freshest produce, but you also contribute to local farming. I love supporting small businesses and farms. Nowadays big names like Vons, Ralphs, etc, have taken over the game, while locals struggle to keep their products selling. I picked up sooooo many goodies! A beautiful arrangement of peppers.

A bag of sweet Italian roasting peppers for $2

A bag of  5 mixed big peppers for $2.50


















When you shop at your local farmer’s markets you also get the benefit to purchasing only what’s in season, ensuring better quality produce. Haven’t you noticed that at the major stores, everything is always in season? think about it.

Listen, Im not trying to preach. I go to Whole Foods, Trader Joes AND Ralphs all the time, and I always find great stuff at good prices, but you gotta have a balance. Just a recommendation:)


took some great shots of these beautiful orchids. I didn’t buy one cuz I thought it wouldn’t really match my new holiday decor, but still… I LOVE orchids. They don’t last that long at my house. Everyone says the less you pay attention to them, the longer they live. yeah…I don’t know about that.




look at theses fab mushrooms! I wanted every kind of mushroom they had available, but I probably would’ve spent my life savings. These puppies aren’t cheap. I’ll just stick to porchini, portabellos, and shitake:) They’re cheaper but delicious. I had to take a couple pics though.





The purchases today:

  • Baby broccolli
  • cilantro
  • Presimmons
  • Asparagus
  • Kale
  • Peppers
  • Frisee
  • Chard
  • Kabocha squash
  • Green beans

 Check out this awesome recipe for either a packed lunch or dinner. Baby broccoli is so good. The crunch factor is so much more apparent than in the regular bush looking head of broccoli. It’s super easy and takes 15 minutes.GET REAL..this is what I’m taking about. Healthy, delicious foods that can be paired and made easily. With 4 flavor packed ingredients this is sure to become one of your staples.

















I also wanted to share my most recent purchase…. My Lebert Equalizer! I’ve been using them to train for my upcoming race, and really have grown to love them. They came with a video that I have yet to watch. For now, My exercises on them have been pretty standard, but I’m ready to try some gnarlier stuff! They are ridiculous. They’re in the middle of my living room, super abnoxious yellow, and huge. lol. You gotta do whatcha gotta do. These things are a total body workout. As soon as I grow out of my “Im nervous to post a video of myself working out on youtube” stage, This will be the first thing I post. I’m sure lookin crazy.





















Dinner was a big ol’ salad made with:

salmon in a can (with lemon, salt, and pepper)

baby tomatoes


roasted red and green italian peppers

shaved cabbage

shaved fennel

Raw live salsa (pretty much fermented chopped veggies)

apple cider vinager

Olive oil

It was really tasty, although, I would have liked something a bit more hearty or warm.It was more of a lunch idea.

Whatever, it’ll do:)

















Question of the day:

Do you support local businesses or farmers?

Fact of the day:

The brain itself cannot feel pain. While the brain might be the pain center when you cut your finger or burn yourself, the brain itself does not have pain receptors and cannot feel pain. That doesn’t mean your head can’t hurt. The brain is surrounded by loads of tissues, nerves and blood vessels that are plenty receptive to pain and can give you a pounding headache.


The Bazzar @The SLS Hotel

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Saturday night…and I’ve got a date.

Don’t get too excited…It’s not with a guy ya’ll.

I met up with my bestie, Amy and her boyfriend along with some other friends in town from New York to enjoy an awesome dinner at the Bazzar. The restaurant inside the SLS hotel in LA. This place is stunning, and the restaurant is huge with a great bar. The chef, award winning Jose Andres is a genius. I’ts a modern dining EXPIRIENCE with spanish cuisine. This place , the vibe, is magical. Please excuse the, not so great pics. They were taken on my Iphone and the lighting was pretty dim.

Anyway, I walked into the elevator area to be taken to where my friends were, and this is what I came across… a huge mural of Michael Jackson, and this fabulous chair and lamp. Amazing.

Here she is! Bestie. Ex roomie, A hairdresser herself, we graduated from the Sassoon Academy together and have been inseparable since. You know how it is though once you start getting busy, getting boyfriends, moving further, it becomes harder to find quality girl time. When we do get to hang out, It’s like a day hasn’t passed.

 We hung out at the bar for a bit, while our table was being prepared. All of the drinks on the menu sounded delish.

This was my choice.

 Passion Fruit Up! 

Orange rum, passion fruit and ginger-laurel syrup, topped with passion fruit foam.

It was heaven, not too sweet.

The cute ass napkins. I love them.

Once we were sat at our table, we had heard some peeps talking about the cart guy making his way around the tables making fresh “adult slushies”

Well, in reality they are their famous LN2 Caipirinha

   Brazilian cachaça, fresh lime and sugar frozen by using Liquid Nitrogen. Tableside service .

They were unbelievable.


edible flowers and all. Nothing better. Along with a lil wooden spoon to eat like a slushy:)

The 3 amigos.

OK… I have to talk about these “liquid olives”

Sounds weird, but If I hadn’t tried them, I would’ve missed out.

It’s the Bazaar’s most famous dish, basically olive-flavored liquid mixed with sodium alginate, put into a bath of calcium chloride to create the encapsulating thin membrane. The “olives” were then marinated in a mixture of olive oil, rosemary, garlic, and orange peel. If you get a chance to check the restaurant out, start with these little balls of flavor! yummmmm

Again, sorry for the shitty pics. I swear they looked much more beautiful in person.

These little wonton looking things are jicama wrapped guacamole cups.So incredibly fresh tasting .

Would for sure order again.

(these two aren’t my pics, but I found them online so that you could see what a beauty they are.

Their version of caprese salad

Using spherification technique so the mozzarella balls popped in the mouth!

And the favorite of the evening… The Philli Cheesesteak…made on “air bread”. Yeah I know. This is some fancy shit right here. I gotta be honest though, every should try this. I can’t even begin to describe how tasty this was. The “air bread” is crispy on the outside and hollow on the inside. It really feels more like a hollow cracker than bread. The air bread is then filled with aged cheddar sauce and topped with an ultra-thin slice of Kobe beef. WOW. what a treat.

I will definitely be going back. It was a new and fun dining experience. If you want to go and try it out, I recommend going with a few friends and splitting all the dishes. They are considered small plates (tapas). Make a reservation because it’s always packed. I asure you though, when you are seated, you don’t get the vibe of a super crowded place. It’s for me more of a special occasion type place because it is quite pricey. I considered it a treat , and a fun date night with friends:)

Please feel free to comment below if you have been and recommend a dish for next time!

night babes!

x, p


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These are my besties! Well, missing a few:) We decided since Brooke was in town from San Fransisco (in the orange top) that we would get together for a FRIENDSGIVING. We were also celebrating Kelly’s new purchase, her first home! It’s so weird how far we’ve come. I don’t wanna grow up! Everyone is moving in together, buying homes, having kids, starting businesses, It feels surreal.

We’ve all been friends, it seems like, since I moved to the U.S.A. Ok, maybe not since 7, but for sure since 12 years old. I seems like as we get older our circle of friends get smaller and smaller. People start dropping off. I am so lucky though that I got such a great core group. Like I said, we are missing a few. You know who ya are;)

I drove straight to Kel’s in Valencia after work, which is about a 45 minute drive from Beverly hills. Thank god there wasn’t traffic! Best part about the day after thanksgiving. Everyone was pretty much there already pouring some good wine, a LOW CARB cocktail (i LOVE my friends), and some yummy appetizers.

I had to take a picture of this fabulous arrangement. Mums, roses, and tuberoses, MY ACTUAL FAVE!! If you have never smelled a tuberose, you are seriously missing out.

Gorgeous chandelier they installed in the dining area

Great friends..Brooke and Chris<3 They are about to hit the altar next July in NAPA. I CAN’T wait:)

I have to get this out.

I can’t help but think…will I ever get married?

I must admit, I’m a bit lost with this whole idea. I’ve grown accustomed to my own things, my own money, my space, that I guess I’m just nervous that I feel too OK alone. I mean, listen, I’m not trying to be all grey gardens, but, these things happen. By nature. Plus I’m a hairdresser, I hear marriage drama all the time. I’ts exhausting. Sometimes I feel like I’m going through it with them. The idea seems nice….The gown, the flowers, all of it, but I can’t help but wonder…

Till death do us part?

There is something about just sitting around with a bunch of your girlfriends just laughing and of course eating and drinking. I only had a couple of glasses of wine.

This cheese I swear tasted like a blueberry cheesecake. It was gone in under 60 seconds. Whatever, I ran six miles today.

Freakin. cresent .weinies.

I was good…not one went in this mouth!

Can’t really say that about the block of cheese I devoured.

Sugar Free cocktail Made by Kelly

blueberry vodka

soda water

diet sprite

lots of muddled berries

Notice the two city kids in the background.. Can’t put down that

Oh yes….the best part. APPLE pie!

I only had a bit of it, I made sure to not go cray.

yup, sneaking bites


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Hi everyone!!! Happy Thanksgiving to all! Welcome to my favorite holiday and NO WORKING OUT today. I’m making up for it by working out tomorrow. Friday would usually be my day off. Switch. I don’t think I can say that we have a specific tradition in the Bedo household. Every year is different,  but It’s always a great time!The only thing that is pretty consistent is that  I end up being so stuffed every year, I swear I end up like a beached whale. No joke. This year, I broke the cycle. I definitely ate more than I would on a normal day, but managed to keep the binging under control. Thank goodness. It may have something to do with the fact that this year the party was pretty small, and we didn’t over do it with the amount of food and side dishes.

Let me re-cap you of what last year was like:

  • Party of 30 people
  • Prepped for 3 days
  • I did all the cooking , except desserts.(yes, for real. I wanted to say that I had hosted a huge thanksgiving feast once in my life)
  • A wet brined turkey the size of my body
  • A honey ham
  • A rotisserie chicken
  • Sausage/ sage stuffing
  • Brussel sprouts with pancetta
  • Pear, walnut, blue cheese butter lettuce salad
  • Fresh cranberry sauce
  • Cornbread muffins
  • Gravy
  • Bourbon sweet potatoes
  • Garlic mashed potatoes

I mean…..It was gnarly. I must admit, well worth it though> It turned out AMAZING!

This year, we kept it mellow and changed up the menu. It was just Mom, Dad and I and My uncle and his wife and their 4 month old baby girl, Emma. (freakin adorable).We were able to catch my brother on skype. He was crunching away in his lab. Not sure if I mentioned before, but, my brother is a genious, a neuroscientist, no big deal. I got sad seeing that he wasn’t celebrating and eating with all his friends, but  he so kindly reminded me that “uh Paula, I live in Canada, I’ts not thanksgiving here fool” LOL. Such a dumb ass.

Anyway, So, early this a.m. (6:00) I drove to the parentals house.  Usually Mom’s up ready to go with coffee made, but I guess she decided to sleep in, cuz when I walked in..Crickets. zzzzz

Mom had one of the protein muffins in the fridge so I muched on that and made some coffee.

I decided to get my crusts  started, since Miss. Martha Stewart (in the thanksgiving issue) mentioned that I would have to do several rounds of refrigeration. Mom was gonna need the oven round 11:00 am. So , I began to make a mess in the kitchen as usual. I’m not one of those,  clean as you go type. I wish I was.

The pie I chose out of the mag was the sour cream apple crumble pie, although I changed a few things.

  • I made the crust out of whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose
  • I used light sour cream
  • I did less of the strussel topping.

All in efforts to “healthify” my Thanksgiving.

Golden delicious apples

I hate making pie crusts, they are soooo tempermental.

Got a great shot of willy being a cutie, hangin out in the sun, on watch of course.

Mom got up, got beautiful, (she wouldn’t let me photograph her in her pj’s) and got stated on her beef roast stuffed with pancetta.  The bomb. Btw, It’s this beauty’s BIRTHDAY today, doesn’t she look 26?? Happy birthday mami!!

It was such a beautiful day out, that we decided to set the table in the backyard. Who want’s to be indoors on a day like this anyway?! I sat and read the rest of the new Living magazine and sipped on some kombucha. I love the gingerade flavor. I knew I would need some probiotics after this meal!

Look who arrived!!!!  Uncle Manuel, Ingrid & Emma, this lil princess. She’s 4 months old.ahhhh, those cheeks. This day was so special, mostly because it was my first time meeting this sweet pea.

Happy girls!

After I annoyingly squeezed her to death for an hour, we headed outside for some appetizer.

These are Mom’s homemade empanadas.  Fried beef ones on the left, and baked spinach ones on the right. An Argentinian staple, and probably one of my all time to die for foods. I grew up on these. I could have easily taken down both these platters like I had never seen food before, but, I opted to just enjoy one of each and let the rest of the guests enjoy. My uncle is a wino, so he brought over a fabulous cabernet sauvignon from Mendoza, Arg.

This year our Thanksgiving had an Italian/Argentinian flare.

Caprese salad.

Stuffed beef roast

Real sweet potatoes (not yams)

And….some random cranberry sauce that Mom decided to whip up. It didn’t really end up pairing with anything but whatever. Gotta have something traditional.

We had the perfect amount of food. Nothing went wasted, and everything was delicious.

My pie was a success. I was a bit nervous because of the changes I had made to the recipe but thank goodness it all was good in the end. pretty huh?

The cake below was brought to work for me the day before by my fabulous baker friend, Jules Peres of Immaculate Confections. This is her famous vanilla bean rum cake. Ridiculous.

I made some last minute fresh vanilla whipped cream as mom made the teas and coffees.

Once that pie went down, it was pretty much food coma from there out. I enjoyed my coffee in front of this gorgeous fire. The Perfect way to end this perfect  Thanksgiving. I am thankful for my health, my family and friends,and my Wilbur<3

Question of the day:

Did you try any new recipes this year?

It happens….

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I started with a choice…a choice to make better decisions as a whole.  And today, I slipped up. Yup, I did. But, you know what, for once i don”t feel bad or have any regret because IT”S OK SOMETIMES TO SLIP. I’ts about allowing yourself to go through it sometimes. Since I’ve been working so hard keeping up the fitness and staying on a consistent clean diet, I didn’t feel like it was the end of the world. I used to always wake up the next morning after a late night naughty snack or after a bit of a binge feeling so shameful. What I didn’t realize is that it wasn’t so much the that I ended up consuming more calories than I would ever want to be taking in In one day (sometimes an extra 1000 in a, thinking back.. OmG . geez) It was more the fact that it would turn into a vicious cycle of this “oh well” attitude. Losing control of my consistensy. I cycle of bad food choices, skipping workouts, with regret and guilt.

After sushi, I was completely satisfied, but no….Driving home I suddenly couldn’t stop picturing a big ol’ bowl of sugary cereal. I was being sooooo good, even asking for absolutely no rice with my sushi. It all went downhill from there. LOL. As soon as I finished  not one, but TWO big bowls of corn flakes with bananas, I just said to myself…”holy carb-o-load lady”. I accepted the defeat and freakin moved on! This was my demise….

 and apparently eating in the dark like a creep. wow

sunday FAM funday

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My Favorite day of the week! I get going a little later on this day, and this is percisely why I love it. I sleep in, well, 6:00 a.m instead of 5:30 a.m….which feels like 2 extra hours of bliss.I think that fact that within that 30 minutes it goes from dark to light outside, makes a huge difference.  Sundays usually consist of  getting up and driving to the folks house from an early morning breakfast with Mom and Dad. I’ve got Mom on my clean eating plan and so far she’s lost 12 lbs. She’s been really great about the new lifestyle, although getting her on the workout bandwagon has been taking a little more time….mmmm-hhmmm.  She’ll get it though;)

She’s learned about substitutions for flours and sugars. Also, taking the time to prepare bakes goods for the week in case she wants a “carb” fix. Sunday mornings, that’s all that sounds good. Coffee & pastries. (our style of course) Check out some of these low carb options!

Below:  veggie egg white cupspumpkin rounds, chocolate pecan pie muffin,  and flax bread

Mom’s squash display

After breakfast I had Mom capture the new ab series I’ve been working on. Abs are a pain in my ass! Click below for a great sunday morning ab series! I’ve started using my fab little gymboss tool. It’s great for workouts like this! No big deal if you don’t have one. In the series, I’ve posted how many reps you do for each excercise. Hope you enjoy<3

I stopped by late morning to my dear friend Natalie’s house (who’s in town from San Fran). Her family lives 5 minutes from mine. They had an event to go to , so I took my blow-dry equipment over to beautify Nat and her Mom. Nat’s brother, Raffi, is the mastermind  behind my blog. After I did their hair, Raffi and I nerded out on our computers for a while. Love being over there, they are truly like a second family.

Before I left, I stopped in the kitchen and feasted my eyes on a huge fruit basket filled with persimmons! I DIE for them…and had no idea they had a persimmon tree in their backyard. SCORE! soooo stoked! They sent me home with bagfull of them. I got a few shots of the perfect little creatures because I just can’t get enough of em’. They are gorgeous. I like to just munch on them raw but you could also bake with them or throw chunks of them into a salad.

Here’s a shot of wilbur… Man of the house. Keeping watch of course. So serious.

 Now, this is what I love…..The BBQ in this house! We pretty much BBQ every weekend. Safe to say my parents are some of my bestest friends:) &  living in Southern California, we have the luxury of spending lots of time outside. My folks live off the 14 fwy. It’s Pretty much the desert, so it’s always nice here. Any reason to grill up some marinated chicken, tri-tip, sausage, and salmon. My GOD…Simple, Not tons of seasonings and paired with a lemon/olive oil tossed green salad.

Most of the BBQing goes down right here…end we eat right off the Dad’s homemade tiki-bar. lol

We’re Argentinian…We like to eat.. .meat…

After our late lunch, I had lots to do… including gym sesh. I dropped off willy at home and took off to el gimnasio . My training for the Spartan Race has been really challenging, but I like that. I’ve been told this type of training is really similar to crossfit. I’ve never taken crossfit but I know people who take it are no strangers to burpees, rowing, pull-ups, and body weight squats, and this training has all of that. I’ve been focusing on High Intensity intervals. A lot of stop/GOOOOOOOOO stop/GOOOOOOOO. I’m definitely seeing a difference in muscle tone and I’m feeling lighter on my feet.  I gotta admit, you kinda feel like spartacus after.

(so awkward taking pics at the gym. ew)

Check out the CEP ankle support. So incredibly helpful.

  I couldn’t loose track of time because I had a last minute celebration to tend to!

Chelsea + Omar tie the knot!<3

I showed up in my gym clothes, changed in two seconds, threw my hair up and ran outside with the rest of our friends and fam to watch lil Miss Chels and Omar exchange vows in a very intimate ceremony in the backyard. Couldn’t have been more perfect. We ate, drank and danced the night away. Best of luck to these two lovebirds. Omar leaves again for marine training and we are hoping he gets to stay In San Diego! eeeeeekkkk


ok so, I have a ?…

What are your favorite post-training foods? 

Do you have a loved one in the Marines? If so, what to expect fot the next four years?

flash friday

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 YES…. No gym today…. I usually take Fridays and Saturdays off.

I actually had some time to make myself a lovely omelette with my homemade mango salsa. Got the recipe from a friend and it is fresh and delish! It feels really good to let my muscles recover today. Been hittin it hard lately, so it’s nice to chill this a.m.

A few weeks ago I ordered the GYMBOSS. Im about to youtube how


 to use this thing. I’ve been seeing this sick little device all over the place, from friends, fellow fit bloggers and trainers. I’m about to get down! Not today though:)

What do you guys think?

You know me…I LOVE me some intense interval training, so I’m guessing this is pretty much perfect for me. Can’t wait to try it out!

 This is from t

heir website.




  • 1 or 2 intervals – 2 seconds to 99 minutes
  • Repeat up to 99 times
  • Beep and/or Vibrate alarm
  • Alarm duration 1, 5, or 10 seconds
  • Stopwatch function
  • Secure Belt clip
  • Compact Size (1 ¾ x 2 ¼ x ½ inches)
  • Water and shock resistant
  • AAA battery required

Please help me gather some new interval workouts and I will post them!

share the knowledge!

a snapshot of todays lovely loafers. Lucky for me, they are REALLY comfy for work. I recently found out that I have varicose veins, ewwww, so I’m no stilleto pumps for me. wahhhhh:(

Honestly, I’m a bit of a tomboy anyway, so now I just have an excuse to wear

cute trainers to work without  my diva boss (love him) getting on my ass for being to casual.  I swear, he expects me to like, wear a costume to work everyday. He’s one of those, you know, very fashionable men. 

Steve Madden loafers on sale.


Lunchtime came around, and I was starved! I like to eat pretty much every couple hours, but since I had skipped my usual morning snack, I opted for an extra large hot dog salad.

  • Organinc no hormones/no nitrates chicken dogs (whole foods) microwave 35 sec.
  • Baby broccolli steamed with salt and pepper, wrapped in a wet papar towel microwaved for 1 min.
  • Raw shaved brussel sprouts
  • Raw organic kale chopped
  • Homemade mago salsa
  • 1 tbsp raw chia oil or you could use hemp/flax/olive oil.
  • 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • juice of 1/2 a lemon
  • salt and pepper to taste
Toss it all together and you’ve got a super scrumptious packed lunch. Power packed with the perfect balance of fat, protein,good carbs. A little salty with a little sweetness from the mango, yummmm!

For dinner, I have wanting to try fellow blogger  Delighted Momma’s recipe for cauliflower pumpkin risotto, I put it under the dinner page. I was surprised at how simple this recipe was. Definitely making it again. Especially cuz it SCREAMS fall:)

This is dessert… a sugar free popsicle:)

Chocolate Pecan Pie Muffins

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I am lately LOVING baking. I’m on a roll. Plus… I need to practice my food photog skills. Anybody have any advice on creating the best at home studio for an amature? Please DO leave me a comment.  Most recently my kitchen has been my sanctuary, and the more I train, the hungier I get!  I better not be the only one that feels this way, or I’m gonna feel like a cow.

I just got home from yet another BOMB sushi din. Sushi I think may be my all time favorite food. Then Argentinian (of course), then french…etc..:)I always ask MOTO, our sushi chef, for extra veggies and no rice. He deals with my neurosis.

As soon as I got home I needed a sweet fix. Duh.

I had whipped these babies up this morning because  I was craving something that would remind me of fall. These did the trick. I’vebeen wanting to try this recipe for a while now.I adapted this recipe from ALL DAY I DREAM ABOUT  FOOD.  I’ve gotta admit. DELISH. I did sub out the butter for half the amount of applesauce, but you can do either. Because I added that, I then had to reduce the amount of erytrhitol so that they wouldn’t be so sweet. The recipe also called for 2 eggs, but I did 1 egg and 2 egg whites. (less fat).  

 I caught willy staring while I devoured my fix. lol. For sure waiting for crumbs to drop. So naughty.

Leaving you wiht my my new fall arragement, compliments of Trader Joes. Enjoy babes.

hold the fries

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UP AT 5:00 AM


25 jumping jacks

15 minute run, conversation pace

Main Strength Set:

10 burpees

10 jumping lunges

5 pull ups10 body weight squats

Run ½ mile for time

5 box jumps

(Repeated 1-3 times)

Cool Down: Stretch for 10 minutes

And yesss…this is the outfit I wore to the gym….



lol…I’m still trying to not feel like a creep taking pics of myself at the gym working out.

I’m  working on it I promise. It’s a little bit embarrasing. Who the hell am I gonna take with me

at 5 am to the gym and be all “can you just take a few good ones of

me flexing?” haha….um no.


Check out todays packed lunches at work! The chickies I work with are really health conscious so we all try to support each other to not eat the damn crap that sometimes lands in the staff room.

And then there is always someone who will order amazing looking skinny fries.  I have to constantly remind myself that there is nothing skinny about them and  since I couldn’t enjoy them in my mouth, I took a picture with them. This is completely normal.

Lunchtime madness with my little japanese monkey Yasuna<3


TOP: Urban Outfitters on

sale $19.99

PANTS:  Goodwill $7.00 (learn to love searching and hunting, you can really end up with a gem)

SHOES: Target $24.99

BELT: simple black patten leather. Marshalls $7.99

NECKLACE: Forever 21 $8

I worked out this morning because I knew I would be missing my thursday ritual of Zumba at 8:30 p.m. I work at 9:00 a.m. on thursdays so I prefer to work out in the evening after the day is done. I sleep really well after that class because it KICKS MY ASS!

This is my good friend Jules, and tonight we’d made plans to have a girls night of dinner and drinks at her fabulous Sherman Oaks house. I hadn’t seen her in weeks and it was definitely time to catch up. This chick is a rockstar and yes…I did give her that amazing spock haircut. She rocks it.

I took a few pics of her fab house, but unfortunately my pics don’t do it justice. She’s got such a great sense of design.

Did I mention she’s an outstanding cook. Our dinner was quite simple but Honestly It was the  best salmon I have EVER had!

Roasted asparagus over baby arugula and Salmon drizzled with a little of this blood orange oil that is only found in oakland. (Every time she goes out there to visit a friend, she comes back with a whole case of them.) I got lucky. She sent me home with a bottle:) yessssssssssssss!!! I cherish this;)


yes, you are not mistaken…right outta the jar into the next jar…and then into the next. cow status.

After a couple spoonfulls we looked at each other with that look of ” omg, this is sooo EFFING good right now” (you know the look). And then, it was over.

She took the jar away.:)

I was exhausted by 9p.m. The day felt productive, busy and was so happy to laugh ,eat , and drink the night away. Willy was at home waiting as usual listening to any sound at the door. So anxious..Checked the mail..and yeay, my new fave magazines came in the mail! What are some of your favorites?

Lovely day in LA.

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Good morning fit friends:)

Up at 5 and got a lot done! I work at 9:45. Hit the gym with some positive energy this A.M., because I knew I was coming home after to enjoy a yummy breakfast. This race coming up is getting me really amped to get up and train. Every morning I recieved an email from the Spartan Race trainer who sends out what the WOD will be for that particular day. I actually look foward to them now because since starting this training I am feeling much stronger and seeing some results!F YEAYYYYYYhhhh! If you tend to be the type of person that lacks self motivation, I swear, sign up for a race, challenge…anything that will set off that spark to prove to yourself that you can handle business! It really does help to set goals for yourself. Start small, and more often than not, you will astonish yourself with your drive towards these accomplishments. Tell people what you are planning to do so that it helps to keep you accountable. I don’t know about you but, I don’t like being the girl who says “oh yeah, I never ended up doing that…It was jussssst…ummm.busssssy? .” Yeah whatever with the excuses.
Todays WOD:
– Jog 1/2 Mile (4-6Min Time)
Lower Body Agility Exercise x 12
50 Sec Rest-
Jog 1/2 Mile
Alternating Split Squats w/ Jump x 15
1 Min Rest-
Jog 1/2  Mile (4-6Min Time)
2 Pushups + Burpees to Tuck Jumps x 15
50 Sec Rest
Jog 1/4 Mile
Full-Body Agility Square x 10
1 Min Rest
After this whole set…I was feelin pumped!! so…I added 3 sets of 25 crunches on stability ball.
Then home. Breakfast was served. I made ridiculous protein pancakes. Recipe to come….I promise. So worth the wait!
At home Willy was waiting for me. Freaking out knowing I would take him for his morning treck. He was so damn happy to hit the trail tis morning, he could hardly contain himself…
It’s been a bit harder lately to get outta bed, and I think it has to do with the fact that the weather has been getting rrrrreeeeaaaallllll cozy  and nothing sounds better than being in bed snuggly. So, I’ve been making sure pack my lunch for work the night before so that I have extra time in the morning to get stuff done!
My luch today was nothing short of fabulous. Really clean but tasted really great! Especially knowing that everything was fresh and that you’re not just putting shit in your body.
heirloom tomatoes
hard boiled egg
raw chia oil
fresh lemon
salt and pepper
That seventies show:)
Shirt: Gap (on sale) $14.99
Pants: Juicy couture/ T.J Maxx $25.00
Belt: Gap (on sale) $9.99
Purse: T.J.Maxx $49.99
So cute today I recieved this in the mail at work….A lovely thank you card from a very sweet client. AWEEEE totally made my day
Of course, like everyday of my freakin life, traffic was a nightmare, and as I inched my way through coldwater canyon, I kept getting more and more tense thinking that I wasn’t  gonna make it to my dinner date with lovies and friends . Ughhh I was craving sushi like in a VERY bad way. I have the best kept secret spot around! Maybe one day I’ll share:)
Seared tuna sushi..and no… I didn’t eat the rice
A beautiful array of 3 different types of fish wrapped in cucumber loaded with veggies. no rece;)
An order of the amberjack, Yellowtail belly and sea bream. AMAZING trio!
Happy as a clam..

sleep, train, eat, repeat.

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OK. So this is what Im training for:



This morning started off pretty early…like 5:30 early. I purposely slept in my gym clothes so that I would have absolutely no excuse. It would’ve taken longer to take off my clothes than it woul’ve been to just get out of the house right then. Took my supplements, water bottle,  munched on a few almonds, and took off. I’m lucky my gym is like 5 blocks away. Another reason why there is no excuse:)

As soon as I arrived, I snaked the nearest treadmill, stretched and began with my 10 min warm-up jog. Straight to the mat after that to begin the WOD, which today consisted of:

  1. 10 push-ups
  2. body weight squats
  3. 10 burpees
  4. 10 crunches

repeated 3X and followed by a 2 mile HIIT. (ran 1 mile @ 6.4, then alternated the 2nd mile with 30sec @10.0 with 30 sec rest.  I felt super energized after that set, so I decided to stay a bit longer to work on my upper and lower back. Since I stand on my feet all day at work, I have to keep a strong core and upper body so that I don’t end up like quasimoto! Mom’s always on my case about my posture. It will always be something that I need to stay on top of.

After an 1 hour & 15…I was done for. I pushed it today and it payed off and oh yeah, I beat my plank time!! hell yessss. Felt great all day, full of energy and could tell that I continued to burn for hours after! Got home and was starving, typical for me after a workout, or, well just typical in general. lol. Grabbed a couple of my Protein Packed Pumpkin Muffins added a little Natures Hollow sugar free strawberry jam and poured myself a cup of joe. yummmmmmm !!! Tuesdays I don’t go into work untl 11 am. My mornings are precious to me because I get soooo much done! I LOVE TUESDAYS. Although I hate that i don’t get home til 8pm. ew

Here’s the man of the house. Willy:) I’m sure he’s always thinking “what the hell is she always taking pictures of? You’re a creep MOM” hehe










Here is my freakin cute ass perfect lunch box by goodbyn . Lunch was some leftover turkey meatloaf I had made last night, egg whites, edamame, and some raw zuchinni hummus. Yes It’s time to go grocery shopping:) My co-worker Lucy had just gotten back and brought us some Garrett popcorn (apperently famous) but… I resisted. Thank god. I gotta be honest it looked AMAZE-BALLZ. But I was happy with my lunch and completely satified:)



 Outfit  inspiration today: Chola chic;)

Shirt: Forever 21..Shorts: Zara…Shoes: Steve Madden (found them at T.J.Maxx)…Ring: Marshalls…Necklace: It’s my friend Dianne’s. lol (she’ll be asking for that back) lol

Find great prices out there and be a Maxxinista.

Get this look for under $100


After work I was craving some BOMB sushi…so we stopped at Sushi Don and picked up a sashimi salad that seriously hit the spot! As soon as I finished…I was in a heaven food coma. Protein before so I can wake up and do it all over again:) I love it. Oh & BTW…share with me some of your favorite HIIT workouts! I need some new ones<3

Night boos





Power Packed Protein Pumpkin Muffins

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I have got the gnarliest sweets tooth and my favorite things to munch on for breakfast, after a workout, or even as a snack, is ,yes, you guessed it..something carby!Well….have I got a treat for you!!!! These protein packed muffins trick your body into thinking you are having a muffin from your local starbucks! Absolutely delicious, mildly sweet, and deliver a perfect combonation of nutrients your body needs. Especially if you are trying to create lean muscle, you gotta eat clean! They are super simple and take practically no time to bake.

My recipe is for 6 servings. It perfect especially if it’s a household of one:) pack one in your lunck everyday for a mid-day snack to prevent binging at the nearest Sprinkle’s Cupcakes.!

pre-heat oven 350 degrees and grease or line your cupcake pan.

Mix all wet ingredients in one bowl and mix all dry in another, and mixing with a fork, combine both bowl together. Fill your six tins (NOT all the way to the top though, allow some rising room) these will cook fast, so watch them. Just when you think they need a few more min, is when they are actually perfect. Then take them out. No more than 7 minutes, really. But it may vary 1 minute more or less, depending on the oven used.

They are super yummy! Perfect for a power breakfast, a sweet treat to take to on the go, or as a dessert!

Enjoy my fellow fit friends! Can’t wait to try out and share a new recipe! Be on the lookout!waaaahoooooooooooo


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So…First post ever. I’m so freakin’ excited I COULD SCREAM!

I’m little by little working on my site, a definite work in progess, just like me. I’m hoping that this blog keeps me away from binging on on my way to healthier choices. I will be adding new recipes that I have made before to make sure we are not just eating food that tastes like cardboard. No thanks. Everything I eat, I will post, NO CHEATING.

I hope you enjoy the posts and hope that it can reach people out there to join me in the quest to getting RIPPED!! 

This was me then: Being a cow.









This is me now:

Feeling strong and able.  I’m working onmy compulsiveness and tying to be more aware of what my body actually is feeling. I’ve always been active but not consistent, and have never fully been able to control what I feed my body. I guess you could say I’m a complete extreme-ist. Moderation is very hard for me.

So, here we start our journey..and i hope together<3

 This morning was a delight… well, except that I woke up at 4 am and couldn’t go back to bed to save my life. It could be because I’ve been anxious about this lil race I signed up for called THE SPARTAN RACE.
And by “lil” i mean ABSOLUTELY NUTS! OK…I’ve only raced a 10k before, which was lovely and for a charity called Race For The Rescues.I must admit, I had never been a skilled runner, but, through the power of determination… I saw myself improve from, only being able to run 1 mile, to being able to run 6.5 without stopping. Actually coming in 40th overall. NOT BAD! (for me)
 Maybe signing up for this gnarly marine style obstacle course race was a little premature seeing as I really have no expirience.
When I looked on my email to find out what I could do to train for this craziness, I came across the WOD….hmmm. here was my first day.
I wanted to die. They don’t get easier.
My god, as soon as I read this, I was instantly hungry.
It was like my body was signaling my mind to go into full on survival mode! haha

By 6am..I was ready for my usual cup of joe (from my fab pixie nesspresso machine) along with some almond milk (frothed, of course:)

BTW: Is it just me or is anyone else like, ridiculously hungry as soon as they wake up? Those people who never eat breakfast or are just fine till 11am, are just cray.

1/3 c organic low-fat cottage cheese
1/4 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 tbsp flax meal
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp hemp seeds
1 tbsp unflavored whey protein
1/2 tsp. vanilla bean extract
few drops of all natural liquid stevia
refridgerate for 10 min to thicken up (porridge consistency)

  After breakfast, It was my usual monday routine.
  Take willy for a walk &
  Zumba at 10:30am
Run errands all over the place. Had a housecall for one of my clients and picked up some new goodies, including a new microwave. I haven’t owned a micro in ages, but I figured it was time to start SAVING time:), a new hard drive to finally back up my slow ass mac that keeps giving me the spinning wheel of death, and some of my favorite PB2!








SNACK:  I don’t know about you, but after a great workout I’m STARVING!

I had one of these bad boys! actually…not bad at all. I made them a very healthy way and I promise to pass down the recipe as soon as I perfect the consistency:)


LUNCH:  What can I say? An embarrasment of a lunch. I just really wanted something easy and quick.

  • organic edamame
  • organic chicken dog (whole foods)
  • low fat string cheese cut up like a child
  • ChocolaTree chia crackers with a dollop of cottage cheese



After lunch I dedicated my time to learning how to even work this whole blog thing. So confusing! I had to keep taking breaks to keep from going crossed eyed, so I kept taking breaks to do household chores. Oh, that reminds me, I cant wait to share with you guys how I redecorated my living area! The upstairs is a mess and I’m really gonna need some serious pinterest help and the help of you lovely people to figure out which look i should go for.


DINNER:made this lovely meal:

Healthy Turkey Meatloaf adapted from this link here<3 I will definitely be turning this into a packed lunch!