Today’s post is short but sweet. I just want to welcome all my new From Fries To Fit followers and subscribers! Let’s start off December together!  I cannot believe that December has finally come around the corner! November came and went super fast. Thanksgiving was amazing and now, time to start getting jolly for Christmas! I can’t really say that I’m quite ready to start decorating, and shopping, but I’m glad to say that last month was a successful fitness/health month, and am planning to make it an even better December in those departments. I’m going into this month with a more positive outlook, ready to start planning events, and ready to hit it hard at the gym with no excuses! I want to prioritize better this month. Last month I felt a bit overwhelmed and hectic. Sometimes when you are all over the place, and there is a lot to get done, you get a little agitated.

I’m hoping to this month, start creating a new office space so that I can achieve some more balance and organization.


Let’s see how many of these we can capture! So cute:)

I love Christmas.

Which reminds me….I gotta get my ornaments back from my ex. lol

Then time to decorate! yipppeeeee

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I must tell you that today I have nothing planned except for an 11 client day. Crazy busy at the salon, starting off Dec with a bang!

No workout today because I need my body nice and rested for tomorrow.



I wanted to share with you a yummy post workout meal.

It seems a bit like mush but trust me!

Click on the pic<3

December is gonna rock! I promise.

wish me luck tomorrow!

I gotta get up at 5:00 a.m. Geeeeeez and I’m dragging Mom with me;)